Starseeds And Earth-Native Souls

Received by Judith

From Pleiadian teachings we know there are 200+ million starseeds currently incarnated as human.

Most of them don’t know it yet. Over half of all starseeds are Pleiadian and Arcturian souls.

Those who feel drawn to this information are likely starseeds. Those who can’t understand anything I’m sharing are likely Earth-native souls.

Starseed: A soul choosing to experience life on another world as another species, who returns home after physical death. On Earth, this is often a higher being with connections to Galactic Federation.

Earth-native: A soul that has experienced life only on Earth, through many perspectives, evolving from primitive to more advanced forms, reincarnating many times, with Guidance by higher beings.

Starseeds are here for both the experience and to assist Earth ascend.

There are more starseeds incarnated now than ever before because so many want to experience the Shift as human.

UFOs currently being seen are soul family and friends of incarnated starseeds.

Earth-native souls are here because there’s nowhere else for them to go.

There’s no soul trap.

Galactic Federation found life evolving naturally on Earth who they saved from extinction and have continually assisted to this day.

Ascension is for Earth-native souls, not starseeds.

Both starseeds and Earth-native souls are completely human during this 3D experience.

We are all eternal souls with temporary human bodies.

All souls are old souls.

As humans, the practical differences between starseeds and Earth-native souls are with soul plans, quantity of DNA strands and DNA uploads & downloads.

Starseeds may arrive with specific talents or skills, intuition to work in a certain area, or ambition to achieve a particular goal. DNA downloads allow deeper concepts to be understood, like what I’m sharing.

Both starseeds and Earth-native souls have Guides. Guides are family to starseeds and were often human friends to Earth-native souls in previous lifetimes.

When I share starseed origins for famous people, there’s often surprise a starseed could have done something bad – ‘How can this person be a higher being when they did this awful thing?’ – or even suggest the soul origin has some connection to an evil deed.

Starseeds agree to forget who they are and don’t behave as higher beings.

Humans don’t have memory recall of past lives, but every experience is recorded by the akashic and soul. This is why we can go inward to meditate and access wisdom.

All humans are flawed. Everyone has been a villain in a past life. Light and dark forces are always trying to influence us, but they can’t make our choices for us. Our personal choices determines our outcomes.

I (Kab) am a Pleiadian-incarnated soul having a human experience.

I have the same problems as anyone else. I’m able to share this information and these messages because in the Pleiades, my parents are Elder Ikai and Aya of Taygeta.

This is my soul plan.

Some humans are quick to label all life in the universe as evil without any self-awareness of the evils done by humans.

What do you think higher beings think about a planet where the intelligent species rapes, murders, enslaves and fights endless wars against its own?

Humans have great potential but need help.

There are beings you will soon meet who love humans unconditionally and have been helping for a very long time.

They call Earth “KISHAPOLEE”, which means ‘Child of Mine’.

They send many of their own to live among you and are preparing the greatest gift any planet has ever received. Please don’t say anything you’ll regret later when these loving and powerful beings step out of their crafts to greet us at the Shift.

You will experience it in this lifetime.

Sooner than you might think.


2 Replies to “Starseeds And Earth-Native Souls”

  1. Lilas

    “Humans don’t have memory recall of past lives”.
    I was 9 years old when I had my first memory of my
    last live (died in 1945,rebirthing in1947) .And later many
    Other lives .I know many people and have read many
    books about regression therapie where you go back
    to embodied lives from thousends years ago.
    Do you have a Soul ?