Benjamin Fulford Report: Khazarian Mafia Takedown Intensifies Despite 45 Day US Budget Truce

The undeclared civil war in the West is intensifying despite a 45-day budget truce that keeps the US Corporation in business for now. The important point to note is that no money is being sent to Ukraine; meaning the Khazarian mafia has no political bribe money from that source.

“Now that the fake Biden show won’t be sending more funds to the Ukrainian laundry, this may end rather quickly. Without the US aid, Europe will fold very fast. They want out as well,” CIA sources say. 

In any case, MI6, CIA white hats and Asian secret societies are now fully on the warpath.

Here for example is the MI6 reaction to reports Meghan Markle,-who sources say replaced Hillary Clinton as “Queen” of the Satanists in the US- was going to be “appointed” Senator for California to replace the deceased Diane Feinstein:

“We don’t have any interest in her because the interregnum means the British Royal family is all fired. A common bitch who along with all of the Queen’s family contributed to her death amongst many…They are all up for the chop and good riddance to bad rubbish. A bunch of money-grabbing creeps.”

It turns out Markle, who denies being a Satanist, turned down the job. Nonetheless, public confirmation of a change in UK power can be seen in British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak countermanding orders to send British troops to Ukraine.

We are also hearing from Asian secret societies that a purge has begun in Japan and other parts of East Asia. Here is a message from the Asians:

The Asians’ goal for 2024 is to put a definitive end to the indescribable evils and chaos generated by the polluting cacophony of men whose insatiable appetite is only matched by their propensity to destroy everything around them.

Let us start with the situation with the US budget. The first thing people need to understand is the current US system is broken and cannot be fixed, only replaced. The US government has, according to the St. Louis Fed and others, about $250 trillion in debt and unfunded liabilities. That is $735,000 for each man, woman and child in the country. It means if everybody spent their entire income without eating, paying rent etc, to pay down the debt, it would take 23 years.

The chart below illustrates how Americans have been living in debt, ie out of touch with physical reality since 2006.

This next chart shows that only 22% of US economic activity is based on physical reality. The rest are YouTubers, “financial advisers,” lawyers, etc.

My own experience is a metaphor for what the American and other Western people will go through as the bankruptcy of the corporate dictatorship takes place. At Forbes, I was given a high salary and only had to produce 18 stories per year. The combination of high wages and low work quota was soul-destroying and I was a decadent hedonist as a result. Last year as a freelancer I wrote well over 100 articles and published four books and felt great with plenty of time for play. This is what the entire West is about to go through as the fiat money heroin is cut off.

In case you don’t think it will be cut off, take a look that what is happening to the Federal Reserve Board fountain of fiat. They are being forced to lay off hundreds of staff due to unprecedented losses.

This means all the political kabuki theater in Washington DC is going to end soon.

The other thing to note is the fiat system has been sucking money out of the average American since 1971 when the US dollar was taken off the gold standard. In those days, before the KM took over the auto workers union, the average car assembler earned enough money to own a house and car plus support a family.

Now, the average income earner, who makes $71,214 a year, cannot afford the median-priced home in 99% of the 575 counties examined.

That is why nothing short of a revolution, followed by a jubilee, will restore prosperity and order to the average American and other Western debt slaves.

Make no mistake, a revolution has already begun in the worst way possible, with chaos and disorder as mobs rampage. In some recent signs of this Target has been forced to close nine stores across four states because of theft and crime. Meanwhile, mass looting is taking place in most US cities with Philadelphia being the most recent example.


The only hope seems to be martial law. However, the other thing to understand is the US military is now in fact working for the Chinese, whether they realize it or not. This is because the Chinese are paying to support US military operations around the world. In the real world, it is mostly Chinese, Japanese and Saudi Arabian money that is financing the US government and its operations around the world. “We decided it is cheaper to feed a guard dog than it is to fight a hungry wolf,” Asian secret society sources explain.

In a sign of this world military change, China and Saudi Arabia will hold joint military drills next month “aiming to deepen practical and friendly cooperation between the two militaries and improve the level of practical training for the troops.”

By the way, if anybody thinks the US would win a war against China, the US military just leaked the news China can build new naval vessels at a rate 232 times greater than the United States. The same applies to tanks, missiles, etc.

Also, the sudden floods that hit New York City after the fake Joe Biden threatened the world with weather warfare is a clear sign the US military does not have a monopoly on weather weapons.

Of course, the presence of nuclear weapons means that in reality any total war between China, Russia and the US would just destroy the planet so neither side expects to fight the other. Instead, they are likely to reach some sort of deal.

The US military under the new leadership of General Charles Q Brown is now expected to transform itself from an enforcer for Satan-worshipping oligarchs into a planetary protection force. Their new job will be to protect the weak and the vulnerable.

Of course, there is going to be a reckoning first. The US military under the traitor Mark Milley tried its’ hardest to kill 90% of humanity in order to keep its’ satanic overlords in power.

It has now been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt the US military carried out a bio-weapon and electromagnetic attack followed by the use of toxic vaccines in an attempt at genocide on a planetary scale.

The graphs below show excess mortality in Germany and Japan following the forced injection campaign. Similar numbers are being seen in other countries like Canada and the Untied (deliberate typo) States.

The link below connects you to over 2000 peer-reviewed scientific papers proving the toxicity of the gene-altering toxic injections.

Public prosecutors around the world are encouraged to use them when filing charges against local vaccine criminals.

This is mass murder on a scale not seen since World War II.

In Japan Professor Takayuki Miyazawa from Kyoto University -one of Japan’s leading virologists- is raising the alarm after discovering evidence strains of Covid have been manufactured. Other scientists have pointed out the mass deaths caused by vaccines. Underworld figures and right-wingers are planning to take matters into their own hands if the police do not prosecute the proven vaccine mass murderers there, various sources say.

A lot of oligarchs are also going to be facing justice soon. In one of many signs Google is criminally responsible, YouTube removed a very good video with Mike Tyson where Robert F Kennedy Jr. says “The real money is not in the vaccines. It’s in the remedies being sold for the injuries from the vaccines”. 

Another proven criminal is Bill Gates who asked President Trump ( 2017) to not investigate his ‘vaccines’…(quote)…“That’s a dead end…that would be a bad thing…don’t do that…” he showed his guilt. Now that the truth is out – get the nooses out

“The Vax weakened the immune system and 50% of them died through bacterial pneumonia building up in the mouth and lungs due to the masks.

The remaining deaths were caused by other vax side effects… zero people died directly of the Spanish Flu. Sound familiar?”

By the way, Polish intelligence have informed us about a certain Dr. Demetre Daskalakis the “simianpox coordinator” in the White House. He is Biden’s highest-paid employee, known for his desecration of Christ and obsession with Satan and the occult. Daskalakis, who turns 50 later this year, joined Biden’s staff less than a year ago. In that short period of time, he earned $260,718 – the highest salary in the White House, not including the president himself. Why haven’t we heard of him before?

Also, Elon Musk just posted this video on X about vaccines not being effective. Another video shows all the vaccine companies moving their headquarters to Ukraine.

The evidence is no longer deniable. War crimes tribunals are now inevitable.

The individuals illustrated below will all face the death penalty if found guilty by these tribunals.

These people know they are doomed now that their plan to kill 90% of humanity and permanently enslave the rest has failed.

This probably explains the following description from an Indian diplomat of Justin Castrudeau’s behavior when he was in India in September:

“My wife saw him at the airport in Delhi and said that Trudeau looked depressed and stressed. We don’t know the reason for that. I don’t know the reality, but social media and some ‘credible rumors’ suggest that his plane is full of cocaine. He also missed the President’s dinner because some people said he was out of his mind because of drug use. Given that, you can’t tell what’s going on in his head.”

True to Nazi custom, Trudeau “burned” all books published in 2008 or earlier because they did not meet his regime’s propaganda standards for public materials.

Trudeau proved his guilt by inviting Jaroslaw Hunka, an SS Nazi from Galicia, to address the Canadian Parliament to great applause. Hunka’s troops were responsible for at least 1.5 million deaths in Ukraine during World War II.

In case you don’t know, Adolf Hitler wrote in Mein Kampf that he wanted to enslave and then kill 90% of humanity. In other words, the Nazis were Sabbath-Franconian Jews, or what is now known as the Khazar mafia.

The Center for Israel and Jewish Affairs, which represents Jewish associations across the country, said it was deeply disturbed by the incident.

However, in a sign that many of them are still brainwashed, they added: “The Jewish community of Canada stands firmly with Ukraine in its fight against Russian aggression.”

The so-called leader of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky, has proven time and again through his actions that he is a Nazi. The stamp he issued to commemorate Hunka is just a small part of a mountain of evidence.

Jewish organizations must now officially denounce the genocide of Ukrainian men committed by Zelensky in collaboration with Yevgeny Prigozhin of the Wagner Group and others.

Zelensky’s men forcibly removed hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian men from the streets and had them killed with artillery. Russian FSB sources confirm that Zelensky and his generals gave Prighozhin precise artillery coordinates to ensure that the Ukrainian men were killed within four hours of their arrival at the front.

The defenseless Ukrainian women and children left behind were then sold as sex slaves or for organ removal. Over 60,000 children were tortured to death to obtain adrenachrome.

The Russian Foreign Ministry is actively collecting information about Kiev’s crimes against minors, said the ministry’s ambassador in charge of monitoring the Kiev regime’s crimes, Rodion Miroshnik.

The Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) and the State Bureau of Investigation are investigating General Valerii Zaluzhny.

the commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian armed forces, for treason. Senior officers have already been questioned, including the commander of the Joint Forces, Lt. Gen. Sergei Nayev, and Andrei Kovalchuk, the former commander of the southern zone.

Zelensky cannot return to Ukraine because he faces arrest and execution.


A reckoning is now also imminent in the former Yugoslavia, where Bill Clinton and Rockefeller committed similar crimes decades ago.

Fake US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby confirms that a “large Serbian military deployment along the border with Kosovo” took place last week. These include modern artillery, tanks and mechanized infantry units, he said.

Since most countries in the world do not recognize the criminal state of Kosovo, nothing will stop the Serbs from destroying the nest of satanists there, Serbian intelligence sources say.

(Regarding Kosovo, I have to interject here as the editor of Era of Light. The majority of ‘journalists’ have no idea of the true history of Kosovo and the Albanian people in the Balkans. So they assume and simply believe the claims of the Serbs, while Kosovo was not part of Serbia until 1913, when the maps of the Balkans were redrawn by the axis powers, and Kosovo was taken from Albania and given to Serbia. It is understood that the West intervened in Kosovo for their own interests, but the invitation for the intervention came from the elected leader of Albanians in Kosovo Dr. Ibrahim Rugova, as Serbia began its mass genocide on the ethnic Albanian population of Kosovo. I’ll stop here.)

People smugglers are also being rounded up in the West.

In Polk County, Florida, 219 people were arrested in an anti-human trafficking operation, including a school teacher and three Disney employees.

Dan Andrews, premier of the Australian state of Victoria, who presided over some of the world’s longest and most draconian COVID lockdowns, has officially resigned. In reality, he is under arrest and, according to Australian intelligence, will disappear from the scene.

There is also a mass popular uprising against the satanic ruling oligarchy and its servile political actors.

In Slovakia, the Russian-oriented populist Robert Fico has just won another election. Fico capitalized on anti-mask sentiment and stopped military aid to Ukraine

In Germany, two-thirds of the population want the country to accept fewer migrants as skepticism about immigration grows

No wonder they want to ban the AFD party in Germany. Imagine if Bundestag member Bernd Baumann had the courage to stand up and say this.

In Poland, an estimated 1.5 to 2 million people staged massive protests for changes in Poland’s administration, organized by the Civil Coalition, with slogans such as “We want normality and we will hold fraudsters and thieves accountable.”

In Israel, tens of thousands of people demonstrated across the country on Saturday evening against the government’s judicial reform in its 39th week.

In Sweden, the prime minister has summoned the head of the military to discuss how the armed forces can help police deal with the unprecedented crime wave caused by hundreds of thousands of male “asylum seekers” from the Middle East and Africa.

The Swedes are beginning to take the law into their own hands. A 26-year-old Middle Eastern taxi driver was charged with raping a 14-year-old girl in Sweden – then found hanged in a nature reserve. Now the girl, her boyfriend and three of his brothers are suspected of committing the very painful murder.

This is not about economic refugees looking for a better life. As evidence of this, the World Economic Forum (WEF) has seized control of several American military bases in Panama and is orchestrating the flood of migrants heading by the millions toward the southern border of the United States.

It also looks like England has been taken over by migrants. This is all part of the KM-WEF agenda.

By the way, this has nothing to do with race, but with immigrants adhering to local rules and laws, as you can see from British Home Secretary Suella Braverman’s statement: “Multiculturalism has failed.”

As we mentioned at the beginning of this report, the military whitehats in the Pentagon, the CIA and MI6 promise that they will finally act. The baton is now in your hand, General Charles Q. Brown. If you fail us, the consequences will be the greatest catastrophe to Western civilization since its beginnings thousands of years ago. All you have to do is obey the law and arrest the mass murderers, no matter how powerful or influential they are.


5 Replies to “Benjamin Fulford Report: Khazarian Mafia Takedown Intensifies Despite 45 Day US Budget Truce”

  1. Fred

    Ben’s job, as many others is to talk openly about many topics, but leave certain ones untold. It is another level of control. It’s purpose is to give you feeling of knowing the truth in the same time hiding real and actionable information. Treat it as good read but don’t count on it’s real value.

  2. Aleph

    Thanks Kejraj, always appreciate these top secret earth-shaking reports that you’re kind enough to provide us access to.

    I just wanted to point out that the graphic supposedly used for excess deaths in Japan actually shows the number of vaxxinations given to over 65’s. The graph goes up to 4 million which even someone who can’t read Japanese would see as odd.

    Furthermore, the link Ben provided in Japanese is from the lying, murderous Health Ministry/government and has been available and unchanged since Feb 2022. It shows no sign of excess death according to their statistical methods, which are obviously fake since there are charts available from citizen journalists that show a near perfect overlap with excess deaths and vaxxination rates.

    It’s hard to put much stock in Ben’s promise that Japan will finally be liberated when displaying this level of carelessness. He should know better.

    As for the characterization of Hitler wanting to eliminate 90% of humanity, rather than, you know, trying to dismantle the exact same forces that we are trying to eliminate… well, I’ll stop here too.

    It’s difficult to draw the line between simple ignorance and paid misinformation agents. Regardless, better to look within and not without, right?

    1. Lightworker

      Thanks for the context.

      Personally I view Ben Fulford as someone who is good-hearted, but mostly he just reports what other people tell him. And the information he gets from say the CIA might be accidentally wrong, or might even be intentional CIA disinformation.

      He’s also in contact with various criminal groups, which means that it’s possible that he occasionally gets told “do report this / don’t report that, or else.”

      In conclusion, I think Ben’s posts are worth reading, but need to be taken with a massive grain of salt. Some things are true, but if you follow him for a time, you’ll also note that he’s made plenty of predictions that didn’t pan out.

      And indeed, looking inward is ultimately more important than looking outward.

      1. Claude

        Yes, I agree with what you say, too. But I can assure you that the comments of the initial poster are correct and there really is no excuse for using that graph which is inexcusably lazy at best and intentionally deceiving at worst. He should know better. I hope he changes it to one of the legit ones.