The Archangels: God is Intervening

Channel: Jahn J Kassl

Shaping the Present

Continue on your path with courage and determination! Don’t look back, but focus all your attention on the here and now! Act like the angels you are and understand time as a concept that is only valid and makes sense on this earth. Move forward and recognize how time meets you, strengthens and serves you, because:

As long as you shape the present, you can look forward to the future with joy.

Things are gaining momentum. The carousel of life spins faster and faster. Like in a centrifuge, everything that is untrue, lies and deceit is thrown out so that in the end the new and united humanity can come together.

In these days the light gains the upper hand, in these days the light forces regain sovereignty over current events, in these days the game is turned and finally decided in favor of the light.

That’s why you can now expect even stranger attacks, even more profound interventions and even more massive attacks on people’s souls and bodies. Destruction should reach everything and everyone, because humanity should be taken over and bled dry in an act of disgrace. Nothing is sacred to these forces, every crime is acceptable to them and they will not stop at any outrage. They only know lies, they live by deceit and they feed on people’s false beliefs.

The false belief

However, this belief of the people is now being shaken – shaken to its core! More and more people are beginning to ask themselves why the world ticks, how it ticks, and whether this is what people want and how people make it.

The belief in everything that previously provided an anchor and orientation is being destroyed – destroyed by those who depend on this belief, like a person depends on the air to breathe. The many interventions, attacks and underminings thus destroy people’s basic trust in the powers that have previously had the world firmly in their grip.

The stranger the time becomes and the more monstrous the crime against humanity, the more urgent it is for people to wake up and come to their senses.

Inner departure from the system

This is now happening on a large scale: resistance on all levels, but above all resistance through the inner refusal to play along any longer.

The inner turning away from the system has begun and more and more people are looking for a way out without the established institutions. These people are still in the minority, it is not yet a wildfire for the whole world, but everything starts at one point – and when the time has come for it, it paves the way: The time for it has come! This means that the great crimes against humanity are now being exposed and that new crimes against humanity are being recognized as such more and more quickly.

The forces of the dark no longer penetrate their strategy. Success is becoming more and more difficult because people are directing the light of truth onto everything that is now appearing and sometimes threateningly building up in front of them.

GOD intervenes directly!

This time is a time of grace – and so GOD intervenes directly in the processes on earth. Humanity is under HIS care.

Humanity is now becoming more aware of its power and origins! So GOD can work directly with you and take leadership in your life. Completely surrender to this fact now! Let GOD come into your life – like a friend you have been waiting for a long time.

With GOD people enlighten themselves and with GOD people enlighten this world.

With infinite love


7 Replies to “The Archangels: God is Intervening”

  1. billy mac

    A message to all future earth bound souls: Started on 2-05-2019

    In short, don’t come here under these current parameters. You will only be imprisoned – just as we are. If you are born into a third world country, your birth will only cause and create more agony for all those around you, as well as yourself. That choice will only end up being a selfish choice that adversely effects everyone on the planet. I tell you point blank, you will end up creating more karma that will hold you captive in these lower vibrations. There will be less water, and less food, and more pollution for all of us, including yourselves. You will not fix anything under these circumstances. Your being here will only create more misery, and further diminish the already small amounts of love that exist here on earth.
    I tell you point blank, if you come here, do NOT give up any of your consciousness to be here. You need all of it. Do not agree to being born with a carbon-based body. Make sure you get a silicon based light-body. Do not agree to have a body that can be captured or held captive. Otherwise, I guarantee to you, that you will not upgrade the quality of human life on earth.
    You need to be born into wealth, and maintain ALL of your consciousness and intelligence and most importantly ALL of your integrity and kindness, and do NOT give up the felt sensation of oneness.

    Most of human Life on earth, is fully a masochistic, lose-lose situation. You will be more helpful to the people on earth by staying where you are and function as guides. Also, do not agree to be born unless you are born with a fully functioning human body that is not prone to diseases. If your soul guides are already telling you this, then fully believe them with every iota of your beingness.

    Do not come here with intents to either give or receive trespasses, or you will selfishly deprive others of much of their happiness – and that is a cosmic trespass. Do not let another soul talk you into committing a trespass against them so they can have the experience of misery. This too is a selfish desire on their part because it creates a humongously great deal of mental and emotional stress on the rest of us. If you can, tune into all of this mental and emotional stress and you will quickly come to the understanding of how devastating it is. There is NOTHING UP LIFTING ABOUT IT FOR THE REST OF HUMANITY.

    There is no shortage of people on this planet, instead, there are so many people, that all of our various problems are no longer solvable, simply because of the allowable amount of trespassing that is allowed to go on. Also, because of the current population, The problems are now literally too big to solve in a timely fashion. The diversity is not creating enough humans that are more loving and more kind. It is always creating more animosity that outweigh any good that would or could come from it. You need to get better and fuller previews of earth history before making any decisions to be here. Most likely, like billions before you, you will only spiral into a cycle of karma that will trap you into these lower vibrations. I beg you, Love yourself enough to avoid this situation. Cruelties and depravities are NOT necessary for your soul to evolve. So please, don’t let another soul try to convince you otherwise.

    If you think you will somehow come here with enough love to make a difference, I tell you you won’t. You won’t because you can’t, because you won’t be aware enough or strong enough. You will also be prevented from doing this in your dumbed down state of Being by the manipulators already here. These manipulators are as equally as smart as your guides and they are very very very good at what they do. Their consciousness and their ruthlessness is always greater than yours. Just like us, You will not prevail. We are too dumbed down (by limited consciousness under current earth parameters) to accomplish this, and also 99% of us are too lacking in resources to do it. Furthermore, if we really could do something about the mess here on earth, the heavens will absolutely ensure that the trespassers will come along and simply kill you. The world history is full of this.
    The only way you will possibly have a remote chance to make a difference is come here with the ability to kill off the trespassers, and you will never succeed at getting enough of them. Look at what the so called galactics, along with all the angels, and all the ascended masters, and all of our ‘higher selves’ combined, have not been able to accomplish the upgrading of souls on earth. So obviously, you won’t accomplish it either.
    Earth-life is designed to be what it is. It is fully allowed by the Source Creator, and not you and not all of us who are here right now, is going to change it. The only way we can prevail is have bodies that literally cannot be captured or killed.

    Earth-life, as it is now, is simply a gigantic death camp. Use your common soul-sense and fully understand this. Being dumbed down inconsciousness is NOT evolving. It is nothing more than screwing yourself over.
    You will eventually end up as another soul that will lift their eyes to the skies and tell the creator source that you hate it. You will be emptied of every shred of lovingness that you once contained. This is NOT evolving. This is devolving.
    To be in, an earth type of reality, is nothing more masochistic abusiveness to your soul. In this process of devolving you will simultaneously continue to rob all other souls of much happiness. This is unavoidable. If you are souls that have no intents or desires to do this, (live in misery) then you need to understand that you absolutely need to stay out of realities that are like the earth reality.

    I beg you, Read the energies and auras of people/souls on earth and feel it. Notice how many regret the decision to be here. Notice how many want to die, in order to get out of here! Notice how many are saying: “Stop the world I want to get off!” Notice how many have thoughts of suicide. Notice how many are lost in drugs and alcohol. How much ‘real’ happiness and joy do you really see in these energies? Do you really think your being here, under the same parameters, is going to change this? If you do, than you are already dumber than we imagined. You are literally bull-shitting yourselves. It is an admission to us that you don’t know what love is, and that you obviously don’t truly love your selves, as you now are – even prior to incarnation.

    I can’t tell you enough, this is devolving and degrading, pure and simple. It is not upgrading the earth, or your fellow souls, or your own soul, and I seriously doubt that it is adding any joy to the whole of the Universe – whatever that is. Yes, you will obtain an understanding that you didn’t have before, but I emphasize, that ‘that understanding’ will only decrease, and in fact rob, you and others of great amounts of joy, happiness and the ability to be loving, or kind, or nice. If you are like many of us, who have already gone through this, you will at some point eventually be ashamed at your whole Beingness, for being conned into thinking that these types of experiences were going to somehow make you more god-like, or spiritual, or divine.
    Look around at the auras of humans BEFORE you incarnate: Can you see those thoughts and feelings emanating in the energies of current earth humans? How much joy and happiness do you see in these energies? If you should allow yourself to be birthed into a society of poverty, drugs, and war you will just simply start the game of life with complete destitution and no happiness whatsoever. So how I ask, is this going to help you or the whole of humans on earth? This is why I say it is both a selfish and very careless choice. There is NOTHING GRAND, GODLY, INTELLIGENT, OR LOVING ABOUT THIS CHOICE. There are infinite ways to evolve with plenty of challenges, without stooping to utter stupidity. To incarnate on earth would be like walking up to the Source creator and asking it to utterly beat the crap out of you until you are utterly senseless and without knowledge or feelings.

    It is quite likely that you will become, what you too will think, is a brutal monster LONG before you get around to regaining the original qualities of your soul.
    Furthermore, if this is what it actually takes to become god-like, perhaps you should first truly question the nature of that god. You will eventually ask yourself: “Is this what I want to become?” Am I too going to become a CO-Creator that allows the continuation of all the cruelties and atrocities that have occurred on earth?
    Do not choose to evolve by giving up any of the dignity of your Soul. It is not necessary. If some guide thinks it is so wonderful, then tell them to first do it themselves, and then come back and tell you how much they enjoyed it – and if they still recommend it. Also, I am pleading with you to not ever give as much of your consciousness as what you see earth humans doing. This constitutes being un necessarily way way way too dumbed down. A soul does not need to be a complete moron to evolve. You need to keep a very high level of your soul’s wits about you. Hang on to ALL OF YOUR Christ consciousness. I recommend you be born with the IQ of a genius, and also with a very high level of common sense. And in addition do not choose a body or a set of circumstances ever again that involves drugs and alcohol. This will only amount to a very very very high disregards to/for others. It is about as selfish as a soul can be.
    To have an earth like human experience, will amount to having a whole bunch of very shitty experiences. As souls, we need to start asking ourselves just why we need these in order to become a so called ‘evolved or qualified’ Soul.

    I re-read this on 10-02-2023 and still wholly agree with everything I wrote.
    Addendum: 10-02-2023: These things I want to fully to re-stress: Do not, under any circumstances, be born without a complete chrystalline 5th dimensional body and at least 90% fully aware of what your whole soul is and your higher self actually is. Do NOT be born with less than 5th dimensional consciousness. Do NOT be born with a body that in any way can get sick or captured. If you NOT intend to fully live pursuant to the Golden rule, then please stay off this planet. I recommend that you say to the Source and to your guides and to your own I AM PRESENCE that you do not agree to enter into the Earth reality until it is a plantetary reality where ALL SOULS adamantly are existing pursuant according to the Golden Rule. Anything less than this will not help the planet, or the people and their souls to evolve! Trying to evolve through masochistic experiences due to limited consciousness is just plain dumber than dumb. Billy Mac

    1. John

      That was cute! Very heartfelt… but from where new souls look, there’s a LOT more drawing into this experience than your words could possibly stand a chance: it’s like yelling at a huge waterfall. People line up to be born here and now! Sorry it didn’t work out for you though, I hope you snap out of that bitterspell sometime.

    1. ᎢᎠᎺBᎡᎠr ᏍᏔrCᎯld

      It is likely a War will be started over God, just like Wars have always been started over God. It depends on who is being asked. The American Indian will not agree with the Anglo Saxon on who God is. The subject of God has always been divisive, and it likely will always be divisive. The Bible itself is easily proven to be a book of evil lies.