From 3D To 4D And 5D: Lowdown

By Lev

Too many things look strange. Exclusively “by chance” and “by a happy coincidence”, since September 27, visa-free entry to the United States has been established for holders of an Israeli passport, as if anticipating events. The world public opinion is already forming that Israel is the victim, and now the response will be tough and the international community will support such actions. Leaks are being thrown through MSM that Iran is allegedly behind the aggressor’s back, although the political leadership of HAMAS stays in Turkey under the careful protection of special services.

But the most important thing is hushed up: the HAMAS attack is directly related to Israel’s inability to form its new budget for 2024. A classic example from Roman law: you have money, and we have debts, and you attacked us… The attacking aggressor eventually gets the debts of the one he attacked through reparations and indemnities…And HAMAS arrived exactly at the right time for the Israeli government…

Now, the “attack on Israel” stagers have one goal – to draw Iran into conflict, then, to expose it as an aggressor and hang reparations and indemnities on it after the clash ends. On reparations and contributions from Iran, they want to blind the budget of Israel (and the United States, as its ally) until 2026. At the moment, only Iran has legitimate incomes and rights to 125,000 tons of gold (approximate estimate). Well, how can one resist and not try to drag Iran into the war by appointing a co-aggressor? For reliability, in parallel, Lebanon, as an ally of Tehran in the Middle East, is being drawn into the conflict…

If this attack had not happened, the Israeli government would have had to come up with it, because the country cannot exist without a budget, and it does not have it even until the end of 2023. On October 01, the financial year began and the countdown started – until October 15, when it needs to submit the budget and the sources of its filling to international regulators.

According to the norms of Roman Law, Israel failed as a State entity and during 72 years did not buy the land on which it is located. Only by means of a cunning special operation called Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) in 1973, it got through reparations a share of a very “timely aggressor” – proceeds of a 25-year land trust set up by the Rothschilds, using the lands of Palestine and Israel (a trust for the purchase of land from lessors).

Due to the lack of its own land and the status of a State, Israel’s budget (like that of Palestine, for which Israel is very grateful to Yasser Arafat) is built through a guarantee. At first, Britain and the USSR acted as guarantors for Israel, and after 1973 – the United States. Then, this debt was covered from external sources – export revenues, donations, etc. The uncovered part of the debt was returned and transferred to the guarantor’s budget (i.e., the US).

For the entire time of its existence, Israel has not shown a deficit-free budget for at least five consecutive years. That is, it couldn’t buyout the land, but also to accumulate titles to claim recognition as a State. Due to the fact that the United States does not have its own budget in 2023, they cannot issue guarantees as usual.

Israel actually has 30 days for some way to “draw” the budget (the countdown kicks off on October 1). But because it hasn’t sources, and does not meet the deadlines, Tel-Aviv wants to solve the problem by receiving funds from international regulators for an Emergency (war) and in this way form a budget at least until the end of 2023.

However, without additional participants, the conflict between HAMAS and Israel does not pull on the war, since not only Israel is not a State, but also the second side of the conflict – Palestine and HAMAS, therefore, they cannot be named military aggressors. According to International Law, only a subject in the status of a State with another subject in a similar status can start a war. Otherwise, it is impossible to begin a war, and according to the results of its completion, require reparations and indemnities from the losing aggressor.

After 1973, the League of Arab States issues a guarantee for Palestine for the formation of the budget, but it is not interested to pay reparations and indemnities. Iran has not officially entered the war, so remains an option to involve the League on the side of Palestine to set a budget by the end of the year. Now, Israel, in a coalition with the United States, urgently needs to “defeat” Iran and its allies, appoint them to blame, so that the US and Israel hang reparations and indemnities on Tehran and produce budgets until 2026.

Previously, the League states provided their resources and subsoil for proof of product and proof of funds, and the proceeds from these financial instruments went as kickbacks to the corrupt leaders, who signed them, and the United States and Israel to partially cover expenses and budgets. What was not covered by the proceeds from proof of product and proof of funds (the uncovered budget of Israel) went to the debt of the United States (as a guarantor for Israel). Its official debt is more than $32 trillion, unofficial exceeded $258 trillion.

Since 1947, the guarantors of Israel have been Great Britain, the Rothschilds and the USSR. When the “war by order” happened in 1973, they realized that the guys were boundless, and their appetites were immense, so they dumped this suitcase without a handle to the Americans and after 1973 began to attribute Israel’s debt to the debt of the new guarantor – the United States.

Any conflict or war ends with the signing of something (treaty, agreements, capitulations, etc.). The signatories, recognized as aggressors and losers and/or their allies and guarantors, will pay for everything and for everyone. Israel has about two years left to exist in its current form, even if they now solve the problem with the budget until 2026. The Jews will not benefit from the results of this conflict in the long run, nor the Arabs, and nor Iran and the United States.

The beneficiary is completely different, and while two Semitic peoples are exterminating each other, their common enemy is waiting for the end of the battle to keep the main prize – its power over the world.