Ascension: The Importance Of Knowing Your Values

By Sierra NZ

‘It makes sense that you don’t feel like having fresh adventures in the dying 3D world. That world has lost its lustre for many of us. We are doing what is required on a daily basis to be here, but our hearts are mostly in 5D. And if that is where our hearts are, that is where WE are…!’ (Sierra)

As a former life coach, I believe in the value of knowing and living by your core values. Recently I coached several friends to help them identify their core values. This information is so important when it comes to relationships, careers, life direction etc. It tells you who you really are at a deep level.

Recently I updated my own core values list, after being inspired by a discussion with a loved one about her values. I will share my list with you and explain the importance of these values in my life…

I think you will see straight away that my blog ticks every one of those boxes. I LOVE informing and inspiring people because I LOVE humanity. I add as much JOY and HUMOR as I can in the posts to lighten and brighten your journey…Of course my blog is all about sharing TRUTH….KINDNESS is very important to me, both giving and receiving…I am CONSISTENT with the format and frequency of the posting…And there is a lot of PERSEVERANCE in my posting, especially in recent months when I did not miss a day even though I suffered a severe back injury and a bad case of flu.

Here is the most important thing you need to know about your core values – they represent your 5D self. If you are living your life aligned with your values, you are living in 5D. I really do believe it is that simple. But most people don’t have a clue what their values are, let alone live by them.

So how do you find your values…?

Start by finding a Values List online. Coaching websites might offer information on where to find a list. Read through the Values list from your HEART. What words leap out at you…? When you have a basic list of around 10-20 words, you need to reduce that number to around 5-6. Do the same process as before. Read through the new shorter list from your HEART. What words leap out at you..? That is how you will discover your values. It is a work in progress – you will refine that shorter list over time, as I did recently.

Next step is to rate how well you are aligned with your values in all areas of your life. Draw up a grid with the values listed along the top. Down the left-hand side, list areas of your life, eg Family/Partnership, Friendships, Work, Hobbies, Health (Physical, Emotional and Spiritual), Hopes and Dreams etc etc. Do as many categories as you can think of. Then rate each area from 1 – 10 on how your values are being honored in that area of life.

When you have completed this exercise, you will have a graph giving important information about your Values/5D life. If you see a whole bunch of 2’s, 3’s and 4’s, you know you will need to make big changes. If you see 5’s, 6’s and 7’s, you are getting there and just need to stick at it…If you see 8’s, 9’s and 10’s, congratulations – you are doing very well. You are in maintenance mode, just keep at it.

It pays to check in every so often to see if you are still in alignment with your values. If you are in the lower scores, that would be a weekly task. If in the mid-range, I would suggest two/three weekly. And maintenance could be four to six weeks.

After identifying your values, you will understand WHY certain people and activities have lost their lustre for you. They no longer align with your 5D core values. The void space can be most disconcerting when many people and activities fall away within a short period. I am currently experiencing that situation. My best advice is to sit tight in the void. Do not be tempted to re-introduce those people/activities back into your life because you are bored or lonely – they have gone for a reason. You are moving on…

The void space is a time for courage and deep contemplation. It is also a time for profound GRATITUDE for the people and activities that are still in your life. As my lovely Light Warrior friend Walt said recently, ‘Quality not quantity’. Indeed.

I hope this is helpful. Please know that your Ascension journey is deeply personal to you. If you have even one person to share it with, you are truly blessed. Many Light Warriors are totally isolated (physically, never spiritually) in their Ascension journey. Hence this blog. We Are With You. You are never alone. That’s why the comments are important – please support this community and leave comments, thank you.

Thanks to Deb whose comment inspired this post…!


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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


4 Replies to “Ascension: The Importance Of Knowing Your Values”

  1. Betül

    Being isolated is so hard and sometimes it feels really stuck. I am aware that I do not have to explain myself and these issues to people, but this way I cannot be myself enough for them. This feels stuck.

  2. Sheryl

    Dear one, I Am so delighted to have found you again after you released your former blog. As always, your spoken words and heart felt energy is a beautiful reflection of your Devine mission to/for humanity. Much love and gratitude!

  3. Patricia Jouve

    Thank you so much dear Sierra.I am one of these physically isolated Light warriors,and I enjoy your posts so much! I live close to you,in New Caledonia.
    Thank you for all that you do!
    God bless you