Astrology Forecast for October 2023

By Sarah Jane Grace

As the wheel of the year continues to turn, it’s hard to comprehend that we are already three-quarters of the way through 2023. On one hand it has flashed by in the blink of an eye, but on the other hand it has felt heavy and slow. Many of us have found ourselves in a kind of stasis: a nebulous and ill-defined space of waiting. Like most waiting rooms, there is little comfort or joy to be found, just an eagerness to get from where we were to where we want to be. Yet, perhaps this misses the point, maybe the real learning is to be found in the very space we often see as temporary?

The pace of evolution has quickened for so many over recent years and many have entered a state of incubation, a deep conscious process to let go of old beliefs, roles, and ideas. There is a powerful need to let go of past conditioning in order to re-connect more willingly to the kaleidoscope of pure energies as they weave in and out of life. Incubation is hard, it’s transitional and often lonely, and we can feel pressured to continue ‘keeping on keeping on’, but yearning for quiet, space and time to let the process unfold in its own time and in its own way.

Of course, when we do find ourselves with space (whether within our hearts and souls, or in other areas of life), there is often a desire to fill it. Yet, space is important, it has great value and it’s often within these spaces where true wisdom and creativity reside. However, space can be uncomfortable as it means allowing distractions to float away and stepping back from the humdrum 24/7 buzz of modern life. Space is needed to facilitate transformation, and it’s within the space where we can allow ourselves to re-shape and re-define our lives.

Life has been unquestionably challenging for so many over the last few years, although we can sense we are on the threshold of a new way of living and being, we cannot immerse ourselves within this as we still have the old to process, release and set free. Sometimes this is a conscious process, but mostly it’s from the unconscious, and this is why creating and nurturing space is so important as we each need to allow the process to happen.

Just like planting a seed in the ground, it doesn’t turn into a tree the next day; it takes time. In the same way, it takes time to peel back the masks, façades, and layers we all have in order to connect to pure essence. The process of allowing can be challenging as it means acknowledging our faults and imperfections, it means loving those aspects of ourselves that we resist, deny, or even detest. It’s only by opening up to the truth that we can each step into a new way of living and being.

The cycles of life can be confusing and overwhelming at times, but they can also bring us hope as the wheels always turn. From darkness comes light, from pain comes the capacity for joy. Perhaps it’s the context each brings the other that enables us to make sense of the cycles we each walk? Intuitively we sense the need for the wheel to turn, but we also feel in the nebulous state of incubation as we wait, watch, process, release…

It’s a bit like being in-between here and there, not quite nowhere, but somewhere in the middle that lacks shape, structure, and definition. Of course, it’s hard to feel comfortable in such a space, but intuitively we know it’s necessary as we cannot evolve unless we shed the layers we no longer need. These layers are unique to each soul so there is no instruction manual or guidebook; we each have to find our own way. This can be lonely at times, but this is a process we need to go through now.

As a result, life feels chaotic and uncertain, and many of us feel an almost constant stream of shift (with and without the f!). We can feel like we’re on the verge of something new, only nothing happens. Frustration builds and this brings to the surface old patterns and beliefs that need clearing and releasing. Endings come and go, but we discover that renewal doesn’t only come from accepting endings, it comes from opening up and allowing the process of evolution to unfold. So, it’s hard to know how to act or how to be as everything is up in the air.

One thing seems clear: we each need to go deeply within in order to seek out ways to live more simply and more richly. As we release the pain, beliefs and experiences that have shaped and defined our lives, we may feel as though we are locked in a sound-proofed room, but we are not alone. We are never truly alone. Of course, it can be so hard when we feel as though we are standing in a crowd of people, but feel lonelier and more isolated than ever before, as though we don’t speak the same language, but this is part of the process of transformation. The more we let go, the more we realise that we move beyond language and connect in new ways which are, as yet, without real definition.

There is a strong need for quiet, a need to withdraw in order to take stock and reflect. We can’t completely escape the busy-ness of life, but we need to find as much breathing space as possible.

Connection is important though. Understanding and compassion, acceptance and grace bring us together and can help each of us through even the darkest of nights. Sometimes it’s not the obvious souls that bring us unity, it’s not about words or commonality, just a sense of kin. None of us are islands, we each need to connect.

For now, and as always, I wish you all kinds of wonderful.

With love,



As change and shift continue on every level of your being, and in every aspect of your life, there is a sense that you are entering a powerful chapter of re-assessment and re-focus as you unravel the ‘to do’ list of your life and work out your true priorities. Over the years, it’s easy to accumulate so many ought’s, must’s, should’s and wants, and it’s rare to take the time to sift through these to sort out the wheat from the chaff. Some of your long-term dreams are hard to let go of but you have grown and evolved so much, they just don’t seem to resonate well with you anymore. Although there is a sense of obligation to stick with your dreams, intuitively you know how important it is to set them free if they no longer connect to your heart and soul. Sometimes the act of letting something go is profoundly challenging, but unless you let it go, how can you make space for new dreams and plans to surface?

So, the more you review your ‘to do’ list, the more you are realising just how much clutter you’ve collected over the years. Everyone does this, it’s just that you now have this amazing opportunity to sweep the decks and focus on your true priorities rather than leave them languishing on the list, buried underneath a whole heap of ‘stuff’ that no longer resonates. Of course, there will always be responsibilities and duties that you’d rather avoid, but this reshuffle and cleanse is more about your innermost dreams: the things that make your heart flutter and soul shine brightly. October is a month for you to focus on your inner world and to re-connect to what brings you joy. Whilst you will always be the rock and support for others, it’s time now for you to honour your own need more. So, no more ‘to do’ list, change it to ‘I really want and need this’ list….


As the winds of change continue to gather pace and momentum in all areas of your life, there is a sense of eager anticipation within you as you have felt stuck on the precipice of change for such a long time. Yet, at the same time, there is an air of reticence that the wheels of life continue to turn, and you are having to deal with yet more change. It’s difficult to juggle both of these as they appear to be at polar opposite ends of the spectrum in life, however it’s important to find a way through and encourage the reluctant side of your nature to at least meet the more exuberant side halfway. Inner unity looks set to be a powerful theme over the weeks and months ahead as you take some time to acknowledge why the reluctant side of you exists and find ways to support this more fragile side of your essence. It’s easy to charge through life, keeping on keeping on, but there is a need for you to find a deeper level of inner cohesion to ensure that every aspect of your being is onboard with the choices you make and the paths you walk.

This might seem like a strange observation, after all, you go wherever you take yourself, but at the core of your being is a collection of threads that weave together to make you whole. When one or several of these threads are not in sync then you can feel unfocused, fatigued and out of sorts. Whilst you are determined and often push through when life feels heavy, it’s time to instead look within and acknowledge the imbalance so you can start to make some changes. You are on the edge of a powerful awakening, so the more you can honour your true essence, the more you will realise just how much potential you truly have…


Gazing through the window deep into your soul has been a central theme over recent months as you have felt a yearning to get closer to your true essence. There’s a sense that you have grown weary of the ‘chitter chatter’ of life: the pedestrian, unnecessary clutter that seems to fill up every day, leaving you little time for ‘quality’ when it comes to doing the things that really matter to you. Of course, a great deal of this ‘chitter chatter’ is of your own making, so there is a need for you to become a bit stricter when it comes to managing your time, as well as leaning into the discomfort of saying ‘No!’. Defining your boundaries is an important part of this process as you need to be able to establish a clear sense of yourself in order to find a way through the inevitable ‘chitter chatter’ of everyday life.

Whilst you can never completely escape the many things to do, people to see or places to go, the more structure and shape you can create in your life, the more you will realise the need to prioritise and to carve out some quality time each day. This doesn’t have to be hours, in fact just five or ten minutes can make a difference if you are spending that time on self-care or enhancing your well-being. Some well-placed breathwork can help you to re-centre and re-balance, bringing focus and calm. You need to find your own strategies, but the need to re-shape and re-define your life is important now as you are on the brink of another chapter of change. Change is inevitable, but how you approach it can prove revolutionary. You have spent so long trying to seek answers to the many unanswered questions in your life, but it’s time now to shift the focus towards what you already know and build on this to find new ways to live, breathe and expand…


As you find yourself once again standing on the threshold of change, there is a sense that you’ve reached a powerful and important realisation. You have always been intuitive and much wiser than your years, but there has been a level of resistance within you when it comes to change, particularly when it’s changing something you don’t want changed. This realisation is connected to a shift towards wholeheartedly accepting change and acknowledging its constant presence in your life. This might not sound like much of a shift as you have always handled change when it’s come your way, but this shift is towards consciously opening up to change and letting go of the urge to fight it. Of course, there are times when you need to stand firm, but when you become more tuned into the ebb and flow of the cycles of change, you become less affected by them because your powerful intuition guides you through.

Although you are turning towards intuitively accepting change, there is still some work to do on how your head manages it as there still seems to be a stark difference. You often think and over-think, wanting certainty where there isn’t any, and seeking clarity from the unknowable. There is a need to find ways to bring together these two aspects of your being into a more cohesive whole in order to better navigate your path ahead. Your intuition is phenomenal and it’s important to embrace this more, as it’s your guiding light through even the stormiest of times. You might want to build foundations made of rock, but you know it’s not possible as nothing in life is ever certain, change is a constant and ever-evolving force. So instead of pushing against this, go with the flow as this will set you free and transport you towards a brand-new way of living and being…


Seeking out the quiet spaces within your heart and soul continues to take centre stage throughout October as you contemplate what truly makes you happy in life. It’s easy to go through each day, knowing what you want and what you need, maybe even having a sense of what brings you joy, but the over-riding need to keep on keeping on with all of the necessities in life often obscures the view within, preventing you from having a clear focus when it comes to happiness and joy. It’s not that they are out of reach, just out of focus as you simply haven’t had the time to gain a clear sense of how to nurture and nourish these qualities more in your life. Of course, being your true self is important as this is how you flourish and thrive, and this is how you connect to your dreams and priorities, but there is more to life than this, there’s a need to consciously choose to cultivate happiness; to decide that it’s a primary goal for you. It’s like many of the things we strive for in life, we need to set an intent in order to bring the goal into view. From there, we can plan and find ways to bring the goal to fruition.

It’s easy to focus on the gap between where you are and where you’d like to be, but it’s time to see beyond the gap and look towards where you are now. Focusing on the gap shines a light on a sense of loss or incompletion as it highlights all that you’re not or all that you’ve not yet become. Whilst it can act as motivator, it can also lead to feelings of being ‘less than’. So, shift the focus towards all that you already are, focus on joy and cultivate happiness. Although this won’t magically transform your life, it will help you to connect to the things that truly and wholeheartedly make you happy…


As you continue to make some positive changes in your life, there is a sense that you are beginning to unpick and unravel some of the knots and tangles within. Knots and tangles form within everyone as an inevitable part of life, some people never notice, some choose not to look, but you have always been willing to acknowledge every aspect of yourself. In some ways, unravelling these inner knots and tangles feels like an opportunity to re-use the threads to create a brand-new tapestry, one that reflects your true essence and creative spark. Of course, it’s been challenging at times to look so deeply within, as you often place your personal expectations and goals high up on a pedestal, so your exacting, perfectionist standards can leave you ‘wanting’ when it comes to acknowledging aspects of yourself that have knotted or tangled along the way. Yet, it’s an inevitable part of life, so instead of feeling like you must do better, it’s important to realise that life isn’t about chasing perfection, it’s about finding joy in the here and now.

You are not a superhuman, you don’t wear spandex and glitter, you are you and it’s time to realise just how wonderful that is. So, instead of trying to be someone you’re not, be yourself and love yourself for it. This isn’t to say you should give up on dreams or goals, but it’s more of a nudge that life doesn’t begin only after/if you achieve these goals, life is for living now. There is a clear distinction between having goals in life and actually living your life. There is a risk that goals always remain goals as you get on with the business of living. It’s time to incorporate your goals into each day, and to start embracing life more wholeheartedly in each and every moment. You are a wise, empowered, and creative soul, and it’s time now to embrace all that you are…


The need to breathe deeply continues throughout October as you find new ways to re-shape and re-define your life. You have spent a long time finding your centre and trying to find ways to create more balance and harmony on every level of your life. This is still a work in progress, but there is a definite sense of shift within you. Breathing deeply has enabled you to ground yourself more, it has helped you to de-stress, but it has also given you an opportunity to step back from the hurricane in your mind in order to find stillness and clarity. As you well know, your inner hurricane is a reflection of your phenomenal mind and your ability to think at a million miles an hour. So, whilst your hurricane feels tumultuous and challenging, it’s actually your source of power and inspiration. Yet, there are times when the hurricane takes over and takes you away from your intuitive, spiritual core, and it’s so important to give this side of your nature the freedom to flow. Yes, you are a wisdom being, but you are also a creative, spiritual and intuitive being as well.

All of your different parts matter, as they enable you to see the bigger picture, inspiring you to step beyond the four walls of your everyday life and stride towards unchartered terrain. You are on the periphery of a potent and significant period of change, one that feels exciting and exhilarating, a sense of adventure and new beginnings. Despite this, there is also an air of discontent, as your time spent breathing deeply has made you yearn for stillness rather than change. It therefore seems clear that you need to realise that breathing deeply is a life strategy, not just a temporary way to re-focus, and the more you spend time breathing and connecting to life, the more you will realise that your beautiful hurricane and your creative gifts will guide you forth with courage, strength, and belief…


Challenging and hushing your inner critic has rarely been an easy task for you as the voice in your ear often berates you for not doing enough, trying enough or being enough. Although you know this voice comes from your own consciousness, it’s still been hard to transform this into something more wholesome and life affirming as you have grown so used to giving yourself a hard time. October shines the light of self-compassion even more brightly to inspire you to step beyond the storylines that have shaped and defined your life for so long. Of course, everyone has storylines, as that’s a part of being human – we carve out many beliefs and ideals based on our interactions and experiences. Whilst most of these storylines are positive, some are less so and can turn into a vehement inner critic that can grind you down over time. Intuitively you know you are doing enough and trying enough, but this voice can sometimes drown out the voice of reason. It’s time now for the storyline to change as you make peace with your inner critic and find a new life-affirming inner voice to support you.

Self-belief is a force to be nurtured and nourished now as you start to find new ways to re-connect to the core of your being as you re-write your inner language, and start to connect to some more positive re-enforcement. This isn’t the same as affirmations (although if these help, then brilliant), it’s more about changing the language you use from harsh or judgemental to loving and understanding. Stop feeling you’re not good enough or not trying hard enough and start to focus on your achievements (however small), notice the positives! As a fluid soul, the story of your life is obviously heavily entwined with others, so it can sometimes be hard to know if a particular storyline is yours or someone else’s, but take a deep breath, re-centre and let your incredible intuition guide you…


‘Let your truth find its own way’ is perhaps the most apt phrase for you for October. It’s hard to list all of the reasons for this, but you have reached a significant crossroads in your life, particularly at soul level, and you have started to delve deeply within your heart and soul to explore the concept of truth and what it really means to you. This may seem odd, after all, the truth is the truth, but is it? After all, we each have filters and beliefs, so the truth becomes unique to each individual. Of course, this isn’t about irrefutable facts, it’s about how you live your life, your dreams, and your gifts. Your truth is your essence and sense of self. You have spent such a long time trying to be the person you felt you ought to be and needed to be, but have resisted diving deeply into your own essence. There are multiple layers of reasons for this, but intuitively you know why you do what you do. Yes, you are a complex being, but even complex beings have the power to simplify, re-shape and re-define.

So, it’s time to change some of these beliefs now as there’s a need to live more wholeheartedly and to let your gifts flow freely. Life is for living and for making the most of every single day. No one can know what’s around the next corner, so instead of procrastinating or trying to be the person you feel you should be, it’s time to be yourself; it’s time to embrace your truth. It can be hard for you to let go and trust the process as the need to understand and rationalise is strong, but let your intuition guide you and know that this is your time to shine brightly. Take a deep breath and connect to the words: ‘let your truth find its own way’ and you will have all the guidance you need…


Having the courage to be yourself continues to be a central theme throughout October as you start to make some important decisions as to what’s truly valuable in your life. There has long been a deep perception of discontentment between your dreams and the duties/responsibilities you have. It’s as though your heart wants to dance, embracing your gifts and going with the flow, but your head is very firmly focused on duty and keeping on keeping on. It can be hard to see any possible way to bring these two forces together, but they are both a part of you so do exist side by side. It’s time to find some new ways to bring them together in a more balanced way to enable you to stop feeling as though you’re always carrying the weight of the world by having so much to do, see, be and achieve. Life isn’t about being the ‘best’ you, it’s about living each day as fully and as wholeheartedly as possible.

Let go of some of those ought’s and must’s, and know that it simply isn’t possible to continue trying to keep everybody happy all of the time. In your attempt to take care of others, you often downgrade or dismiss your own needs, and this is the source of your layer of discontentment: intuitively you sense the imbalance, but still find it so hard to honour yourself more. This needs to change! Stop being so stubborn and realise that your needs matter. Yes, stubbornness can be a strong trait when it comes to pushing on with life, but sometimes you need to let it go and think about what you truly want and need. Take a moment to step back and see the bigger picture as there’s a need for you to shift the balance of your life towards a more balanced and wholehearted way of living and being. In short, it’s time to live the best possible life…


As you continue to re-shape and re-define your life from the inside, out, there is a sense that you are beginning to see yourself and your life with fresh perspective. It’s as though you have temporarily stepped back from your everyday life to look at the bigger picture and this has shown you where you’ve been, where you’re heading and where you are now. In some ways, there is a sense of surprise as you see how much you have meandered from the path you’ve felt you ought to be walking, but despite this, it seems clear that you have grown and evolved so much more than you imagined possible. Sometimes it’s the meandering that brings the most insight and wisdom, and it has helped to facilitate this period of transformation. You seem ready now to explore new avenues and pathways, stepping into unchartered terrain and having the courage to step away from the path you had so carefully mapped out for yourself.

You have realised the true value is in the journey rather than the destination, as it’s along the journey where you have the space to evolve and explore the unknown. You are a wise and vibrant soul, and by giving yourself the freedom to flourish is a gift that will continue to inspire you to seek out new horizons in life. Whilst many of these horizons are within your heart and soul, they have the power to bring you a true sense of balance and a deep feeling of peace. Try not to push too hard to understand why things are the way they are, sometimes you need to trust the flow and let your intuition guide you. In addition, try not to feel disappointed if you drift off-course, see it as an opportunity for growth. Savour every step of the journey and feel gratitude that you are on the verge of a brand-new adventure…


You have always been shaped by the ebb and flow of the currents, often sensing the vastness of existence and the inherently unknowable nature of life. There are times when you have felt overwhelmed with this insight, but it has also been a richly rewarding connection as it has brought you wisdom and strength, even during some difficult and challenging periods of your life. Your fluidity, creativity and intuition can sometimes feel hard to contain or channel, but it’s the free-flowing nature of your essence that allows you to explore the depths of your true potential. It’s easy to become lost in all of this as your essence is so vast and hard to define, but it’s this undefinable nature that brings you your creativity and intuition. Over-thinking this could tie you up in knots, so let your intuition guide you through the inevitable uncertainty of life and inspire you to ride the waves in order to flourish and thrive. Your inner power is formidable, and your intuition is phenomenal, so trust these to guide you through the ups and downs; more importantly, let your gifts inspire you to become even more self-aware and awakened as you think about your path ahead.

Although you are a complex soul, you long for a simpler, but more enriching way of living and being. You find modern life quite oppressive and pressured, pushing against your innermost values and ideals. Whilst you are unlikely to be able to escape from it all completely, it seems important to make some changes, so you have the time and space to breathe and re-balance whenever you need to. Your heart and soul need space for quiet and reflection as you’re simply not build to sustain a continued fast pace of life. So, try to carve out time each day for yourself, even a few minutes will help bring you some balance. It’s time now to let your wisdom be your biggest strength.