Putin Warns ‘Globalist Terrorist’ Klaus Schwab His ‘Days Are Numbered’

By Baxter Dmitry

World Economic Forum (WEF) founder Klaus Schwab is a “globalist terrorist” who is “holding humanity to ransom,” according to Russian President Vladimir Putin, who warned the elite that their New World Order has failed, and their “days are numbered.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered a speech on October 5th at the plenary session of the 20th meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club in Sochi, and emphasized the tectonic and irreversible shifts taking place in the global order.

According to Putin, globalists including Schwab and his close advisors are “legitimate military targets” because they have been actively attempting to seize power illegally via a globalist coup d’etat.

Sixteen years ago, at the 2007 Munich Security Conference, Putin told Western leaders that the natural type of international system is multipolarity, clearly showing that Russia would oppose the creation of a New World Order based on the international liberal rules-based-order aggressively pushed by the globalist elite and their liberal politicians in Western democracies.

The moment of truth has come, according to Putin, and the global elite’s plans for a New World Order are receding in front of our eyes while a new multipolar world, in which traditional cultures retain their heritage within their own borders, is rising like a phoenix.

Putin Outlined Six Civilizational Principles For the Post-NWO World During his Valdai speech;  six principles that Russia wants to adhere to, and invites other nations to join it.

Via Sputnik ~ https://tinyurl.com/yc7x3aem

  • “First, we want to live in an open, interconnected world, in which no one will ever try to erect artificial barriers to people’s communication, their creative realization, and prosperity. There must be a barrier-free environment,” Putin said.
  • The second principle is the diversity of the world, which should not only be preserved, but should also be the foundation of universal development.
  • The third principle, according to the Russian head of state, is maximum representativeness: “No one has the right or can rule the world for others or on behalf of others. The world of the future is a world of collective decisions,” the president emphasized.
  • Fourth is universal security and lasting peace that takes into account the interests of great states and small countries equally. To achieve this, it is important to free international relations from the bloc mentality and the dark legacy of the colonial era and Cold War, according to Putin.
  • The fifth principle is justice for all: “The era of exploitation of anyone – I have already said this twice – is a thing of the past. Countries and peoples are clearly aware of their interests and capabilities and are ready to rely on themselves, and this multiplies their strength. Everyone must be provided with access to the benefits of modern development,” Putin emphasized.
  • The sixth principle is equality: no one should be forced to obey those who are richer or more powerful at the cost of their own development and national interests, according to the Russian president.

“The ‘civilizational model’ referred to in Putin’s speech seems anchored on ‘principles’ – such as non-colonial relations; non-patronizing attitudes; respectful of diversity rooted in the diverse traditions – that will require a huge work to generate new shared international norms,” according to Paolo Raffone, a strategic analyst and director of the CIPI Foundation in Brussels.

“The Western ‘rules-based liberal international order’ is unilateral, and it could be imposed in a specific time in history leveraging on the power and prominence of a small group of colonial powers that after the liberal model crisis and civil war (1914-1945) has been inherited by a distant but super-powerful country (US).

“In a nutshell, I can say that the ‘civilizational model’ approach probably aims at structuring a shared world ‘software,’ while the ‘liberal rules-based order’ has been aiming at building an imposed ‘hardware’ defended by ‘rules’ serving the financial and military hegemony.”


7 Replies to “Putin Warns ‘Globalist Terrorist’ Klaus Schwab His ‘Days Are Numbered’”

  1. Boris

    Israel is a creation of the banksters….
    The characters managing Israel have driven the original people out of their land and created a hell hole for the remaining inhabitants …
    The Palestinian people have been given hell on earth for many .. many years.
    Suddenly the immense security system is breached by a few hang gliders and missiles etc ..
    Why does this look so much like nine eleven..
    And this is the horrors the Ukrainian people have suffered in the past ten years or more.
    Check out what Edgar Casey said many years ago about Russia.
    The people in both places have the same problem it seems ….
    I thank the Russian people.
    And I thank Natasha for her video ..
    I think iit was on youtube

  2. Theosophist

    Outstanding! Sanity is prevailing over the Satanic WEF & UN genocide attempts for world coup. Yes UN, NATO & WEF are terrorist organizations. High Praise to Putin!

    1. Paladin

      Well….according to this website it’s a Putin clone who started out bad but is now good.

      1. EraOfLight Post author

        There’s been different articles shared here. One I wrote myself I explained pretty straight forward. He is a clone controlled by the dark. Just like Biden, Xi, Macron, and Kim Jong Un.

        1. Paladin

          I remember that. I just thought it also said he had turned towards the light.

          I’m not so sure he is dark. He opposes the Great Satan the USA. This country is home to the most fetid evil on Earth.

          If he let’s the Zionist Demons have Ukraine and allows them to take possession of the women and children I’ll say he’s dark.

        2. Paladin

          What are the sources of information that lead to that conclusion?

          If Biden is a clone, can’t they make a clone with all his marbles? Or do they like parading a feeble old man as President?