From 3D To 4D And 5D: Self-Sustained Growth

By Lev

In addition to the hints on inner work that Lightwarriors ground team recently shared (see – Karma Infection, DNI, 20 September 2023), the exceptionally rich palette of October energies brings many new opportunities for our self-sustained growth and perfection. It is only important to properly tune in and use the stelliums’ emissions, which form this month planet’s power weather. Exactly:

Mars quincunx Uranus, Mercury opposite Neptune, Mercury trine Pluto, Venus quincunx Neptune, Mercury quincunx Saturn, Mars quincunx Neptune, Venus quincunx Pluto, Sun quincunx Jupiter, Mars square Pluto, Venus opposite Saturn, Pluto direct, Mercury quincunx Jupiter, Mars trine Saturn, Solar Eclipse, Sun quincunx Uranus, Mercury quincunx Uranus, Sun quincunx Neptune, Mercury quincunx Neptune, Sun conjunct Mercury, Mercury square Pluto, Sun square Pluto, Venus trine Jupiter, Mercury trine Saturn, Sun trine Saturn, Mars opposite Jupiter, Lunar Eclipse, Mercury opposite Jupiter, Mercury conjunct Mars, Venus trine Uranus. Below is their quick take.

Mars Quincunx Uranus

October 01, Mars in Libra quincunx Uranus in Taurus. Quincunx is an aspect, formed when in which the planets, as sources of radiation, are at an angle of 150° to each other. It is karmic in nature if, while passing the tests, we did not fulfill the important things, necessary to complete the past incarnation programs. Most often, it creates repetitive situations. The events’ scenario will be topics not taken and unresolved problems.

Quincunx Mars-Uranus includes the desire to dramatically change the lifestyle, profession or relationship. At this time, it is very difficult to stop us; it causes inner tension and hostility. In such situations, we do not tolerate criticism, do not know how to see ourselves from the outside, and the peculiarities of the Mars and Uranus’ energies heat everything up to the extreme. The desire to do more than expect comes from our distorted view of selves. It seems to us that others wait for super results from us, although objectively this may not be the case, and we try to justify these far-fetched expectations, sometimes driving ourselves to complete physical exhaustion and emotional burnout. Because of that, physical and psychological injuries occur.

Quincunx Mars-Uranus creates uncertainty and vulnerability, and is designed to teach us self-control and self-confidence in any circumstances. We cannot agree to something that does not correspond to our capabilities, and for this we will have to soberly evaluate ourselves, which is extremely difficult during this stellium. The key to success is the rejection of inflated self-esteem, envy and competition. If we stop comparing ourselves with those whom we consider more fortunate, luck will immediately turn to face us.

Mercury Opposite Neptune

October 02, Mercury in Virgo opposition Neptune in Pisces. This is a tense aspect of the confrontation between our intellectual and intuitive perception and cognition of reality. Mercury enhances the energies of the mind, and the vibrations of Neptune stimulate our subtle experiences, premonitions, and illusions. During this confrontation, we are fighting with two extremes. Sometimes we completely dismiss everything supernatural and beyond logic, underestimating our intuition and making mistakes because of this, we lose sight of important facts and realities of life, afraid to face the truth.

The opposition between Mercury and Neptune creates a situation of overcoming in our life. We want to know the truth, but it’s not always easy to find it. A lot of effort and energy is spent searching for accurate information. All this drains us, makes sluggish, apathetic and passive. We have to fight against chaos in everyday affairs, learn to avoid duality, lies and deception. Working out this aspect helps us to be intuitive, attentive, psychological, and able to navigate and act in a situation of uncertainty. Mercury in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces are strong in their energies. They will help us to be not only practical and rational, but also highly spiritual.

Mercury Trine Pluto

October 03, Mercury in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn. This is a harmonious aspect that helps us quickly get into the essence of things and master new areas of knowledge. The frequencies of Mercury help to formulate thoughts clearly and express them in a convincing form, the vibrations of Pluto give our intellectual and speech processes speed. It is a source of strength, energy and inner magnetism. It is through the word that we, under the impact of these aspect’s energies, can influence others, inspiring and igniting them with our bright and convincing speeches.

Venus Quincunx Neptune

October 03, Venus in Leo quincunx Neptune in Pisces. The vibes of the planets in this minor aspect seem to be on different floors, and the action of one does not coincide with the other. On the one hand, the positive frequencies of quincunx’ trine, manifested in talents and abilities, are working, but on the other, the opposition energies are pulsating at the same time, increasing anxiety and an endless sense of guilt for previous mistakes that causes constant strong disappointment in expectations.

This aspect also brings recurring events in our personal life. It creates a certain inadequacy of world perception: we see everything in pink tones, idealize others, and then are shocked by how we were used or framed. If we have a fragile nervous system, it often does not withstand stress and suffers from overexertion. We really want to realize ourselves and get recognition, but if we don’t work out our complexes and fears, this won’t happen. In any case, it is necessary to realize self by systematically calculating tactics, choosing one or two directions, and gradually adding others, and not in a hurry to do everything at once.

Mercury Quincunx Saturn

October 05, Mercury in Libra quincunx Saturn in Pisces. This stellium exposes unresolved problems of our past, which have a karmic influence in the present. To understand in which cases to wait for the recurrence of problematic situations, we need to look at where and when the choice constantly arises: to suffer in the opposition of the quincunx or go to the highest floor of its trine as this configuration combines both energies.

The vibes of the aspect reinforce our talents and capacities, but provoke the fear of coming out of the shadows and the scare that we will not cope, although we have a burning desire to act. It is this resistance that must be overcome in the proposed circumstances. The success is at arm’s length. It is only necessary to get rid of unnecessary expectations and just do our job without overloading self with other people’s responsibilities and problems.

However, constant inner worries, a painful attitude to someone else’s criticism, a false feeling that more could have been done, although we are already working hard, lead to mental and physical exhaustion, apathy due to emotional burnout. We need, first of all, to deal with our injuries, because the energy of the trine and the opposition in that quincunx are very favorable. It helps to our self-sustained growth due to hard work, the ability to bring everything to its logical end, reliability and loyalty to their work.

Deep complexes and self-doubt can spoil everything. Instead of sitting in the shadows, we need to have the courage to act. We can’t live in the past, revel in the energy of judging and criticizing more successful people, as well as self-pity. It is necessary to develop personal talents, but to demonstrate them to others only when there are already real results.

Mars Quincunx Neptune

October 05, Mars in Libra quincunx Neptune in Pisces form contradictory stellium because the energies of these planets are very different. Under their influence, we are passionately trying to realize dreams of an incredible scope. Sometimes such attempts are justified, but most often we spend energy and health on obviously unrealistic projects, staying in illusions. Mars is a personal planet and therefore there can be a lot of deception, high expectations and confusion in a relationship.

This quincunx’ vibrations are a source of constant intense anxiety. Yes, we can achieve great success, because by setting a global goal, we manage to learn a lot along the way and get recognition at every stage of the movement towards the dream. However, the engine here is not confidence in our higher destiny, but a deep anxiety that wakes us up in the middle of the night, makes get up and do something to bring the dream closer right now. Because of this, we are constantly tense, afraid of missing time, and cannot think about life without our illusory dreams, so don’t notice intermediate successes.

We live in the future all the time, not in the present, missing a lot of real chances for happiness here and now. Our life is like running in a maze in search of a coveted prize. Anxiety drives us forward and does not allow enjoying today. It is necessary to be able to go slowly and praise self for intermediate successes, as well as to really look at things and come up with ways of self-realization, even if the global goal is not yet achieved.

Venus Quincunx Pluto

October 06, Venus in Leo quincunx Pluto in Capricorn. This minor aspect creates the need for recognition, to transform in order to fit into the generally accepted trend. However, our obsessive desire to be the center of attention will irritate others. This stellium strengthens our inner crises, forcing to unlock the personal power. While we hide in the shell of our fears and complexes, we will suffer from helplessness. But once we take responsibility and leadership, we will find the way to the Light even in desperate situations.

The Venus-Pluto quincunx shows where we need to change our value system, understand what other people believe and strive for. However, complete submission and worship of a teacher, boss, popular blogger or friend are also dangerous. Health can suffer from constant stress and suppressed tension if we do not know how to cope with them. Deep fears become a track that triggers the psychosomatics of long-term illnesses, but if we work them out, there will be no problems.

Sun Quincunx Jupiter

October 07, Sun in Libra quincunx Jupiter in Taurus. This stellium strengthens the desire to live an active life and benefit people. However, our fear of criticism and condemnation, constant expectation of praise and approval can interfere with this. The positive influence of the quincunx and the positive energy of both planets offers not only many chances to realize our ambitious aspirations, but also trials where it will be necessary to consolidate the willpower of the Sun’s energies with the generosity and power of the Jupiter’s vibes.

Mars Square Pluto

October 08, Mars in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn. This aspect creates an excess of intense energy in us and the need to realize it. If we don’t do this, accidents, injuries and disappointments are likely. The best antidote is the sublimation of negative energy into active creativity.

The square of Mars and Pluto can cause a destructive impact on events, the desire to dominate people, the opposition of our ego to the Divine will; the wish of identification with a certain nation, religion and politics, and the thirst to conquer the whole world, which leads to crimes and terrorism; a state of passion in conflicts and quarrels; overcoming obstacles and life in general at the expense of other people.

The energies of this stellium help to purify and renew our aspects, and show the path that must be followed to become a person. In order to transform destructive vibrations into creative ones, we need to turn our willpower and talents to fighting violence and restoring ruins after it. The work in charitable organizations, victim assistance centers, ambulance crews and any other types of assistance will help us.

Venus Opposite Saturn

October 10, Venus in Virgo opposite Saturn in Pisces forms a tense aspect that requires work on our Spiritual and emotional state that generates inner conflicts and confrontation with others. Stellium enhances adverse events and the destruction of important personal stereotypes. As soon as there is a desire in our Soul to leave everything as it is, and not change anything in our life, the mechanism of restriction is activated through failures, illnesses, injuries and other negative events. This is how we ourselves create punishment from above, from the Universe.

Pluto Direct

October 10, Pluto goes from retro transit in Aquarius to direct movement in Capricorn. The vibrations of this planet back the energy of power, war, collective resources and large material flows, disasters and catastrophes, crime, and secret knowledge. Capricorn’s power supports social structures and hierarchies. When merging, these energies become more intense.

Light Forces use them to destroy old and outdated structures, creating new spaces and opportunities for development, to radical rebuilding of the social and economic systems. Darks, on the contrary, exploit the low frequencies of the spectrum to preserve and strengthen their power and control, change the balance of power in their favor, based on inequality and global tension.

In our personal life, direct Pluto will manifest itself as a need for transformation, growth of willpower and creation. If we live in a bubble of illusions and stubbornly do not notice changes, then Pluto will mercilessly scan us and our personal space with its cold X-ray beam, destroying self-deception and exposing the unsightly truth. And the more we hide from selves and avoid the honest conversation with our Soul and the world, the more painful and dramatic the sobering up will be. All erroneous decisions, wrong lifestyle and distorted worldview will come to the surface, which will aggravate our internal crisis.

Mercury Quincunx Jupiter

October 12, Mercury in Libra quincunx Jupiter in Taurus will once again point out to us vague, ill-conceived schemes that periodically arise in our minds, which do not guarantee success. With its vibrations, stellium will remind us that we tend to judge others by high standards without applying them to ourselves. Hence, our friction with parents, relatives, neighbors, colleagues and friends. The energy aspect will point out that we must learn to allow everyone to set their high moral standard. Otherwise, our own growth will be hindered.

Mars Trine Saturn

October 13, Mars in Scorpio trine Saturn in Pisces. This configuration brings together the best qualities of the energies of these planets. It helps to easily apply our capacities in life and forms a lot of happy occasions: meetings with the right people and a series of circumstances and events for the successful implementation of plans. However, if we go with the flow, relying only on support from above, we risk facing the collapse of hopes and plans.

We should be able to hold the power of the aspect, to restrain the flow of its mighty energy and purposefully control our destiny. This will be manifested through the obstacles and difficulties that arise on the way to our goal, but it will allow to temper the will and strengthen self-confidence, overcoming the machinations of enemies and circumstances. It is through solving difficult tasks that we acquire the main gift of the aspect – understanding where to fight, sparing no effort, and where to step aside.

Solar Eclipse

October 14, the annular Solar Eclipse in Libra generates the energy of big changes, bold steps, rejection of fear and willingness to change our lives. The same event will be reflected in different ways and will give what each of us is ready for. The Sun carries the energies of strength, superiority and primacy. But in combination with the Libra’s vibrations , it should share its power. In addition, the Northern and Southern Lunar Nodes will prevent us from correctly perceiving events, create misunderstandings of the situation, which can cause personal and collective mistakes.

In this difficult time, other tests are possible. Difficulties and clarification of relations are likely, if it may seem to us that our merits are not noticed. To successfully survive this period, we need to maintain harmony between career and leisure, balance between positive and negative emotions. Be sure to engage in family, profession and friends. But the Solar Eclipse will negatively affect collective decision-making, and the pace of movement towards the goals will have to slow down.

The eclipse will occur against the background of tense aspects between the two antagonists of the Solar System – Mars and Pluto, which makes it possible to reformat our personal lives. If we have long wanted to try something new, change the scope of activity, and implement our ideas and plans – this is the day favorable for this. But caution is necessary in words and deeds, otherwise conflicts will not be avoided. The relationship will be ruined, and it will be almost impossible to restore them. During a Solar Eclipse, the risk of cardiovascular exacerbations, insomnia, the uncontrolled behavior and reactions of others are increasing.

Sun Quincunx Uranus

October 15, Sun in Libra quincunx Uranus in Taurus. The energies of this aspect will show where we lose ourselves as a person in order to fulfill the desires and demands of others. The Sun and Uranus are also antagonistic planets. The balance in this quincunx is inclined to tense opposition, rather than a harmonious trine, raising doubts in us, the desire to merge with powerful social movements and groups, political parties and other organizations.

Stellium will force us to find support in selves. To do this, it is necessary to clearly understand what talent we have and what is our uniqueness as a person, not fall into dependence and remain a self-confident creator. If we have to obey and play by someone else’s rules for a long time, it will lead to self-destruction. The other extreme is the desire to rise above others due to our originality, the pursuit of popularity, recognition, support and protection. Decent behavior, understanding the value of self and our creativity will bring more dividends than chaotic spread ourselves thin. In the most difficult situations, self-irony and intuitively correct actions will help more.

Mercury Quincunx Uranus

October 17, Mercury in Libra quincunx Uranus in Taurus. The energies of this stellium will remind us of the need to fulfill our mission: to serve the cause that brings good to the world. Quincunx will direct all our commitments and achievements for the benefit of others. But if we become adherents of destructive ideas, we will first of all suffer from them ourselves and much more than others.

The negative side of this quincunx is increased anxiety and short temper, excessive abstraction and pickiness, which pushes potential friends and business partners away from us. Sports, travel and a change of scenery are useful for relieving tension. The more diverse our life, events and communication will be, the more comfortable we will feel psychologically. It is important to find the missing self-discipline, the adequacy of self-perception and behavior, to understand where our personal boundaries are, so as not to violate the personal space of others.

Sun Quincunx Neptune

October 18, Sun in Libra quincunx Neptune in Pisces. The vibrations of the trine in this stellium strengthen our imagination, sensitivity, empathy, and the ability to take care of others. But the influence of the opposition within the aspect can negatively distort these aspirations, force self-sacrifice, fulfill other people’s desires and face a choice – to give the most precious and remain good in the eyes of others or take what we deserve, but become an outcast.

The frequencies of Neptune and its impact are powerful enough to draw its creative energy from the Sun and dissipate it. This prevents us from realizing what enormous opportunities we are endowed with. On the one hand, we feel that we have a mission to save and heal the world, on the other hand, we do not understand how to fulfill it. As a result, we plunge into endless introspection and miss brilliant opportunities due to slowness and uncertainty.

First of all, it is necessary to avoid people who are used to exploite others for their own purposes, but simply begin to value our time and refuse. It is easier to do this if we immediately determine the motive of a person who is passionately eager for communication: what does he get and what is left to us? The most important thing is to clearly delineate our duties and not to carry out other people’s assignments for fear of not pleasing and making enemies.

Mercury Quincunx Neptune

October 19, Mercury in Libra quincunx Neptune in Pisces. The energies of this configuration increase our credulity and the belief that all people are naturally good and sympathetic, but at the same time sobering when we are met with meanness for good and evil for service. The lesson of the aspect is to develop the habit of seeing others clearly, without intoxication with illusions and fantasies. We may feel guilty for not being able to realize this or that dream, promising more than can do, and then suffer remorse. It causes overstrain of the nervous system, vascular diseases, hypertension and sleep disorders.

But the biggest surprise is to find out that this quincunx can disclose our psychic talents, the makings of an energy healer, which manifest selves in stressful events. We may not suspect that can heal with our hands or mental energy until we begin to pray fervently for the recovery of our kid or relative. However, this gift also contains the danger of unknowingly materializing our fears and negative experiences. Therefore, clear awareness and caution are necessary. We should avoid sticking to social networks and not engage in debates with bots and trolls.

Sun Conjunct Mercury

October 20, Sun in Libra conjunct Mercury in Libra. They are always close to each other, and therefore, of all the astrological aspects, only a connection is possible between them. In this case, the Solar energy, which affects our mind, life orientations and aspirations, favorably interacts with the Mercury’s freqs of cognition, perception, processing, info transmission and communication.

When the Sun and Mercury’s vibes combine, it increases our mobility, sociability, efficiency and diplomacy. It becomes very important for us to be knowledgeable and well educated, to learn a lot and share the knowledge we have gained. But this can create a situation where we will consider ourselves the smartest of all. That we actually all know that what we know is the ultimate truth, which is why conceit and hubris are born.

It often prevents us from hearing something reasonable in the words of another person, though his thoughts may be good and correct. But we can’t take it, because evaluate his information only through ourselves and our ideas about right and wrong. The energies of this stellium will push us to change and help getting rid of negative subjectivism.

Mercury Square Pluto

October 20, Mercury in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn. In its low frequencies, this is a negative aspect that increases excitability, short temper, nervousness, and waywardness. It strengthens the spirit of contradiction, the tendency to engage in heated discussions and disputes, resort to deception or hidden confrontation, be unrestrained in words and impulsive in actions, and impose our ideas using manipulation. But the high frequencies of this stellium support our struggle for justice, sharpen our insight, make our speech strong and convincing, decisions bold, and opposition to the System successful.

Sun Square Pluto

October 21, Sun in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn. The powerful combination of this stellium’s vibes gives great energy to our will, ability to dominate and gain popularity. The Sun’s freqs back our ego, and Pluto – the capacity to control the situation, influence the consciousness of others and inspire them with respect. Since quadrature is a tense aspect, the joint action of the Sun and Pluto’s energies can be not only creative, but also destructive.

In this configuration, on the one hand, they can provoke in us short temper, authoritarianism, excessive ambition, the desire to suppress others, to be impatient, impulsive and angry. On the other hand, thanks to assertiveness, courage, extraordinary strength, moral and physical, we can feel the strongest craving to create a new order on the ruins of the old one, and in a crisis to prove ourselves real leaders, tireless fighters and winners.

Venus Trine Jupiter

October 22, Venus in Virgo trine Jupiter in Taurus. This is a favorable aspect connecting planets in friendly zodiacs. Our talents and opportunities for success become stronger and more tangible, and life contributes to the realization of our plans easily and quickly. But if we do not constantly upgrade selves, then this aspect increases tension and stress.

The energies of this trine strengthen our striving for lofty ideals, aestheticism of world perception, benevolence; compassion, dreaminess, and mercy. We are attracted by charity, a creative approach to any activity, plans to conquer the world with talent and beauty. We begin to appreciate art, loyalty to friendship and principles of cooperation, to understand the beauty of form, word, color and sound.

To maximize the possibilities of the Venus-Jupiter trine, we need to engage in creativity both professionally and at the hobby level; communicate and maintain contacts more often; set goals and achieve them in stages; work for pleasure, engage in aesthetically pleasing activities; eat moderately and properly, observe hygiene; strive to communicate with highly spiritual personalities.

Mercury Trine Saturn

October 22, Mercury in Scorpio trine Saturn in Pisces. This is the case when the “evil” Saturn forms a harmonious aspect to Mercury, saving us from laziness, contemplation and blind contentment with our abilities. The energies of Saturn force us to work on the development of natural talents, to hone our skills and constantly improve the skills we have acquired. Mercury’s vibrations affect speech and thinking. Under trine’s constructive influence we begin to strive for clarity and accuracy in everything, to structure the taken info, and manage processes well.

This aspect will remind us that getting knowledge is not a quick thing, and therefore we need to take any study very seriously. Knowledge is acquired slowly, but we can build it into a clear system and then apply in practice. The energies of this stellium help to concentrate on the goal, not to waste precious time on chatter and empty communication. But promising business contacts and partnerships will develop actively.

Sun Trine Saturn

October 24, Sun in Scorpio trine Saturn in Pisces. The energies of this aspect will demonstrate how we position and realize ourselves in society, to what extent there is order, discipline and a clear organization in our life. The vibrations of Saturn support the vector of our development and aspirations. It emits energies of duty, work and responsibility, so the harmonious aspect between the Sun and Saturn backs our diligence, accuracy and punctuality, the desire to do everything right in life.

The Sun, which enhances our energy by interacting with the vibrations of Saturn, makes us think about achieving our goals. Not to waste our energy on entertainment and empty affairs, but to solve problems with perseverance, step by step turning ideas into reality. This stellium strengthens our inner core, stimulates great ambitions, composure, patience and responsibility. All this allows us to achieve excellent results in our activities. Never rush and do not act on the spur of the moment, but develop far-reaching strategies, persevere through difficulties and wait for a favorable moment to implement plans.

Mars Opposite Jupiter

October 28, Mars in Scorpio opposition Jupiter in Taurus. The confrontation of energies in this stellium can create a conflict in our Soul, cause an influx of negative emotions, thoughts and states. Contradictions and impulsive desires are fraught with quarrels and breaks in relationships, especially great when the vibrations of Jupiter and Mars, which support well-being and determination to achieve the goal, are in conflicting opposition. Generosity turns into squandering not only ours, but also other people’s funds, pride – into painful vanity and fanfaronade.

We become adventurers, going on the heads of others for our success, destroying rivals and teaching others with harsh words, and are constantly dissatisfied, first of all, with ourselves. Everything becomes too little for us: money, applause and even enemies. We become aggressive if those whom we are trying to favor resist and do not want to accept us and our obsessive actions. But with the right moral and Spiritual priorities and values, this aspect can manifest our best qualities – determination, honesty, courage and willpower, turn us into irreconcilable fighters against evil and defenders of all the humiliated and oppressed, which will bring us respect in society.

Lunar Eclipse

October 28, the Lunar Eclipse and the Full Moon will occur in Taurus and their vibrations greatly affect our emotions, creating situations that defy logic, but they will have to be put up with. Sometimes it will seem us that the Universe has brought down on us all the negative energy accumulated in it. This feeling will be short-term. Very soon we will realize that most of the problems were not as serious as they were at first glance, and some troubles resolved on their own.

There are several ways not to provoke failures during a Lunar Eclipse. Not to start the new and especially important for us. All negotiations and responsible meetings should be postponed for another time. Do not plan the implementation of large-scale plans. Carefully review all documentation that needs to be forwarded or signed in order not to make serious mistakes with unpleasant consequences.

The day of the Lunar Eclipse is better suited to complete long-term projects, end unnecessary relationships, and give up bad habits and addictions to tobacco, alcohol and junk food. This is a good time to take stock, reflect on the experience gained, finish our studies or research. In general, the energies of the Lunar Eclipse are explosive and conflicting, so it is better to spend this day alone.

Mercury Opposite Jupiter

October 28, Mercury in Scorpio opposition Jupiter in Taurus. This is a negative aspect, but with the participation of Jupiter, the energies that stellium are less harmful. Mercury affects the intelligence and cognition of the environment through the study of its details. In contrast, the vibrations of Jupiter show a complete picture of the world, expanding our horizons, spirituality and philosophical understanding. The tense aspect between these planets creates a strong interaction that helps us find, assimilate and process new important data. However, it will always seem to us that we lack some knowledge for the full picture, and we strive again and again to satisfy our information hunger.

Jupiter’s energies affect our ability to correctly assess the prospects of the future, but its tense aspect with Mercury can cause mistakes and miscalculations. Therefore, we should not rely only on intuition in making decisions, avoid delusions, self-deception and conceit. It is important to independently search for causal relationships, missing links and the logic of events and facts. The disorder of interests and frequent changes of activity should also be avoided.

Mercury Conjunct Mars

October 29, Mercury in Scorpio conjunction Mars in Scorpio will reveal the peculiarities of our thinking, the level intellectual maturity and activity. This aspect enhances our insight and research abilities, accelerates the work of thought, and facilitates the search for new information, the study of unfamiliar material and communication with others. It helps to achieve positive results, quickly make the right acquaintances and communicate effectively with any audience. It is important to remember that our word can hurt, and try to avoid unpleasant remarks, unreasonable criticism and sharpest terms.

Venus Trine Uranus

October 31, Venus in Virgo trine Uranus in Taurus. The vibrations of this aspect are favorable for the promotion of non-standard creative ideas and innovative styles, scientific inventions and innovations, especially in the field of Internet technologies. Despite the versatile positive impact, the energies of stelium in the low-frequency range can make us indifferent and not notice the depth of other people’s suffering. That’s how we make enemies. Especially because of careless words or harsh statements, which we will forget about in an hour, but our interlocutor will remember it for a lifetime. The aspect will remind us of developing empathy and attentiveness to others. Only teamwork and friendly partnership will contribute to our success and self-sustained growth.