The Council: The Existing Flow

Channel: Nadina Boun

There is a movement forward in this universe that carries everything with it. Notice the spiral in everything from a shell to a planet’s motion to the galaxy. Everything is spiraling upward in that circular motion. Like water that flows, the entire universe is flowing in an upward motion, carrying everything with it. It is important not to resist the flow. Change is part of the flow, of the movement forward. Everything is changing. Things are temporarily, they are and they are not. It is important to flow with the changes and accept them for now, as they too will change.

There is a flow, an upward movement that is occurring across the universe at large, carrying everything with it on this smooth ride. You are changing, the Earth is changing, the entire landscape is changing for the universe is changing. It is important that you accept the change, that you flow with the change and not resist, so you can be carried forward in that movement, in that flow forward to more. Every spiral spirals out into more expansion and your universe is expanding in that direction to bigger and wider, but also higher, for like the steps on a ladder every revolution takes you a little higher.

It is an important time in the history of man, of Earth and of this universe, and you are participating at many levels. Versions of you everywhere are participating. You on Earth are participating. It is important that everything flows according to the Divine plan which has been set in motion, and like a spiral will keep spiraling upward. It is not an action you can stop, rather one you must flow with and align with, so you can have a smooth ride. Like water that washes to shore what doesn’t belong in the ocean, for water knows how to flow, the entire universe can be likened to a gigantic ocean that is carrying everything with it to shore, and everyone’s shore or salvation is the next level of existence.

There is a flow, a natural flow that is moving worlds and universes, and it is asking that you relinquish the fight and let go your resistance because it wants to carry you to greater heights. It is time. The time has come to usher a new phase, a new cycle, a new revolution and you are amidst that change, so allow it to be what it is and trust you will come out on the other end more victorious than you ever thought. The flow that carries you is eternal, it will keep carrying you forward no matter how you respond. You can call it the in breath of Source bringing everything closer to itself, and it is asking for your participation as the heir and beneficiary of that ride, to receive, to let go, to surrender and to flow with it. So relax and enjoy every moment that passes, that shall not come again, as you are moving away from where you’ve been, from what was, into the new.

There is a flow, a constant flow occurring in this universe, and the time has come for the entire universe to make a leap forward. Be among those who receive, those who accept the change, those who are rejoicing in that upward motion. Embrace the change, the temporary change, and allow yourself to be guided and led forward by the stream that is carrying with it this entire universe into the next dimension/evolution. You are loved. Everything in this universe is loved. Nothing and no one is left behind. It is up to each individual to move with the flow or to resist, but the flow is flowing nevertheless, ready, willing and able to carry everything and everyone with it forward. So be among those who receive, so you can flow with ease, supported by the stream that carries this entire universe forward in its motion.

We love you very much and want you to succeed, to flourish, to rise higher to new dimensions, new explorations, new heights where life is easier, better, more joyful, more fun, more full, more rich, more harmonious, more free, for the higher you go the easier it gets. Your world is only hard because it pulls you down with its concepts and limitations, but your soul, your spirit, your essence are not limited to this world, so that you can rise higher when you align yourself with the flow of life.


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