Hakann: Why Our Intervention Could Lead to Instability

Channel: A.S

My dearest brothers and sisters,

This is Hakann speaking. I greet you in peace and love.

My message from last week was: “Hakann: We Will Likely Intervene in 2024 or 2025“. In it I shared that if we intervened, then things may turn out fine, but there was a small chance of there being for example a hundred years of instability afterwards. People had questions about that, so I’ll share my perspective on this in more detail.

Now, few people are as outright evil as the dark controllers are. However, many people on Earth at this time prioritize either the strength of their own nation, or the strength of what they perceive as their group, or some supposed greater good over the well-being and freedom of others.

Several countries also have realpolitik considerations that basically say that at all times you must be working to protect your nation from the worst possible thing that your rival could do. According to realpolitik, conquering or exploiting innocent other countries is a viable option if that makes you safer or better able to defend yourself.

But of course, if some countries are willing to exploit or conquer other countries to protect themselves from moves that their rivals could make, then everyone is unsafe. Then many countries start behaving in this more or less psychopathic way to ensure their own safety.

If we remove the dark controllers and their institutions, then humanity will be much strengthened. You will be less poisoned, you will recover the technology that the dark controllers suppressed and you will have less of your money and productivity stolen by them. However, then it’s possible that whoever comes into power next won’t conclude “great, let’s now all live in peace.” It’s entirely possible that they will then conclude: “great, now let’s establish hegemony for my country” or “great, now let’s quickly weaponize this new technology and destroy my rival before they figure out how to weaponize it” or “great, now we’re able to force socialism on everyone, whether they want to or not, for the greater good of course.” There could also be a movement by some people to seek to make nations much less powerful and establish a one-world government, and that could genuinely have good intentions, but that could become corrupted. And while I know that many people are very much against a one-world government, many others would support such an initiative.

So basically, if we remove the dark controllers, we’re removing a heavy load from the shoulders of your countries, as well as giving your countries a big hammer (the suppressed technology). Now fundamentally we do wish to empower you. And if you used that hammer to build something that helps the people, then that would be great. However, at your current state of consciousness, it’s entirely possible that your countries will use their new hammer to attack rival countries, or to build an even stricter system of authoritarianism.

As an illustration for this: near the end of world war two, the British seriously considered surprise-attacking the Soviet Union. This was called Operation Unthinkable. This illustrates that even during times when the people desire relief and peace, and when peace is possible — it was the end of world war two — there are always realpolitik people and ideologues around who will use any opportunity to launch a new war.

Yes, there will be many people who will genuinely wish to live in freedom and peace, and to let others live in freedom and peace. However, those people don’t tend to actively seek power, and don’t tend to play ruthless power games to get power. So even if we removed the dark controllers, it’s entirely possible that they would be replaced with other dark gray people, who would seek to for example quickly weaponize the new technology and attack their neighbors. Also, most people tend to naively assume that whoever their leaders are, those leaders can be blindly trusted to work in the interest of the people.

Again, I’m not saying that if we intervene then this is guaranteed to happen. But yes, there is a small probability that if we intervene and there’s no solar flash or splitting of timelines, then Earth humans will spend the next say 100 years painfully going through struggles of imperialism and authoritarianism and “we will force the people to comply for the supposed greater good”-ism. We’re convinced that eventually you will learn your lessons, but those lessons might be painful and might take quite a long time. If we intervene, there is a probability that for some time afterwards you could be ruled over by new dark-gray hats who will still start wars and try to force their citizens to comply. This is what we mean when we talk about instability.

We’re not going to pre-emptively arrest every person who might do bad things if the dark controllers are removed. If we arrest the dark controllers, we’re then not going to also arrest every dark-gray hat who gets into office. We can’t just keep arresting people, and we will not rule over you. We can’t teach you to value freedom by forcing you down the road to freedom. You are going to have to learn to live together with other humans, without trying to exploit each other or try to force each other to comply for the supposed greater good.

If the currently relatively powerful people have to go through the painful process of freeing Earth themselves, then we think they come out of this process valuing freedom and transparency more. Whereas we think that if we intervene and solve humanity’s problem ourselves, then if those relatively powerful people get into full power, they will be more likely to want to engage in imperialism or “force the people to comply for the supposed greater good”-ism.

Note that we’re not quite making the same argument as the gray hats here. The gray hats often make the argument that it’s okay to let average people suffer in order to wake them up. We don’t agree: we think humanity should free itself as quickly as possible, which means that the gray hats should make a move as quickly as possible. We don’t want this period to stretch on. Instead, our perspective is that Earth humans should free themselves, so that people in positions of relative power clean out their own house and learn the lesson of freedom in the process. So we’re not saying “average people should suffer so that they wake up.” We’re saying “the moderately-powerful people should ideally solve Earth’s problems themselves, so that they then don’t turn around and immediately start trying to attack other countries or try to force citizens to comply.”

We think that many average people are in an emotional survival state. However, many of the people in positions of relative power aren’t in such a state, because they typically have more access to money and healthcare and information. Hence these people in positions of relative power — who might run your countries in the future — often are in an emotional state where they still are able to take action and learn lessons and process information. So these people in positions of relative power could benefit from learning the lesson of freedom, gained by going through the process of actually freeing humanity themselves.

Though of course, there’s a balance there. On one hand we think it’s not wise for us to intervene in 2023, so that Earth humans have a bit more time to free themselves and learn their lessons. But on the other hand, we’re not going to let you suffer forever. Which is why in the previous message we shared that if there was no big gray hat move or solar flash, then likely we would intervene in 2024 or 2025.

I understand that the picture I’m painting here isn’t as neat and pretty as: there’s a galactic intervention or solar flash, and then everyone lives in peace and harmony and freedom with each other, forever. If it was that easy, then there would have been a galactic intervention or a solar flash years ago. The reality is that many people are still eager to attack or exploit others for their own or for their country’s gain. There are still many people eager to force others to comply for the supposed greater good. And if we intervene, those people could get into power, which could lead to what we’ve been calling instability.

It’s entirely possible that if we land openly and we talk to you all face to face, we can help motivate and uplift enough people so that humanity will start living together in peace and freedom and harmony. But it’s also possible that we will not be able to convince enough of you, because after all you have free will. You would be surprised how resistant ambitious and powerful people are to suggestions along the lines of: “everyone should live in peace and freedom, we’ll give you the support you need to accomplish that.” Often people with an unintegrated ego have the mindset of: “It is not sufficient that I succeed. Everyone else must fail.” Because only then, when they live in luxury and other people are struggling, does their ego truly feel superior to everyone else.

Whereas if everyone lives in peace and freedom, then they are no longer one of the few powerful and successful people, in a sea of people who are suffering and struggling. If everyone lives in peace and freedom, then they are just another person. And their unintegrated ego doesn’t like that.

It’s a strange mindset for me to wrap my head around, but many Earth humans genuinely are like this, including dark gray people who aren’t part of the dark controllers — and again, those people are much more likely to seek power, and play the dirty power games necessary to get power.

So basically, we’re not just looking at freeing you from the dark controllers. We’re also thinking about: what happens after that? Because if we intervene and remove the dark controllers, then we are creating a huge power vacuum, and there may very well be dark-gray people looking to exploit that power vacuum. Slightly delaying our intervention makes it less likely that there will be instability after the dark controllers are removed.

And yes, there can still be a solar flash that shoves everyone into 5D, but as discussed in last week’s message, right now that would kill a lot of people. We’re hoping that that won’t be necessary. Hopefully you will free yourselves, or failing that, we will intervene in probably 2024 or 2025. Hopefully through face-to-face contact we can then help motivate and uplift enough of you that humanity will choose peace and freedom.

I hope this clarifies things. Thanks for all your comments and questions.

Finally, this is a period where you lightworkers — the people who we feel the most affinity with — are getting squeezed from all sides. You are the ones who have done the most truth-seeking and self-development and going-inwards work. You are incredibly brave and hard-working. Yet as a result, it’s quite likely that people treat you worse than they treat sleepers and worse than they treat people who are letting their unintegrated ego run wild.

It’s completely unfair to you. I’m sorry.

The fact that despite this, most of you keep going on, is incredibly impressive and inspiring to us. You’re doing amazingly well. You are the wayshowers, the lighthouses in the darkness, the energy workers, the consciousness pioneers on Earth, and we are very grateful to you. When we finally land, you will have a place of honor among us and be more than welcome to live among us. We cannot wait to meet you.

With love and respect,

Your star brother,

For Era of Light


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121 Replies to “Hakann: Why Our Intervention Could Lead to Instability”

  1. Tricia

    Thank you dear brother Hakaan and A.S 🙏💖❤️ First of all I can only speak for myself here but I do not blame you, the galactic federation or source for any of this. It is up to me to do the inner work and transcend myself beyond the current situation on earth, you have given us love and concern for our welfare and earth, the tools to do our inner work, you have prevented the situation from being so much worse having you all around… the list is endless really the support we have from you all. I feel as a light worker and coming to earth as a volunteer it was to help mother Gaia it was her who made the call for help and Source saw to it she would be sent the best ones that could help her. If she wants to wait another two years to save as much as humanity as she can so they make the shift then to me it is no question I will do it for Her it is what I signed up to do. I would never agree to half of humanity to die in a solar flash it would feel like the same decision the dark ones would make only they do it through poisoning, disease, war, famine….. I wish you all well and hope to see you soon 💖❤️🙏Let’s keep praying the light being streamed to earth will awaken many asleep and hopefully if they receive the faith and compassion in them it might just happen in time … if time really matters. I love you all

  2. solar flash

    Lets put our collective freewill into a voting since prime creator loves free will choices.

    A) we ask source to intervene by initiating the solar flash or the more humane-no death event such as splitting of timelines within 2023 with clear pros and cons regarding this choice

    B) We extend and endure more of the same under the cabal because source will allow extension of their rule for the sake of waking up the sleepers beyond 2026

    Voting will be thru our thoughts as source can read them.

    Obviously , there will be a landslide win in favor of source intervening within 2023 as majority of lightworker will never agree to martyr themselves for more crap from the very same sleepers they are suppose to assist.

    Source knows this, so the question is will source honor this freewill choice or will he force his will to ask lightworkers to bear more pain

    1. the_complaint_department

      I believe both things have already happened. Date pushing has turned some lightworkers away from optimal timeline; and under the guise of hopefulness they started ‘tolerating’ Source’s decision instead of backing it up. They’re living Zeno’s Paradox, Groundhog Day… Ironic isn’t it? It’s not the sleepers holding lightworkers back, it’s other lightworkers.

  3. salusa1111

    Hakann. Thanks for taking such interest in our planet. As you know, us starseeds came here to lift the vibrations on planet Earth (Terra). I personally am a starseed from SIRIUS. The 100 year timeline in my opinion will never happen. The overseers of Earth (Terra), tell us that we will ascend to 5d in 2032. These are light beings who are non-physical, and are dimensions much higher than yourself. My personal opinion is that you should please intervene next year. Look what just happened in Israel. Was that Illuminati? Was that a Satanic sacrifice from Netanyahu? Did the white hats act appropriately?

  4. Collin

    Thank you Hakann for this clarification. I think this line of reasoning makes sense. It would not make sense to remove the dark controllers and then have other controllers fill the power vacuum, even if those controllers were not as evil as the original controllers. It would also be frightening to know that the new controllers have new advanced technology they didn’t have previously. I also agree with your statement that it is better that people learn to value freedom and transparency by going through the painful lessons necessary to achieve such freedom and transparency. I think a lot of what is happening on Earth now boils down to people (ordinary citizens as well as people with power) passing the buck instead of looking within for the solutions to problems. I agree that most people are in an emotional survival state, but in my opinion a lot of people don’t do the work necessary to heal themselves, gather necessary information, and demand accountability from people in positions of power. I also think that the gray hats don’t do nearly enough to stop the dark controllers, limit conflicts, and initiate disclosure. In other words, there is a lot of buck passing going on. This is our planet and we need to fight for it. It would be disappointing to me if we had to rely on the Light Forces to do all the work for us. It doesn’t seem right. I hope it doesn’t come to that. I still have faith in humanity to stand up to the dark controllers and reclaim this planet. Keep providing important updates. Thanks again.

  5. nameless

    In addition, I have a question. What do you think about the content of this article? The content of the reference is very good, but there’s a sentence that says, “Grey, black, white hat, they’re going to ask us for a price.” Why do we keep being deceived in this way?Is what we were hoping for a falsehood? What do you think? It’s a really tough situation.

    1. the_complaint_department

      I have certainly already said enough in this article, but I must say it’s hard to understand what you mean: I could not find such sentence in the article contents, and if by ‘reference’ you meant ‘comments’: wouldn’t it be easier to reply on the comment itself? It’s a dense topic and nobody used those precise words.

  6. AsTime GoesOn

    As I see it, the situation on earth is this. The significant forces that can bring positive change for the better of all inhabitants of earth are the grey hats. It seems obvious that they have there own agenda which is to let things continue as it is and kick the can down the road and hoping for small incremental changes to the general public. As Hakann stated, the grey hats have their own egos and way of retaining power and influence that has governed their seeming inaction. With the time line intervention by the Galactics mentioned as being 2024 or 2026 at the latest, the cabal/black hats probably feel they have the green light to create as much death and destruction as possible believing that they won’t give in to the light forces and will go down to the last person. Given this scenario, we can expect more intense painful suffering by the masses who have the least influence in generating change. And by design, the Galactics are giving tacit approval for this ongoing suffering.
    Humanity is not in the same situation as the time of Atlantis. Whatever remnant guilt from that time period by the Galactics must not be transferred to this modern time and situations. Sure, caution is prudent but who allowed the dark forces to run amok for thousands of years that reduced humanity to slavery to the dark agenda? And with the evil one’s tentacles spread throughout all areas of our world, they expect us to rise up and save ourselves? Or depend on the grey hats who have been dragging their feet for so long? It’s time to end this awful experiment and intervene to restore peace and prosperity. The Galactics can then maintain a presence while humanity evolves and monitor the situation, much as a prisoner who is put on probation with strict conditions for behavior. I don’t see anything wrong with that. Free will will be overlooked? How much free will did humanity have over these tens of thousands of years of control by the dark ones? Sure, there were some enlightened individuals throughout history, but look at where we are in these final days. An enemy who is doing everything possible to destroy us and people crying out for help and not seeing anyone respond to their needs.

  7. Luis

    500k CCP in underground bunkers inside the US already for a Red Dawn. The CIA is recruiting mercenaries, released from prison felons, Antifa, BLM all as soldiers. A Colorado Springs base is Biden compromised as was Maui military bases, General Charles Flynn. ***The Third Dimension is the world of lies, deception. competition, destructive criticism, selfishness, theft, fraud, fame and greed. Control and power is the goal. Backstabbing, malice and cultivating low frequency for conviction and control. These are actions that put firm locks on the Portal to the Fifth Dimension. ***We are in a battle between good and evil. They want your DNA and your SOUL that is why they have tried so hard to shut down your Pineal Gland, more importantly they want us all dead. We are taking back our spiritual sovereignty from them but to do that we must wake up to who they are, why they’re here and how they stay in control. This is why we’re here at this time in our history. We cannot heal our planet until we figure out how it’s been corrupted by this Archon Network and their synthetic reptilian machinery. This will be a major red pill for the Human race.
    ***Twenty seven mega caches of gold assets exist on this planet and are controlled by monks, elders and enlightened souls ALL of which are held in their possession, the legal contracts and agreements with the Noble House of Hughes. There are monks and elders who know that this gold was accumulated here on Earth, not merely to provide a gold backing for global currencies, but it has been pre-positioned here to save the planet from a pending global cataclysm, precipitated by a cyclical solar micro-nova in 2046. This is in addition to the 650 plane loads of gold confiscated from underneath the Vatican (from Vatican City connected with Jerusalem, for the first 150 miles/241 kms there was found a huge amount of gold estimated at 34 Quadrillion, stacked 13 feet high, now at Fort Knox). When they went to Buckingham Palace, they found similar, huge amounts of gold etc., stored up for the wealthy, having been robbed from the poor. It was all taken to Fort Knox for safe keeping. There’s the Saint Germain trust, The Rodriguez trust and the white spiritual boy trust (WSB, born in the Philippines grew up in Africa) that will supply Nesara/Gesara with ample gold. They also found stored food/drinks enough to feed the entire planet for a 150 years (14.2 billion tons of high quality food, They have been analyzed. The samples did not contain toxic substances that are normally released in the general population). There has been another discovery of Diamond mine with far more Diamonds to reduce the rarity of existing diamonds. $800 Trillion was also disclosed in both Bush and Clinton presidencies, but not applied to the debt or the economy of the USA, and Asian countries also owed money to the US that was recovered. According to primarywater.org water recycles itself so there is water everywhere on the planet if dug deep enough. Another substantially larger ocean has been discovered underneath the Atlantic ocean. Oil recycles itself, it’s not from Dinosaur fossils with more than enough in Alaska or Texas for America. Even when a meteor lands on earth it too contains substantial gold among its rare minerals to support humanity. Tunnels beneath the Vatican contained 50 miles of scrolls containing the true history of the world being kept from the eyes of the public. 777 books deleted from the original bible have been found. 6500 page Taoist (Lao Tsu) book is still read by initiates predating the bible. There are now 8300 med beds in America and 5 million globally for health conditions.

    1. Lexie

      The copy/pasting is not helpful. I mean this is a “comment” section. Please stick to replies to the channeled message.

  8. unionylibertad

    Thank you Hakann… I cannot wait to meet you all either…I was thinking that if an intervention if not the most recommended step, or if neither is the removal of all those dark ones or those that do not have the best interest for all of humanity, then how about empowering those of us that need to concentrate in finalizing our mission…There is a lot of nonsense we have to deal with on a daily basis…And it is exhausting…I am eagerly looking for and wishing for some type of a boost into a higher way of existence…This reality is becoming unbearable…With so much Love to you, Tunia and all of the crew up in the ships…

  9. Luis

    Major corporations are going to war, for “causes and ideals” but most importantly for profit, because multiple money-making war machines are humming. Corporate entities are “doing battle,” and they’re all getting richer during the horror and the slaughter. War-machine government/corporations do battle to protect other corporations as well. INTERVENE IN 2023.
    Real Trump is In Cheyenne Mountains (Colorado Springs) since 2020. There have been over 200 attempts (two clones killed) to kill President Donald Trump, two (poisoning salt/lip stick) on his wife and two (kidnapping/assassination attempts) on Barron. The left impeached Trump for exposing a crime then replaced Biden who committed the crime. “There have been 107 attempts on Trump’s life,” the last one just last week. (August 21-27, 2023). [Charlie Ward] There’s a channel (Michael Ellegion) who admits Trump was assassinated in 2012 but was put into a medbed and brought back to life erasing his memory of the incident. [https://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2023/10/q-phones-medbeds-trumps-assassination-casino-cyberattacks-ebs-horus-eye-and-more-video-3800088.html] A missile was fired at Trump from a submarine decommissioned & recommissioned by the deep state but shot down by an F16.[Judy notes 9.2.23]

  10. Lexie

    Well, despite our love and light being sent across the planet, we now have instability in Israel. The dark ones managed to execute a despicable attack. Many earthly lives ended and dozens taken underground, being held hostage and no doubt being tortured. I have to ask, how much pain and suffering will be sufficient to warrant intervention? Is there a percentage? Very disappointing and not easy being alone down here fending for ourselves. But we asked for this correct? Dear God what were we thinking to agree to incarnate in such a hideously dark life, unable to enjoy the beautiful wonders of this Earth that God created for us. Oh well. I guess I’ll just get back to my survival mode.

  11. Xd30

    On earth’s liberation, I think to let all of us know how the different galactics live their lives could be of huge help.

    It could be a huge inspiration for earth human. Imagine you are poor and live in a dusty tiny house, and all neighbors around you live in the same kind of dusty tiny house, naturally you will think to live like this is the only way, the only possibility. But if you have been invited to a nice castle, you might come home thinking you can build your own castle. You know there are other possibility than to suffer.

    The majority of earth unawakened human can really use this kind of inspiration. They need to understand that the “castle” is valid, not some made up fantasy, that comes only from our imagination and is created to be a consolation in the face of harsh cold reality.

    This ALONE will serve as a huge impact, an eye-opener.

    1. Xd30

      (And that is why the light workers tend to feel more pain in earth’s everyday than the average unawakened person. Because they know more clearly and specificly what it could be. So it seems way more unbearable to the light workers to “smell the cake and not eat it”.)

  12. Zuza

    I wish I could talk with you Galactics in person. I understand your point, and I get it even on a heart level. You have access to far more info than we here.
    Yet, I also feel the people here. I see sleeping ones, who don’t understand and dont connect the dots. The amount of suffering is growing day by day. I try to raise my kids in awareness and in love. I teach them about the light, I teach them who they are, and that they are the change. I hope and pray every day for the change to come soon. We deserve it, our children deserve it. I hope you can directly support at least them, our children, our future. They know about you, but they spend all days among sleeping people and system programming.

  13. WK

    It is a necessity that those enpowered Love their people, only then will they be able to truly serve them.

  14. Saphire

    The joke is on Humanity!! The Christians are Still waiting for the Rapture!!😂 You’ll are waiting for the Solar Flash!!!😕
    I’m just going to relax till my scheduled transition day and cross over and move on and enjoy Paradise🌞

  15. cxilixo

    The real cause of social instability is the dark controller, and when the dark controller is removed, do you think the society is still unstable, and it is unstable for a long time, what is the reason? You’re actually making excuses

  16. Xd30

    And I really suspect there be no superiority. There should be, only for the right reason. If in the future there’s no superiority at all, then what about when some are actively doing more to help others and some simply do nothing? The former should superior to the later, otherwise its not fair and its equal to promoting laziness.

    Even right now on earth, if you say “oh everyone should be equal”, but I don’t think so. People do a lot of good deeds should superior to people hurt a lot of other people and commit a lot of crimes.

    Its not good (to completely remove superiority)and people who say things like that is not being honest.

    1. the_complaint_department

      You help if you want, how much you want. Doesn’t make you superior. Competitive mindset is only a reptilian culture trait.
      The proposed hierarchy is based on accepted specific merit, not generic superiority.

      1. Xd30

        Its not a matter of mind-set. It is the fact. The amount of everyone contribute is different. Its the same as two apple is more than one apple. You can’t think that away with any mind-set.

        1. the_complaint_department

          … actually you can. It’s a bit more tricky with apples than ‘amount of help’, but doable. If you’re not stuck to some mind-sets, at least…

          1. Xd30

            Clearly you can’t. Because if doing something is equal to not doing it, then why would we ask for intervention?

          2. Xd30

            Besides people don’t lose anything in recognizing others contributing more than themselves, if that is actually the case. Hence why the resistance?

    2. Xd30

      One more thing not directly relative to the article but to “superiority”.

      Several decades ago there was a trend to tell people to “completely get rid of shame”. It is too, very much suspicious to me. Its popular then.

      But in my opinion, you should NOT get rid of it completely. Yes, probably if you are ashamed bc you are poor or you have physical or mental issue or anything like that, it’s best you work on healing and stop feeling ashamed for those reason. But if you hurt, kill, rape other people, I think its better you feel ashamed. It’s no good to be proud of those actions, It’s also not good to”feel no feelings” towards those actions.

      So to me, its dangerous in general to just completely remove shame.
      The same as “superiority”. Its less dangerous but still no good.

      1. Xd30

        I hold this view because in my understanding even in the future, everyone (earth human)still are able to hurt everyone else, its only that we CHOOSE NOT to do that. If this is the case, then we will be needing some tools to strength our discernment. Its not yet the time to just let all of the “judgement” go.

        If that is not the case and luckly no one COULD get hurt whatsoever in the future, then its not necessary to think or discuss all of that.

  17. Arthur

    Here’s what I don’t understand about all this:
    1. In this psychological model of the probable future, what is the difference between forced release from the GF and the same, that from the White Hats?
    One can talk in exactly the same way about the instability and privatization of power by new dark controllers after the military coup of the White Hats, as after the same from the GF. Moreover, if they have already become Gray Hats, then the likelihood of seizing and usurping power increases significantly.
    2. What is meant by a solar flare? The Earth must go through double gates of time: 3D->4D; 4D->5D.
    The first transition, as far as I know, is called Removing the Veil, because the Earth is already in 4D, but is quarantined through an energy curtain. But the transition to 5D occurs through the so-called. 3 days of darkness and passage of zero space. What exactly transition is meant by a Solar Flare?

    1. thedave108

      Solar Flash. A flash from heaven (?) that immediately raises the frequency of the planet and everyone on it. If your body isnt physically ready for it, it will not make it and die.

    2. the_complaint_department

      1. >> “If the currently relatively powerful people have to go through the painful process of freeing Earth themselves, then we think they come out of this process valuing freedom and transparency more. Whereas we think that if we intervene and solve humanity’s problem ourselves, then if those relatively powerful people get into full power, they will be more likely to want to engage in imperialism or “force the people to comply for the supposed greater good”-ism.”

  18. Luis

    I thank you Hakann, but with all ascended masters who are willing to tutor those of us willing to advance in consciousness, spirituality, martial skills, healing, med beds, celestial healing chambers and more. Along with archangels we are here now ready, those gray hats, don’t get it we don’t need them. You have millions of these mother ships just observing, intercede in 2023, that would expand everyone’s awareness of the universe, of god’s plan, of our individual commitment. You can’t expect President Trump to save humanity, he’s already had over 200 assassination attempts, There’s a channel (Michael Ellegion) who admits Trump was assassinated in 2012 but was put into a medbed and brought back to life erasing his memory of the incident. [https://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2023/10/q-phones-medbeds-trumps-assassination-casino-cyberattacks-ebs-horus-eye-and-more-video-3800088.html] A missile was fired at Trump from a submarine decommissioned & recommissioned by the deep state but shot down by an F16.[Judy notes 9.2.23]. You see few are even aware that the gray hats don’t include Trump.

  19. Patricia Jouve

    Dearest brother Hakann,
    Thank you so much for your wisdom and for explaining your point of view.
    I must say I am surprised at the amount of sarcasm or downright hate I can detect in the comments. Thank you so much MH 101 for your peaceful comments.Humanity must save itself or reach a very high level of consciousness that will ensure that the same issues do not ever happen again. Dear Hakann, dear Pleiadian brothers and sisters, may Source bless you again and again.Thank you for all that you do for us.All my love Patricia

  20. Tammy

    Love and respect for those of our Galactic family watching over us. I feel most certain the greatest good for planet Earth will prevail in our liberation for the willing human population. We are the creators of this outcome and we have consistently upped our game on raising the collective consciousness. We just ask that the white hats or others that have been empowered such as the white hats/Gray hats not mess it up.

  21. Gordon Jackson

    I fundamentally do not trust you or believe you A.S.

    Use your own voice and put yourself in the video, prove that you are channeling; the robot voice is a sure sign that you are a fake.

    1. the_complaint_department

      That’s a very poorly founded request to make over a fundamental distrust. Even if the channeling could be proved just to suit your preferences, the message contents clearly wouldn’t – so what’s the point?

    2. thedave108

      Using a computer voice isnt a sure sign of anything except that somebody used a computer voice to read their text. Being in the video and/or using his or her own voice wouldnt change the gist of anything.

      If you fundamentally dont trust him or her, what difference would it make?

  22. Wide Eyed

    The use of labels is very human and was created by the architects. First it was black and white hats, then grey hats, now dark grey hats. Maybe next there will be pink hats coz someone didn’t sort their washing properly. Red, skinned, yellow skinned, white skinned, English, Mandarin, Arabic, vegan, pescatarian, democrat, republic, smart, stupid, pretty, ugly, plain, short, tall, fat, skinny, LBQ++++++++++++++++, human, cow, chicken, Lyran, Syrian.
    It’s all from the same people to create dividision. If you see labels you see differences; therefore, you will treat others differently.

  23. LCX

    Thanks to our galactic friends for their efforts to seal the victory.

    Here are some of my thoughts.

    For a long time, the proportion of submissive people and dark gray people on Earth has been too high, which is not conducive for them to learn to be wise and kind people.

    Theoretically many of the problematic Earth humans, such as the submissive and the dark gray, should be dispersed into many advanced positive alien societies, if the goal is to transform bad elements into good ones. It is easy for these alien societies to deal with a few bad elements, and it is easy to educate a few bad elements. Sending a large number of excellent souls to Earth to reincarnate will also lead to a similar situation. But basically bringing these bad elements together on Earth to deal with each other will create a very difficult situation. The earth is a chaotic school.

    As an analogy, a person with complexity of 100 can know that there are people with complexity of 1000, but at most should only be free to live with people with complexity of 200, because if a person with complexity of 200 is dark gray, a person with complexity of 100 can barely identify and cope.

    The Earth is like a nuclear reactor that generates evil. To cool down the chain reaction, it may require dilution and dispersion of nuclear fuel. The submissive and the dark gray are the nuclear fuel. More advanced souls joining Earth society will also make Gaia feel much more relaxed.

    Evolution is important, and happiness is valuable, so painful and rapid evolution may not be appropriate.

  24. Nebuchadnezzar

    Concerning your point regarding not pre-emptively arresting every evil intentioned dark/grey hat successor that gets into office, you can still arrest them AFTER they have committed the crimes which you have verified through your own enlightened methods. If you are not comfortable with arresting them yourself, you can present the knowledge and evidence to the human authorities (who ideally would have been placed in or recommended to such high positions by you based on their merit and spiritual maturity level). Only by continuously pruning the garden can you ensure it’s overall well-being. You don’t just let a garden see to itself, or leave it to the care of an unskilled and unwise caretaker. Humanity isn’t ready to be it’s own gardener yet. At it stands, some ambitious, charismatic, and manipulative human will always rise up to control others until humanity spiritually advances and matures to a high enough level that such individuals will have no power monopoly over others.

    You say humanity needs to learn the value of freedom which cannot be forced upon us. But it is not the majority of humanity that wishes to enforce our will upon others, but a very small percentage of those at the top as you well aware. This small percentage includes the greyhats, although they are the lesser evil. If these greyhats take over and do not use their authority and power responsibly, necessarily and practically they can only be removed by those with higher authority and power which would be YOU the Positive Galactics. Although the majority of humanity outnumbers them, they still retain the advantage in technology and weapons. It is obvious who would win such a confrontation. So in the event a Solar Flash does not take place, Positive Galactic monitoring is an absolute necessity if you do indeed wish to see us be liberated and on our way to spiritual advancement.

    I see that the easiest outcome (but not completely desired due to the deaths involved) for you Galactics would be the Solar Flash happening and raising all of us to 5D. The hardest outcomes for you would be either the greyhats cleaning house and you having to look over their shoulder afterwards, or you having to intervene and then maintain a long watchful eye over all of us. One frees you for the most part of of responsibility and karma, the others potentially burden you with more responsibility or karma.

    I understand and sympathize with your position in this matter, it’s not an easy decision. But as an individual who does not trust the possibly (and probably) compromised greyhats, I look forward to your intervention in 2024 or 2025, regardless of whether the greyhats act or not, because you will still be needed in my opinion.

  25. Gabor

    Dear Hakann and A.S.,

    Let me translate this channeling to everyone:

    1: No one knows what to do with the people of this troubled planet.

    2: Source still singing hallelujah b/c that’s the only function it has.

    3: As long as Source hopes that the masses are redeemable no galactics will interfere.

    4: … and we are all welcome to rot here until the end. Our end.

    5: If we happen to be alive than we can live among them.

    I am asking you again to STOP selling the idea of a killer solar flash. People are relocatable. You did it before on other planets. Say the truth:
    * no galactics want to deal with the billions of idiots of this planet and babysit them on the destination planet.
    * Source will NOT keep the genetical lineage of those people who can not pick up light and evolve. And that is a very high % at the moment. They are meant to be killed by the solar flash (or the next great flood whichever comes first, warranty over).

    The solar maximum will happen even sooner than expected, maybe by the end of 2023. Since the ascention window closes on July 7, 2025 (extended since than) and the majority of the tough social changes happen in a 1.5 year window of the solar max anyways: no galactics will interfere, but rather hope that the magic happens and the people will free themselves by mid 2025. That is why landing is NOT promised on Jan 1st, 2024. Not even 2024 firm, but “probably 2024 or 2025”. No rush.

    So the point of this channeling: DO NOT wait for us, we are not gonna land soon b/c no one wants to deal with this mess (-understandable-). Everyone hopes that SOMEONE ELSE will fix it or Source finally make the DECISION. So just keep suffering boys and girls. Thanks for the good work.


    P.S.: if you happen to be alive you can live among us. After all where could we find another stupid ones willing to do this $##%t on the next planet?

    Have a great day everyone.


    1. John

      Well it’s like you translated it into the Dark Tongue of Mordor, but seems bonafide… Not asking where you learned that though. I think some subtleties were lost in translation though: ‘volunteers’ would be a concept a bit more fitting than ‘idiots’ or ‘stupid’.
      Granted, some people are here against their will, but that’s only because they failed to respect the will of others. Only ‘disposable people’ have a working concept of what ‘disposable people’ is, but maybe you can agree it makes no sense to keep ‘earth genetics’ for bodies unable to sustain the frequencies earth is rising into, therefore they are indeed disposable.
      As for the souls that can’t stand it, they will build new genetics in their destination planet. As will volunteers, since it’s not only about planets, it’s about souls too.

    2. cxilixo

      Yes, he constantly emphasizes that the intervention will lead to prolonged social instability, without mentioning that the Earth’s surface will change dramatically due to solar activity. In addition, the flash of the sun is bound to occur, and it occurs at the same time as the intervention of the Galactic Alliance.

  26. think about thish

    No one mentions the cosmic anomaly which is holding back higher energies to fully flow to Earth , So the Change is difficult when the cosmic anomaly is over us.

  27. scott

    Now I’m banned to leave direct comment, what a great website. Maybe this reply not working anymore too.

    1. EraOfLight Post author

      You are not banned. It is time to relax, and choose a proper way of communication.

      1. WK

        I agree. Thank you EraOfLight ! Mutual respect is a necessity for mutual growth, and we all deserve respect (including our Galactic sisters and brothers, who are sentient beings like us, and deserve to be Loved). Written violence is not welcome.

  28. John

    The only thing being completely unfair to lightworkers is your being sorry for them. Just honor their suffering, try to wrap your mind around it, even if they won’t – it’s why you’re really here. If you can’t, an intervention is irrelevant.

  29. Jonas 108

    Thanks Hakan for clarifying. I hope earth is gonna choose wisely and will join the galactic confederation soon enough. After so much exploitation by the dark ones it only seems logical. That being said i really hope you will visit us in 2024-2025. Much love.

  30. EraOfLight Post author

    Earth and humanity will 100% experience a great shift within the year of 2025. It does not matter whether the Galactic Federation intervenes or not.

    1. the_complaint_department

      Perhaps it’s time we call it year zero instead of “2025 years after one man had been nailed to a tree for saying how great it would be to be nice to people for a change” … because frankly, it’s been a long time and the number is not reminding people to be nice anymore. Plus it’s linear-time tension-free.

  31. Jared

    How small of a chance?

    Can we determine an acceptable rate perhaps under 10% likely chance of instability and you will intervene?

  32. Keith

    Thank you Hakan.
    There will always be humans who will fill a power vacuum for selfish reasons, so how do you decide when it is time to act against the grey hats for not making public arrests. Until they do humans will not wake up in sufficient numbers. Each year of delay means more considation for the grey hats and more suffering for the rest of us. Sooner rather than later please.

  33. Nebuchadnezzar

    Your point concerning the psychological urge for humans to conquer and control others in the event of a vacuum is a possibility. But a possibility that can be GREATLY mitigated by the introduction of food production, healing, and free energy technologies. If the basic needs of the majority of the human race is met, the population of each country can no longer justify the conquering of other nations, nor will they be inclined engage in unjust and needless war when they are living in happiness, because after all, they would be risking their lives, which would mean losing everything. Humanity is indeed capable of living in peace and harmony. But it is the manipulation, whether psychological, spiritual, genetic, or otherwise of the Negative Galactics, which causes the free will of men to incline towards evil. And this was the case in Atlantis and countless other civilizations where they were slowly shepherded into their own demise. And this may not have happened if the Positive Galactics had maintained a presence in those civilizations. But you left (for valid reasons I’m sure), and so the Positive Influence receded and the Negative Influence took root. A Galactic intervention to save humanity must karmically occur because it was a Galactic intervention (of the negative side) which caused it to be lost. You say if you intervene you cannot rule over us, but humanity has spent hundreds of thousands of years being ruled over by the Negative Galactics and so some kind of counterbalance to this is needed. We do not wish to be ruled over, but we do wish to be protected and guided, and if this means a permanent or prolonged physical presence of the Divine Positive Galactics on Earth, then so be it in my opinion. We have seen what happens when the teachers leave–the dominators infiltrate. You need not be rulers, but advisors and counselors. In either case, whether humanity is saved by greyhat or galactic intervention, Humanity cannot be left to fend for itself until it reaches a state of 5D spiritual maturity at the very least, and this requires either the so-called Solar Flash or the leadership of the Positive Galactics. Without either happening at the very least, thousands of years of alien oppression and evil cannot be undone.

    1. Thinker

      I fully agree, at the present level of their consciousness,humanity can’t be left alone to organise themselves,a positive galactic leadership is necessary, until humans can reach a more advanced spiritual level.

  34. Seth

    A.S. and Hakaan, as always, thank you for your message and although it’s difficult to fully comprehend, I believe there is wisdom in your words which I appreciate.

    In my opinion, many who comment on these messages are not Lightworkers but rather confused, bots or low-light individuals trying to undermine Hakann’s message.

    1. There is a Supreme Intelligence in the universe connected all things and it’s natural disposition is love and light

    2. The Earth setting is the ultimate classroom

    3. You chose to be here on earth at this time

    4. You knew it would be difficult

    5. Lightworkers have endurance, have struggled and regardless of their circumstances, do their best to stay buoyant, be reasonable and show wisdom

    I struggle every day, but I still do my best to push out love

    6. Deep down Lightworkers know that something absolutely amazing is about to happen. It may be difficult getting there, but nonetheless, it will happen -and Earth will be in a better place.

  35. Xd30

    Oh don’t you galactics worry about the solar flash will cause death, because either the low- consciousness die of that, or the high- consciousness(humans) die of being tortured on the old version of earth. Some must die, its just the matter of which group.

  36. Nameless

    I think they needed constant care because of their nature. Life forms on Earth have very severe differences in their level of consciousness.
    I will hold on and try my best until 2024-2025. I think temporarily arresting the gray hats requires continuous arrest and management, but it’s a bit unfortunate that you can’t continue arresting them.
    What I wanted as a human being was the growth of humanity on Earth under the regime of a completely positive and benevolent alien race. This is not growth under the human system. This is because we needed a progressive system and high-quality, capable, and positive good managers rather than a problematic system.
    thank you

  37. Fernando Páez

    Definitivamente el (sangriento) Jehová bíblico hoy está más activo que nunca! Quienes se dicen ser seres de luz se gozan el dolor, la muerte y el sufrimiento de los terrícolas! Son incapaces de reconocer públicamente que este experimento les falló… y de qué manera! Si lo reconocieran, corregirían sus graves errores, en cambio, pareciera, lo disfrutan! Obviamente, siempre tienen la razón, siempre tienen la respuesta, para ellos, no para la esclavizada raza humana! No quiero imaginar el futuro, cuando la oscuridad cada día avanza! Sólo espero la intervención directa de la Fuente!

    1. Samandra Michaels

      Translation: “Definitely the biblical (bloody) Jehovah today is more active than ever! Those who claim to be beings of light enjoy the pain, death and suffering of earthlings! They are unable to publicly acknowledge that this experiment failed them… and how! If they recognized it, they would correct their serious mistakes, on the other hand, it seems, they enjoy it! Obviously, they are always right, they always have the answer, for themselves, not for the enslaved human race! I don’t want to imagine the future, when darkness advances every day! I only wait for the direct intervention of the Source!”

      1. Shaunie L

        One needs to take the rapidly rising vibrations/frequencies into account when viewing our current situation on Earth.

        Wanting to be forcibly “in control” is fear based, and fearful egos cannot survive much longer on this planet, one way or another.

        Rising vibrations/frequencies on Earth are inevitably forcing the fear based low vibe controllers out of the shadows, where they either wake up or self destruct. This is also happening to the masses.

        The rapidly rising vibrations/frequencies, will help ensure that the power vacuum created by removal of the current control matrix will not be recreated, because the higher vibrations/frequencies that are pouring in exponentially every single day, will simply not support the creation of another control matrix like the one experienced on Earth for millions upon millions of years.

  38. Raksha

    “The truth will set you free”. I truly believe that the transparency of knowledge is the key. Even if some people choose to not believe any of it, or rather need time to process it, I am hopeful that the people won’t let the grey hats become the new top dog. Broadcasting truth will set something into motion, something hard to predict. I guess I still have faith in humanity.

    1. Wendy

      Amen! Bring on Disclosure!

      Once the sleepers hear some hard Truths life will change for the better. It may be a bumpy ride at first, but we can’t expect to get liftoff until we first start the engines of Truth. Until then, we’re all stuck on the tarmac.

  39. Jared

    Thanks Hakann and A.S.

    I think a form of socialism controlled by we the good people would be good.
    We should all get the profit sharing and be in control of all resources and production amen.

    Dr. Greer suggests we just start with medbeds and free energy devices.
    Medbeds would be in secure locations and free energy devices are hard to weaponize.
    These 2 technologies would help everyone greatly amen.

    We should no longer blindly trust and follow anyone or anything. Not even the bibble!

    We must verify all things at all times and have full transparency and accountability and also personal responsibility always amen!

    It still comes across as thinking people should suffer.
    GESARA now amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just another person! Oh noooooooooooooooooooooooo!
    Who gives a sit! Everyone get some humility and fix earth now amen!!!!!!!!
    No more superiority bs. Amen.

  40. CosmicCustodian

    At the rate linear time is collapsing and the frequencies raising this nonsense on Earth can’t possibly last more than a year or so. All of the talk of a hundred year dark timeline is bs. Gaia is going to ascend no matter what, and VERY soon. We all have free will to accompany her or not. Think of it like when a body has a fever to kill off the nast. Dark inclined souls will not survive on this planet much longer, many have left already!🎉🎆🤩

    1. the_complaint_department

      Yes, and kudos on bringing that up, but bear in mind that a hundred years is probably not that long in the very context of collapsing linear time. Are we frequency-prepared to see that time-length through?

  41. Samandra Michaels

    Belief and faith are a terrible trick and a terrible gamble. But as children we hope our parents will not harm us, but they do – irreparably. We imagine the world one way and it reveals its demonic forms through the looking glass of our systems, institutions and bellicose leaders.

    The lords and ladies all here for their cash prizes, after the raping and pillaging has reached its entitled ending. There is no pleasure but through deadly intoxicants and what bodily pleasures people seek from one another out of biological tyranny – because slave races are built to reproduce. Welcome to planet Earth!

    Why we want to believe that our angry father will come back and love us and our mother, the self-righteous religious-nut, will accept and embrace us. It’s the same painful paradox. Hoping our historically normative and bigoted society will let us have a scrap of joy because we have assimilated ourselves and bent our spirit into the specific and fickle-shape of all the others. That somewhere out in space, is a family that will hopefully one-day, maybe, love us!

    How truly Freudian! How spectacularly Jungian!

    But Healing is not always possible — Here. Even when we make all the “right” choices… The most healthy choices… And speak All the “love-and-light” affirmations to unlock the right DNA-vibrational CODE to set ourselves FREE!

    No matter how many Ascended Masters and Archangels we invite to our Birthday Party or how many martyred saviors we offer promises and confess our terribleness to, we must always wake up and go to a low-paying job we hate. Wonder what it is we are doing wrong – even though we’ve done our best at every turn and impossible detour. Knowing we will never fit in. Knowing we will never enjoy being here because IT IS NOT our home.

    Frankly, I don’t want “your help” at this point — real or imagined. Go find some other schlub to con in another galaxy – “…far far away!” I can keep belly-crawling under the razor-wire until I die naturally or take care of the pot roast myself; at some undecided moment in the future. And I won’t hesitate like you must. There are plenty of bridges from which to dive off of and at least there’s always gravity to love and support us in our finality.

    Best wishes,
    And don’t let the saloon door hit you in the ass!

    1. the_complaint_department

      Gosh, I hope you’re being sarcastic – it would be very sad for someone who seems so knowledgeable to quote Jung without realizing how pathetically projective their dramatic speech is.
      If you meant what you say there would be no reason to say it; your hate ultimately says the opposite of your words.

      1. thedave108

        I liked it. But yeah Jung and Freud are just guys with their own ideas, IMO. They didnt have enough real knowledge of stuff to actually understand and say anything important enough to notice.

        I calmed down, but I felt the same way when I first read this. These guys have gone sideways so many times over the years I was idiot for thinking now would be any different.

        1. the_complaint_department

          Well, while Jung was not really worried about the material existence of God or UFOs, he pioneered the notion of their subjective existence as being at least equally relevant and important to the health of the human psyche.
          I respect that he derived his knowledge from a deep concern with healing humans and never had a chance to expand his concept of Archetypes to a cosmic dimension, and to learn how humanity has actually received, lived and transformed this pool of collective knowledge and wisdom from a myriad of galactic races with different backgrounds as part of an elaborate experiment in Awareness itself.
          It would probably dazzle him to learn that the old testament god was actually a demon alien instead of a figment nemesis of man’s dubious morality.
          The REALLY interesting thing, Dave, is that both views are not fundamentally incompatible: it does not matter if aliens are a projection of our unconscious psyche because the goal, the cure, the prescription is still the same: acknowledgement, reintegration, ascension… hence I find most of his work still solid under our current ventures; and especially useful in trying to help us out of childish drama.

  42. urga

    Dear Hakann

    Let’s agree to disagree!

    For some incredible reason, you don’t want το understand the problem on planet Earth.
    It is not a simple human-made problem, but the very nature of the planet (the matrix of it) that is in deep division, in a state of life and death over and over again.

    For each species to feed, something else must die. It’s a good thing you realize that the situation for the light workers is the worst, because they are the only ones who have figured out where they live and that they don’t want to participate anymore, even putting their lives at risk, without money e.t.c. (everyone knows that you must be an exploiter or an exploited, victim or perpetrator). There is no other way!

    So this problem CANNOT BE SOLVED BY A HUMAN!

    We have repeatedly asked for help (with our Free Will) either money in our bank accounts, or at least health!

    But the only thing you repeat is that you expect the gray, pink and purple hats or whatever color you like, to “pull their minds together and LEARN through the experience”, and we know that laziness of wealth will never get them out of their safe-zone, they don’t need to risk for anything OR do we wait for them to change the world out of their boredom?
    We also know that narcissism and psychosis for power are DISEASES that need serious treatment by experts.
    Once more: CANNOT BE SOLVED by ordinary people who suffer by them and +the dark ones!!!

    And one question: Who gave the gray hats wealth, power and knowledge in the first place?

    Why do you insist that money, power and knowledge should be given to them and not to ordinary people?
    One by one if needed, (in their dream state? live?) you should know how, your choice.
    We keep saying that everything is frequency (in the false matrix). So, you should already know the exact frequency of each one of the humans.
    How is it possible that the light workers get poor, sick and die, while the rulers live to a ripe old age. Do the grey-dark ones have such high vibrations?

    Something is wrong here (obviously everything)!
    Until something is solved from the whole puzzle, thanks for nothing!

    The Source has asked for your help!
    The light workers, we’re asking for your help!
    Are you waiting for the gray hats to act?!?
    You look like an accessory.

    PS: Today a new war has begun on Earth

    Once more: thanks for nothing!

    1. Raksha

      I will react to a minor point, but my understanding is that most Grey hats are from the black hats agencies and special programs, and at some point they got enough. I don’t think that they were chosen by some Galactics. Maybe they chose to take this role on a Soul level though. It’s time they act on it.

    2. John

      I don’t get the first paragraphs, you state powerlessness as a fact and back it up with nothing (everyone knows? really?)… the ‘nature of the planet’ as you say… is not; it’s actually a human-belief-backed system.
      It’s a collective resultant influenced by your individual belief too.

      Next you seem to make a point ORDINARY PEOPLE CAN’T SOLVE THE PROBLEM. I don’t really agree, I think you’re basing yourself solely on your view of what the problem is, but I concede Hakann and the channeler’ s “I’m sorry for the suffering” viewpoint invite such a conclusion. They do not ‘insist that money, power and knowledge should be given to them’ grayhats though, they made very clear empowering the average person is the way to go.

      I won’t go into why they’re not giving ‘money in bank accounts’ or ‘health’ as help because if you don’t really get things like Atlantis or why self-empowerment is the only kind of empowerment, it would be an exercise in futility.

      1. thedave108

        Thats how capitalism works. You either exploit someone or get exploited. Everybody SHOULD know, but they dont realize it. For example people who say they like their job actually mean they can tolerate it okay. Not that they’d prefer to be there rather than somewhere else, IMO.

  43. WK

    Paradise will not come tomorrow, but maybe a life that is a little easier than today will. Only by being realistic can we chart course to that easier tomorrow.

    My dearest brother Hakann, thank you for being brave enough to bring us that dispassionate realism (that we cannot see, for we are on the ground, but you have the birds eyes) that is our foundation to what a better tomorrow can look like.

    No matter how bad things get, we can only make them better if we focus on small positive increments, one at a time, one after the other. But we need to mantain realism, so if Galactics removing the dark hats is not the best end move that brings paradise, then we need to look at the bigger picture. Grey hats removing the dark hats may be a little better than having the Galactics arrest them. That is our positive increment. And why stop there? What would the next positive increment look like? Maybe, after assuring the grey hats arrest the dark hats, effort should be made to make sure the grey hats evolve more towards white hats. Afterall, all children are born with Love in their hearts.

    Their (the grey hats) greed emerged from a need, and as someone once said „The cure is in the cause“. Their need is not different from ours, they need to feel safe, they need to feel Loved (why do you think they keep appearing on TV), they need to feel valued. In essence, the grey hats is the extreme of what everyone of us is. We all share of the same types of needs, and we could easily become a grey hat if we „walked their shoes in life“. The grey hats are an extreme reflection of the nature of society. How do we cure all those needs, including the grey hats (after they take down the black hats)?

    It all starts with abundance, and more importantly feeling abundant. If something happened, and humanity suddently saw that the current „deadlock“ is broken, a sign that things were changing (which is better than remaining in the limbo in which we are now), then humanity of Earth could feel hope of something new, and with that hope comes a feeling of positive abundance, which in turn brings abundance (as long as the dark hats are not present to mess it up; and that the grey hats share that emerging abundance with all).

    While there are many possible evolutions for our present state, one thing is certain: the road to Paradise starts with finding a small positive increment, in whatever situation we find ourselves in, and we need to find it today, to start shaping our glorious tomorrow. This is a task that falls onto each and one of us: find that small positive increment, both in what the Galactics say and do, and in what we say and do in our lifes.

    With all my Love to all of you,
    Your (positive) brother

  44. Tuệ Tâm

    After a very long time of hoping and waiting. Now I even think everything about Solar flash, the Intervention is not real. Maybe all of these things is made by the controller to make us believe in shits. More hoping and waiting, more dissappointed. Maybe God wants human earth suffer forever. I’m too sick of it. Please God if you are real, then please just do what you should do long time ago. Harvest and separate the Wheat and the Tares. I’m too tired

  45. Kmhar

    The GFL should not be intervening or stopping the solar flash, the solar flash is 100% truth, it’s a natural thing, that’s what earth and humanity wants, solar flash doesn’t need to reason contrary to GFL that needs to reason, every soul beings on earth has his/her higher self to guide them. The reason why people are on their each own life is bcuz of their own choosing, decision and unplanned pre agreements before entering earth matrix. Majority are incapable of going within themselves to solve their problems, the incoming higher frequencies and solar flash is the KEY. It should not be stopped or weakened.

    1. the_complaint_department

      Seconded, Kmhar. If forces contrary to Ascension want to trick us into not wishing it or allowing it now, they could also try to use the argument ‘many will die’, holding all back undefinitely.
      But bear in mind if this is the case, we can simply use our power, freewill and humility under the formula ‘Under the highest Divine Blueprint, may such and such be so’. What do your heart really wants?

      1. Kmhar

        Dying is not real, it’s just illusion, every soul essence go back to the one true creator, even lucifer. What important is the truth should be revealed and be the reason why humanity is living in every moment and why humanity should exist. Also humanity right now is not afraid of dying, the problem is they did not die in truth instead they die not knowing the truth and that’s the spiral of reincarnation, they never learn.

        1. the_complaint_department

          Coincidentally lucifer’s role is about learning the truth, and whether or not humans reincarnate to learn, how much time is given until ascension has more to do with him than with the GF.

          It’s my understanding that the GF’s position does not conflict with anything you said; instead they are offering themselves as an aspect of Source responsible for aiding such ‘natural’ occurrence. Most of the polemics here are regarding their ‘credentials’ as perceived by us.

          I have to say I myself have struggled with the idea of Source requiring representatives for such matters, but the alternative ultimately felt kind of irresponsibly childish.

          1. Kmhar

            Right now even from the pandemic, lightworkers demand all abnormalities be healed or removed from their being, in order to be fully prepared for this ongoing ascension and yet they are not capable to do so, majority of pre agreements are a life of victim mentality, which literally feeds this satan matrix, this healing seems so impossible to achieve in this planet. The problem is there is contradictions between earth lightworkers and their higher selves assistance to achieve the healings, it seems the higher selves has other plans or doesn’t prioritize this plea. And we we are even hearing hesitations from GF. The most important intervention is physical intervention right now. So much sacrifices was done already, earth lightworkers had enough shenanigans about this light and dark drama. They already decided peace, love and unity. This is the nature of being a human. This repetitions of experiences doesn’t make sense anymore.

          2. the_complaint_department

            Contradictions can only be solved at least one level above where they are perceived: if you’ll stick to linear logic, it’s like asking “How can I be free if I have to do what my higher-self wants?” Lightworkers can only be recommended do whatever their higher-selves say.
            It does not matter if you’re tired of the shenanigans. This will always be a repetition machine, it knows no mercy. You can choose to see it as a problem or as a virtue, and everything else is an unsuspecting distraction.

  46. Klaudia

    Thx Hakann/A.S. for giving me a nice little lecture on “This is completely unfair…”, that I in return would like to share with you:

    I work for/am part of/come from “Team Unity of Diversity/Controversity” and just “found” another piece that had not been put into proper perspective before.

    While reading my guidance stopped me at “NOT FAIR” and I understood/realized this:

    “We’re here TO MAKE IT FAIR” and what came next totally made sense. Now I’ve become quite a nerd from “working with my self or team” for years since they broke thru to me BUT it should be common sense that all those opposites “this life-on-earth-experiment had created” had to get balanced/become equal “at the end of the day”, shouldn’t it?

    And pls don’t get me wrong: “THIS UNFAIRNESS” I am experiencing EVERY single day and I’m MAX DISGUSTED by how it never seems to stop. But I also understand WHY it can’t be any other way. (PSYCHOLOGICALLY a not so comfortable place to live…)

    “TO MAKE IT FAIR” means “The Smallest&The Greatest (ect.)” belong together, ARE equal partners, HAD TO BE BROUGHT BACK TOGETHER, but it sure was a long way “to take them there”.

    From “my pov” all is unfolding as it’s supposed to AND it’s been a given all along.

    (We are all wired to “this thing” differently bc EVERYBODY IS EQUALLY NEEDED “at where s/he is” EXACTLY the way they are. “EVEN” using “strong language” is needed “in the place it is arising” bc “words are like mechanics”. “INNER EARTH” to me is being shown like A GIANT CLOCKwork and “even the tiniest cogs” must be in the right position “FOR THE DOOR TO UNLOCK”. It’s sometimes the most abstruse or ridiculous comments THAT ARE NEEDED “at that point in time” and to not be aware of that higher/deeper meaning is neccessary… lol… I better stop here. Much Love To All!)

  47. Jii Pee

    Imagine you are driving down a quiet country road with just one car driving in front of you. Suddenly this car swings violently to the right and hits a big tree. You stop to investigate. Inside the wrecked car are three people, all badly injured, unable to move. What do you do?

    Will you ponder, that since you are not a medically trained person, you better do nothing? After all, you might cause more harm to the people by trying to move them.

    Or perhaps somewhere behind you there is a doctor is driving down the very same road and will arrive in just a matter of minutes. Or even better an ambulance! Yes, it is best to just sit and wait to see if a better solution to the situation emerges.

    Meanwhile the people inside beg you to help. You offer your kind words and promise that unless a medic stops by within the next hour or two, then you will start acting. But until then, your words are all that you will offer to the suffering victims.

    This is the logic that Hakann and the Galatics use to justify their inaction and procrastination!

    It is clear that the Earth situation is deteriorating, not improving. The grey hats failed to utilize the momentum that they once had. Instead, they are quite happy to be the new top dogs and enjoy the benefits of technology, wealth and power that this position brings them. All this has already been confirmed by Hakann.

    So there is really no reason why not to get involved right now. Like in the car accident example above, every moment of inaction that passes by, accumulates karma of inaction and refusing a helping hand that could be easily and readily offered.

    And perhaps, like in the car accident example, you did not want to get involved in such a situation in the first place. But there you are. You cannot escape it. It was brought to you by the universe. Now it is up to you to do the moral choice. You offer all the help you can to the best of your abilities. That is all that is required and the rest is left for the Source.

    1. the_complaint_department

      Yes, that’s how a person inside the crashed car might see the whole situation. They don’t know the car behind has actually been following them for a longer time. They don’t know that the passenger who was responsible for the crash is holding a knife and ready to finish the job if anyone approaches. But worst of all, they keep blaming the big tree and demand it be cut down with urgency.

      1. thedave108

        That part is all made up by you. It doesnt fit the example. Yeah, if somebody needs help but theyre holding a gun threatening to shoot you, your hands are tied. In this case, not that they should use them, but our team has the bigger guns. The superior technology. The superior wisdom. But theyre apparently still held hostage by the madmen, saying “Theyre crazy, what the hell can WE do”?

        As a note – Ive come to realize these posts here and in most places dont mean anything. Ultimately people – and ETs – are gonna do whatever theyre gonna do. This is just a coping mechanism. We’re screwed and we know it. We’re just trying to ride it out and release now and then.

        1. the_complaint_department

          I won’t insist that my part fits the example, that should be a matter of taste. My point that someone inside the crashed vehicle is probably also not fit to moraly judge the situation remains.

  48. Lilas

    The Pleiadians have used this planet as their “Play-ground “.
    They promised to evacueed the billions inhabitans of this
    Planet (not Clones) to their motherships
    Beam us up !!!

  49. AsTime GoesOn

    “It’s a strange mindset for me to wrap my head around, but many Earth humans genuinely are like this, including dark gray people who aren’t part of the dark controllers — and again, those people are much more likely to seek power, and play the dirty power games necessary to get power.”
    Could it be that many who succumb to the temptation of ego driven power are possessed by negative entities that feed their dark impulses? This has not be addressed and a discussion of negative etheric entities would be welcome.
    Thank you.

    1. John

      Good point. I think the fact frequencies are rising is often overlooked, at this rate any idea of tyranny and power over others will become increasingly unbearable to both poor egos and negative entities, but according to Hakann what settles in now can span even over a hundred years? I don’t think that people wanting to rush things really get that time is on Source’s side? Have we somehow been tricked into buying the darkness’ slow and agonizing demise as our own?

  50. maates


    Thank you very much Hakann, personally I share your opinion which is the best concerning the current situation on our planet, possibly among all the evils, we must choose the least…

  51. Mick

    I don’t even read this crap anymore. It sounds more and more like a badly written soap opera. I’m so tired of this manipulative nonsense.

  52. Teasy

    1. work together with people on how to establish groups of leadership where authenticity, higher connection and benevolence is the key
    2. select those who have the greatest potential and the greatest experience in those fields of interest
    3. and most important of all, educate people in higher discernment: knowing who can be trusted to lead the way and has the least potential to be subverted into service to self

    only if you permanently remove those controlling elements that are beyond the reach of humanity, you level the playing field
    and as long as the playing field is level, and both “sides” have equal chances, humanity can take care of the restructuring of society
    however, more direct contact may be required to manifest such a monumental restructuring within a reasonable amount of time
    consider galactic and angelic help as consultants on the path towards planetary liberation and enlightenment
    but people must first be made aware of the existence of galactics, angelics, gaia, the planetary situation and the myriad of solutions

    another solution that is rarely suggested in the 3d world, but can often be found in channeled messages all the time, is group meditation
    if we can collaborate on arranging for a large percentage of the world population to meditate for increasing global heart coherence, higher connection and guidance can more easily be grounded by the global population, in such a way that it becomes more of permanent nature as it has been in ancient times
    creating sympathy events through false flag series such as “terrorist attacks” (9/11), “nature disasters” (“earth” quakes, tsunamis, 3/11, “wild” fires), shootings or public assassinations of individuals, electrical or internet shutdowns, financial or government collapse, etc, does not serve as adequate triggers for humanity to gain the required level of coherence and level of vibration for lasting change
    one or more triggers of significantly higher proportions, scope and higher vibration is quintessential for the manifestation of a more permanent level of coherence

    after people are made aware of what’s really going on, whether they believe it or not, providing a global demonstration will greatly help for people to synchronize
    as you know, several dark groups have already planned such staged events for the redirecting of humanity’s attention to their totalitarian slavery solutions
    merely hijacking any and all dark initiatives from your perspective provides divine fuel that may spread enough awareness, and at the same time catapulting humanity into a more self-driven state
    since the only reason dark forces are still in power is because the program known as “follow” (without question or introspection) is immensely prevalent (using the underlying illusory representations of “fear”)

    it is also important to note that those that have an “unintegrated ego” as you say, are a minority of the population
    humanity as a whole should be made aware of identifying those that are the weakest link of the chain
    so that these people can receive the support that they need in order to feel more emotionally stable in themselves
    solutions provided “on a silver platter” should only be given to those who can handle the information with a heart of love
    and an enlightened determination should be made as to how fast enlightened upgrades should be introduced on a physical level

    if those that lead the transition of our society do not have their heart in the right place, someone else should replace them
    and a clear and open process should be established to identify those that are best suited for the most challenging tasks
    again, in direct collaboration between open-minded, open-hearted, grounded earth humans and benevolent galactics and angelic beings
    there is no other way to restore heaven on earth than with the best of both worlds!


  53. MH 101

    Thank you Hakann

    We believe things will get better as Hakann shared, 2024-2025 is completely reasonable.

    Currently, even if the lives of Lightworkers are a little unfair, it doesn’t matter, as long as humanity soon has peace, freedom, happiness and prosperity. That’s all we want.


    1. D

      That’s where the problem lies, these dates will pass, as many others have passed, and when it is 2027 or 2028 and there is no intervention, no solar flash, no improvement in society and on Earth for any hat of any color… I will love to be wrong when these dates pass

  54. Dan G

    Hi Hakann, much love and respect to you as well. Thanks again for all you and Tunia do. You serve as excellent 3 to 5D bridges for ascending Earthlings.

    In this case I am inclined to share the sentiments of the “Gray Hats” in terms of waking up and freeing the masses. It appears that my primary soul mission during this incarnation, and likely others, if not all of them on Earth, is/has been to seek truth, integrate truth, and share truth with others to help them Transition. Sadly, the mind control and emotional implants are so severe at this point that some level of shock and awe will be required for the masses to break their egoic override, in my opinion. Thus I too have concluded that a “scare event” is necessary. It is true that this will create some level of psychological trauma that needs to be worked through, but this is true for all that have or will go through the Awakening process, including experiencing the Dark Night of the Soul.

    My understanding is that the Plan will simulate what the Cabal had in mind so those who did not believe it could be true will indeed know for sure that is was true. That is, I also concur that sometimes people cannot be told the Truth, they must be SHOWN. This correlates with what Mark Twain and others have stated: It is easy to fool people, but far more difficult to convince them they have been fooled (especially when the lie is so big that it becomes very difficult to see in contrast to anything else). Meanwhile, it is equally important to make sure that the lessons are truly taken to heart, and installed in memory, which entails considerable repetition and/or strong emotions being attached to the related memories.

    Thankfully, while being highly informed here on the surface it appears that the degree of acceleration for the Awakening plan will be bringing forth the climax shortly for the 10-year plan implementation, plus or minus, which is a blink for soul’s having experiences in eternity.

    Looking forward to your arrival, hopefully in the very near future.

    Until then,

  55. David

    Many thanks for making this stance clear Hakaan. Hopefully we can get a move on here and get this done quickly now. I just hope that if required, intervention does happen swiftly. I don’t think any of us could accept kicking the can down the road a minute more than is necessary. On either side, Galactics or Gray Hats here. This is why I think brinkmanship cannot be a long drawn out affair again and again… We have to move down one path or another. We must be brave to take that fork in the road. I truly hope I may meet you, and have the opportunity to be amongst you all. The honour would be shared.

    We are all one.

    Ke Ah Sha.

  56. HUIN

    We only have to look through our history to see no one ever comes to save us. Through all the wars, bombings, famines, pandemics, catastrophes never a rescue.

    People have prayed to god and gods, ETs, deceased relatives, prophets and so on, and yet we are still here, still suffering.

    This is a Prison Planet and we are the prisoners, and some will play with us like a cat with a mouse.

    The kindest thing you can do for yoursef and others is to accept the reality and not buy into the fiction. Then you won’t be continually, begging, hoping, waiting and disappointed. It’s easier to find a way to live here the best we can than to wake up every day to the let down.

    1. Peter

      Well, the GLF consists of many levels and fractions, and it is vast, unfortunately for humanity, the fraction controlling Earth and surrounds and it’s so called leaders, the Cabal here on Earth…are the Regressive fraction, also a Cabal, responsible for many previous destructive resets not just here on Earth but other Planetary systems as well. It’s all about control and they have a distaste for just about any other race other than themselves. They were the ones responsible for the destruction of Tiamet in our solar system quite some time ago now. It was a peaceful water Planet, it’s deliberate destruction threw the whole solar system into chaos and it was the waters mostly from that destroyed Planet, that caused the great flood here on Earth as it’s waters reached Earth through space. The remains of that Planet is called the Asteroid Belt. I’ve been out there in Spirit and seen it for myself, I’ve also been the recipient of their energy weapon attacks on my person, both out of body and in body form. Not any more I might add, I’ve learnt how to defend myself against them, much to their surprise. To move ahead in this mess, one must learn to come into one’s own Divine power, to connect with Source and one’s own Soul Self and remember who you truly are, as a powerful Soul and one of Source.
      As for the rest of it, well, one really has to learn discernment in all things, we must trust ourselves, a little outside help is always nice but one can’t depend on it, awakened humans are the real power here, it is NOT a school here, Earth suffered a hostile takeover from an aggressive ET race and have controlled it ever since and coerced and manipulated humans and radically altered their DNA so that they would to live mostly in survival mode…
      Lightworkers came here to shift and change the energies from inside the matrix, and, believe it or not, we, as a collective, are blowing it apart…which is precisely why the dark ones are going absolute bonkers, trying to hold the status quo, trying to keep the frequencies in low 3D. The Earth has already moved into 4D, the problem is that most people aren’t quite aware of that fact yet so the collective is still thinking in 3D.
      Step out of the matrix thinking, reclaim your Divine blueprint and begin to acknowledge who you really are, pure Divine Consciousness in form and powerful beyond measure..

      1. Thinker

        Thank you,a very good evaluation of the situation on Earth, with lots of valuable thoughts. Unfortunately, humanity is divided, and as such, unable to act united. Some believe in freeing themselves individually. Maybe it’s possible on the soul level, but in the outside world they’re still living in the system created by the oppressors..
        Now we are relying too much on the hope of being saved from outside, but really,can we free ourselves?
        Still, thank you for encouraging us.

  57. Frigus Esse

    Thak you AS and Hakan, all those praises in the end really got me laughing. To me it look just like some rich asshole throwing peanuts at starving people telling them how brave they are for living in such conditions.