An URGENT Mass Meditation Call for Israel – Palestine

I Kejraj apologize to Don Spectacularis and everyone else for the late posting of this article.

Greetings, my dearest lights. A few days back, I posted a channeled message from Source Creator asking one and all to assist in sending endless Love, Light, Forgiveness, Healing, Compassion and Peace to everyone living within the Israel – Gaza – Palestine area — be it the perpetrators, the victims, the traumatised ones, or those affected by this conflict (either directly or indirectly). And also to send the exact same energies into the collective planetary subconscious and unconscious as well, healing that in the process as well (through our prayers and our blessings and our mass meditations!) As the darkness lashes out towards the light one final time, it is imperative that we – the Starseeds, Wanderers, Lightworkers, Lightwarriors, Indigos, Rainbows and Crystals – UNITE TOGETHER to show up by the MILLIONS to reinstate LOVE, HEALING and PEACE everywhere; and show them all what true POWER even looks like!!

So today/tomorrow on Saturday, October 14th 2023, 12:00 NOON* at New York Time, Fr. James Twyman has organized a Global Mass Meditation to achieve that exact purpose. The meditation is already expected to be attended by millions, and you too are highly encouraged to join in to support the cause! After all, every single person joining this meditation increases its power EXPONENTIALLY as per Divine LAW! Because by Divine Law, 10 and 10 don’t become 20 (i.e. 10+10), they become 100 (i.e. 10 x 10!!!!!) Now, just imagine what millions of people could even do were they to join in their energies towards a single noble cause!
*You can find the time and date for this meditation for your local time zone by CLICKING HERE!
The (super easy!) instructions for participating in this mass meditation are as follows:
STEP 1: At the time of meditation, stop whatever you are doing and get cozy and comfortable. Relax. Breathe deeply. You can do this meditation sitting, standing, sleeping, lying down, or in any other position that you find the most comfortable! Become as relaxed as you can before proceeding to step #2.
STEP 2: Call in ALL benevolent beings and higher energies to assist you, protect you, amplify your energies infinitely and add their OWN intentions and energies to things as well. Such higher beings could include Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Galactics, God, Source Creator, Cosmic Awareness, Higher Selves, Future and Parallel Selves, all positive physical and nonphysical beings, High Councils, Guides, Helpers, Fairies, Elementals etc. Note that this is actually a VERY IMPORTANT STEP and can add TREMENDOUS POWER to your meditations!
Before going to Step #3, SET AN INTENTION to establish COMPLETE AND TOTAL PEACE within the area of Israel-Gaza-Palestine. Also ask that a DIVINE INTERVENTION be provided to assist this cause for the very greatest benefit of ALL concerned.
STEP 3: Spend the next 30 to 60 minutes FEELING the energies of TOTAL PEACE, HEALING, and LOVE spreading THROUGHOUT the affected areas, as well as the entire WORLD too. You have to FEEL and KNOW that true PEACE has ALREADY been ESTABLISHED in that area merely by YOUR INTENT alone. You can also visualize and imagine LIGHT, FORGIVENESS, KINDNESS and COMPASSION spreading all across the area. You can also imagine the energies of God and Source Creator blessing and cleansing that area COMPLETELY. And if you suck at imagination, just set an INTENTION and a PRAYER that such a thing happens, and FEEL like it has already HAPPENED! And THAT ALONE is more than ENOUGH!
You can also do all of the above things together, but FEELING the energy of PEACE spreading all over that area is the MOST IMPORTANT THING that you can do within those 30-60 minutes of meditation!
STEP 4: Thank everyone who participated in this meditation and/or supported you in any way, shape or form; and your job here is done!
STEP 5: FEEL FREE to keep on doing this multiple times throughout the day anyways, and keep on doing it even after this day is over — until you see massive RESULTS and CHANGES happening with your own eyes (which, I GUARANTEE you, you WILL SEE 10,000%!)
HAVE FAITH and HAVE CONFIDENCE that your intention WILL become a reality. TRUST your OWN POWER as well as the power of GOD and SOURCE CREATOR, and that TRUST, FAITH and CONFIDENCE alone will make EVERYTHING happen perfectly!
STEP 6: DO ALSO participate in the DAILY GLOBAL MASS MEDITATIONS organized by ‘We Love Mass Meditations’ dot com for establishing PEACE in Israel – Gaza – Palestine. CLICK HERE for the TIMINGS FOR IT (according to your specific time zone!)
STEP 7: SET A CLOCK ALARM RIGHT NOW for 1 HOUR BEFORE / PRIOR TO the mass meditation! Or you’ll just forget it. I know this because I myself do too. All the time!
STEP 8: Please, PLEASE SHARE this article EVERYWHERE right away! Email it. Text it. Translate it. Put it up on your Facebook and Insta and Youtube and LinkedIn and Stories and Reels and Shorts. Share it with your local Spiritual Communities and Meditation Groups. Share it with your WhatsApp groups and Family Members. Share it with your Friends, Colleagues and Neighbours. We need AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE to join in for this cause, and YOU are the ONLY ONES who can even make this happen! And it’s okay if some people don’t care, at least YOU tried your BEST and that’s ALL that really MATTERS!!! You do indeed miss out on all the shots that you don’t take, after all!
I humbly thank each and every single one of you reading this, sharing this, translating this and/or participating within this Global Mass Meditation from the very bottom of my heart! Your effort is more treasured than you can even really imagine, at this time!
In INFINITE Love and Light,

4 Replies to “An URGENT Mass Meditation Call for Israel – Palestine”

  1. Fairweather

    Remember even when you do something like this that ‘appears’ to be good it is imposing ‘your will’ on others without their permission.

    My advice. I’d include the words, only if it is for the good of ‘all’, and, I ‘offer’ this love and light, you are free to decline acceptance.

    You do not know the Divine Plan, it is wise not to assume ‘your way’ is the correct way, and wanted by all.

  2. David

    Thanks Kejraj and Don

    Sorry I missed this, I would absolutely have been there x

    My heartfelt thanks to all who managed to attend.

    I don’t know.

    Much love to every single one of us.

    We are all one.

    Palestine, Israel, Pluto, Gannymede, Scarborough, Brixton, Sorrento, Mijas, Southall, Karachi, Nairobi.

    Yes we are.

    Love to all across this Omniverse x

  3. flazak

    I missed thia but you can still help just send your love/light to that location when you feel inspired to do so. We desire an end to conflict, an end to deception, we desire peace. Send that.