October 2023 Energy Forecast

By Lena Stevens

Just to clarify, being ruthless does NOT mean using it as an excuse to be nasty, mean spirited, judgmental or rejecting of others.

Being Ruthless this month means being ruthless with yourself and resetting the habits of complaining and whining about your life into real action for improvement, evolution and change. There is still an element of letting go of the dead weight as well as the opportunity to be open to receiving something new in its place.

This will not happen unless you get off the fence and actually do something to improve your life. Enough talk, enough planning, enough complaining. You deserve better and it is time to take advantage of the very potent energies we have this month with the 2 eclipses. You have the opportunity to finally set yourself on a new track by changing the story and giving up the attachment to anything of the past including all disappointments, successes, identities, traumas, resentments, and any way you hold yourself or others hostage to unresolved issues. Don’t waste this time in ambivalence or judgment. The road ahead may not yet be clear but the road behind you should be very clear especially regarding what you do not wish to re-create.

The ruthlessness is personal. What have you been procrastinating? This reflects on all areas of your life, your health habits, physical self-care, discipline, relationships, unsatisfactory or toxic situations, personal environment, clutter, negative thoughts etc. It is a big time of taking responsibility and raising your ability to have and receive something better. The month can certainly trigger irritation, impatience and resentment as you face what is no longer tolerable. Stay out of blame and be proactive with changing one small thing at a time. It may be painful to let go of some things, but if your intuition points to needing that release, focus on the space it will create for something new to be created.

The month is a highly creative time and a good connection with the earth is crucial. Without grounding it is easy to spin out and lose yourself in drama, scatter and confusion. Be ruthless about your daily practices and disciplines and you will be rewarded with good results. Eclipses always bring about change. And, when there is change, something has to be released. As a collective, we are moving to a higher vibration and that in itself can be discombobulating. Working with the earth and staying grounded will help during these times where there can be a bit of chaos and uncertainty.

Watch for unnecessary aggression that stems from anxiety in yourself and others. The energy can be turbulent at times this month and it is necessary to trust that all is as it should be and that all is evolving in the right direction. As always, we suggest you follow your intuition and the intelligence of your heart when making decisions and choices. This can be a truly transformative month if you stay disciplined, grounded, balanced and ruthless.

How the month shows up:


Ruthlessness here means making a complete inventory of your habits, relationships, attachments, patterns, practices, stories, discontents, irritations, grievances, and any ways you are living your life that does not make you happy or satisfied. This could be very discouraging however if you can be proactive and ruthless with the sorting process you will actually feel energized by what you are able to release and inspired by the space you create for something new.

Be prepared for change as others will also be in their own process of being ruthless and some of this may affect you. Your practices are crucial this month, especially working with the earth to stay grounded. Anything you can do to keep strongly connected with your heart and your allies will also help. This is a powerful month for raising your self-esteem and ability to have more. Practice the mantra “I deserve more, I deserve better” especially when you are having trouble letting go of an attachment that no longer serves you.

Sort your inventory by what feels burdensome and what feels inspiring to you and use the portal of the eclipses to make changes that feel right.


Be willing to disappoint others around choices and decisions that are ruthless but serve you best. Practice good boundaries and set strong intentions when dealing with both existing relationships and new ones that may be coming into your life. Follow the intuition of your heart without getting trapped in emotional confusion.

This month can bring some relationship breakthroughs as you raise your sense of self-worth and create new rules around what you are willing to put up with. Relationships worth working on can improve dramatically through good communication as well as some needed truth telling and the setting of boundaries. Don’t blame others for your dissatisfaction, instead, be proactive and do something about it. This is especially challenging for family dynamics and feelings of responsibility where there are expectations to either fix or to fit in. Use your intuition about what is right and always come from a place of kindness and compassion.

The ruthless nature of the month may be hard on some relationships.  If they are already on their way out, find a clean and efficient way to complete them and move on. Always make your choices to change about yourself and never about them.


Being ruthless here will take lots of discipline as we are a culture that is used to regular gratification especially through comfort substances and habits. At the same time, this is an area of common complaining and dissatisfaction. You are in the driver’s seat on this one and it is up to you to be a bit ruthless in the area of your life. We suggest some good practices of working with sources of energy and support such as the earth, the sun and the elements of water, fire and air. Paying attention to how nature supports you can change your relationship with your health; how the plants nourish you, how the water cleanses and replenishes you, how fire transforms the old but also ignites your creative source and how air moves energy with your breath.

Be ruthless about eliminating bad habits that do not serve your physical, mental or emotional well-being. It may be a tough discipline, but if not now, when? This should be coupled with strong intentions for higher havingness and deserveabililty. You are worth it. This includes making choices to stay in your own lane and out of toxic environments and away from toxic people. Remember that you cannot digest any energy that is not yours. If you have taken on someone else’s issues, the consequence may be that you experience digestive issues. A good clearing of foreign energy can be helpful.


This is a good month for reflecting, refining, being ruthless about what needs restructuring, what to eliminate and what to bring in that is new. There is good energy and inspiration for new ideas that can help give a face lift to existing projects. Reach out to others, perhaps even new relationships and connections to give new life to stagnant situations.

Around the eclipses is not a good time to take a big risk without having really good clarity. The intention should be for improvement and change but allow some time to process whatever inspiration or opportunity happens around that time. Later in the month will be better for taking actual steps in the area of business and partnerships. Use the time to plan, organize and test the waters before completely committing especially to something requiring a big financial outlay. Time and your intuition will tell what the universe is ready to support.


We continue to be surprised by unexpected situations and events around climate and weather specifically. We say this every month; however, it is still highly recommended to be as flexible as possible with plans, schedules and expectations especially around travel. Mother Nature can be ruthless and there is nothing you can do about it except accept it and adapt.

Since we have the theme of being ruthless this applies directly to your personal environment and continuing to eliminate anything that feels like dead wood. If you don’t love it, get rid of it. If you have excess, curb your habit of acquiring more and use what you have. Find security in your ability to be adaptable and resourceful instead of relying on a cluttered environment as your security. This does not mean you have to become a minimalist, just a reasonable consumer.


October 1-7

Strive for balance during this time as you begin to notice intensely what is out of balance and where you will need to be ruthless. Think of the breakthroughs you can experience instead of what is uncomfortable and discouraging in the moment. Look for support among your positive relationships and make a plan for your good intentions around change and improvement.

This is a good time to take inventory in the areas of your life where you may need to be ruthless about choices especially about your health and personal well-being. Don’t get discouraged. Get proactive instead.

October 8-15

This is a good window to work on your self-esteem and self-worth and raising your havingness to deserve better. Be ruthless about removing yourself from any toxic situation that belittles your self-worth. It is also a good time to set boundaries and new rules with regards to relationships. The truth may be challenging but if you focus on the lessons learned, you may gain understanding that will inspire a passion for something new.

Your boundaries may be tested during this time. Stay in your own lane and trust the intelligence and intuition of your heart. Don’t take things personally and give others space from a place of compassion and kindness.

October 14

New Moon in Libra and partial solar eclipse is Saturday, October 14 at 11:55AM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT) The eclipse window is from 9:15Am to approximately 12 noon and a ring of fire may be seen in some areas. This is a very important time that initiates the eclipse window marking a time of intense change and transformation. The energy is somewhat unstable and may cause you to feel unbalanced. A bit of imbalance is positive as it encourages a reset however you may want to make sure you are grounded and connected to the earth in these somewhat turbulent times. Take some time to acknowledge where you need to be ruthless even if it is just a plan for now. If you have clarity about something that needs clearing out, do it now.

Open yourself up to new possibilities and new inspirations. It is a creative time to reach for support and acknowledge the changing vibration on the planet. Do your part by raising the vibration of something in your life or environment through an improvement or change. No matter how small, the significant thing is to start somewhere.

October 16-23

There is bit more clarity as we process post eclipse events and insights. Watch that your ruthlessness does not overdo in discarding people and things that are actually important. You may become irritated by situations beyond your control. Take responsibility for what you can change as well as for your attitude around what you can’t change. And, you don’t have to always be right. Practice kindness and give people the space they need to make their own choices and decisions without you being in control. This time frame ends with a good window for setting intentions around positive and healthy relationships. You are worthy of love and support so be a little ruthless about eliminating what is not providing it.

October 24-31

This can be a dramatic time of important decisions that have a significant impact as well as a highly creative time where dreams become manifest. There could be unexpected events so stay present and aware. It is a good time for a bid for power you have been chewing on. You will know if it is right timing by the support you receive. The bid for power may be a ruthless choice to eliminate something from your life that has been there for a long time and has served its purpose and is now at the end of its usefulness. The bid for power may also be a step up into a new identity, a new responsibility, a new position, environment or relationship. Enjoy the process and stay grounded and focused, practical and organized.

October 28

Full Moon in Taurus with a partial Lunar eclipse is Saturday October 28, at 2:24 PM Mountain Daylight Time.

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Have a great month!


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