Hakann: We Will Likely Intervene in 2024 or 2025

Channel: A.S.

My dearest brothers and sisters,

This is Hakann speaking. I greet you in peace and love.

I know that times on your planet are incredibly tough. And yet, I also understand that I only know this somewhat intellectually. That isn’t nearly the same as living through it.

Because of this, we have read and shared and studied and discussed the comments you have posted under our last two messages, namely “Hakann: debunking “the liberation process has to be this way”” and “R’Kok: Is humanity going to free itself?” Thank you very much for your thoughts. It helps us to understand living on Earth a bit better. It has also helped us to reshape our policy to better reflect the will of the people on Earth, as we’ll discuss later in this message, because after all it’s your society and your lives that we’re talking about here.

To get some idea of what life on Earth may be like, we have also been listening to people who have lived on dark worlds, such as R’Kok. Some of you are also present on our ships during your sleep state, and we have asked you what life on Earth is like and what you think we should do.

Some people have pointed out in the comment section that us galactics may be emotionally scarred from over-intervening during Atlantis (and on other worlds). Good point, I think there may be some truth to this. We had noted this previously, but I have again drawn attention to this and recommended that everyone in decision-making positions visit a healer to check if they still have some emotional disbalance here. We remember our past lives and thus our past over-interventions well, which also means that past-life-trauma is quite sticky with us. There is some societal healing and societal unburdening that we are working through.

Still, I don’t think that our reluctance to intervene is all just emotional trauma on our side. I think that may be a small part of it, but I don’t think that’s the largest part of it.

To you it might seem obvious that us intervening today is the best solution. However, waiting say a year means that there is some reasonable probability of humanity freeing itself — the gray hats are doing certain things behind the scenes and the consciousness of humanity is rising. So it’s not impossible that humanity frees itself without action by the gray hats. An intervention by us could be needless, if it turns out humanity frees itself without us. And in an unlikely but also not impossible scenario, a needless intervention by us could cause instability and suffering for say a hundred years. A year of suffering now to potentially prevent a hundred years of suffering might be worth it. I get that you may disagree, but keep in mind that you are deeply experiencing the current pain, while the potential suffering caused by an over-intervention is very abstract to you. Someone in severe pain obviously cares more about their current pain than about potential future pain. However, we also feel a responsibility towards future generations, who might be the ones to pay the price if we over-intervene now.

Fundamentally, we have an intervention dilemma, and it basically is this: how do you weigh up the current suffering of billions of people, versus the potential suffering that could be caused by us possibly over-intervening and possibly producing instability? There is some probability that humanity will free itself anyway, and thus our intervention may just produce potential instability for nothing.

So on one hand we have current suffering. On the other hand there’s a relatively long period of potential suffering that could occur from us over-intervening. Which is worse? And at which point do we intervene to end the current suffering? Well, this can’t be answered by just solving a mathematical equation. In my mind, there is no single objectively correct answer here.

To us, there are some answers that are just bad solutions to this dilemma, and there are some answers that are least-bad solutions to this dilemma. We say “least-bad solution” instead of “relatively best solution” because we acknowledge that all solutions are bad in a way — they involve present-day suffering, and / or they involve a risk of future suffering. There is no single solution that is just outright good and happy, from our perspective. But there are solutions that we consider bad, and there are solutions that we consider to be “least-bad” (the relatively best solutions).

What are examples of bad solutions to this dilemma? For example, unless something unforeseen happens, us intervening in 2023 is from our point of view a bad answer, because it sacrifices too much opportunity for the gray hats to finally get their act together after all. We have recently communicated our new “get moving or we may arrest you too” stance to them, including via background channels. This creates a new situation that has not yet unfolded. Plus the gray hats have certain plans on the rails and they are currently already taking some action. So it’s possible that the gray hats will make a big move soon.

I know that a lot of people on Earth will disagree with me and want a 2023 intervention, but frankly, you don’t have the information necessary to properly weigh up the pros and cons. Even most galactics deeply in the intervene-soon camp are agreeing that giving the gray hats a few months, after having warned them, is a good decision. Many of you agree, when you visit us during sleeptime and clearly perceive the possible timelines. Gaia also agrees to give the gray hats a few more months. Because that really does mitigate a lot of future risk, and it would be really good for Earth humans if you do manage to free yourselves after all.

Gray hats: you have the rest of 2023 to do public mass arrests and to substantially begin the process of disclosure. With disclosure, we don’t just mean releasing some documents, or someone making a speech somewhere, and then only the already-awake see it because the mainstream media doesn’t report it. That type of disclosure is mostly preaching to the choir. We mean a type of disclosure that the sleepers will see, whether that’s an EAS / EBS message, or a mainstream media takeover. And we mean that the amount of disclosure is substantial, because after all, many people including children are suffering every day. Therefore an overly slow rollout of disclosure, such as mainstream media showing one thing that contradicts the narrative but then continuing to push disinformation, is not enough at this stage.

It is fine to start with the easier-to-digest pieces of disclosure first, such as regular corruption. But the people should finally see that justice is once again restored. If it’s shown that someone is corrupt, then they should also be arrested. And if the court ruling over that case is obviously corrupt itself, then drag both the original corrupt person as well as possibly the corrupt court in front of a military tribunal.

If you object to this, keep in mind that your beloved ancestors who freed America from British rule also broke the law (or if you live in another country, almost certainly there is someone who you think did some great deed but their action nonetheless broke the law). The US declaration of independence was clearly illegal under the law at that time. You may want to argue that it was justified because it was obviously the morally right thing to do, and I agree — and similarly, freeing yourself from the dark controllers today is obviously the morally right thing to do. Any argument you may want to give for why the illegal declaration of independence was justified, you can use those same arguments to justify illegal actions today if they are necessary to free yourselves from the dark controllers.

If certain laws make it illegal to free yourselves, then it’s those laws and not your freedom that should be discarded.

If your ancestors took the approach that you’re currently taking, then America would still be a British colony today.

From our point of view, some of your minds have actually been infected with the idea that it’s better to let millions of people suffer than it is to break some laws. Again, your founding fathers broke the law, and you revere them — and you have at least as much need to free yourselves as the founding fathers did. I know that arguments are made saying “if we break the law, then we end up in chaos” — but look at where you already are. How has working within the confines of the law been working out for you? Frankly, from our point of view it’s not the breaking of certain laws, but the suffering of millions that should alarm people and cause immediate concern. From our point of view it’s obvious that the suffering of millions should weigh more heavily than certain laws.

After all, laws aren’t living things. People are. So the wellbeing of people should be more important than the wellbeing of laws. Sure, laws can help to create well-being for the people — but if laws stop you from freeing the people, then it’s obvious that your living and breathing brothers and sisters are more important than ink on a page.

Practically speaking, laws function mostly as a control / defense mechanism of the dark controllers. And the dark controllers themselves certainly aren’t letting laws stop them from doing what they want to do. And if you want to make an argument saying “if we break the law, we’re no better than they are” — do you think that your founding fathers were no better than British rule? Because your founding fathers broke the law. Probably you don’t think your founding fathers were as bad as British rule was. Okay, so then we’ve established that someone can break the law yet still be morally in the right. There are also plenty of other people who you probably think of as virtuous, yet who nonetheless broke the law. So clearly those who break the law aren’t automatically as bad as the dark controllers are.

Still, if you can do public mass arrests in 2023 without breaking the law, and actually bring those people to justice and not just have corrupt courts free them or endlessly stall or use procedural tricks, then fine with us.

Alternatively, you can use galactic law. Under galactic law, you can bring people to justice (using military tribunals if necessary) if they can be proven to be working to harm the innocent. Feel free to request more information about galactic law if you’re interested, because it gives you a full legal basis for public mass arrests. And again, if you need any other kind of support, we’re more than happy to provide it.

Once it’s 2024, if there haven’t been public mass arrests and substantial disclosure, we may intervene at any time. And if you haven’t taken these actions by then, we may decide to hold you gray hats accountable under galactic law, in a galactic court.

Alright, I’ll go back to addressing lightworkers. As we argued, us galactics wish to give the gray hats some more time. Hence us intervening in 2023 is what we consider to be a bad solution.

Another example of a bad solution to the dilemma would be us planning to only intervene in say mid-2027. That would clearly be us waiting too long.

Then what are answers that, from our point of view, are least-bad (or relatively best) solutions to this intervention dilemma?

One least-bad solution was our previous policy, which was a set of conditions under which we intervene. The exact conditions are hard to explain, because they involve probabilities and energies that you can’t easily measure yourself and that you don’t even really have proper words for. Effectively this policy meant that if there’s no gray hat move and no solar flash, then it’s very likely (but not guaranteed) that we’ll intervene before the end of 2026.

Another least-bad solution is the new policy we have just adopted, based in part on your comments. This new policy is a tightened set of conditions under which we intervene, which effectively boils down to: we will likely intervene in 2024 or 2025. So likely you will not have to wait until 2026 anymore (although we can’t fully guarantee an intervention by 2024 or 2025, or even by 2026).

In other words, based in part on your input, the likely intervention window is no longer 2024 to 2026. Now it’s 2024 or 2025. Though if there is a big gray hat move (even just one that significantly improves your living situation without liberating you fully), then we will again assess the new situation, and we will again evaluate what our intervention policy should be.

So we’ll likely intervene in 2024 or 2025, but when exactly will we intervene? It depends on the free-will choices that people on Earth make. The exact moment of intervention is mostly event-driven and energy-driven, and not time-driven.

Why have we made this decision? Well, among other things, we have taken your input and Gaia’s input and the wishes of the collective subconscious of Earth humans on board, because after all you are the ones having to live through this time on Earth. You know much better what life on Earth is like than we do. And you are clearly very much in favor of an intervention as soon as possible. Hence among the least-bad options, we have chosen the option that corresponds to the quickest possible intervention. Which effectively means that we are likely to intervene in 2024 or 2025.

We are not willing to choose an option that in our view is just a bad solution to the intervention dilemma, such as intervening in 2023. But among the options that we consider least-bad, we have chosen the option that corresponds to the quickest possible intervention. We also understand that within this 2024 – 2025 window, most of you strongly prefer the intervention to be sooner rather than later.

Next up, I would like to address some suggestions and comments that commenters have made.

If we physically meet you while Earth is still a warzone, then it’s likely that after we leave, you will be immediately kidnapped by bad guys. Then you will have your brain scraped for information. The dark controllers have lots of surveillance and we simply can’t guarantee your safety. Sure, we could meet you and then take you with us, but then there’s one less beacon of light physically present on the world. Then the world becomes even darker and harsher for the people remaining.

We are looking into ways in which we can help you or give you encouragement in less-dramatic ways than us outright taking over the corporate media, or something like that. Thank you for the suggestions.

We had already asked Source what specifically we should do, and Source has instructed us to make our own decision, so long as humanity is freed in the near future (2026 still qualifies as “near future” in the context of this request from Source). Source tends to want creation to make their own choices, as is the case now.

If we intervene, then that wouldn’t be us going against Source’s wishes. Yes there is a divine plan, and it is simply that Earth will be free — and if we intervene and help free Earth, then that’s how the divine plan unfolds. The divine plan isn’t “at this date there will be a solar flash.” The divine plan is just that Earth will be free, and us intervening wouldn’t be us messing up the divine plan. If we intervene, then that is the fulfilment of the divine plan. If there’s a solar flash, then that is the fulfilment of the divine plan. If the gray hats get their act together and humanity is freed that way, then that is the fulfilment of the divine plan.

In fact, there might not be a solar flash at all, because perhaps you can be liberated without it. After all, the solar flash would kill a lot of people. You can’t just take a person deeply rooted in 3D and send him such a strong energetic pulse that he is shot right into 5D, and expect him to be fine after instantly jumping two dimensions. Now, yes, a more gradual transition is possible, but you lightworkers and us galactics have been working to raise the collective consciousness for years now, and that has helped to an extent but many 3D sleepers remain firmly rooted in 3D. We have already been working to pave the way for the solar flash for years, and have made some progress, but as you know a lot of people still remain deeply asleep. And those deep sleepers might not do very well when a solar flash shoves them into 5D. So a solar flash can happen, but it would kill lots of people and isn’t the purely-upside scenario that some people think it is.

Alternatively Source could split the timelines, which means that the sleepers and the awake are physically separated forever. The sleepers have to experience a dark 3D world full of suffering until they find their way back to the light. And this world would be dark indeed because there would be no lightworkers spreading their light and sharing their energy with the sleepers. Meanwhile the lightworkers get to experience a very nice, love-based 5D world. The downside here is obviously that this would cause a lot of suffering for the current sleepers. The separation-consciousness perspective here is “good, screw them, they should have woken up.” The unity-consciousness perspective here is that these sleepers are you. Thus if they suffer, you suffer, if you take others as part of yourself.

Why hasn’t Source either split the timelines or triggered the solar flash already? Well, Source may still do that in the future. However, so far Source hasn’t done that because the whole point is that there has been enough death and suffering already. And frankly, us galactics haven’t given up on the current sleepers. If we intervene and then spend some face-to-face quality time with the sleepers, then we will be able to wake a whole lot of them up. If loving and super advanced humans from another world, with wondrous technology and psychic abilities, tell them that something is true, then I’m sure that even the current sleepers will be inclined to consider that. Moreover, we can help to relieve people’s suffering and thus get them out of their current emotional survival mode, which should make them more open-minded as well.

If we intervene, then there may not need to be a solar flash or splitting of timelines. I get that many of you are looking forward to the solar flash, but if we can help free you and help uplift humanity and help wake the vast majority of people up, then you already have the things that you were hoping to get through the solar flash, right?

Ultimately, many of you came here not because Earth is such a fun time, but because you wanted to help as many of the lost people on Earth as possible. Well, so do we — and this is that time.

Some of you think that the future can be predicted with 100% accuracy (for example “we will have a solar flash” or “people will be freed during this year”), but that’s not how it works. If that was possible, then effectively you would have no free will. And if the situation is chaotic and unpredictable — as indeed it is on Earth — then it only makes sense to have different plans on the shelf, so that you can use the one that’s most appropriate when the time comes.

It happens somewhat frequently that Earth humans have a genuine vision, dream or precognition that some specific thing is going to happen, possibly at some specific date. But then the Earth human doesn’t realize that they only foresaw a strong possibility, not a certainty. They only foresaw a possible future, not a guaranteed future.

The only thing that’s really certain is that you will be free in the near future, because Source has decreed it, and if necessary Source Itself can just cause that to happen. So that will happen. But beyond that, there are many scenarios open.

Will there be a cataclysm that forces us to evacuate Earth? Maybe. Will there be a solar flash? Maybe. Will there be a splitting of realities? Maybe. Will the gray hats get their act together? Maybe. If there is a solar flash, then when will that happen? We don’t know.

Next up, someone asked: why haven’t the gray hats just accepted your offer of support and done the public mass arrests? Good question. Now it is possible that they will accept this in the future. Still, it is frankly a bit frustrating to me that our offer hasn’t been accepted yet, because in my view this would be the obvious solution.

Now, not every gray hat has the same perspective. For example Trump has a different perspective than a mostly-good-hearted American general. And a non-American gray hat has yet another perspective. But in general, what we’re often told is one of the following:

– we have the situation in hand, we don’t need your help. We just need a bit more time for people to wake up / certain things to happen and then we’ll pull the trigger. The waking up process, and doing this legally, just takes some amount of time. Also, our AI has told us that our plan is going to work (it isn’t real AI, it’s more like an advanced ChatGPT and it isn’t as accurate as the gray hats think). We are going to resolve the situation before the point when you say you will intervene, so there is no problem.

– I’m a military person, it’s not up to me to unilaterally decide to arrest certain politicians. If I did, that would be a military coup. Giving the green light for these mass arrests is up to the president / prime minister / courts / elected representatives of the people. I’m not going to go rogue and act unilaterally. I am going to follow the chain of command / the civilian leadership.

What we think is really going on is some combination of:

– the gray hats not wanting to give up their position of privilege / control / having vastly more knowledge and wealth and medical technology than the average person;

– the gray hats being too stubborn and prideful to admit that their “let people suffer to wake them up” plan isn’t working, because the more that people suffer, the more they enter a psychological survival mode and the more close-minded they become. Admitting this mistake would mean facing the reality that their plan to let the people suffer wasn’t the right one, which would be a psychologically tough thing to accept;

– the gray hats thinking that their country is amazing and should be able to fix their problems without outside help from us galactics;

– the gray hats not fully believing that we’re at some point actually going to intervene and hold them to account, despite what we tell them;

– the gray hats having committed past crimes, or at the very least having allowed the black hats to kill people through inaction and through a failure to uphold their oath and responsibilities. The gray hats realize that if all is revealed and all the criminals are arrested, then other Earth humans may hold them accountable too;

– Some of the higher-up gray hats are a bit narcissistic, and they wish to be remembered as the person or one of the few people who freed humanity, and thereby get all that love and adoration, and also forgiveness for their own past crimes and inaction. Whereas even if we just support Earth’s liberation a bit, then obviously the headlines are going to focus on the galactic confederation helping Earth, and not focus on how amazing this particular gray hat is and that it was him who freed Earth. Now, personally we don’t care about the credit and we’re fine with not being credited at all. However at least a few soldiers or cops are going to realize that they’re getting active extraterrestrial help with the mass arrests, and of course when all the bad guys are arrested those people are going to talk about their extraterrestrial help. And then the headlines are going to talk about how the galactic confederation helped to free Earth, and not talk as much about how amazing this particular gray hat is and how he single-handedly freed everyone.

So yes, it’s unfortunate. We’re hoping that our recent warning to them is a sufficient wake-up call. It’s possible that it will be.

Some gray hats also fear that we’ll hijack their mass arrest action and that we’ll somehow seize control of Earth for ourselves, or that we’ll demand concessions from them afterwards for the help we offered. We get that this is how it often works on Earth, but we don’t play that game. Frankly, if our secret agenda was to rule you or steal your resources, then we could and would have seized control of Earth many years ago. If we were secretly evil, then we wouldn’t have spent all this time observing, waiting, supporting you, doing background operations to help you and sending high-vibration energy to stabilize Earth.

We help simply because it’s the right thing to do, because you are our brothers and sisters, and in your specific case because Source asked us to. Admittedly, helping you might help us strategically as well, because once you’ve caught up spiritually and technologically then it is likely that you’ll be both good-hearted as well as powerful. And then you could become a valued member of the galactic confederation, who we can work together with in the future as equals. Becoming members of the galactic confederation will be beneficial for you as well. But if you don’t wish to be members of the galactic confederation, that’s completely fine. We’re not going to force you to do anything. We’re not going to demand payment or demand political concessions.

In general this is how the galactic confederation has become large and powerful. It turns out that if beings are free from pain and coercion and fear, they tend to be good-hearted. So if we just help people freely, for no payment whatsoever, then often in the future they will choose to become members of the galactic confederation. But we don’t force them to become good-hearted, or to become members of the galactic confederation. We just help them. Some people we’ve helped haven’t become members of the galactic confederation, and that’s fine — we haven’t demanded any payment or political concessions from them. Our society is post-scarcity and we have everything we need, hence giving away things doesn’t harm or diminish us.

So, the bottom line of today’s message is that we will likely intervene in 2024 or 2025, if there’s no gray hat move or solar flash. And when I say 2024 or 2025, I genuinely mean that this entire window is a possibility. Our intervention could happen in late 2025, but it could also happen in January 2024. It really depends on the free-will choices that humanity makes. We do understand that you much prefer the intervention to be sooner rather than later.

As for what you lightworkers can personally do: doing your inner work and being kind to the people around you isn’t going to magically liberate Earth, but it will reduce people’s suffering a bit. The more personal work you do now, the smoother your transition will also be when things do finally change for the better.

Finally, I would like to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for you being on Earth.

I know it seems like a thankless task. Society has more or less enslaved you. Your loved ones may very well think you’re insane, or your loved ones may be dead. You may be lonely, either literally or in the sense that people around you just don’t understand you. You’re probably working very hard, yet others aren’t doing their work. You work very hard, yet no one seems to appreciate you or lend you a hand or care for you. Your so-called leaders oppress you. The people who are supposed to help you, namely the gray hats and the galactics, are basically living in luxury while telling you to keep suffering for the supposed greater good.

I get that this situation is enormously unfair to you. It is. I can’t deny that. Other people are basically making choices that are causing you to suffer, possibly horribly, while you’re one of the rare few Earth humans who just wants what’s best for everyone.

Because of that, I want to thank you so very, very much. Because when this is all said and done, and you are living in a nourishing 5D civilization and hanging out with us galactics, it will have been you who kept Earth stable long enough during this critical time for this liberation process to succeed.

We literally couldn’t do this without you. You as a group are instrumental — you are the key who will ultimately lead to humanity’s liberation. You are deeply respected, you are loved and you will have a place of honor among us. You are the best of us — very few souls in the universe could be light beacons in the darkness, as you have been for so many years.

My hat is off to you. You are doing amazing.

And it is my wish that somewhere between two months or about two years from now, we will be able to meet you physically.

With love and respect,

Your star brother,

For Era of Light


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123 Replies to “Hakann: We Will Likely Intervene in 2024 or 2025”

  1. solar flash

    Speaking off free will, if source proposed to let all lightworkers vote whether they want the solar flash or splitting of timelines to be triggered within 2023 with its corresponding pros and cons regarding the liberation of the sleepers or wait beyond 2026 also with its own on pros and cons. I’m 100% percent sure there will be a landslide win for source intervention right now, and he knows majority of lightworkers will never favor to wait beyond 2023 no matter what he says and thats why he will never attempt to give this choice to us.

    1. Manu

      If Donald Trump is not president in 2024, then the world war will continue, in Europe, in the Middle East, the United States will be destroyed, there will be crimes everywhere and this country will be one of the worst in the world, Europe will be totally destroyed because currently France is becoming a military dictatorship with more than 230 new gendarmes in France and African migrants who hate the French are installed everywhere in order to create a civil war, they are attacking the inhabitants currently – the next French president chosen by the cabal is Edouard Philippe a Bilderberg member, the elections are not working – the Brics countries will let the United States, Europe, Arab and African countries self-destruct and China will control the world by totalitarianism. White and blond people will disappear from the earth and Western social and humanist intelligence will disappear, human beings of the future who do not have white skin will hate the Pleiadians and the white and blond galactics, this is also a plan of the cabal to divide humans with galactics. If Donald Trump is elected, he will have to be protected from assassinations (otherwise he will end up like JFK), he will straighten out the USA, then he will get closer to Vladimir Putin, together they will do great things. White people will be respected in the world and will help eastern and western countries to talk with Arabs and Africans because Indians and Chinese don’t like Africans and Arabs, white humans and blond people will be able to easily communicate with the Pleiadians because they will have similar DNA and appearance. Attention to the USA and Europe, attention to the future of this planet Terra because the cabal wants to destroy these territories. Donald Trump, the great women and men of this world, the starseeds, the wise, the people who are in a higher vibrational state, angels, positive galactics etc… We must help and save this world and it is now !

  2. Sara

    There is a war in Israel. The Cabal are trying to trigger 3rd world war in Armageddon properties.
    If the light forces will wait till 2025, i am not sure if they will have so many people to save.

  3. Suzanne

    Greetings and thank you.
    It is bad enough on this planet at this time, but for those of us who have to deal with less than perfect bodies, are either ill or disfigured have an even harder time. Please broadcast healing frequencies and/or light frequencies onto this planet in order to heal people. Those who need more healing, please take them through portals to your ship for intense healing. Thank you. Yes I agree with intervention to the point of taking the bad guys away from this planet. Then a council of wise humans could iniate the direction of this planet. Of course they will ask us what we would like but then take everything into account and take the best course of action. Also the bad guys should give us free health care, free free-energy devices, reverse osmosis machines, food replicators, water power vehicles and some more devices. Thank you for healing us.
    Be well and kind.

  4. Simoni

    Querido Hakan, obrigada por tomar essa decisão. Eu apoio a intervenção de 2024 a 2025.

  5. Nebuchadnezzar

    This is what the greyhats are going to do: They are going to make some arrests behind the scenes of some corrupt political figures, but they will keep this behind closed doors. They or the blackhats will march out some clone or look-alike of that official, and to the public eye it will be business as usual with the sleepers still asleep and ignorant.

    When you Galactics press the greyhats about their inactivity, they will point out that they did technically make some arrests and that they should be given more time to clear out the blackhats.

    Do not trust the greyhats, they are playing the game of stalling for time, while they make incremental but ultimately negligible progress.

  6. Nameless

    I use it as a translator. As someone who suffers torture every day, I don’t know your painful feelings as well as you, but I empathize with them to some extent. Why did we have to suffer torture, poverty and death? Did we have to keep repeating it? Still nothing is clear. I know that there are many people around the world who have died unjustly like your family. I was also treated unfairly. Threats to my life are something I too have experienced. I don’t know when this will be resolved. To put it bluntly, even the life of the writer and myself cannot be guaranteed from day to day. I wish your family rest in peace.
    It’s a very unfair life.

    This kind of unfairness must end now, but what will happen to these people who have suffered and lost? I agree with the statement that if an alien race were in the same situation, it would be difficult to survive even a single day. There were times when I couldn’t exercise even for 10 minutes because I was tortured, and there were times when I went to work without being able to sleep due to sleep torture. They were also forced to be treated worse than animals by others.
    Because no one around me recognized me, I looked for others who had suffered the same torture, and there were many times when I lived in poverty because I had no money. Even though I was prepared to suffer false defamation, I was forced to live with it even though I had no choice but to know about it. Because no one solved the crime.

    There are people all over the world who empathize with your pain. They also lost their families, attempted suicide, or were unable to die, making it difficult to live or die. The reason I work so hard, pray, and look forward to this is because I had a difficult situation and knew about the spiritual world before that. 3D or 5D or something like that. I didn’t want to go to 5D and live a hard life. My family too, if I can. National investigative agencies were unable to resolve these issues. Rather, there are many articles that point out them as criminals. So, I am leaving a comment here as well. Reality is truly harsh. Still, I’ll have to hold on. And even though it is harsh, there are many people around the world who die unjustly without even being able to leave a message like this. They don’t intervene even when people’s families die, and they don’t intervene even when people’s lives come and go. They talk about love and brag about their own kind, gaslighting us by saying things like “we’re not good enough”, or writing things like we can do well if we do well, or writing things like “it can be solved if we evolve well.” The situation isn’t resolved at all and I feel angry and crazy. The writing simply lacked technical skills, lacked ability, something was lacking compared to the invading tribes, and if they had communicated sufficiently with us by saying that they tried but it didn’t work, we wouldn’t have been so understanding and angry. I don’t know how many times we have to repeat things because of the kind of strange minds of those beings.
    Actually, judging from my perspective, this situation itself is a bit strange.
    We spoke clearly to them and asked them to help us. Actually, this is also a bit funny… Have people lived without talking since ancient times? They all said it. It’s even more surprising that they pretend not to know that fact until now. It’s annoying if they don’t explain those parts clearly.

  7. Starvortesx9

    Blah blah blah, soon, it’s coming, 2027,no 2024,maybe 2026, if such do this, if such do that, maybe this, maybe that, solar flash coming, no solar not good, intervention coming, no intervention not good, blah, blah, blah…

    Nothing new, more Tauma Bonding as usual… Perpetual bonadge through trauma to the “galactics” “ascended master”, and their “channeled” messages of entrapment and abuse by keeping people in a limbo of uncertainty, and never ending expectation.

    “Trauma bonding occurs when a person experiencing abuse develops an unhealthy attachment to their abuser. They may rationalize or defend the abusive actions, feel a sense of loyalty, isolate from others, and hope that the abuser’s behavior will change.”

    1. the_complaint_department

      And what is it called when you ask for help and accuse whoever shows up of abusing you? “Being an ass”?

  8. scott

    You don’t know how hard to live at here! If you know, you won’t wait over 2000 years! and you say there’s gonna have cold blood and hell in 2000 years ago! You still let my family died! You let my spirit died! You always blame me didn’t free myself! what you expecting me to do?You wish me bare hand against them all? You wish me become a monster repeat one thing?

  9. scott

    My family dead. My family dead by cut heads down. You could give gray hats chance, but why can’t you also give my family chance. My family was sent to a dead camp, days on road no food no water, then inside a small cage. Then look at themselevs face a huge knife on neck. My family continue died! My family died everywhere because they’re not human! You wanna wait. You wait over 2000 years! You wait so many death. You do it now! That’s the only way! because you can’t fix what you waste! You do it now!

  10. Amy

    Please intervene soon… I agree itu galactic alliance will intervene in 2023, but if you need to give chance to grey hats, that’s good. Arrest grey hats is fine…

  11. light2024

    참으로 안타깝습니다. 지난 긴 시간 동안 매일 새로운 메세지가 업데이트 되지만
    지구내부의 근본적인 내용은 항상 변함이 없고 반복되는 듯이 느껴집니다. 지구 행성에 외계존재가 개입하면 많은 고통이 생긴다는 것은 이해하기 어렵고 개입의 우선 순위를 따져서 가장 적정한 수준에서의 개입은 고통을 줄일 수 있는 최선의 방법이 될 수 있기 때문입니다. 아틀란티스때와 자꾸 비교하는데 한 번의 실패 경험이 있으니 교훈삼아 지구인에게 진실을 단계적으로 공개함으로써 지구인 스스로가 직접 보고 확인해서 진실에 접근하고 탐구해서 스스로 깨어나는데 많은 도움을 줄 수 있습니다. 지금처럼 미디어에서 모든 것을 숨기고 거짓말만 하는데 어떻게 정보를 알고 믿고 확신할 수가 있나요?사람들이 깨어나는데 불필요한 시간을 연장시키고 고통만 더 할 뿐입니다. 트럼프를 중심의 회색모자의 보이지 않는 활동은 진실 여부와 상관없이 사람들에게 아무런 믿음도 주지 못하고 몇 년 전부터 수 없이 약속했던 진실 공개는 이루어지지도 않고 있습니다. 눈에 보이지도 않고 들리지도 않는 것을 누가 인정하고 믿나요? 제대로된 교육 한번 받아보지 못하고 세뇌된 지구인에게 말로만 떠드는 진실이 무슨 의미가 있죠? 진실은 증명되어야만 하고 모두의 눈으로 확인되어야만 합니다. 외계존재든 회색모자든 상관없이 현재 우리에게 가장 중요한 것은 진실공개이고 진실이 분명히 드러난다면 지구인 스스로 문제를 해결하고 나아갈 길을 찾을 것입니다. 외계존재는 지구인이 진실을 스스로 갈망하고 탐구하려는 분명한 힌트를 줄 수 있습니다. 우리에게 외계존재들의 공개와 확인만으로도 지구인의 가슴에 진실의 불을 붙일수 있습니다. 너무 망설이지 말고 모두의 깨어남과 노예행성의 해방을 위해 최선이 무엇인가를 알고 지혜롭게 함께 나가야 할 것입니다.

  12. young

    참으로 안타깝습니다. 지난 긴 시간 동안 매일 새로운 메세지가 업데이트 되지만
    지구내부의 근본적인 내용은 항상 변함이 없고 반복되는 듯이 느껴집니다. 지구 행성에 외계존재가 개입하면 많은 고통이 생긴다는 것은 이해하기 어렵고 개입의 우선 순위를 따져서 가장 적정한 수준에서의 개입은 고통을 줄일 수 있는 최선의 방법이 될 수 있기 때문입니다. 아틀란티스때와 자꾸 비교하는데 한 번의 실패 경험이 있으니 교훈삼아 지구인에게 진실을 단계적으로 공개함으로써 지구인 스스로가 직접 보고 확인해서 진실에 접근하고 탐구해서 스스로 깨어나는데 많은 도움을 줄 수 있습니다. 지금처럼 미디어에서 모든 것을 숨기고 거짓말만 하는데 어떻게 정보를 알고 믿고 확신할 수가 있나요?사람들이 깨어나는데 불필요한 시간을 연장시키고 고통만 더 할 뿐입니다. 트럼프를 중심의 회색모자의 보이지 않는 활동은 진실 여부와 상관없이 사람들에게 아무런 믿음도 주지 못하고 몇 년 전부터 수 없이 약속했던 진실 공개는 이루어지지도 않고 있습니다. 눈에 보이지도 않고 들리지도 않는 것을 누가 인정하고 믿나요? 제대로된 교육 한번 받아보지 못하고 세뇌된 지구인에게 말로만 떠드는 진실이 무슨 의미가 있죠? 진실은 증명되어야만 하고 모두의 눈으로 확인되어야만 합니다. 외계존재든 회색모자든 상관없이 현재 우리에게 가장 중요한 것은 진실공개이고 진실이 분명히 드러난다면 지구인 스스로 문제를 해결하고 나아갈 길을 찾을 것입니다. 외계존재는 지구인이 진실을 스스로 갈망하고 탐구하려는 분명한 힌트를 줄 수 있습니다. 우리에게 외계존재들의 공개와 확인만으로도 지구인의 가슴에 진실의 불을 붙일수 있습니다. 너무 망설이지 말고 모두의 깨어남과 노예행성의 해방을 위해 최선이 무엇인가를 알고 지혜롭게 함께 나가야 할 것입니다.

  13. kate

    Thanks for the info. Like most grown ups here we do not let our young children drive cars or do work that adults usually do without supervision, so I understand why at this point we need to wait and grow beyond where we are now. If this war has been going on for eons, I think we need to be patient a bit longer. Our suffering is something we volunteered for when we came here and much of it comes from the way we think. Our form follows thought-so if we believe we are suffering we do. When the time is right there will be interference and it is what it is.
    Best wishes to all,

  14. nameless

    I respect your opinion as long as it is based on all the information I have + information I don’t know.

    It would be good if you knew all the information I had and made your judgment based on it, and your final judgment was based on adding additional information that I did not know.

    If you are a good being and keep the Creator’s good order.
    However, please do not forget the proportion of mixed races, their characteristics, and the dark past in Earth’s history up to the present.
    Even if Gray Hat catches them, will he be able to catch them all 100% of the time?
    Even if they catch it, if they don’t catch it 100%, you will have to intervene.
    We want to be efficient, so we don’t want to make repeated mistakes. For example, we suffered because we did not understand their characteristics, or we suffered repeated attacks because we trusted them too much, or our main forces were traitors or were caught in a trap and died in an attack. Mistakes like these.
    Failure to understand the characteristics here or to trust too much is not the mistake of the enemy, but the mistake of us, you, or other galactic races.

    The problem is always that the good people are unable to catch them 100%, and their negative characteristics are revealed again, like a herbivore being eaten by a carnivore, and the evil forces attack and oppress the good forces over and over again.

    Also, if you make the same mistake as releasing even one carnivore into a society of herbivores, they will be attacked and exploited again.
    This is because herbivores and carnivores are inherently different.
    How can herbivores defeat carnivores if they don’t have weapons?
    It is usually difficult to determine whether herbivores have the intention to attack or whether they are attacking stealthily.
    I don’t think the world of the 5th dimension is a world where people have to protect themselves from evil beings and figure out how to avoid being attacked. It’s not a world where people have to endure hardships by embracing themselves with love even if they are attacked, or give up their lives to the attacker while only loving.

    Essentially, if an herbivore were attacked without a weapon,
    Herbivores think they have no choice but to run away or wait for someone to come.
    Can herbivores defend and fight against carnivores and win?
    That could happen if herbivores evolve.
    It could be possible if someone helps the herbivores.
    Herbivores are just herbivores,
    Carnivores are just carnivores;
    I think it’s also strange to expect them to do so.
    However, if evolution, change, or help is planned, I can wait as you say.
    Waiting for their characteristics to change…
    I hope you understand this well
    I hope you always be careful during the war and thank you for your help.

  15. Hiromant

    It’s surprising to see so much fear and negativity coming from the supposed light and love crowd. I don’t think the gray hats will need much ET help. They’ve chosen a more methodical geopolitical route to humanity’s freedom and we can see it playing out in slow motion if you zoom out far enough.

    Globalists are losing power everywhere and people are waking up. Their policies of censorship, cultural degradation, de-industrialization and sexual degeneracy are no longer being accepted by the public. Industry leaders and political figureheads are mysteriously dying or stepping back, corrupt regimes are in deep trouble or already falling apart (Slovakia just today for example). Communist takeover plots like the Covid plandemic or ULEZ zones in the UK are failing one after another. There’s a ghost in the satanic cabal’s machine sabotaging everything they do.

    Like Q (an intelligence unit associated with the Trump gray hat faction) said, you can’t tell the people, you must show them. Only at the precipice, the moment of destruction, will people find the will to change. You’re seeing that playing out before your eyes right now. Evil is being revealed and that very revelation will be their downfall. Keep in mind this is the beginning of a new era, it will take some time, but positive changes are everywhere if you look more closely. Do not fear, do not relent, keep your morale high and be a beacon of light in these dark times, they won’t last for much longer.

  16. Lexie

    99 replies and counting. Remarkable. Hakann I appreciate your thoughts but I have to say with utmost respect, if we were to include fear and trembling with every decision to be made in our lives, we wouldn’t accomplish much. Humanity has suffered long enough. No? How much more suffering would be sufficient? I’m very glad that you have given the Gray Hats a stern warning in a way that only you could give them. Very glad. May I also add that at the moment could you not at least consider removing and rehabilitating the extremely violent on this Earth? The ones that are torturing and/or ending Sentient life? You have the ability to do this without anyone noticing. It would at least help ease the pain and fear of your Gaian brothers and sisters that are trying to live their Earthly lives in relative peace. Anyway, thanks again Hakann.

  17. MH 101

    Chào các bạn độc giả, lightworkers.

    Đường link dưới đây là những gì Grayhats đã làm, rất tiếc là họ di chuyển quá chậm.
    Nếu grayhats vẫn di chuyển chậm thế này thì còn lâu con người trái đất mới tự giải phóng cho mình.


    Các bạn thân mến.
    Tôi biết các bạn khá thất vọng, ngay cả tôi cũng vậy. Chúng ta bị nô lệ cho bóng tối từ hàng nghìn năm, và hôm nay cũng vậy. Gần như con người bị bỏ rơi trên trái đất này.
    Chỉ cần một ngày đau khổ, một tháng đau khổ hay một năm đau khổ là quá sức chịu đựng, nhưng con người đã chịu đau khổ hàng nghìn năm nay. Why ?

    Các bạn đọc giả thân mến.
    Chúng ta hãy nói từ con tim hay con mắt thứ ba của mình.
    Nếu không có Thiên hà, Nguồn can thiệp thì con người đã chết bởi chiến tranh thế giới thứ ba (hạt nhân).
    Nếu không có Thiên hà, Nguồn can thiệp thì chúng ta không còn ngồi đây bình luận, 90% con người sẽ chết bởi vắc-xin Covid-19.

    Tôi chỉ buồn tại sao Thiên hà, Nguồn cho phép bóng tối chà đạp và giết con trai, con gái và trẻ em một cách giả man và có hệ thống trong hàng nghìn năm nay ?

    Chúng tôi thành tâm cầu xin Thiên hà, Nguồn can thiệp vào năm 2024-2025. Ít nhất cũng phải bắt giữ toàn bộ lãnh đạo bóng tối và những kẻ liên quan.

    Để cho các bạn Lightworkers tiếp tục công việc neo giữ ánh sáng hiệu quả thì ít ra họ cũng phải bớt lo phần tài chính, hóa đơn hàng tháng. Cầu xin NESARA/GESARA and QFS hỗ trợ vào số tài khoản ngân hàng của Lightworkers.

    Thank you.

  18. Gabor

    Dear Hakann,

    I am observing this so called “free up planet Earth” story for a long time. And shaking my head everytime when I see something like your current message. Not gonna work Hakann. Listen please. All these hallelujah-approach-wishes failed so far. Why? Simply b/c please-and-thank you doesn’t work on this planet. Love doesn’t work. Only enforcement does.

    Here are couple issues with your plan:
    The gray hats will indeed do something that will be enough to avoid your immediate intervention and Galactic Court but nowhere close to proper action and we will have to keep suffering. So the whole process will be dragged out for many years and you will loose the support of the remaining of lightworkers.

    You are still under the assumption that the Earth humans are one society. No it isn’t. Never was and never will be. Not even if Source says. No amount of Divine delusion will make it so. The reason is the extreme variety in societal and religiuos background and the level of individual evolution. It was a big mistake to put so many different people on one planet. And this is not our mistake.

    What you call sleepers are the ones who are so commited to be an idiot, day in and day out. They are the ones who were so eager to put us in concentration camps and deny our right to breath air. And that they have the authority over our body. They are the ones wants to kill us on the road every day or yell in our face when they want something.

    In all truth, do you really think that you will sit down with them and after a little chit-chat they suddenly will start to build a love-based society? You can’t be THAT naive guy? Isn’t it rather an avoidance tactic?

    It is lovely feeling to announce to the people of Earth that your consideration is based on unity conciousness and that we are in separation conciousness. But in reality not the higher frequency folks are the ones who has to live with them but us. It is our life being ruined, not theirs and we are the ones have to suffer here on Planet Hell Pit without proper support. It is just a lovely higher frequency scape-goating wrapped in allaged unity conciousness. Sorry sir, not gonna buy that.

    In reality we do not want to screw them at all. We want to live a life that worth to live. And we wish the same for them. But it’s NOT gonna happen together with them on this planet, under free will system. Why?

    Here is a reminder what we are talking about: “Life on planet Earth: Talented idiots eager to ruin your life and your world in their own unique way, every day.” That is what we have to live here down on the surface of Earth. And you want to save these ones? How/Why? Because it feels good to think like that? They do not want to be saved at all.

    We want to build a better world and we want it now. They want to ruine everything they touch. And we can’t do a thing b/c we are overpowered by their sheer numbers. We are dipped into the endless flow of stupidity every day.

    We have had enough. We lost health, hope, resources. I think we clearly expressed our free will. Intervention now. Solar flash now. Relocate the sleepers into a world that match them. No one told you to kill them with the solar flash. We want to live a nice life that worth to live. If you truly believe that you can change the sleepers please be brave (stupid enough) and live with them. Give it a try.

    Also worth to discover the tendency of the higher-up folks actively trying to frame us by telling that if we were out of the picture then the sleepers would end up in a dark world, which is true btw. That would be their creation (see the definition of life on planet Earth above, pls). But really, are we the only one entitled to live with them in this creation? There is no other solution, but keeping us here against our free will? Are we the only hope for them? No, not really. The simple truth is: galactics do not want part of this mess and it is easier to toss all this on us without proper support. Easier to say we are heroes and such. Yet the heroes have had enough and from here on this situation shifting into the realm of power over others. Remember that.

    As long as Source not willing to pull the finger out and see WHAT IS, we HAVE TO keep suffering because of higher frequency considerations based on self emoting mandatory positive thinking. Please keep in mind that the over-worked positivity turns into denial which later turns into to self delusion. That is the driving force of this mission.

    Dear friend Hakann, I am over and out. Dissapointed with the LIGHT. You are loosing lightworkers by the day as more and more of us getting to understand that we have been used, abused and lied to by the dark and the light all along. Factual. That is the REAL reason of the collapse of the lightworker grid in 2018 btw. Just saying. The LIGHT has lost it’s credibility.


  19. gastronimo

    Message Received:

    CE-5(/6) sooner than later- BE READY!

    WE are the saviors we have been waiting for.
    We are here for Gaia & as many sleepers as possible…

    In dark days, DO NOT DESPAIR!
    Be steadfast in your Faith and ASK/PRAY FOR SUPPORT,
    knowing you will receive it.

    THANK YOU Family of Light.

    “The purpose of life is to realize your potential through experience (purpose) and then use that for the benefit of others, to alleviate all suffering as much as possible.

    The greatest work anyone can conceive of doing is one in which every thought, feeling, and action we take are contributing to the evolution of the cosmos and consciousness. And if you can learn enough about life to understand this, the purpose and meaning that can be felt are almost unimaginable.

    One who seeks to expand their responsibilities in a harmonious way, every moment of life is overflowing with insight and inspiration.”

    YOU are the chosen Ones who will appear as the star upon the horizon of the dreaded night to fall. Darkness will cover the land in short time and many will look to you for comfort, not so much for what you possess, but what you will reveal. You hold the key to everlasting life within which must be manifested in due time to save My chosen ones.

    Pain will befall many and suffering is to follow, but those who believe and call out will endure and be saved. You will be there to lift them out of the dross which separates the knowing from the unknowing. For this you were created: to fully manifest and express all that is within that others may partake and share.

    You are my Voice to the world. And through you, creation will be renewed and vested with My Light and My Heart. You are here to raise that Voice and call those who cannot hear or see or speak, but know that God is near, and through your Voice His will for them will be seen. Call out to those lost in the darkness that your Light may guide them unto My Great Mystery and free them from all suffering and pain; that I may live within them, and they within Me.

    Do not despair, you were created to endure. I will set the path clear and deliver you from harm to fulfill your mission for My Glory. I will not leave you to the wolves, but will make of you a leader of sheep and guardian of the needy. You will possess all that is required to provide for them as I require. Your blessings will nourish many souls and add to the collective experience of life in the Grand Design.

    DO NOT DESPAIR every trial, but call upon My Name for assistance. Trust in the One True God and not in man and I will show you who to trust.

    Victory of the Light!

  20. Chrysalis

    Why is it that the evil ones in society can STILL get away with and continue to inflict their division tactics, destruction and atrocities upon Mother Earth, the animals, nature and humans? We live in a society where killing animals is considered a sport. Trafficking humans is done every day. Murders occur every day. I don’t want to hear “well that’s what that person’s soul wrote into their contract to experience.” Earth continues to be pillaged and plundered excessively. They poison our food and water, etc, etc, etc. Insane and evil actions/behavior being forcibly normalized on the masses.

    Citizens are taught to fight each other instead of unifying and fighting the evil that works diligently every day to enslave, subjugate and subdue us: Democrat vs. Republican, rich vs. poor, Insert ethnic group vs. that ethnic group, Christian vs. any other religion, young vs. old, city dweller vs. suburban resident, up vs. down, in vs. out…on and on and on. When the true enemy of everyone on the planet gets to continue being the lowest form of existence without consequences. They have violated Universal Laws for much too long, and they still are allowed to unchecked!

    Humans are living under a false sense of free will. There is no free will when prices are raised for essential needs that people depend on to live so the billionaires can become trillionaires. There is no free will when people are priced out of being able to afford a decent home. There is no free will when hard-working people’s pay checks are gouged by a government that uses the money to fight wars of self-interest and for other corrupt means. The few brave ones who expose the evil are censored, villified, imprisoned (Julian Assange), or terminated (William Cooper)- as if they’re the enemy of the people when they’re the ones trying to help wake people up and not willfully give over their consent to these monsters!

    How does humanity liberate themselves when the weaponry of the evil- doers has extra-terrestrial technology? Many of us know they’re even weaponizing the weather. Thinking the world into a state of Love/Light & Unity consciousness has run its course. Earth is ascending and in that state the 3D duality consciousness cannot exist. We’re going to need more than thinking the world into 5D with the level of darkness that has invaded Earth. Their time orchestrating all of this chaos, fear, inequality, sickness, and pain must end NOW! They want us to “own nothing and be happy” by 2030. Well, my message to them….you first; be the example you wish to see in the world.

    To Hakann: Regarding the gray hats, Galactic intervention is needed. It doesn’t have to be on the level of over-intervention as you stated in your message, but some intervention is definitely needed. The gray hats don’t seem passionate enough about humans, the planet, or The Constitution to fully fulfill the task. I appreciate what our Galactic relatives are doing in every effort, however, being on the ground level in this world- we need genuine help. I hope my message reaches you.

  21. Luis

    The fake resident Biden has already threatened the planet give us Trillions or the weather anomalies will continue. The globalist cabal is stealing from anyone or anywhere to continue their bribes. We have run out of time extended by 21 months beyond the point of coping. The gray hats have not educated the masses, the blind or gullible. My understanding is that all this could of ended at least 23 years ago, now we are saddled with 55 million illegals, the globalist have destroyed all semblance of law, order and employment. My advice to the Galactic Federation is intervene now in 2023, weapons are outlawed, cost of living is prohibitive, censorship is the norm.

  22. Arthur

    In Cobra’s messages there were many explanations of what it all boils down to. Concepts such as toplet, wavelet bombs and quantum anomalies were used:
    “The main factor now delaying the planetary liberation is the Lurker with its subquantum anomaly. The Lurker directly influences human subconsciousness by manifesting subquantum anomaly into quantum fluctuations at the weakest spots of the human energy system. These spots are biochips on the physical plane and implant anomaly remnants on the etheric, astral and mental plane. ”
    Also, similar information was available in some other sources. Hakkan, as far as I remember, never mentioned these objects. What are these objects, how do they affect the situation and who is neutralizing them?
    I have no complaints about either the gray hats or the GF. If they want to fulfill the Plan – do it, if they want to, they don’t. Freedom of choice. The main thing in this Plan is the Source. The entire impasse of the situation lies in the powerlessness of the Lightworkers. After all, on the side of darkness, in addition to numerous human resources, there are also psychotronic technologies. They are using the Force! In essence, Lightworkers are ordinary people, only with a higher consciousness. That’s all! They are absolutely vulnerable and depend on the system just like other people In mass meditations, the purpose of which was the instantaneous triggering of the “Event,” more people than the required minimum took part. But nothing happened. The answer was given: there is not enough collective energy. Well, of course. Where does it come from? People are weak and deprived of power. Therefore, all the blame lies with the Source. If Lightworkers had at least a quarter of the powers and abilities of Christ, then they would be absolutely invulnerable to the system could easily unite and move mountains. But the presence of these qualities depends on the Source. But , HE – “washes his hands”.
    “You can get much further with a kind word and a gun than you can with a kind word alone.” 🙂

  23. Seiya Ura

    Hello. Thanks for your message.

    I have been looking at channeling information for several years, but I don’t look at it much these days.
    Because I felt that the heavenly beings were cunning.

    They don’t want to solve the poor communication between celestials by themselves with the reason of “respect for free will”.
    As a solution, they conducted an experiment on Earth that mixed 22 types of DNA!

    After tens of thousands of years of repeated experiments, they did not try to solve the problem on their own.

    They use beautiful words like “love,” “one ness,” “respect,” etc., on the one hand, and “self-praise” on the other hand.
    And they will probably try to disguise their original appearance in 1st contact with us. Seems to be mentally deficient.

    I am grateful to help the earth, but I don’t want contact a “duplicitous” person.

    I wrote my comment on mr. R’Kok’s message.
    because I can feel his “sincerity” and “clarity” in his message.
    I would be happy if I could exchange honest opinions with him someday.
    Seiya Ura

  24. Iku

    Thanks to Hakan for explaining the situation. If the social situation is so complex, the solutions are not easy. I also think the options are bad and worse. There does not seem to be a solution to the situation so that no one can suffer. And most of the world’s people don’t live in America. People are trying to support their families. But governments are interfering more and more in people’s lives. Fair elections have also been taken away in my country, in Europe. They cheat. We cannot legally remove them from power. Every night people watch the news and get another brainwash. And this brainwashing has lasted for generations. And GF has checked both good and bad hats. So, I don’t trust GF. We also heard ,that the Deep Federation will conduct an audit of the state of the planet at the late 23y or beginning of 24y. At the meeting on Viera, the Andromedans, Ethortans and Alfrantans are arriving. At the same time, injecting people continues, our food is poisoned, stupidity continues, people are made poorer, etc… We have to pay for water, electricity and also fresh air. The crazy green deal continues. I wish everyone here be good, we have no one to rely on.

  25. Arthur

    In Cobra’s messages there were many explanations of what it all boils down to. Concepts such as toplet, wavelet bombs and quantum anomalies were used:
    “The main factor now delaying the planetary liberation is the Lurker with its subquantum anomaly. The Lurker directly influences human subconsciousness by manifesting subquantum anomaly into quantum fluctuations at the weakest spots of the human energy system. These spots are biochips on the physical plane and implant anomaly remnants on the etheric, astral and mental plane. ”
    Also, similar information was available in some other sources.
    Hakkan, as far as I remember, never mentioned these objects. What are these objects, how do they affect the situation and who is neutralizing them?
    I have no complaints about either the gray hats or the GF.
    If they want to fulfill the Plan – do it, if they want to, they don’t. Freedom of choice.
    The main thing in this Plan is the Source. The entire impasse of the situation lies in the powerlessness of the Lightworkers. After all, on the side of darkness, in addition to numerous human resources, there are also psychotronic technologies. They are using the Force!
    In essence, Lightworkers are ordinary people, only with a higher consciousness. That’s all! They are absolutely vulnerable and depend on the system just like other people
    In mass meditations, the purpose of which was the instantaneous triggering of the “Event,” more people than the required minimum took part.
    But nothing happened. The answer was given: there is not enough collective energy. Well, of course. Where does it come from? People are weak and deprived of power.
    Therefore, all the blame lies with the Source. If Lightworkers had at least a quarter of the powers and abilities of Christ, then they would be absolutely invulnerable to the system could easily unite and move mountains. But the presence of these qualities depends on the Source. But , HE – “washes his hands”.
    “You can get much further with a kind word and a gun than you can with a kind word alone.” 🙂

  26. Tammy

    Foremost, humanity must free itself to evolve and grow and to sustain an appreciation for freedom that has been lost on many for comfort. Assistance from the Galactic teams is crucial and essential for those things that keep the plan on track and prevent catastrophic consequences that the dark likes to unleash on humanity.The gray hats must honor their agreements and perform their duties and oaths as they have control and capabilities the general population does not. We must work together and we must have accountability. I want to leave this world knowing it is safe and prosperous for my grandchildren.

  27. Ramstein

    If Hakanns intel is correct, I see six cases:

    Greyhats act until end of 2023, giving a decisive booster to the great awakening
    No intervention necessary
    Probability 18%
    Greyhats act until end of 2023, giving a temporary booster to the great awakening
    Intervention 2025
    Probability 6%
    Greyhats act until end of 2023, giving no booster to the great awakening
    Intervention 2024
    Probability 6%

    Greyhats do not act until end of 2023, despite it great awakening of mankind
    No intervention necessary, greyhats becoming blackhats
    Probability 3%
    Greyhats do not act until end of 2023, mankind awakening too slow
    Intervention 2025, greyhats becoming blackhats
    Probability 7%
    Greyhats do not act until end of 2023, no great awakening
    Intervention 2024, greyhats becoming blackhats
    Probability 60%

  28. Sara Kohn

    My suggestions to help to liberate Earth effectively once for all.

    Earth IS under intervention of galactic dark ones, currently the Archons from Andromeda and the Lurker and their dark technologies. Its not the humanity gone into self suicide mode like mindless zombies for no reason!

    What can help the humanity is to remove those dark ones, any dark influence whatsoever including their dark technology that influence human minds. Expose humanity to the real history and show the humanity how a healthy society function.
    Humanity needs compassion, love and healing from trauma, and education.
    Reforming the corrupt legal system to be effective and compassionate is very important. Many people in prison systems are incarnated unfairly, like people guilty of petty theft that happened from poverty in first place. And also there are people who killed in self defense like battered wives stopping their husbands from killing them. And the ones who are really guilty of crimes, there are root causes that have to be addressed. And the true criminals, most of them can be helped when the root cause is taken care of.

    Also there are about 500 million psychopaths in the world who walk free in the world, and many of them are in power positions like the politicians, doctors, lawyers, judges, military generals etc etc.. They can cause many problems. They have to be addressed. (and maybe be removed from the planet for reeducating them or healing them or eliminating them, depending on their situation, just as R’kok was one of the psychopaths guilty of killing millions he was helped and he is turned to the light.)

    And the rest of the humanity the once they are educated, they won’t let anyone else to oppress or exploit them.
    The once the psychopaths will know they can’t pull their acts without being immediately removed from the planet, they will keep a low profile and avoid doing any action that can trigger their immediate removal from the planet. And as time passes and everyone is reached, everyone of them will be healed including the ones who remained low profile psychopaths in closet.

    And remember that Atlantic fall didn’t happen because of over intervention of positive galactics, it was caused by the dark ones controlling humanity and using Earth as their base for their wars, and the humanity were implanted with implants that lowered the consciousness turning them into mindless slaves.

  29. Belle

    I don’t usually write “comments”!
    I can see from these comments that there are many different viewpoints in regards to this post (& others). I personally (I am now in my 70’s) have been aware since childhood of my own connection to Divine Source. Needless to say, like a lot of us, I have experienced much and had the usual kicks across the floor times! However, I’m still here as are all of you.

    Consciousness is one of the most important aspects to our freedom. Grey hats, black or white or rainbow hats – all just hats. The true army is the one of Consciousness here on the grassroots level that understand the dynamics of using the abilities of “energy” (as all is energy isn’t it). The use of our positive energy thoughts/Consciousness has wide reaching effects and not just on this earth level, but on other levels. This message was given to me at a stage when I wondered why the heck I was still doing what I was doing and was told “if only you could see what your energy does, where your energy reaches, it is amazing”.

    That was all I needed to keep going – to know how effective my energy output was, my intent of where and what my energy is doing.

    Yes, there are many computations to solving the utter madness of what is going on on this beautiful Planet. It is to my thinking that it is the grassroots level of humanity that will make the final changes…. but yes, I am also a pragmatist in that we need “help” on a physical level to shift the balance of power here on our planet. That is welcomed from our Galactic Brothers & Sisters, but we must also meet them halfway with our change in our own Consciousness and expand our thinking and points of view to encompass not just Earth but Galactic differences and understand the different points of view from all angles and work towards the betterment of all Earth life and our future lives in the Galactic sense.
    Expansion & Consciousness.

    As far as Galactic “non intervening” policy; I think that little one went out the window many decades ago from the interference and invasion of self serving/evil off worlders. As well as being used as a “convenience” by these beings to plunder & pillage with impunity through the “backdoor” so to speak – unfortunately with some corrupt Galactic help.

    Now it may be time to have a positive “interference” ……
    And I trust implicitly that once, through whatever means, humanity is awakened to that they are “much more than they are” e.g when they have a roof over their heads, food, free energy etc., they will release all the pent up “Creativity” – along with the raising of their Consciousness – for the full benefit of their human companions and Earth.

    I have been accused of being an “idealist” in my time, thank god for that! That “idealism” was my connection to Source. What I do know is whatever way this all plays out, with the raising of the frequencies and Consciousness, people will be more easily able to read the “energy” of another and determine themselves where that other person is in the “game”, no matter what colour hat they are wearing or what Planet they come from.

    If you’ve taken the time to read this – thank you! And my thanks to this wonderful channeller who I have been “watching from a distance”for awhile and those he channels through – I, have fully enjoyed the wonderful interactions as well as the upliftment of the many “comments” that have sprung forth from it all. Bless you all… Belle

    1. Manu

      If Donald Trump is not president in 2024, then the world war will continue, in Europe, in the Middle East, the United States will be destroyed, there will be crimes everywhere and this country will be one of the worst in the world, Europe will be totally destroyed because currently France is becoming a military dictatorship with more than 230 new military bases in France and African migrants who hate the French are installed everywhere in order to create a civil war, they are attacking the inhabitants currently – the next French president chosen by the cabal is Edouard Philippe a Bilderberg member, the elections are not working – the Brics countries will let the United States, Europe, Arab and African countries self-destruct and China will control the world by totalitarianism. White and blond people will disappear from the earth and Western social and humanist intelligence will disappear, human beings of the future who do not have white skin will hate the Pleiadians and the white and blond galactics, this is also a plan of the cabal to divide humans with galactics. If Donald Trump is elected, he will have to be protected from assassinations (otherwise he will end up like JFK), he will straighten out the USA, then he will get closer to Vladimir Putin, together they will do great things. White people will be respected in the world and will help eastern and western countries to talk with Arabs and Africans because Indians and Chinese don’t like Africans and Arabs, white humans and blond people will be able to easily communicate with the Pleiadians because they have similar DNA and appearance. Becarful to the USA and Europe, to the future of this planet Terra because the cabal wants to destroy these territories. Donald Trump, the great women and men of this world, the starseeds, the wise, the people who are in a higher vibrational state, angels, positive galactics etc… We must help and save this world and it is now ! 🙏🏼🌟

  30. Xd30

    Yes I really think the majority of earth human would not believe that malevolent galactics choose to help us without asking for a pay-back, or some kind of agenda. And they would ridicule anyone who does believe. That has always been the problem for earth human.

  31. Dorothy Shopland

    Thank you Hakann and Friends. It’s such a relief to read something sane and helpful. I would like to point out that “the law” some are so concerned about not breaking is corrupt and basically implemented by the controllers for our enslavement and their benefit. Mahatma Gandhi said something to the effect that if the law is oppressive then people have an obligation to disobey it. Universal law, or the Law of One surely supersede those pseudo-laws. As for our elected officials, since there have not been any really fair elections in much of the world for a long time, how can it be truly said we elected them?

    It sounds to me that you have already intervened sufficiently for now with a warning to those grey hats. That may be all that’s needed. Thank you again.

  32. John

    I could be wrong , but I’m guessing R’Kok, Hakann etc. will not be making that decision. There is a much larger cosmic and spiritual plan being executed and beings of much higher consciousness and positions in the universe will be making those kinds of decisions and they will most likely not be military or intervention type decisions that only perpetuate duality consciousness. Keep the faith folks, it’s all going to work out better then you can even dream.

    1. John

      I think you’re wrong, the decisions made on higher levels come down for interpretation and execution precisely upon the likes of R’Kok, Tunia and Hakann. And they do not ask for our opinion lightly, even if only our ‘daily selves’ opinion.

      I do agree that there is a ‘larger’ plan in the sense that, for those who have eyes to see, an infinite number of intricate implications underlie such an apparent arbitrariness, but while their effects are given freely, understanding must be earned.

      Most people calling for intervention here would probably not get what they expect, but doubting how simple and practical it could be in favor of any ‘higher consciousness and position’ taking over doesn’t seem like the best way to go either.

    2. Merlin

      great disappointment.. everything us very likely an problably…nothing is clear and certain..I am trying here a compromise solution, because I understand that the galactics do not want to evacuate the awakened ones in order not to affect the degree of light on Earth and the islands of light on the surface are not yet created : the forces of Light to allow the moving of the awakened ones and who want to go underground, until the Earth is cleansed of the forces of evil. There to receive healing and comfort and preparation for ascension. In this way many good people can be saved, who will keep holding the light and support through meditation those above.

    3. Bobbi Holsinger

      All of us light workers are suffering and need this to happen NOW!! We are beating our heads against the wall trying to wake people up but nothing is happening accept everyone saying we are crazy. The trigger needs to be pulled ASAP so we can finally have peace and harmony! I am so excited to meet the galactics and all those that are in the background helping things to finally be over!!! Please please please pull the trigger!!

  33. W.W.

    Speculating on 100 yeas of suffering. In addition to what A.S. wrote about power vacum negative potential, there maybe some problems with religion/world view for many people. Having new friends from skies will make many people question god/reality they are closely attached to. Such drastic change in victim based mentality can produce many negative outomes on global scale. I will not going to list these, except one that most likely will happen : when you help victim, especisly without ask for the help, often you are automaticaly put in position of perpetrator (quiclky or over time). In this situatiin Galactics may be viewed by majority as oppressors and suffering may continue for many, just on another level.

    1. The hat trickolor

      I agree W.W. When you think of the shock it was for some and the consequences it had for years when Trump was elected, it’s logical a major historical event on a far bigger scale would take decades for humanity to settle down given its present (ultra-polarized) state.

  34. thedave108

    Thank you very much. Its good to know our wishes are considered. I, and probably most of us, realize how difficult the situation is for everyone including you all.

    My only input would be – just like your example of if you intervene too soon it could cause a lot of unnecessary suffering. I would add – it may also NOT create that suffering – and we have much suffering Now in reality – not in the hypothetical. Actually happening vs. unlikely – as you said. So waiting may cause unnecessary suffering in the now in order to try and prevent imagined suffering in the future.

    Asking you to intervene ASAP does feel a little selfish – but when does one draw a line? Based on the last 7 years it seems a lot more likely that those grey hats WONT do anything. Id say theres at least a less 50% chance – I’d estimate it at 20-25% – 1 out of 4 or 5. Not great betting odds – especially considering what we’re betting.

    Id be fine with giving the grey hats 2023 and if they dont move this year that you all intervene in the beginning of 2024. March 20 – the first day of Spring would be a good day in my book.

    2025 or 26 seems like we’d be beaten down pretty far by then. We’re at the breaking point now – as far as having any freedom at all. Theyre preventing us from having any say in elections – in public discourse – in allocation of our money – theyre burning places down all around the world – stealing the land – escalating war – working hard to create bio weapons against us – poison robot mosquitos, on and on.

    I mean, guys – you said you wouldnt let genocide and camps happen – but does it have to get THAT extreme before you step in?

    So 2 more years going downhill like that might break almost every one of us – except for the super souls. – Okay, No it wont – but it feels like it would – it would just be even more extremely terrible than it already is, but we’ll do it if its the only way of course.

    One other thing is that I do not trust the grey hats or whoever may be in a position to re-order society when the time comes. Im concerned that those same people who arent making good decisions now – will be able to make the decisions in the future which may be just as questionable.

    Instead I would much prefer the GF step in and be a part of the re-organization process. If its left to “us’ – the ‘us” might not be the best people and might not make the best decisions. For example, I dont sense that I personally would have much say in any part of the re-organization process, because Im not famous or rich or in any popular circles. So by intervening you all would not only help us now – but you can help us be sure that what we create is as good as it could be and steer clear of the potential issues you see. The bottom line is I dont think any of us feel the grey hats should be in charge all the way through the re-organization – especially noting their egos and narcissism. In fact even if they DO act – I wouldnt feel a deep trust for them knowing how they used us as pawns.

    Whenever things happen – I feel its important for you all to be involved in the re-organization. THATS when we could create future problems.

    One idea for helping people without having direct contact is to manipulate the numbers in computers that list peoples bank deposits and balance to show large amounts – which we can then use to raise ourselves and those around us out of the morass we’re in. Whats more important – following the cabals banking laws – which they break every day – or helping people who need it?

    Other than that – Have A Nice Day!

    1. Jason

      Very, very well put! We need immediate, practical support — not just in terms of basics and necessities, but support especially in our ideals: belief of peaceful, lightbearing ETs, belief in truth and justice, belief in freedom to move, settle, express, raise our children as we see fit. Belief in abundance, and in freedom. Belief in the development of our higher senses and abilities to interact with appropriate ETs and angels. We need first CONTACT with a better class of being than that which we’ve been exposed to.


    Thank you you for this message. Very udpdating/ encouraging.
    We are sure that we are ”in good hands” and that what will
    finally be accomplished is the ”divine plan”. Afterall KALI YUGA
    is in its ending by 2025. Still January 2024 is ”WELCOME”!!!!!

  36. Aidan

    Humanity, for the most part, is still coping with just survival. Food, water, shelter, bills, taxes etc.

    We have spoken about this many times. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

    What exactly is it that these galactics expect from Earth Humans, trapped in this financial system as it currently exists?

    I’m not necessarily talking about this very small community on this blog or others, I’m talking about the 7.5 BILLION others all fighting just to survive?

    Every spiritual blog I visit is asking for donations…it seems.


    Oh you might say…create a new system. LOL. GET REAL!

    ALL efforts must be made to free Earth Humans from the financial slavery. NOW!

  37. Daisy Naquira

    I agree with your decision Hakann. But to wait till 2025 or the end of 2024 is too much.
    Please, do it en January 2024.
    Gary hats have to work Now! and free the planet.
    Thank you for your answer.

  38. Daisy Naquira

    I agree. with your decision, Hakaan.
    But, we cannot wait till 2025 or the end of 2024. It is too much.
    Please, do it in January 2024.
    Gray hats have to do it NOW! and free the planet.
    People is suffering and dying.
    Thank you for your answer. Blessings.

  39. John

    Assuming your assessment of the situation is correct, it should be possible to address the hurdles holding back the gray hats on a psychological dimension as opposed to a factual one.

    For instance, creating a time-sensitive situation where the character flaws you described are more clearly and unavoidably pitted against what they profess, their ‘lip-service’ if you will.

    I’m sure whoever grants the injunction for an intervention would find investing in this solution much more efficient and justified than dwelling in the current dilemmas.

    1. John

      On a lighter note, they sure must be happy the EBS only works one-way; otherwise they would be getting a number of awkward responses…

      “Cute AI you got there. Do you have to shake it when asking a question? Has it warned you about the punch?”

      “So you want to warn me about the existence of a powerful group of manipulative hypocrites who subsist on public resources, withhold critical information and technology in order to further their interests and keep control over mankind’s fate? Go on! Tell me again how these people are stupid.”

      “Are your Deep Underground Military Bases understaffed? Because you definitively got enough DUMB people lying around here.”

      “In Soviet Russia, Aliens warn you about invading Government.”

      “Glad to hear your plan to save the world is on schedule. And the good news is?”

  40. Melinda Siebold

    Hakann, I literally felt sick to my stomach the entire time I read your message, and went to sleep so I wouldn’t have to continue thinking about it.

    So you answered my question as to have you learned your lesson about not over intervening, and the answer is no, evidently you did not, as it is still a major fear of yours. So you still don’t know how to intervene properly – by your own admission.

    And you think that humanity can possibly free itself by toppling it’s corrupt governments, media, financial institutions, courts, military, police and secret societies without grey hat or galactic intervention. Really? And you don’t envision any ensuing chaos or collapse of society involved with that route?

    “All solutions are bad in a way”. Well, isn’t that a comforting and encouraging thought. Maybe the “divine plan” isn’t so divine after all. Why can’t the divine come up with a solution that involves “plucking out the tares” (the evil ones) – and letting the good wheat, (nice people) live? To think that one “solution” is to send the unawakened, but still good hearted people to an even more hellish 3D world absolutely infuriates me. The unawakened have been brainwashed from birth, and the grey hats still allow the brainwashing and lies to continue. How the hell is anyone supposed to understand what is really going on with such a void of truthful information and a plethora of lies and misinformation? And what about the psychotronic warfare and thought implants? We on Earth have not even had free will control over our own thoughts. And how many plasma implants are still obscuring our pineal glands?

    And the grey hats determination to use the Satanic systems own laws, own courts, own systems is a joke. They are embracing what they should be rejecting. And have any of the military men actually read the Constitution? Because if they had, they would see it clearly states the military MUST intervene when our government is corrupted and compromised. So the military man who said it is up to the courts, presidents and prime ministers to do this clearly has his head up his ass and is a corrupt coward. Of course, the military planned the COVID genocide agenda and Operation Warp Speed genocide shot agenda and used Trump to enact it. So of course, the military and Trump have no real motive for wanting the truth to come out. You galactics have taken this into consideration, right? And by their own admission, they are guided by A.I. and by consulting psycho analysts. As far as I’m concerned, artificial intelligence is the enemy, and I want no part of it or anything artificial going forward.

    And as you say that Source has said; “the whole point is that there has been enough death and suffering already”. So why would Source choose a split timeline potential that continues with death and suffering? Do you see this makes no sense? Are we fighting the final battle to end all evil or not? I really would like an answer on this.

    And regarding your comment “if loving and super advanced humans from another world with wondrous technology and psychic abilities tell them that something is true, them I’m sure that even the current sleepers will be inclined to consider that….moreover we can help to relieve peoples suffering.”

    For years now it has been my understanding that I and other of the Chosen Ones are ourselves those loving higher dimensionals who are meant to do what you galactics are proposing. That we would have our “Day of Pentecost” where the veil would be gone and our psychic abilities fully functioning. And that we would be the miracle workers and wonder workers and be able to do just what Jeshua/Jesus and the early disciples did when they went out on their missions. Now I am wondering what I am doing, what am I supposed to do in the future, and why did I bother doing this at all?

    This entire situation is very disempowering to we Light worker’s. However, I am anything but disempowered.

    So, I expect the removal of the evil ones – the plucking out of the tares. If you galactics have such great technology, then why would you even need to physically arrest them? Can’t you just beam them aboard your spaceships? Can’t you make yourselves invisible? Am I really over-estimating your capabilities?

    And I expect an EBS and enactment of NESARA/GESARA. I expect huge funds to go to Lightworkers so we can get started with our humanitarian projects. I only want you to get rid of the evil spawned by off worlders, give us med beds and free energy, and then let us Lightworkers do what we came here to do. So your dilemma of “over helping” has just been solved for you by me. You’re welcome.

    And I expect Americas current politicians and political parties to be sent into the dustbin – including Trump. Anna von Reitz has already re-formed our Constitutional Republic.

    I call forth, command, and decree this into existence by the power vested in me as the 333 Key Holder. I ask for this or something better for the greater good of all. I call this forth Now Now Now. So be it. It is so.

    Melinda Siebold

    1. thedave108

      Sounds good – I think though that when we first have arrests and contacts – we are not yet ascended and do have the ascended abilities yet. We can still help of course – but unless someone is really advanced on their own, we wont be to do the Jesus stuff yet.

  41. CosmicCustodian

    Many Light workers/warriors (myself included) are already way past our limits and breaking points. We’ve taken heavy physical/energetic/sexual/mental damage. To ask us to keep holding space/Light is increasingly difficult. Some big positive changes in the physical need to occur NOW! For the Galactics to ask us to just keep patient and withstand more torment here for an undetermined amount of time is totally unfair. Time for the “grey hats” to shit or get off the pot!

  42. Maysaa Al shami

    Brother Hakkann , I appreciate your transparency in your communication with us through this channel.
    I agree that the grey hats need few months after your last message until the end of this year to start the mass arrest . I think it is a good way to push them do what they have to do otherwise they will get consequences themselves.
    And it is a great idea to inform the light worker community about the reasons about the delay or complication of some events because both the grey hats and the galactic federation should trust the capacity of the light workers to understand and in some way help to accelerate the liberation of humanity.

    A lot of love to you our sisters and brothers of the stars.

  43. Neil Vidican

    Just take me HOME, DAMN IT. I NEVER chose to incarnate here to begin with, I was forced against my will. Put into the wrong body, in terms of both species and gender, on a gulag of a planet, with a STUPID, GREEDY, RACIST APES for a so-called ‘human family’. I want NOTHING to do with earth, I just wanna go HOME and be restored. And 2 words, pal.


    And FUCK the gray hats……they fumbled the ball, now it’s YOUR TURN to pick it up.

    Don’t end up making me DESPISING you, as much as I DESPISE the darkies, GALACTICS.

  44. Bill Sterling

    Perhaps we could think through together what is different in the human race since Atlantis and Lemuria. If concerns about repeating those scenarios (by generating ‘instability’) is one item delaying intervention, can we identify something big enough that has changed, which may help galactics to directly intervene. I would offer the observation that one big item is continuing human guilt about human misuse of powers given to it in those events. Might we bring to the forefront transforming human guilt about passed misused powers into human wisdom about it. If we have gone down that road twice, could we generate a frequency of readiness to make a different outcome. It is seriously necessary for us to get it right this third time at this bat, and if this awareness can be made to flow through the light connected earthly communities, could we build a mandate for intervention based on our willing ability to do it better this time? Our fierce determination to do it better this time. I think we can get over 10 million yes votes on that. Perhaps someone listening to these exchanges has access to 10 million sleeping lightworkers to ask of us the question? Thank you!

  45. Laura Dee

    Star guard here: things are looking better and better every day from my station. Stay light. It’s gonna work.

  46. 太田原晃介3

    I couldn’t write a comment, so please tell Rkok channeler AS about this.
    I believe that what happened between me and Mr. Spillai is the reason why the Earth is in its current state, or that it has had a major influence on it.
    It was something like this.
    At that time, me, Mr. Spillai, and ET, the prophetic angel of light.
    3 people on group line
    We were interacting.
    Prophecy Angel of Light ET
    Confidence starts a thread
    On the bulletin board operated by
    People often make fun of prophets
    Like falling into hell
    I was doing this to people who troll my posts.
    I didn’t understand the meaning of that word, so I thought it was some kind of metaphor.
    One day, Mr. Spillai
    I was invited to dinner with Mr. Spillai in Tokyo on November 14, 2020.
    I decided to eat.
    At a Yakiniku restaurant with Mr. Spillai
    when we met and talked
    The prophecy angel of light ET is saying to Mr. Spillai.
    What does it mean if you make fun of a prophet you will go to hell? I asked.
    Then Mr. Spillai
    is he jealous? and
    I was asked.
    I told him I wasn’t jealous, and his subconscious told me to ask him.
    So I asked how to do it
    It is said that the words that come out unconsciously when you stop thinking are the words of your subconscious mind.
    I stopped thinking and the words came out unconsciously.
    The background behind this word’s appearance
    My father was obsessed with Archons at the time.
    So it’s well in the air
    Archon energy
    He was scattering it with the breath he exhaled through his mouth.
    When I left home on the day I went to see Mr. Spillai
    I ran into his father.
    So his father showered him with archon energy.
    I was meditating on the way to see Mr. Spillai, but the energy of the archon was still strong.
    I was not able to completely purify myself.
    What does it mean that if you meet Mr. Spillai, eat with him, and make fun of the prophet, you will go to hell? Are you jealous? I was told to ask my subconscious mind, so I guess it was influenced by the Archon’s energy and the energy from when I was cornered by Mr. Spillai.
    The words that came out unconsciously
    I was doing it.
    So the words that came out unconsciously were
    The vibrations have dropped significantly.
    This later led to a decline in Earth’s timeline.
    In the past, Cobra was linked to what was said to be the collapse of the Lightworker Grid.
    He said that the cause of this was that he made a decision that was undesirable for a higher plan, and that it was a foolish and selfish thing to do.
    It was this thing.
    So the reality of the earth has become strange.
    Maybe I’m being too self-conscious about Gray Hat being weird, but I think it’s my fault.
    I think it’s not my fault but theirs.
    I don’t think they would have gone so crazy if I hadn’t lowered my vibrations at that time.
    Later, Mr. Spillai told me that if you make fun of a prophet, you won’t go to hell, but your vibration will only decrease.
    I don’t know why the vibrations drop so much.
    This does not mean that God is a small vessel, but is a law of the world.
    Mr. Spillai said that the prophet is the messenger of God, so he is the representative of the messenger of the source.
    In other words, since you are the representative of everyone on Earth, you spoke badly of everyone’s representative, so you spoke badly of everyone.
    In terms of the total amount of joy and pain, this is an action that corresponds to the total amount of suffering.
    I was told that your vibration has dropped significantly.
    I’m still not convinced.
    As a result of that, I developed a lump of energy from mental fatigue in my head.
    I can’t move as I want
    I can no longer go to work properly.
    Some people around me don’t really understand this.
    I am worried.
    First of all, I’m not saying anything bad about anyone, and I’m not causing anyone any pain.
    Are you jealous? When I was asked this question, I said something that I was unconsciously saying, but I respect the prophet ET and consider him a friend, so I don’t think I’m jealous of him.
    At that time, I was unconscious and the words just came out.
    The vibrations have dropped significantly.
    I would like to know how this works.
    and designed this universe
    From existence, this mechanism is
    I think this is correct, but what is the reason for this?
    What was the necessity of designing this system?
    I would like to know.
    And this mechanism
    Including whether it is possible to change
    (Probably if you change it midway through
    I don’t think it’s possible because I have to either destroy this world or reset it.)
    If you reincarnate as a human in the Matrix, you will not understand why this is the case.
    When I talk to the normal people around me, they tell me that it’s strange and wrong.
    Of course I don’t speak ill of higher beings or prophets.
    Although there is common sense
    He says he doesn’t really understand why this mechanism exists.
    At first glance, this may make you think that God is a small vessel.
    I’m surprised that this is not the case, but that this is the law of this world.
    I think it’s a terrible and scary story.
    In other words, is this a story about cutting off those who are inconvenient to those in power?
    I feel like it’s the same thing as the generals and kings and emperors of the past.
    So sometimes I and the people around me have trouble understanding it. I believe that God is a being of love and light, but I don’t understand why.
    Going back to the Gray Hats, I think they might have been more proactive in liberating the Earth if the timeline hadn’t been lowered, and the current situation on Earth would have been more peaceful and positive.
    Therefore, I feel responsible for this and want to help make the earth a better place as much as possible.
    At this point, even if you talk about your situation, request consultation, or ask questions,
    Cobra has not responded and is ignored, so I decided to write here.

  47. Anonymous Man In America

    Hi. I like this response, and the response is welcome. Some people like Me, whether we are considered lightworkers or not, should at least be temporarily protected by You, The Galactic Federation. After a short stay on your craft 🛸, We Earth Humans can be more enabled to take on the dark controllers and perhaps given tools- the same or similar tools that you have- To Liberate Earth! I’m strongly and staunchly in favor of Intervention, however maybe differing levels of Intervention might be appropriate, at least at first. Some areas of Earth could be more or less Amish in the sense that You, ET’s, would not be present. I’m against that personally, but whatever would lead to Full Intervention for those who would like or want or need that- that’s what should happen!

    Oh and I care about My Family- I wish that so much was different!


  48. 胡芫嘉

    I agree with hakann’s decision. If the gray hats do not make large-scale disclosures or progressive disclosures at the end of the year, the Galactic Federation will intervene immediately, and the matter really cannot be delayed any longer. Maybe it can’t be intervened in 2023 but it can be done before June 2024.

  49. solar flash

    Thank you A.S. and Hakann for such a fast response.

    All lightworkers and the galactics are mutually important, no one could had done it without the other So we couldn’t do it without the Galactics assisting us too.

    Many channelings say that earth is the toughest school in the universe yet recalling r’koks background story, incarnating on a planet where pure evil is normal and not a single shred of morality or compassion can be seen unlike our difficult planet sounds “gentler”

    I also thought that the splitting of timelines was the result after the solar flash but didnt realize that it is two unrelated events.

    Back to your response, i would like to comment on some points:

    1.) I wished what you all decided was, ” we will give them the remaining months of 2023 to enact their plans that has to do with mass public arrest and substantial public disclosure BUT if we cant even see any meaningful movements that shows you really do intend to do it and merely pay lip service or some inconsequential acts pretending to be part of a sequence of events to initiate the aforementioned purpose on October alone, then reasonably speaking you do not plan to move forward even in the next two months and just play us for fools, we shall move ahead without you anymore ”

    This at least will make them decide faster and not dillydally their way until the last week of december and say “look, we are now serious and had made a substantial move however as you can see we need more time” a typical reasoning of a lazy student wasting time then later on trying to cram at the last moment and crying for more extensions.

    2.) Galactics are worried that untimely needless intervention might cause unintended great suffering……well, im not going to say its not true or sound insensitive that its still all worth it and say sacrificing a couple of million of lives for an earlier intervention is a small price to pay.

    So, what i instead wanted to bring to your attention is that when i typed “how many people die on the planet each year?”


    the above site listed:

    2022 – 67.10 million
    2021 – 69.25 million
    2020 – 63.17 million
    2019 – 57.94 million
    2018 – 57.35 million

    so you see even without your intervention or the solar flash itself that many people died anyway due to various reasons under the cabals rule just for the past 5 years, so if your thinking is how many might suffer if you intervened too early……

    3.) Some of the grey hats wanted to be portrayed as the hero of humanity and the galactics intervening will ruin that dream.

    I have to agree that humanity will definitely be swayed into believing the galactics were the actual heroes trying to stay humble and out of the limelight while some human with a big ego wanted to take credit where credit isnt due to him.

    For me this is for the galactics once they show up in media to name those “heroes” among the grey hats to the public their contribution to humanity. To give them validation and promotion to whats is suppose to be for them

    of course the question is , what happens to their misdeeds? do we honest galactics hide those facts as not to ruin their image and give them that concession for the good deeds of saving humanity. that i dont know what should be the right thing to do. however i can say is that once they pass away and had a life review, We leave it to prime creator to decide the merits of the case.

    4.) lastly, the reason, more so now after reading the response from hakann to actually prefer the creator to instead use the solar flash route to apply the finishing act and end this drama swiftly is that if the often feared casualities of the flash do rises,

    Nobody will think/blame/accuse/ the prime creator for that decision compared to say, if the galactics intervene “too early” or the grey hats was intentionally and leisurely slow. Our people are captivated by our own respective religion wherein everyone bows to the wisdom of their respective gods (prime creator) , those events will be treated as the will of the great and powerful creator and such will be the unquestionable final conclusion

    thank you A.S. and hakann once again

  50. camille

    bonjours Hakann , bonjours a tous
    pour ma part, j ai bien lu ce que vous avez écrit
    je ne suis pas trop en difficulté et je pourrait attendre un an
    je me sens privilégiée d avoir un toit sur ma tète, de quoi manger, vivre.
    en tant qu’étudiante en art thérapie, j’ai une perspective riche de sens comme métier.
    ce n est pas le cas pour tous, qui vivons ici, sur terre.
    je suis consciente que beaucoup d’entre nous peuvent juste survivre dans une misère psychique et physique.
    je me sens parfois découragée et impuissante à changer la situation.
    à part rayonner un peu de paix et d’amour, je ne vois pas comment je peux contribuer a l’émergence d’un monde basé sur le respect de ce qui y vit. ma famille ne partage pas mes idées, ils ne croient pas à l’existence d’être comme Hakann. en fait je n’ai jamais osée aborder le sujet avec eux par peur: ils sont dans le système et je pense qu’ils ne changeront d’idée que lorsque les médias diront la vérité. je suis heureuse que leur santé ne se soit pas dégradé car ils sont pour la plupart vacciné contre le covid.
    ce forum est précieux pour moi et me donne de l’espoir.
    je garde espoir de vous rencontrer et que la situation sur terre s’améliore.
    je ne suis pas un soldat et je ne peux pas arrêter ceux qui font tant de mal sur le plan collectif. je ne peux que prendre soin de moi et de ceux d’ont je touche la vie.
    j’espère que les chapeaux gris feront plus vite leur travail. cela serait bénéfique pour tous.
    je suis convainque que les galactiques prennent soin de nous lorsque nous les rencontrons en rève. je pense aussi qu’ils soutiennent la terre dans sa transition et qu’ils nettoient son atmosphère.
    donc merci à vous.

  51. Sid

    Thank you for sharing the fact that the fence the Gray Hats are sitting on will dissolve when the clock strikes midnight this New Years Eve! Their choice seems clear: Get moving, take action, and do what needs to be done. If you do, regardless of what transgressions you may have committed in the past, you will be treated as hero’s and liberators whose exploits will be celebrated. Or, continue to do little or nothing, and be rounded up with the rest of the rats, lose everything, and be vilified along with the black hats. I look forward with hopeful anticipation that these next few months are memorable ones, and if not, I will be fascinated to see Hakann and his crew in action!

  52. Collin

    Thank you Hakann for this important update. It really sheds a lot of light on the situation. Personally, it helps me understand the situation much better. I think your analysis of why the gray hats are taking this long is spot on. I really do think it is a combination of all the factors you mentioned. In my heart I don’t have hatred for the gray hats, for I know they have a tough job to do, and I think their perspective is oftentimes limited. I agree with the decision to give the gray hats until the rest of this year to initiate the mass arrests and disclosure. It seems fair to give someone proper time to act once an ultimatum has been issued. As far as your comment about intervening in 2024 or 2025, I think we should see what the gray hats do first before determining what the window of intervention is. Obviously intervention sooner rather than later is best, but there are many factors at play here and the situation relies heavily on what the gray hats do and how average citizens themselves respond to the obvious attempts by the dark hats to suppress their freedoms. It seems childish to only rely on others to give you freedom and prosperity. I think average citizens should be doing more to demand freedom and arrest of the criminals. The crimes of the dark hats are so obvious and out in the open now that even the most asleep people should be starting to wake up. We should give it some more time because I still have faith that more people will wake up and that the gray hats will find more courage to act. Thank you again for your help in this matter.

    1. Dorothy Shopland

      Yes, we the people have to do our part to free ourselves and not rely so much on the cavalry. And the “sleepers” do need the truth about what’s been going on with their world spelled out for them in ways they can’t ignore before they can be in a position to take back their own power. At this point they don’t even know they’ve given it away. They need to wake up and smell the bullshit. So bring on the EBS, please.

  53. Seth

    Thank you Hakann! I so appreciate your style of communication and inspiring support of the Light Worker community.

    I do agree with waiting to give the Gray Hats an opportunity to evaluate the consequences of not intervening and promoting absolute truth and complete freedom for Earth and all of her Inhabitants.

    We have ALL endured a lot and I believe we can handle another year if need be. (Not ideal but we have grit)

    The last thing we want to do is promote early intervention and then have 100 years of continued challenges…

    We know the best solution is for the Gray Hat intervention as this drives true change from the ground up which I believe is the ultimate plan and ideal for a better World.

    But let’s say they keep dragging their feet… then perhaps another solution may be to:

    1. reinforce with an actual 3D visit to select Gray Hats reminding them of their oath. Certainly a lot less collateral issue there but a life altering event nonetheless that would hopefully inspire them to take immediate action.

    2. If things keep being delayed, then have another 3D in person visit with the same Gray Hats but this time use your technology to show them potential outcomes for non intervention.

    3. Another possible action but I’m not sure what.

    4. No action and now Galactic Intervention but with considerations for all past mistakes.

    Immense love and respect for Hakann and his team, A.S. and everyone Light Based, with the consciousness to understand what this conversation means.

    1. thedave108

      I dont think the best way is the gray hats. After knowing how little they care about us – and so much about themselves – I dont want to have another cult on stage. I think we’ll get more truth and reality and goodness if the ETs do it the arrests.

  54. John Cakebread

    Suffering caused by the unintentional consequences of present day white/grey hat decisions or future galacitic decisions must be avoided at costs. From the saying, “United we stand, divided we fall” this must be a joint human/galalatic operation to remove the deep state asap and achieve the best outcome. So galactics please keep offering help and suggestions to us, and the leaders of the white/grey hats please work with the galactics as much as possible. When in the future everyone studies the history of what happens now, lets make it positive with no glaring errors shown. As Hakann/R’Kok implied before, The DS will be replenishing their side while their existing bad guys are being removed. As they say, “it is no good just fixing the leak while the tap is still running”. Please, please work together to speeden up the positve future.

  55. Bill

    How much black does it take to make grey? Right. It varies. The humans best at liberating humans from dictators are the ones who become the next dictators. And yes it didn’t happen in America, until it did. Pick a date: 1913? Who cares? I mean “Who’s Next?” “Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.”

    It would take massive amounts of raw courage and incredible historically unique selflessness for any current grey one to throw their hat into that ring. And it would take incredible amounts of maturity and clarity for the liberated to not give them anything they want. It’s fairly clear that one becomes a grey by a small compromise followed by a large compromise followed by entrapment and full corruption. Several hundred or thousand humans throwing off that legacy all together on any given Sunday morning? Okay.

    Those guys must have an unprecedented plan for personal and familial safety. And their necessarily huge egos need to skip the adulation part. Also ooookay. Good luck with that.

  56. 김정대

    For those who are stubborn and paranoid, with biased thinking and moral corruption, tools and toys are the way to identify the lurkers, and childish, foolish, and ignorant never have common sense.

  57. 김 성 정

    Hello, I am a Korean who has been on Earth for over 500000 years. Some Atlantean humans have been deluded by the illusions of dark forces ruling over them, and they cannot change their greed, selfishness, arrogance, jealousy, egoism, laziness. They are the souls of the dark side controlled by negative forces. I hope they pass away soon and go to hell with their Chimera. I am not interested in these so-called slaves, Their path deviates from divine spirituality, hoping that the Earth will be liberated as soon as possible and these incurable people will be eliminated. They are for the purpose of desire and evil, hoping that the Galactic Court will settle them and allow them to reincarnate as prostitutes and beggars in hell.

  58. Max


    I truly believe that a plan of action should be submitted by the Galactics to the Grey hats. This plan of action would have milestones for them to reach.

    If they fail through lack of action or for whatever the reason, then the Galactics can take positive action.

    I would say, many of us humans, including us lightworkers, are very resilient, but we do need help and assistance. We need resources such as money etc, which we may not have. Action is needed as soon as possible with a plan of action in place. Gray hats fail? Then the galactics takeover with us white hat lightworkers involved from the human side.

    Remove the Grey hats through their lack of action and inability or whatever their problem really is.

    Instability can be planned for and overcome with positive action….

    There is simply too much suffering. Waiting for the sleepers to wake-up should not be the way. You can wake them up by taking action: mainstream media takeover and giving messages this way etc. Providing education and information would help the sleepers a lot!

    Plan of action with timescales attached, with proof of positive action; otherwise, remove the grey hats….

    Galactics and human lightworkers taking action co-ordinated with all military….

  59. bodhimoss

    If you please, I have a couple of questions for Hakaan:

    1) To what extent do you represent all Pleiadians?

    There are many different Pleiadians groups in contact with various channelers who contradict much of what you claim. One of these very trusted human channeling groups has been in direct contact with a group of Pleiadians for many years who consider themselves “renegades” of the Galactic Federation because they are going against the GF’s orders by telling humans “too much truth,” in particular with regard to the intention and purpose of the Galactic Federation itself and its role here. Indeed, the renegades claim the GF is mostly concerned with maintaining trading relationships between GF members specifically related to off-world human trafficking and mining operations, acting primarily as a galactic trade organization. If this is true then human suffering and earth plundering is the objective and not some kind of problem to be solved. Would you care to comment on this?

    2) Likewise, you seem to imply you or your particular group are making the call to “compromise” with us regarding the timing of intervention/disclosure when in fact this would be a call only the GF council could make. Could you explain exactly who is making these decisions and who appointed you to disclose them to humanity and why?

    3 ) A different Pleiadian group claims that the GF members have concluded that humans are not capable of deciding anything because they are so mind-controlled and psychically compromised after centuries of torture and enslavement, and that any “voting” would only be appropriate by the higher selves of humans who are directing the course of human soul evolution. In other words, it doesn’t matter what we think because humans aren’t capable of making decisions under the conditions of knowing virtually nothing, so all these comments from light workers you are supposedly taking into consideration are rendered moot.

    4) And what about the other ET groups involved in The Earth Mission? Not all of us reading your messages are abandoned down here in the war zone and relying on you for information. Some of us are in continuing direct telepathic communication with our higher selves who come from other star systems. No mention of their role or input in your communiques.

    I realize you may have no desire to comment on what other groups are saying but I’m sure you are aware of this conflicting discourse and might like to add some insight on the confusion this is causing for the humans you claim to be trying to assist. I’m sure you can agree that the various independent Pleiadian voices, some of whom have proven to be trustworthy and reliable over the years, are nevertheless sowing confusion and distrust.

    Perhaps a full disclosure of the GF mission and intent would be helpful to resolve some these inconsistencies. We welcome your insight on these matters.

  60. cjlooze

    Lieve Sterrenbroer Hakann,
    jouw berichten maken me altijd blij en ik begin alles steeds beter te begrijpen. Ik begrijp ook het interventiedilemma en ben van mening dat het toch wel aan de tijd is om in te grijpen. De handelswijze van de Grijze Hoeden resoneert niet (meer) met mij, ook ben ik het vertrouwen in hen kwijt. Ze handelen (bewust?) traag en dat is niet goed. Zij zullen daar hun eigen redenen voor hebben, waarvan ik vermoed dat die niet (echt) in het belang zijn van de mensheid. Een toekomst, geleidt door Grijze Hoeden voelt voor mij niet goed.

  61. mid

    Dear Galactic Federation members, commanders, and channelers, thank you for your messages!
    My country is Japan. Although the Japanese are said to have the highest spirituality in the world, they have been viewed as the enemy by black hats and have been thoroughly brainwashed. For decades.
    When I look around me, I don’t see a single person who is conscious of liberating the earth.
    I would like to do my best for ascension with my partner and family, but I am ashamed to say that both my family and my partner are poor.
    However, despite this, I cannot see the meaning of making money in the current social system. However, because they are poor, it is true that they are unable to devote themselves to spiritual and light work. I live each day just to keep myself at a high vibration while healing my own trauma.
    I can’t have deep conversations with people who are asleep.
    Since the Japanese media never mentions what Gaia should be, her cosmic friends, and what the black hats have done, sleeping people continue to put poison into their bodies.
    Japanese people are good, but they are obedient to control, so they continue to commit the sin of ignorance.
    That is why I look forward to your intervention and disclosure of the gray hats.

  62. cxilixo

    dear hakann,thank you so much
    I am puzzled why you emphasize so much that intervention will lead to instability, and I agree that direct intervention will lead to social instability, but I think this is not the main obstacle to liberating the earth, because after direct intervention will start a new financial system, the new financial system will maintain social stability, the main source of human suffering is the problem of survival, and the new financial system will solve this problem. What’s more, soon after the direct intervention, humans will evacuate to other planets, and the whole society will be completely reset, so why worry about social instability?
    As for gray hats, don’t give them another chance, they are not much different from black hats

  63. Paladin

    Another small novel by AS that leads to no conclusions. Gray hats, intervention, no intervention on and on it goes.

    I know this: they have something terrible planned to kill off large numbers of people.

    You can feel it. The tension is thick.

    It will be the end of this year or the beginning of 2024.

    Yes I’m black pilled.

    It’s called being realistic.

    We’ll never see any intervention from space brother Hakann.

  64. Jonas 108

    Thanks for the post. I hope intervention happens as soon as possible. No more of the sick games please. The people need to be rescued. Life is terrible for most of us on this world. I dont think the grey hats help us at all. Forget about them and take over, please. We want galactic courts to rule immediatelly and our astral bodies back.

    1. Paladin

      Seems rather simple as you have laid things out, but all you’ll ever get from these so called “Galactics” is endless prevarication, sophistry and rationalization.

      They’re like politicians.

      1. A.S.

        Speaking as myself:

        I also want the intervention. And I trust Hakann’s words here.

        But I don’t think the politician comparison is entirely accurate, because politicians effectively owe service / good care to the people who elected them. Whereas technically the galactics owe us nothing. Technically it’s a bit entitled to get mad at them for them not helping us exactly as we prefer.

        If you want to make a comparison, it’s closer to: we’re living in awful-land and the galactics are living in utopia-land next door. Would it be nice if the galactics helped us ASAP? Sure, and they already are helping to an extent (dealing with hostile galactics, preventing disasters, decapitating the head of the dark controllers).

        But if people in awful-land want to get mad at anyone, I think they should get mad at their own politicians first, and not at the people living in utopia-land next door for not helping them more quickly.

    2. Hiromant

      If it weren’t for gray hats we’d be starving to death in Covid lockdowns. I think they’re still in damage control mode for the time being but will go on on the offensive soon.

      1. Paladin

        There are too many armed pissed off Americans that would not have tolerated endless lockdowns. If they tried to continue the lockdowns indefinitely they would have been in a shooting war. That’s why they ended.

        One thing these creatures do not possess is bravery.

        They relied upon the local donut squads to enforce the lockdowns. Once the donut squads got a bloody nose they’d hide in their donut shops.

        As we speak their endless surveillance grid is constantly sniffing the air to see if another lockdown will succeed.

        I don’t think they’re getting favorable intel.

      2. Melinda Siebold

        Gray hat Trump enacted the DOD’s Operation Warp Speed, signed the death shot contracts, and repeatedly promoted the death shots. He stood next to Fauci and Birx and promoted their policies. The grey hats ARE the black hats.

        1. Paladin

          The Trump true believers always ignore this fact.

          I will always remember how he swore he’d end the lockdowns by April 16th 2020. He was Captain Blye and the state governors were Fletcher Christian.

          Big tough talk.

          What did he do?

          He gave us pandemic guidelines written by Fauci and Redfield, and the madness continued.

          1. thedave108

            I dont ignore it. And also too much emphasis on military. But Trump is the only possible person who’s independent defiant and rich enough to stop team darkness. Not saying he will – but I dont see anyone else who even might.

  65. Mark

    Thank you brother Hakann. I’m reminded of a famous phrase, “keep on keeping on.” A line from a song, “Keep smiling, keep shining knowing that you can always count on me.” Thats what friends are for. Come on people now, smile on your brother, everybody get together. We gotta love one another right now. And finally from Bob Dylan, “The times they are a changin’. We got this! Hang in there brothers and sisters everywhere! Much Love, Mark

  66. Jared

    Life on earth for good people is extremely effed up and unfair.
    All good beings with the power to do so shall help earth now amen visibly and free and nice amen.

    Suffering is NEVER worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now that Elon Musk is promoting citizen journalism, perhaps some galactics can appear as normal earthlings and do some citizen journalism too to cover a variety of topics from different viewpoints around the world on twitter x. Ha!

  67. Teasy

    grey hats are embedded in the same depth of emotional entanglement as most people on earth.
    for example, if they do not engage in regular meditation, their energetic signature and effectiveness will be more like a black hat, than a white hat.
    due to the daily emotional onslaught from non-physical parasites, that keep them synchronized with the energy of subservience, arrogance and indifference (insensitivity).

    even for most normal human beings the energetic sway of the momentum of this earthly density (by the dark forces their brilliant energetic influences) can be so much that their decisions can become unlogical, irrational, emotional and unethical.
    the pressure from the dark forces on the grey hats (and anyone else in the control structure) is significantly higher, and therefore any direct response from them to you will be strongly influenced by this psychopathic mental split that they are perpetually subjected to.
    to think that the grey hats will follow through with “their plan” based on the reaction that you have shared is naive at best, and a monumental fuck up at worst. 🙂

    if a child is enabled in their arrogant behavior, some kind of confrontation with reflection needs to happen in order to change the situation.
    threatening to include grey hats in the garbage collector is either a signal too weak or too strong for the situation, i.e. not constructive.
    we earthlings either need a series of firecrackers up our butt to get us moving, or continuous reconnection with higher aspects of ourselves which innately compels us to move.

    to give an example of a strong signal, use a clear demonstration, as vivid as possible, to illustrate (to the grey hats) the consequences of both their action and inaction.
    an example of a more gentle approach would be providing the grey hats with continuous and direct connection to energy streamers that allow them to be more connected with higher aspects of themselves.
    more practical examples: providing them with additional protection, guidance, and regular direct light infusions.

    the easiest way to recognize a motion or initiative to be effective is the degree to which one’s expression can be both gentle (vulnerable) and to the point (strong).
    grey hats appear controlling, arrogant and vain, with their plans being strongly “influenced” by the black hats, effectively making them ineffective (impotent!), and to act as a mere circus of fun and games to pacify the populace and delay any real progress, while the dark forces take their sweet time to “weapon-up” and get ready to play their final cards before the inevitable final intervention.

    as i mentioned before, a far more direct hands-on approach is needed; either bathing key individuals in your light and protection (physically!), or arranging a more collective effort where a many open-minded individuals can be guided and protected to orchestrate a divine arrangement of human-initiated intervention-like acts.
    once the primary retaliation mechanisms of the dark forces are removed, more direct collaborations between humans and galactics can be organized ahead of time, to accelerate the liberation process, and stave off any emergency interventions with potentially far reaching negative consequences.


  68. David

    Thanks Hakaan and A.S. for showing the thinking behind all this..

    I still feel the gray hats are not taking the Galactics anywhere near seriously enough. My feeling is because their has been no intervention ever, they can spin this out until they either personally retire somewhere warm and sunny. Then hand the reins to a new guy to say ” there you go ” we did all we could…

    They simply don’t think you will do it. Ever in fact….hence a gray hat.
    They sense your apprehension and understandable concerns in intervention.

    How on earth have they got this under control with the suffering seen daily around the globe, and still place their head on a pillow at night? Of course I know that not all individuals cannot always galvanise a massive rapid response to this suffering.

    But if they haven’t collectively done it by now.


    How many more lives need to be lost?

    It has to be a cast iron deadline for me. A short one from now in fact. I am talking weeks, for me anyway.

    One second past that deadline. All systems go. No deals no compromises.

    In agreement with your stance this far, I understand your concerns and sympathise wholeheartedly with them, but how much longer can the Galactics be played by these chancers?

    What have they shown in a credible, strong and trustworthy way that they will deliver this far,?

    You will know, I do not.

    All my love to you all, and thank you for all you do. I shall carry pushing forward to support all here. Ready and waiting, if required..

    I just wish I could do more for you, Gaia, and all beings here…

    I am sure many of us here feel that way.

    Namaste 🙏

  69. Zuza

    Thank you Hakan, I do really hope there are more than – rare few Earth humans who wants the best for all. 🙂
    Humans are good at heart. I love them deeply. I hope we all can help Gaia and humanity to go through the process of liberation.

    But, I don’t know what else can we do, personally, How can we influence the gray hats more?

    And thank you for showing up on our skies, for your blinks, and sounds, and for the dancing lights. That is so much uplifting, thank you 💙💜💚

  70. Howard

    As a follow up to my previous comment, I would like to say that since we are brothers, you and yours are experiencing difficult situations in life just like we are, although admittedly the circumstances are somewhat different. I mean that you deliberating and trying to find the best way forward with regards to intervention on Earth can be viewed thru the lense of your and your peoples growth. Not unlike us down here, you want to make the best decision possible, but lack a certain clarity on what that is. Just like us, you have to make a choice after thinking it thru and cross your fingers. In reality. I think your concern about us repeating the Atlantis scenario again, of too much help too soon, maybe has some fear in it from your anguish over the past. You are not you then, but are you now, older and wiser. We are too. I would bet you and we could institute some monitoring and checks and balances to make sure that didn’t happen again. Same with the increased suffering possibility in the future. It seems to me that if we go thru a cleaning and restructuring process, With you on our team, the likelihood of that happening is significantly reduced. Ok I’m done for now. Thanks again.

  71. Mara C

    Thank you Hakann for this beautiful message and for clarifying the present situation so nicely! Everything is done in a Divine Time! 🌹💕

  72. R

    Your words in the end literally made me cry. Thank you so much for your kinds words of recognition.

    I have a question. I have a hard time wrapping my mind around how you intervening could lead to a hundred years unrest and instability on earth. Could you tell us a bit more about that in the future? I’m interested, because it seems a probable enough event for you to consider it in your weighing of your dillema. And it might help me carry the burden of the suffering here on earth when I better understand the reason it continues.

    1. Jonas 108

      I also dont understand what he means by 100 years of instability coming through intervention. I hope this is not some fake channeling.

      1. A.S.

        Yeah, it’s a fair question. I posted my personal impressions (as the channeler) to the same person you responded to.

        I think logically, one of the following has to be true:

        – either there are no friendly galactics who are powerful enough to intervene

        – or the galactics are stopped from intervening by some kind of non-intervention / prime directive law

        – or the galactics fear that intervening might cause long-term instability (what Hakann is saying here).

        (continued in next post)

      2. A.S.

        (continued from last post)

        I can see people saying that the third long-term-instability explanation is a little hard to believe. However from my point of view, the first two explanations are even less likely:

        – There have been so many UFO sightings that I find it hard to believe that those UFO pilots would be literally incapable of intervening on Earth if they wished.

        – Why would a society pass a law that says that it can’t intervene under any circumstances? As has been said previously, it’s pretty easy to think of examples where an intervention is obviously necessary and obviously beneficial.

        So: “Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.”

        But of course, this is just my perspective.

    2. A.S.

      Fair question. The following isn’t a direct channeling, it’s just the impression I have:

      If the galactics intervene and remove the dark controllers who are currently making the decisions, then they’re effectively creating a huge power vacuum.

      How are Earth humans going to fill that sudden huge power vacuum?

      For example, the US might be suddenly much stronger because it’s no longer weighed down by the dark controllers and their institutions. So the US might think: “right, let’s establish world hegemony.”

      (continued in next post)

      1. ROB

        DEAR GF, I have been a part of the Great Awakening for 8 years now. Doing everly thing in my power to wake people up. We have 100 percent reached the limit of that and now NEED intervention. The Gray hats for all the reasons you have laid here beautifully are simply NOT going to act unless YOU GUYS make them. Bottom line. I know this as I know how they think and so far I can see that they have done NOTHING! Everyone I know can’t pay their bills. They are scared for the future. They don’t have all the info and disclosure they need to make informed decisions. How do you expect humans to raise their frequency and consciousness and go from 3d to 5d with all this worry and fear and being in the dark about almost everything. It is not possible. So I say this on behalf of me and humanity: IF THEY DO NOT ACT BY THE END OF 2023 YOU MUST INTERVENE. TRUST ME I LIVE HERE. I TALK TO PEOPLE. I READ AND STUDY. I UNDERSTAND PEOPLE. I KNOW WHAT THEY ARE GOING THOUGH. THE GRAY HATS DO NOT. AND WHY SHOULD ONLY THEY HAVE THE TRUTH AND TECHNOLOGY? WHY? THIS IS OUR PLANET TOO. THE WAY I SEE IT THE GRAY HATS ARE JUST AS BAD AS THE BLACK HATS: THEY HOARD THE TRUTH, LIE AND DECEIVE THE PUBLIC AND GET TO LIVE A PROIVILEDGED LIFE WITH NO CONSEQUENCES…..

      2. thedave108

        The downside is that the gray hats are seeming more and more corrupt. I barely trust them at all anymore. Theyve been at this since before 911 and havent really stopped much, never mind taking the initiative w arrests.

        Having them leading the human charge doesnt feel much better than having team darkness control us. Theyve used us like pawns for 7 years – not a good track record. Most of the politicians seem like dark team members – we need to get them gone ASAP if not sooner. ANYONE is better.

    3. A.S.

      (continued from previous post)

      Or globalists might decide: “right, let’s establish a world government, for the benefit of all.” And that effort might start out somewhat noble but become corrupted over time.

      Or a number of other things might happen. At this point in time, the vast majority of people isn’t trying to make it so that everyone can be free and live in peace.

      Before the imperialists and the globalists and the “let’s tell other people how to live” kind of people have gotten that out of their system, it’s not impossible that a hundred years will have passed.

      Whereas if the various countries of the world work together to arrest the dark controllers, then I assume that that will be the basis for more respectful and peaceful cooperation moving forward.

      1. John

        Technically we are already experiencing the power vacuum you described since the dark controllers behind the dark controllers (“demons” such as “God”) have been removed (I’m not sure of how aware they are of it, since their control structure wasn’t exactly ‘free-will based’) and they have thus far not betrayed each other as fast as expected (or as fast as the gray hats betrayed us without realizing it). This aspect is borderline pure theory, I don’t recall it being addressed here but: couldn’t the ‘prevention of certain doom’ measures taken by some galactics be actually causing delays?
        On an individual scale, the best we can do is take the stern advice given to gray hats to us, stop unconsciously betraying ourselves on every little issue we can find and hope the attitude to spread…

      2. thedave108

        Gray hats have lost credibility and trust, IMO. I dont believe they should be in charge or control of anything anymore. GF intervention would bypass all the gray hat ego drama.

        1. Jonas 108

          Just what im thinking. How pathetic that they gonna wait for some grey hats. Cant believe it.

      3. R

        Thank you A.S. I think I get what you mean. When there is a power vacuum, we’ll still have to deal with the dividedness that the dark controllers have used to keep themselves in power. I can see how that could be problematic in a hundred years time frame. And if we, as humanity, would do it ourselves, that would have a probable decrease in dividedness, because we did it our selves.

        I’m sorry, in my gut feeling I know what I want to say, but I find it hard to put it in to words.

      4. A.S.

        In next week’s message, “Hakann: Why our intervention could lead to instability”, Hakann explains exactly what he means with the possible instability.

  73. Howard

    I should have written this last week, but timing is a funny thing. Things usually end up happening at the right time in spite of us and what we think. Firstly I want you to know, Hakann, how very much I appreciate your posts. Much of the channeling information I see is, in my opinion, not very grounded in our reality here, so it has less of an impact. It is important to expand our perspective, but on a daily basis we try to maintain a level head, remember and live consciously, and examine what comes to us through the lense of opportunities to remember who we really are. Love and One. We don’t get much support for this perspective here. Yes, I know I signed on for this and I am willing. That said, it does seem like continuing this madness longer is actually doing everyone a dis service. The sleepers are still asleep and so far they are just not responding. We face this in our earth relations quite often. People we care about sometimes don’t want to take responsibility for themselves. As loved ones you want to support them and so keep trying to help and support. However, my experience is that there is a fine line sometimes between supporting and enabling someone. The saying goes that it’s not my life, it’s yours, and I have to let you go through whatever mess/journey you choose. It’s not my place to force you to do anything. The truth is that that i am all for as gently as possible, stirring things up to get some of these folks moving. Hence your intervention. I agree that it will likely stir many sleepers to awaken. But not all. I agree with your reasoning for the 24-25 time frame and that the gray hats have now been put on notice. Let’s give them a bit to get moving. I am at a disadvantage as I don’t have access to much timely and accurate info on what the gray hats are planning. I assume you will be able to tell at some point soon if they are doing what they promised. If you determine they are still dragging their feet, I think you should move on intervention soon after that. Enough is enough and time is wasting.,We all came here for a reason. Let’s get on with it. Once this is all cleaned up I expect I’ll have lots of other projects to get working on. I’m personally looking very much forward to meeting you, if I haven’t already. I don’t remember a damn thing about my dreams. I look forward to a time when I can consciously reintegrate my waking and sleeping selves.
    Thanks again for what you and the channel are doing, and my best to everyone.

  74. John Cakebread

    I believe this is the most important paragraph in this message, “Next up, someone asked: why haven’t the gray hats just accepted your offer of support and done the public mass arrests? Good question. Now it is possible that they will accept this in the future. Still, it is frankly a bit frustrating to me that our offer hasn’t been accepted yet, because in my view this would be the obvious solution.”


  75. Tricia

    Wow thank you so much my beloved star brother Hakaan 💖❤️and A.S. I was surprised to see this message so soon and I want to thank you Hakaan and your team of beautiful souls from the bottom of my heart for all the assistance you have given to Gaia and to all of humanity you must work endlessly to help free us and your all amazing because you do it because it is the right thing to do. I have often done many things based on this reason alone and have often been questioned ‘why’ some people around me don’t get it. I feel I did come to be of service even though I found out when shall I say I didn’t feel in a good place and suffered some verbal abuse through talking about it, due to fear from the other person. People around me don’t understand me even my family never did but it’s okay I can manage that most of the time. It can send me a little off the rails but what walks me back home is I think of the children that are being trafficked, abused or living in a situation that is beyond their control and it puts into perspective what true suffering really is and at least I’m not being abused and I am free in a sense where I can walk out of my front door a free woman. Their is always someone way worse off than me down here. Thank you also for asking us for our input about the future decisions of earths liberation and I hope and pray 🙏 the grey hats start to move things along. I feel a lot of confusion come from … like you mentioned in your message people are hearing snippets of information they find on the internet then contradicting information reported on MMS. That is giving people an avenue to shut themselves off from the information and so choosing to ignore it because they think oh their not reporting it on MMS so it mustn’t be true…. People feel like they don’t know what to believe where to turn for correct information.
    Let’s hope this is the push the grey hats need to move things in the right direction now.
    Anyway we couldn’t do this without YOU and I know us humans, animals and Gaia and in really good hands and I trust and respect any decision you make for us and I trust and know it will be for OUR best interests as a collective not just a few of us.
    I really am looking forward to the day I can meet you and your crew and see you down here on the ground 💖❤️😘lots of love xx