Star Elder Tree of Life Creation Story

By Aluna Joy

The ONE is a seed of LIFE and the source of ALL.  It is the original  “I AM”.  It is creator.  It is God.  But as the One Seed, it could not have an experience of itself with no mirror or reflection to see itself.  So, the seed sprouted into a small, tender, fragile sapling as a great experiment to explore itself.  It began to grow, building a strong, wide trunk that connected all life back to the one.   Underneath this tree, it also grew deep roots in the soil of creation, creating a mirror opposite of what was growing above.  This created what we know today as duality, which is still a part of the ONE.

Large branches began to grow from the trunk, and secondary branches sprouted out from the main branches, and then little tender little individual twigs grew from the secondary branches. It continued growing very far and away from the seed of oneness of the creator so as to explore all the different ways creation could be possible.

Then leaves grew on the twigs of the tree of life, and it was beautiful. Then time passed, and fruit on the tree of life began to grow. When the fruit ripened, it grew heavy, and it fell to the earth, and they became the many new seeds of oneness. This began the great ages, great cycles, and seasons. These new seeds were a part of the oneness.  These many seeds also began to sprout and began the process all over again, but also became once removed from the ONE creation.

After a few ages past, the ONE that resides in all living things forgot it was THE ONE, as it could only see the age it was living in, with all the different trees, roots, branches, and fruits of truth.  They forgot they all were actually THE ONE.  But all the way back to the beginning, the original  Great ONE knew there was still a spark of the ONE source in all creation, no matter how many trees sprouted or how many great ages or seasons would pass.  The One Source also knew there would come an age, a time, a season, where it would become impossible not to see the Great Onesness again in all of creation.  And when this time comes, all of LIFE will LIGHT UP with this knowing.  And this light will be so glorious. It will be beyond anything we could have imagined before.  This is the great return to the ONEness of creation and what we are evolving into now.

Awakening to Oneness. Oneness lives in Diversity. Oneness is true freedom.