Spirit of the Cosmos

Greetings friends! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am Kejraj.

Have you ever noticed how water usually takes the easier path?

The only time water pushes, crashes or breaks through something, is when its flow is being blocked.

All the other times it takes the easy and smoothest path possible.

The water will flow, between trees and rocks. From mountains to flat lands. It will twist, turn and splash. But it won’t stop flowing.

This light form may change. Sometimes into ice, rain, or snow. But it keeps moving until it reaches the streams and the rivers. The lakes and the seas. And finally the oceans.

The journey is not over. For even then, it moves, in waves. It feels itself alive, its existence, it expresses through the waves, eternally.

This is you, spirit of the cosmos.

The only difference being is that you do not choose the easy, smooth path, and flow with joy on your journey.

You choose to experience hardships. We speak of things outside of your contract. Outside of the predestined experiences.

The human for some reason likes a dramatic reality. From anger to desperation to sorrow.

Without a doubt all learn from these things. But they are not needed.

One can move forward and evolve spiritually without the illusions of the 3D reality.

Seek to change into your divine self.

Choose to share instead of hoard.

Choose forgiveness instead of revenge.

Choose joy instead of sorrow.

Choose the reality of light instead of the illusory darkness.

Choose the path with the calmest flow.

The light is your essence. Sooner or later, depending on your choosing of the long way or the quick way home, eventually the light will absorb you. And carry you to realities you can now only imagine.

All the light to You!


One Reply to “Spirit of the Cosmos”

  1. tigersnack1114

    Bruce Lee – “Be like water.”

    Bless any source of water you see…including the tub, sink and commode!
    This will help spread LIGHT via waterways )