Intense Activations

By Judith Kusel

Huge things are happening on all levels now.

The last two days I was called in to a lot of remote energy clearing and work with the Intergalactic Backup, and I witnessed a huge dark mass lifted from the earth!

With its intense activation of what the Intergalactic Counsel terms the Divine Imprint in all life and life forms on the planet and when these imprints are fully activated, not only are the full potentials of our souls activated, but also our DNA on which the Divine imprinted its original design – or creation if you prefer, for lack of better words to explain this. This means a total rebirth on all levels as the ascension process accelerates dramatically.

More than this I was asked to activate certain massive telluric devices with the Sun Discs I have worked with for a long while now, and it is bringing in a total merging of certain aspects of the Planet which are now being lifted into the New Earth and will be fully activated again to anchor in the New Golden Age.

I was shown the Cities Golden Cities of Light – on the new earth and in its beautiful oceans, and inside of her, and it is beyond description beautiful. The cities are filled with lush green and waters, as holistic ways of life and living blend in with the whole. Thus the cities are not cities as we know them now, but pulsating in harmony, unity and balance as all life and life forms work together as ONE. Perhaps a better word to replace “Cities” would be “Communities of Light” for there are clusters of communities who work together to co-create with love these beautiful places, and in unity and harmony, as every soul contributes in their own unique co-creative ways, towards the greater whole, with love and loving intent.

We are in for wave upon wave of changes – and beautiful ones.

Change will only be painful if we resist or we allow ourselves to be distracted by outside forces instead of going deeper and deeper within, and to listen to our own intuitive knowing and the deep loving wisdom of our own hearts and souls as deeply connected to the Divine and All That Is.