The Telosians: The Power Within You

Channel: Marie Josée Andichou

Dear brothers and sisters of the Earth, we salute you. We are happy to be able to help you through all the messages that we send you and whose themes are different from each other but always have one very important point in common: THE FORCE OF LOVE within you.

Indeed, we receive requests for help from a large number of humans who, not knowing enough about their own Power and their own Power, turn to all of us, your Brothers and Sisters of Light, in order to obtain either healing, or help in your family life or your social life, etc.

We listen to your requests, we offer you Our Love and spread Our Light over you in order to support you but know, we repeat, that we do nothing for you. You have the free will to experience this or that thing, this or that adventure in your life, it is you who decide the path that this should take and it is not up to us to interfere in this path. If we intervened in your life to rectify this or that discrepancy, if we did things for you, how would you understand the mistakes you make? 

In this case you would not be able to move forward on your life path, you would stagnate. However, the goal of life on Earth, of your incarnated life on this planet, is precisely to evolve in the understanding of who you are, to understand the Divine STRENGTH and POWER that are within you. It is up to you to do and live this work of understanding, it is up to you to project yourself deep into your heart, where your Divine Being is anchored which gives you life, and to experience this Force and this together. Power that you are.


We are talking to you about this because very recently we transmitted a message on this subject to three humans who were looking for all the help they expected from our Beings in us. We explained to them that we are there to support them but not to do things for them as we have just said above.

Many humans call for help from such a Being of Light, such a saint, to help them in their lives. But this large number of humans think that these Beings of Light, these saints to whom you pray, will act in their place. We say NO to you ! They will not do anything for you but they will offer you all their Love which will give you “a boost” to encourage you to understand that the True Strength is within you.

This could be revealed by a sudden click of understanding, it could be revealed by an unexpected meditative act that you will be led to experience for a more or less long time. Meditative times to meet your STRENGTH and your POWER can be experienced at any time and in peaceful places such as Nature or a place in your home, a place which will be for you your little refuge for meeting yourself.

It is important to understand that the DIVINE FORCE can do EVERYTHING. We have already said this in many posts. But this DIVINE FORCE is in you because you are all, without exception, the Divine Sparks that the Creator has spread throughout all the universes and, for you, on Earth.

Now, what is there in this Divine Spark? There is, of course, and you cannot doubt it, all the FORCE and LIGHT of LOVE of the Creator. So why doubt your DIVINE STRENGTH and POWER? They are in you and YOU ARE THEM.

We have often told you that the little earthly power, whether political or otherwise, is nothing compared to your INTRINSIC POWER. You are the Greatest Power of Love that exists in all the universes because you are HIM through the Divine Spark that gives you life.

Understand this, meet your Divine Spark as often as possible and ask it for EVERYTHING you desire to experience IN LOVE because, thus, you will contact the Creator of all life who can do Everything.

Have confidence in Life, have confidence in your Divine Spark, it hears you, it listens to you as long as you meet it with kindness, Love and gentleness.

We accompany you with Great Love. We love you.


2 Replies to “The Telosians: The Power Within You”

  1. nameless

    Yes, but I have a question. Why didn’t I meet the person who did that in person? The same goes for others. I think I’ve come across it in books or in writing or in videos. There were many such beings in the past, but why did they suffer bad things? If someone really accomplished it, why is the world still like this?

    1. the_complaint_department

      Are you actually asking why you did not meet the Divine Creator in person? This is very confusing given that you start your comment on an agreement with something and what the whole article is basically saying is that you shouldn’t rely on anyone else to act on your place.

      The other questions seem to be based on assumptions from other sources, but are way too generic to even guess what you’re talking about.