Energetic Group Upgrades

By Judith Kusel

The highest cosmic energic upgrades are now happening and in accelerated forms. The focus is on groups of souls so that we can truly adopt and live unity consciousness.

What it means is that the cleansing and releasing of very old negative karmic patterns will be emerging and has emerged, which you may have created with other souls over many lifetimes, and this concentrates now on a greater group of souls.

In other words, those groups of souls with whom you cocreated something together in past lives and where certain negative patterns repeated happened within this group content.

So often groups, and this includes those who were within the Mystery Schools and even those who followed certain teachers or gurus, started bickering amongst each other as the negative ego so often came to the fore and caused separation, for instance.

It could be that sometimes things occurred within this grouping, which is repeating itself in this lifetime, and which you now need to finally forgive and let go of.

When such deep soul wounds are present, they are often pushed so deeply into the sub-conscious that when they get triggered it can often appear as physical symptoms in the body.

In truth we are being forced into introspection and when we do ask what the underlying root problem is, then so often things will start surfacing, or we will suddenly find someone from our past, whom we have not interacted with for some time, contacting us out of the blue.

Whatever it is, pay attention and then continue doing the Forgiveness Decree, even if you need do this every time a soul memory bank is being triggered.

You may wish to ask for group healing.

Note the groups here also include family groupings. Remember the old clan systems which often carry over many lifetimes because of pacts made, or oaths etc. Again these now need to be released.

To me this is a beautiful Divine gift where we finally are set free from whatever has been before, and even in this lifetime and are now being imprinted with the Divine Vision of perfection for our new soul embodiment, on the New Earth!

What a gift of Divine Love and deep caring!