Tunia: Sharing Circle Late October 2023

Channel: A.S

My dearest brothers and sisters,

This is Tunia speaking. I love you all so very much. I know that life on Earth is really tough and harsh, and you have all my love and respect.

I would like to open another sharing circle today.

You can write about or share anything you want in the comment section.

I’m also curious about how people are doing right now. This is also something you are invited to share about, if you wish.

Please be emotionally safe to each other in the comment section. That means that you can reply to each other, but for example please don’t give unsolicited advice. If people want advice, they can ask for it.

Also keep in mind that if your post is very long, it may take a while for it to show up.

With that said: the circle is open, and you are invited to share.


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61 Replies to “Tunia: Sharing Circle Late October 2023”

  1. 太田原晃介3

    Society is moving toward abolishing polygamy and the institution of marriage.
    Will there be an acceleration and impact on Earth’s ascension process? In Japan, current members of the Diet
    promoting polygamy
    via SNS questionnaire
    Those who want the institution of marriage to be abolished
    It’s over 50%.
    Does this have anything to do with the acceleration of Earth’s ascension process?
    Is this an ascension interaction?

  2. Paulo Urbina

    Hola Tunia, un honor hablar contigo, sabes mi madre esta más o menos mal en el hospital, podrían enviar a un grupo de sanadores pleyadianos para que sane, de antemano muchas gracias.

  3. József Kiss

    Dear Tunia
    Mi tudsz mondani a hiperérzékeny emberekről . Minden országban, a lakosság 2-3% -át teszik ki . Szerintem, a CFS, OCD, és a Hiperérzékenység egy tőröl fakadnak . Mint egy 3 ágú akácfa .

  4. Roberta

    Hello Tunia,

    I like reading your channelings about life on Pleiades and your insights about Earth society and what is currently going on. I am also trying to connect with Pleiadians, but I never get any answer or reaction. I am wondering if I am doing something wrong. I always thought, that they wanted us to communicate with them. Lately Im even struggling to get the names of my guides and I used to have such vivid dreams before. Hopefully I am on the right path and haven’t done something that could spoil my connection with them.

    Wish you all best.
    Much love


  5. (elemental light)

    There are many abusers upon your planet who continue to be in power. There continues to be much bullying and the hierarchy of abuse exists in those of the light as well! People have the right to speak their truth without being targeted by these abusers – remember this.

    Arrogance and judgment are rife on planet earth. Intellectualism is a small tool that has become a way of life for many. Remember, it is a small part of who you are. Many people use their intellectualism as a cudgel to abuse other and to put them in “their” place. People are easily manipulated to believe in separation and duality. It is easy to pit one against another when people are more invested in ideas than one another.

    Please be gentle with one another. Monitor your own levels of arrogance and judgment. Remember, the intellectual part of you is not meant to run your life and consume your thoughts. Overthinking and mental arguments are a distraction from peace.

    Criticizing others and putting them down – is a form of insecurity and fear. Be cautious of how you treat others — you do not know what it is to be someone else. You’re ego is not all knowing, no matter how hard it tries – than you.

  6. 太田原晃介3

    I believe that what happened between me and Mr. Spillai is the reason why the Earth is in its current state, or that it has had a major influence on it.
    It was something like this.
    At that time, me, Mr. Spillai, and ET, the prophetic angel of light.
    3 people on group line
    We were interacting.
    Prophecy Angel of Light ET
    Confidence starts a thread
    On the bulletin board operated by
    People often make fun of prophets
    Like falling into hell
    I was doing this to people who troll my posts.
    I didn’t understand the meaning of that word, so I thought it was some kind of metaphor.
    One day, Mr. Spillai
    I was invited to dinner with Mr. Spillai in Tokyo on November 14, 2020.
    I decided to eat.
    At a Yakiniku restaurant with Mr. Spillai
    when we met and talked
    The prophecy angel of light ET is saying to Mr. Spillai.
    What does it mean if you make fun of a prophet you will go to hell? I asked.
    Then Mr. Spillai
    is he jealous? and
    I was asked.
    I told him I wasn’t jealous, and his subconscious told me to ask him.
    So I asked how to do it
    It is said that the words that come out unconsciously when you stop thinking are the words of your subconscious mind.
    I stopped thinking and the words came out unconsciously.
    The background behind this word’s appearance
    My father was obsessed with Archons at the time.
    So it’s well in the air
    Archon energy
    He was scattering it with the breath he exhaled through his mouth.
    When I left home on the day I went to see Mr. Spillai
    I ran into his father.
    So his father showered him with archon energy.
    I was meditating on the way to see Mr. Spillai, but the energy of the archon was still strong.
    I was not able to completely purify myself.
    What does it mean that if you meet Mr. Spillai, eat with him, and make fun of the prophet, you will go to hell? Are you jealous? I was told to ask my subconscious mind, so I guess it was influenced by the Archon’s energy and the energy from when I was cornered by Mr. Spillai.
    The words that came out unconsciously
    I was doing it.
    So the words that came out unconsciously were
    The vibrations have dropped significantly.
    This later led to a decline in Earth’s timeline.
    In the past, Cobra was linked to what was said to be the collapse of the Lightworker Grid.
    He said that the cause of this was that he made a decision that was undesirable for a higher plan, and that it was a foolish and selfish thing to do.
    It was this thing.
    So the reality of the earth has become strange.
    Maybe I’m being too self-conscious about Gray Hat being weird, but I think it’s my fault.
    I think it’s not my fault but theirs.
    I don’t think they would have gone so crazy if I hadn’t lowered my vibrations at that time.
    Later, Mr. Spillai told me that if you make fun of a prophet, you won’t go to hell, but your vibration will only decrease.
    I don’t know why the vibrations drop so much.
    This does not mean that God is a small vessel, but is a law of the world.
    Mr. Spillai said that the prophet is the messenger of God, so he is the representative of the messenger of the source.
    In other words, since you are the representative of everyone on Earth, you spoke badly of everyone’s representative, so you spoke badly of everyone.
    In terms of the total amount of joy and pain, this is an action that corresponds to the total amount of suffering.
    I was told that your vibration has dropped significantly.
    I’m still not convinced.
    As a result of that, I developed a lump of energy from mental fatigue in my head.
    I can’t move as I want
    I can no longer go to work properly.
    Some people around me don’t really understand this.
    I am worried.
    First of all, I’m not saying anything bad about anyone, and I’m not causing anyone any pain.
    Are you jealous? When I was asked this question, I said something that I was unconsciously saying, but I respect the prophet ET and consider him a friend, so I don’t think I’m jealous of him.
    At that time, I was unconscious and the words just came out.
    The vibrations have dropped significantly.
    I would like to know how this works.
    and designed this universe
    From existence, this mechanism is
    I think this is correct, but what is the reason for this?
    What was the necessity of designing this system?
    I would like to know.
    And this mechanism
    Including whether it is possible to change
    (Probably if you change it midway through
    I don’t think it’s possible because I have to either destroy this world or reset it.)
    If you reincarnate as a human in the Matrix, you will not understand why this is the case.
    When I talk to the normal people around me, they tell me that it’s strange and wrong.
    Of course I don’t speak ill of higher beings or prophets.
    Although there is common sense
    He says he doesn’t really understand why this mechanism exists.
    At first glance, this may make you think that God is a small vessel.
    I’m surprised that this is not the case, but that this is the law of this world.
    I think it’s a terrible and scary story.
    In other words, is this a story about cutting off those who are inconvenient to those in power?
    I feel like it’s the same thing as the generals and kings and emperors of the past.
    So sometimes I and the people around me have trouble understanding it. I believe that God is a being of love and light, but I don’t understand why.
    Going back to the Gray Hats, I think they might have been more proactive in liberating the Earth if the timeline hadn’t been lowered, and the current situation on Earth would have been more peaceful and positive.
    Therefore, I feel responsible for this and want to help make the earth a better place as much as possible.
    At this point, even if you talk about your situation, request consultation, or ask questions,
    Cobra has not responded and is ignored, so I decided to write here.

  7. nina mcmullen

    hello Tunia, hello A.S. I am Nina.
    I had a very peculiar experience last week. I woke up in early morning to a beautiful song. It wasn’t out of this earth. And the language wasn’t out of this earth either. Oh it was so heavenly – it is impossible to describe it.. I just wanted to swim and to swirl in this music and wished it wouldn’t stop. My wish was granted and I had another song. it was different and it was another voice. but it was Oh – how you can put in words something so beautiful… and it stopped’
    Couple of days later My husband told me how he woke up in the middle of the night to hear me talking unknown language for about a minute. I was in a deep sleep and don’t remember anything.
    I am wondering- am I going crazy? Or am i brainwashed by something or somebody? Or I am going to die soon and it was the preface of it?
    by the way after that we both- me and my husband were really sick for 2-3 days.We couldn’t and didn’t want to eat or to drink. All we wanted just to sleep. Every muscle, every bone every nerve was aching and the energy level was about zero. We are getting better now but it is a slow process.
    I would like to thank you for your messages as they providing a good doze of optimism. God bless you and your readers. Kind regards. Nina.

    1. A.S.

      You’re very welcome.

      That indeed sounds like a peculiar, beautiful but possibly also scary experience. Thanks for sharing.

      I haven’t channeled the following, and I’m also not an expert in this and also not a doctor, but the following is my gut reaction:

      I suspect this is some kind of ascension symptom, i.e. you’re growing spiritually or you’re unloading some old psychological or energetic baggage. I’ve had some weird things happen to me too on my spiritual path.

      That said, you’re telling me that you’ve been really sick apparently without knowing exactly why, and wondering if you could die. I think the only responsible thing I can say here is “consider visiting a doctor.”

    2. WK

      In the spirit of sharing, here is my own experience having gone through something similar.

      Starting with the simple stuff, often when I wake up I find myself singing a specific portion of a song. For example, recently it was REM with the famous “Hand on…Hold on…” music. During the sleep state, and more importantly, just before waking up, Pleiadians have the telepathic ability to place messages in your mind, and these can be a variety of things, ranging from words, phrases, images, smells or songs. There is nothing wrong with you, it is just a message they want you to pay attention to. Speaking a strange language, I imagine, could be a reflex of your physical body to something you are doing or going through when you are in between worlds, that is just before you wake up (this is when the connection to the other side is strongest; by the way, if your telepathy is not developed, a good way to get messages from the Pleiadians is by placing yourself in a semi-sleep state, where you are neither asleep nor awake, and let yourself see what comes up in your mind).

      For the past few years, I also have periods of extreme tiredness for a few days, and all became well after. I had old wounds becoming swollen, and then they healed after some time. These — to me — were healing reactions. That is, with the intense energetic cleansing we are experiencing, the body has more energy to take care of old problems, thus one may experience some time of discomfort, but that is the body simply doing the „house cleaning“. And the proof is, that after a while, you feel fine and with more energy. The point is not to get scared when this happens, simply observe it, and if the pain doesn’t go away after a a while, then yes this may be a recurrent problem that may need medical help to resolve (that is, your body is fighting with something that needs help with). But it may be that is simply just doing its „house-cleaning“. I particularly feel this around energetic times, like eclipses and full moons.

      Anyway, I hope this helps (you and those who read this). Cheers!

  8. cryok

    Hi Tunia,

    I have a suggestion so that we can help more lightworkers struggling, if you please discuss more tools that we can use to help ourselves through this very stressful time.

  9. unionylibertad

    Hi Tunia…All is well…When we trust we know that all is in perfect Divine Order…Yet being here takes all our concentration and effort to not fall for the negativity around us…One thing I noticed is that I am very susceptible to negative energies…Especially when they are too close to me…I feel like I want to run away from toxic people, or any negative situations….I am staying the course no matter what…I have lived so many lives, learned so many things to get to this point in the present moment, that I will never give up…It matters not how hard it gets…I am grateful for this life and for this opportunity to make a difference in this world…Much Love and many blessings of Peace, Abundance, Joy to you and all the crew up there in the ships…

  10. Matteo

    Ciao Tunia,

    tanto piacere sentirti e sentire così tanto supporto ogni giorno da parte Vostra!

    Vi invio tutta la mia Luce e tutto il mio Amore

    Qui … va bene! Va davvero bene, in divenire… tanta gratitudine. Sempre più Fiducia. A volte mi dà quasi le vertigini scoprire tanto Amore nel tutto e tutto il supporto che ho. Ogni giorno è nuovo. E man mano che sono sempre più Me arrivano sempre più Benedizioni, in tante forme.

    Comincio a riconoscermi coscientemente. C’è stata tanta ricerca, necessaria, e ora ne vedo i risultati ogni giorno, di più, di più.. Davvero bisogna essere qui, per Me, ora. Perchè sta diventando grandioso ed eccitante ogni giorno di più.

    Tanta gratitudine.
    Tanto Amore dall’Amore che Io sono


  11. John

    In the context of sharing, this is an old song that always felt good to hear, back when I had no idea of what ‘starseeds’ meant, or why Jon Anderson would dub something called ‘Hurry Home’ as ‘Song from the Pleiades’… his lyrics on Yes always felt like tacky hippie ravings and I honestly have no idea if he knew how much sense he made writing them.

    As with all music, I’m also aware it’s a matter of very personal taste so please don’t take this input out of that context.

    1. A.S.

      Thanks for sharing! Great that it somehow resonated with you back then, and that now you understand why.

      I’ve had a Pleiadian woman point out the following to me as an example of an Earth song she enjoyed:

        1. John

          Namaste! Happy to see that such references permeates many a musical genre and artists… I only refrain from responding in kind because experience taught me once we start relying on art as actual statements, things can escalate VERY quickly. 😆

  12. Qaesitor

    Dearest Tunia,

    Send my twin flame my regards, it brings everyone involved much joy.

    Now for some actual thoughts. Being a light worker is hard. It’s not fun. I want to go home. It’s exhausting being so sensitive to the energies hitting Earth and constantly getting light body upgrades. It’s exhausting to live with humans who are so traumatized by this ludicrous society that was set up by the powers that were. It’s exhausting to hold the light for those who only care about themselves. It’s not their fault, and I’m sure the average human will get a lot more bearable with a healthy society and some healing, however in the mean time the ground team is exhausted. And there’s this little voice constantly berating us that none of this is real. It’s hard to keep the faith. I’m still holding on. I’m still doing what I can, but I’m tired, tired in my soul that no amount of rest in this world can solve. I long to go home and finish the mission.

    The Ground team

    1. the_complaint_department

      I’m a bit confused, shouldn’t a voice berating us that none of this is real be welcome in such a exhausting context?
      No challenge on my part, but even in the background of such a disfunctional human society I find Gaia’s lovely gifts very soothing to the homesick soul.

      1. Qaesitor

        In the sense of “Pleiadians aren’t real, nobody’s coming to save you this is all one gigantic psy op to have you sit on your hands and meditate” And not “This is all an illusion within God’s mind’s eye.” While that’s definitely true, the first option is scary.

        1. the_complaint_department

          Well, the devil’s trick with these voices (and actual psyops) is actually mixing fact and fiction to induce discredit of fact, so it’s within good measure to address claims separately.

          For instance, Pleiadians can be real and NOT be coming to save you (which is a debate I don’t mean to reignite here), is that half-scary?

          I feel a bit secluded from other lightworkers in the sense that my drive to uphold the light no longer depends on external influences, only our collective success does.

          To be honest, I personally believe there ARE psyops that have been designed to make people sit in their hands and medidate; but the people devising these psyops don’t know meditation actually works. They have been psyopped themselves, because Source has a great sense of humor, so to speak. Win-win!

  13. LCX

    (machine translation)
    Dear Tunia, there are some confusion here. You have said that your daughter has become interested in learning about sex. So she has forgotten her past life experiences? Or did she not live in the Pleiades in her previous life and experience this? What proportion of the Pleiadian newborns are reincarnations of the Pleiadian people? What is the forgetting mechanism of your newborns(forgetting mechanism in 5D?)? Do Pleiadian women, or the women of your planet’s ethnic group, still generally give birth like Earth women? Or are artificial wombs usually used? Pleiadian people usually grow up from babies who cannot take care of themselves? Although it is theoretically possible to directly cultivate the body of a child or teenager and inject the soul… Also, since homosexuality is common among you, do you have any transgender people? hermaphrodites? What is your opinion on hermaphroditism (including some hermaphroditic races)? I hope there is no offense, but there are still some obvious questions about reproduction and parenting. I feel like you can talk about them separately, thank you.

    1. A.S.

      Channeling costs me some amount of energy, so I’ll answer what I (the channeler) can answer without channeling. No offense taken.

      While Pleiadians have artificial wombs, most Pleiadian women give birth the natural way, similar to how Earth women do it. Some differences with Earth women are:

      1) Pleiadian women typically don’t experience pain during childbirth, and often actually experience pleasure. They have very good control of their bodies in general and often do a lot of athletic-type activity for fun (and sometimes have sex in weird and strenuous positions). I’ve once telepathically communicated a somewhat advanced yoga pose to an average Pleiadian who had never been in that pose before, but was able to do that pose without problems. An average Earth human wouldn’t have been able to just do it on the spot.

      2) I’ve spoken with a Pleiadian woman (whom I’ve never publicly channeled) who is over 500 years and is still very easily able to have children. This also means that there are some Pleiadian women who have literally fifty or more children, all the natural way. Pleiadian healthcare is great, fortunately, so it doesn’t wear their bodies out.

      3) That same (single) Pleiadian woman was extremely precise and open and self-knowledgeable about what kind of relationship she was looking for. When asked, she said:
      – she wanted a minimum of this many and a maximum of that many children
      – she said what she expected from a husband (nothing unreasonable) and what she offered;
      – she said under which specific conditions she would terminate the relationship (which boiled down to “don’t do anything crazy or outright evil”) and was clear that as long as these conditions weren’t violated, she’d happily stay in the relationship;
      – she said that as long as the relationship lasted, she had a far-reaching “I am yours” attitude towards her husband;
      – she said what her personal stance was on inviting third people into the bed for threesomes;
      – and she said that she was looking to remain alive for 200 – 300 more years and after that would be leaving her body to pursue a non-physical existence.

      Of course, this describes one individual. I imagine younger Pleiadians might be more spontaneous / not as precise.

      4) On Earth, at most you have four or maybe five generations alive at a time. With Pleiadians, it’s not uncommon for people to be alive ten generations back or even more (so someone is alive, and so is their great – great – great – great – great – great – great – great – great – granddaughter). Now that I think about it, this might partially explain the slow-moving, hesitant-to-intervene nature of how the Pleiadians are currently going about Earth’s liberation. The average Pleiadian is simply older than any of us are, and I guess a certain carefulness and aversion to quick dramatic action might come with age and with having great – great – great – great – grandkids.

    2. A.S.

      Pleiadians are free and easily able to change their bodies as they wish through technology, whether that’s changing their body’s age or sex or appearance. Pleiadians sometimes prank each other by impersonating other people, although they primarily identify each other by energy and not by how people look. So for a successful prank, a Pleiadian would have to not just take on someone else’s appearance but also accurately mimic that person’s energy, which isn’t easy. But it’s good energy control practice.

      They can also store memories or experience in some kind of storage device or container. If a slightly older and non-virgin woman and non-virgin man start a relationship, then if desired they can both revert back to having the bodies of young adults and have no sexual experience, and so have “first time sex” with each other. Then when they’ve explored young-adult love with each other, then when desired they can restore their actual memories, next to their newly formed “young love” memories.

      This will also be an option for Earth human – Pleiadian human couples. A minority of Pleiadians is open to dating Earth humans because think our experiences with being a light in the darkness makes us more mature and balanced and experienced, at least in one aspect. These Pleiadians often consider other Pleiadians to be too love-and-light and too detached from the grittier aspects of reality.

      Pleiadians greatly value soul growth (because they have an infinite amount of everything else). A Pleiadian probably gets more soul growth from being in a relationship with an Earth human than from being in a relationship with another Pleiadian.

      At the same time, these Pleiadians might very well tell interested Earth humans: “I’ll happily date you, but only after you’ve reached a certain level of consciousness so that we can be on equal footing. Would you like me to refer you to a galactic spiritual teacher?”

      You can imagine why sex is such a favorite activity of Pleiadians. First of all, everyone is physically healthy and fit and attractive and doesn’t have diseases and the women can just choose whether or not to get pregnant, through sheer body control. Then there’s the fact that there’s no sexual shame, people are highly skilled in bed, everyone’s connected through mind reading and their energy control adds another dimension in the bedroom. And there’s also the fact that if they ever get bored, they can just change their body or temporarily store their sexual memories and start all over again.

      1. Paladin

        Are there any Pleiadeans that enjoy the normal nuclear family? Like we European people once enjoyed? I mean yes people enjoyed their sex life within marriage, but there were children and boats and lakes with picnics in green fields, and family gatherings and noodle salad. Good times and noodle salad, I’d be very happy with just that.

        1. A.S.

          Polygamy / polyamory is actually not the most common thing that Pleiadians do. In https://eraoflight.com/2023/03/31/tunia-on-polyamory Tunia was relatively sceptical about polygamy.

          The most typical relationship pattern Pleiadians have is: one man and one woman who usually behave as a nuclear family, with the exception that the man is allowed to have sex with other men (but not women) and the woman is allowed to have sex with other women (but not men). The extra sex is only allowed within reason and only so long as it doesn’t disrupt the family / relationship / doesn’t come at the cost of the children or partner.

          They consider that to be a pretty good way to keep the relationship stable and committed, while also allowing some experimentation / adventure / a way to get new experiences / an outlet if during a certain period of time one partner happens to desire significantly more sex than the other partner.

          They live longer lives than we do, so most consider it to be too restrictive to say “you only get to have sex with this one person now for the next 400 years.”

          On the other hand, if the husband can have sex with other women or the wife can have sex with other men, then often there’s someone other than the primary partner who they most desire at that moment (especially because they can just ask a friendly AI “please find a hot and available guy for me” and get matched up with someone). And then you often lose the sexual glue that keeps the husband and wife together.

          Most Pleiadians are primarily heterosexual, so with their “the only heterosexual sex is with your partner” dynamic the relationship usually does remain stable for the long term.

          Though adults are allowed to get into any relationship pattern they wish, so yes, some Pleiadians do just have a completely monogamous relationship like we have on Earth. Pleiadians are mind readers and can usually pretty quickly determine if a given other person is compatible with them relationship-pattern-wise.

    3. A.S.

      About transgenderism: Pleiadians can change their body if they wish. If a person spends all their time in the body of the opposite sex, people in their community might gently check up on them to see if this is genuinely what is best for them (in that case, fine, carry on, and these Pleiadians exist), or if there’s some kind of trauma or resistance or unintegrated thing from perhaps a past life that’s motivating the transgenderism (in which case they might gently recommend visiting a healer or teacher).

      Pleiadians generally refer to people who currently have a vagina as “she” and to people who currently have a penis as “he.” Most Pleiaidians stick with their birth sex, possibly with a brief period of experimentation. If the wrong word is used because someone just changed their sex, no offense is taken and it’s not a big deal.

      They have a word for “person whose sex I’m currently not aware of.” But I think it’s very rare for a Pleiadian to ask to be referred to as a non-binary “they”. To Pleiadians, that’s just a he or a she who happens to have their other polarity well-integrated.

      Although if someone specifically asks a Pleiadian to use specific pronouns, I suspect they’ll honor that.

  14. CosmicCustodian

    I’m in a male body this time and came from the Sirian system. I feel a deep attraction to Pleidian female energy. My Soulmate who I’ve yet to meet is from there. I met a Sirian sister whos Twin Flame is Pleidian, so it works for both genders. I’m wondering, why is the Sirian/Pleidian energy connection so yummy?

  15. Luke

    The refinement continues, and it is accelerating in me – almost entirely driven by anger and frustration.

    If one of the goals of this place is to merge/balance light and dark internally then I will embrace the half of the equation that I’ve spent my life avoiding.

    I hardly know the full (or even partial) extent of your endeavors for us. I am sure things would be significantly worse if not for your efforts. But the lack of seeing anything (seemingly) substantial happening from your end after reading promise after commitment is begrudgingly causing me to become something new.

    But if you really want to know how I feel then come have a dynamic conversation with me. Words expressed here in text are deficient in substance and nuance.

  16. Paladin

    I just wish I could meet one of these Pleiadeans to confirm they are in fact real. If they are long-lived Nordic Humans from another Star-system how could it hurt for them to start revealing themselves to their relatives here on Earth?

    1. A.S.

      Yeah, fair point.

      The primary issue is that there’s a lot of surveillance. It’s not just that it would expose the visiting Pleiadians to danger. It’s also that if they meet up with some Earth human lightworker, that lightworker might very well get captured and get taken hostage after they leave.

      The following isn’t channeled or confirmed, it’s just my own thoughts —

      Some people in this comment section are suggesting that Pleiadians visit a few lightworkers so that they can serve as ambassadors and spread the word. There already are people out there who claim that this happened to them and that they are these ambassadors. Namely:

      Apparently the Pleiadian woman named Semjase has previously met with Earth human “Billy” Eduard Albert Meier. You can google Semjase for more info, and also check google images to get a drawing of her.

      There’s also Elena Danaan who claims to have physically met Pleiadians in for example her book “a gift from the stars”.

      Dr Michael Salla (who you can find on youtube) may have interviews with people who claim to have physically met ETs.

      If you google jennifer crokaert and go to services => ebooks => read her ebook “Living with Ashian”, then near the end she claims to have seen positive ETs with her own eyes.

      I’ve been told that I was briefly abducted as a child by hostile ETs and saved by Pleiadians and then had my mind wiped because my family would have treated me as insane if I’d told them what happened. However, that also means I have no direct memory of this.

      You can also google “nbc Former Israeli space security chief says extraterrestrials exist, and Trump knows about it”

      There may be others who have physically met Pleiadians (or at least, make that claim — it’s up to you who you believe).

  17. R

    Thanks for asking, given the circumstances I’m quite well off. Emotionally and spiritually I feel very supported. Financially would be nice if that would be a bit more and a bit more stable, but we get by even though its paycheck by paycheck. I asked my soul, based on your advice on talking to your soul, about my financial situation. I didn’t feel any disturbance, it was quite neutral, so I guess it’s alright with my finances.

    Currently I’m doing a course in producing an economy from a view point of freedom – equality – togetherness. I feel at home here. And it takes time to adjust myself to this frequency.

    Some days I can feel real tired, and some days I have energy for ten. And some days both in a rapid up and down. I’m experimenting with being in 5D vs 3D, the 5D experience is very nice. Your messages gave me the confidence to get more in touch with my space brothers and sisters who support me.

    I feel more and more connected, supported and appreciated in the lost months, which is quite the opposite from how I felt for a very long time. This feeling of being supported seems really important to me.

    It feels a bit off, that I’m feeling better and better while the world seems to be burning more and more.

  18. cirno reed

    hi Tunia, I’m Cirno.
    Speak of now, there are many chaos that everybody lready known. Despite of doing ‘asking event’ type of things, I am always thinking, that if I could doing better in some way somehow. It really confuse me…I keep suspecting myself, is it really the best way? anything I could do better? am I light enough? I feel I even begin not trusting myself. suspecting all the things that i’ve already have in dealing with everyday’s cahos.
    I try to listen the sound inside, but I don;t know what to trust, I can’t figure out what is true and what is wrong. alll the bad things in side me that haven’t been turned jumped up to confuse me…even a very like truma of long time ago would came up to influence my thought
    oh I am truely raving.I think I need the third body to give a judgement. I read a lot of this website. And I think I find what I want.
    I don’t think my brain is functional enough to write this thing.
    I always wanat to stay inner peace when I meet my everday things. And I confused. I don’t know, should I expresswhen I want to say somethinig, should I be laugh when I hear a joke, should I be enjoy when I see something good, or should I tolerent, you know there are many things false in this world
    I would like to listen, what will you do when meet someting, even a most normal things on earth. I really need an example to learn

    1. A.S.

      Speaking as myself, the following isn’t channeled — if I were you, I would just observe the thought “I could be doing better in some way somehow”, without trying to judge if that thought is true or false, without trying to fight or suppress or change the thought.

      Just observe it.

      That said, this is something that works well for me. I can’t guarantee this will work for everyone.

      1. A.S.

        Maybe I myself am violating Tunia’s “no unsolicited advice” request.

        If this wasn’t welcome, my apologies.

  19. Zuza

    I don’t even know what to say. You all know how we feel already. We work hard, hoping it will be enough for our own salvation, and for the others too. Most people are asleep, nothing will change if there will be no outside push, and I am not even saying about your intervention, but about earthly stuff, like mass arrests or public info regarding plandemic, corruption, rituals, anything would be a starting point.
    I try to go within, I stopped waiting for anything to happen, it was draining. I have hope still, in us, in Gaia, in Mother Father God. God bless you Galactics, God bless us the ground crew, God bless the humanity, we all deserve the truth.

  20. A.S.

    Note from the channeler: unfortunately I’m not answering questions in this comment section because I have a couple of things going on in my life that demand my attention and energy. I’ll manage, I just don’t have extra energy left for Q&A.

    I do understand that people have questions and would like answers. If / when I have energy for it, I might post a “feel free to ask questions in the comment section and I’ll try to answer” message. There are also other channelers out there who may be able to answer your questions.

    With that said, feel free to continue sharing.

    1. WK

      No worries A.S, you do already more than enough. Wish you best of luck with your mission. May all turn out well. Cheers

  21. 太田原晃介3

    in the spiritual and ascension realms
    Pleiadian spiritualists and
    lightworker starseed
    Often about polygamy and free sex
    I often mention
    This is what I call the marriage system and family system of the universe.
    I think you’re trying to bring it to Earth
    I think.
    One thing I wondered about
    Polygamy and free sex on Earth
    a social system that is accepted
    If you make it, the marriage system of the universe, the family system
    I wonder if I can bring it to the earth
    I am thinking.
    In the current spiritual world, the Pleiadians are more likely to have affairs or polygamy.
    That’s how it is in space, so it’s okay to be on Earth
    Because space is free sex
    Free sex is good even on earth
    Say whatever you want, say whatever you want
    I have a lot of messengers.
    In the past, Mr. Yoshikazu Namiki
    She said that cheating is okay.
    However, regarding this, I would like to put it into the social system in a solid form.
    Is that a good thing? To a higher existence
    I thought I should get confirmation.
    Therefore, to the officials of the Earth World Branch,
    Will you do me a favor,
    Channeling into the Galactic Federation and Higher Beings
    Polygamy and free sex
    The accepted social system is
    Can we make it happen?
    Will it work? Can I ask you something?
    I thought about it myself
    Which social system allows polygamy and free sex?
    In the case of polygamy
    Marriage to another person of the opposite sex
    Requires spousal consent
    inheritance issues and
    Many other social systems
    Because it was created on the premise of monogamy
    There is something strange about polygamy
    There is no such thing as a drastic social system
    We will review.
    about free sex
    Having compassionate and moderate sex and
    Contraception should be used to avoid unwanted pregnancies.
    Contraceptives are sold at pharmacies and convenience stores.
    Aiming to reduce the burden of contraceptives at no risk
    To reduce the burden on the body
    proceed with development.
    Compassionate and Moderate Sex
    and avoid unwanted pregnancies
    If this can be done, in many cases
    I think most are fine.
    But the problem is that I’m drowning in sex
    It means that some people will fall.
    As for the percentage of people who fall
    A small percentage of the total.  
    But there are many who fall
    will go out
    What the fallen people say is a minority
    People don’t want to have sex that much
    there is a lot of content in the world
    People enjoy a lot of content.
    Among them, the degree of freedom of content called sexuality has expanded, and the number of options has increased.
    Even if the number of people who enjoy them increases, many people will not be corrupted.
    It’s my opinion.
    However, many people, albeit few,
    fall down
    (Of course it’s not good to fall
    it’s not good to indulge in sex
    message like
    in various places in the world
    I think it’s circulating through the media.)

    If there are many people who are corrupted there,
    I thought about what would happen.
    If free sex is seen from a higher order
    When it is judged that it is no good
    from the point of view of balance and order
    are you saying, maybe something
    There must be a timeline you want to avoid
    I think
    I think that’s probably a sign of low morale.
    To enjoy free sex normally elegantly
    Well that’s fine.
    However, among the low class people
    There are people like Nampa and Yarichin.

    When free sex is accepted in the social system
    Changed the way women feel
    Being seen naked by the opposite sex
    to be touched
    I think there will be more women who don’t care.
    from among the men
    There are people who are overwhelmed
    If you invite me to have sex with you
    Naturally, if you ask me, I will let you touch my body
    Naturally, a man who thinks so
    With that attitude
    A person who invites various women to have sex
    I think I will go out.
    So even in the era of free sex
    From someone who doesn’t want to have sex
    If you think society encourages sexual harassment
    It’s already a dystopia.
    If higher beings are social institutions
    to allow free sex
    If you think it is NG
    I think this is the reason.
    As an improvement, I thought
    Create and spread manners.
    Manners when inviting the opposite sex to have sex
    Manners to consent to touching the body of the opposite sex
    It is to be made and spread by a national institution.
    So if by country or region
    By acknowledging free sex
    If there is something that disturbs society
    People with low credit scores in some countries and regions
    It is to ban free sex.
    First, polygamy is not yet
    Free sex is acceptable in society
    Is it good or bad in the eyes of Cobra, the spokesperson for the Resistance Movement?
    Can you tell me if it works or not?
    Later, when the ascension process of the earth progresses, polygamy and the abolition of the marriage system etc.
    Is it true that the marriage system is undergoing a review?
    Is it true that as the planet progresses through the ascension process, free sex will be allowed?
    Is polygamy, the abolition of marriage and the social acceptance of free sex an ascension interaction?
    Are higher dimensions of the universe polygamous and free sex?
    Mr. Spirai says that the high dimension of the universe is a community system
    You said that, is that true?
    What is the cosmic higher dimensional marriage system like?
    please answer thank you! !

    1. Pepe Goya

      About how I’m doing, summarizing I would say: about 80% of the intensity of my fears is gone. As I am experiencing a very big increase in consciousness and for the remaining 20% I feel very much like the observer and it doesn’t affect me that much, but it’s still there. Those emotions should be gone by now, when will they all be gone? Maybe when the subquantum phenomenon is much reduced? Thank you

    2. A.S.

      The galactics are banning practically nothing. So if people want free sex / casual sex / polygamy, they can — and that’s what some Pleiadians choose.

      If people want a committed relationship that’s marriage-like, they can also have that — and that’s also what some Pleiadians choose.

      The Pleiadians are more community-oriented and less individualistic than most Earth people are (and would consider our way of living to be lonely).

  22. David

    Hi Tunia,

    Thank you for opening up the comments section for discussion 🙂

    Do you know how long (in months or years) it will take for us to be healed using: Med Beds, Holographic Medical Pods, Regeneration Tanks or any higher civilization (5D) technology?

    I heard these healing devices are currently being built on our moon and also on earth. What has to happen before we get access to these healing devices?

    I don’t want to leave Earth forever, but I would like to go off-world, to another planet or galaxy to heal, then come back.

    It’s very hard to meditate, raise vibrations, be service-to-others when we are sick and poisoned. And the things that are meant to help us poison us even more.

    I’m hopeful for first contact. But can’t wait. I hope some of us who are forerunner/wayshowers, get first contact on a 1-to-1 basis or small groups. Then we can act as Ambassadors and go Public before you guys land on the White House lawn 😉

    oh also, are you from Taygeta?
    Do you know Swarru? Thor Han? Mira? Annax? Val Nek? Commander Ardanna?

    Much love,

    1. Julie

      David, I’m with you on this one. Like why not? Why not help the forerunners whose psychology and energy fields are ready? On a 1 to 1 basis would work, no mass public display. We’ve done the work. Help us heal. Help with our finances. Help with resources to put good work in to place. Whatever we need.
      I personally have a hard time with the view of the ‘haves’ not helping the ‘have nots’. The Galactics are included in the ‘haves’, as ‘having’ is an understatement. The reason I have a hard time with it is my compassionate heart would not allow me otherwise. There was a time in my journey when I felt wisdom should rule-not intervening was wise (for all the reasons Hakann has stated). However, we are moving into a heart based world, and compassion should be our guide now. It’s not compassionate to watch your brother and sister suffer without helping when you can.

    2. A.S.

      Once the galactics are here / once the gray hats roll our the healing tech, healing will be quick. When that happens, I don’t know — Hakann recently shared that if the gray hats didn’t step up, the galactics may intervene in 2024 or 2025, which would also mean them walking among us and helping us. If you scroll down the eraoflight front page, you’ll find that Hakann article from a few weeks ago.

      In a reply to someone else, I’ve listed a few people who claim to have already met Pleiadians. Some of them are considering themselves ambassadors.

      But yes, I too would love to actually meet them.


    Its really weird how we are all glued to the latest info about how the channelers say the energy is ramping up and the great grand shift is coming again for the umpteen times, the Q fans bragging that gesara, the mass arrest and the cabals economic collapse is imminent bec the positive military is going to act…..Zzzz, The galactics talking about how the light is winning and the remaining evil is about to go away as they had been crossing the lines and they are fed up with them also for who knows how many times already yet none of them ever makes the final deciding moves bec everyone is waiting for everyone to act and none of them want to take charge.

    lastly, prime creator still believes the chaos and suffering happening around the world is still at tolerable levels and maybe waiting something like a full scale world war where the entire human race will be reduce to that 10% like the cabal wants before he will decide to finally conclude the drama but until then,

    “my children, this is a great experience for expanding consciousness. the suffering is merely an expirience there is no right and wrong , a tool for growth so dont take this game seriously as when you go to the other side of the veil you will laugh it all off as merely surreal and a tiny blip” ………. sigh no wonder evil will never end as the creator acknowledges evil as a an immeasurably great contrasting tool for soul growth otherwise pure bliss and goodness that we had been all seeking to reach with no “challenge” stunts growth so evil is a necessary evil that has to be allowed to happen…..yeeesh

  24. Simmy

    thanks for asking how we are feeling.
    i’m hanging in there, but sometimes feeling sad, tired, dejected & disillusioned. sometimes in pain or feeling unwell. i know i’m not supposed to give into these feelings. we are being advised not to give into fear, but i’m not really feeling fearful. i have all these other feelings. and yet i am hopeful at the same time. it feels like the bottom of the “pandora’s” box all the chaos has been unleashed and yet at the bottom of the box is hope. (never mind that a woman is being blamed for events because of her curiosity), but hope being at the bottom of the box is a good metaphor for the feelings. i also feel like i’m in a tinder box waiting to ignite or explode or something, i’m not feeling this within myself, but there is a lot of tension in the world in general. i know that dark forces are at work to try to make us feel that way.
    1. i’m wondering what you are able to do or cannot do, to help us.
    i hear conflicting information: sometimes that you are helping, but sometimes that you cannot interfere.
    what are your rules about what you can and cannot interfere with and how do the rules apply in each particular event.
    2. i’m wondering what can be done about the situation in israel/palestine: i’m hearing that the galactics cleaned out the tunnels in the past and that “israel” was an intelligence gathering center and banking center for the cabal. but i’m also hearing that the galactics cannot interfere in the current situation because it is a human affair and it’s difficult to intervene when it pertains to the potential of having to take sides/or people perceiving that a side is taken on religious issues– however, the general civilian population are the ones who always suffer the most under circumstances like this when governments and military leaders are in control and are causing so much damage.
    it makes me very sad for the people who are losing loved ones and suffering.
    what can you do /and what can we do? i am feeling powerless in this circumstance. i know that some of the media is trying to make us feel powerless, but besides that, what can actually be done?
    3. i would like to know if and when something will be done about DEW (directed energy weapons) and weather manipulation weapons. this is something that the general civilians are unable to fight against.
    i’m sad for the people of maui and now acapulco which seems to have been attacked as well. and probably many other places that we have no idea are also being affected. but i’m hearing that we are supposed to be patient because there are other priorities which have to be dealt with first. is this true? and when will this be dealt with? i know that they are doing this so they can expel people from lands that they desire to obtain for themselves & have their 15 minute “utopian” (for them) cities. what can we do about this?
    4. i would like to know if those who have perpetrated the mass genocide injections will be held accountable.
    in new zealand the maori are having trials, but of course the perpetrators are not showing up to the trials and i’m wondering how the punishments will be enforced. what can we do to hold people responsible for their crimes when we are powerless to do so? what can we do about our fears for family and loved ones who may have taken the jabs? what can you tell us about all the sudden deaths and turbo cancers that seem to be happening? how much of these reports is truth/vs. fear mongering?
    5. what can be done about the fact that our food and water is being manipulated and poisoned? i feel like the cabal is not missing a beat with moving forward with creating bug meat and trying to poison us. when will this be stopped?
    6. what can be done about the media lies, fear mongering and manipulations? on the one hand we are advised to not give into fear, so i tune it out. on the other hand i would like some assurances that things are getting resolved and people are being helped. i would like more updates on what the galactics are doing, like daily updates on current events or something. even if you just acknowledge that you are aware of a situation and any information that you can provide would be helpful so we have a place to go to to receive information that is not full of fear mongering.
    7. there is a fine line on trust issues. it’s between not giving into fear and trusting that “something is being done about it” / vs. wondering if we are not just being lulled into a sense of complacency because of the lack of communication of what is or isn’t being done about a particular event.
    it’s important to build trust with us because we have been lied to and manipulated for so long, this is difficult for us.
    8. what is being done/ what can we do for self healing of our bodies and assist our energy levels
    the assurances are nice and helpful but we are physical beings. we respond to what we feel, hear and what we can see with our eyes. we need the assurances plus practical advise, not just lip service. of the messages from celestials, i feel tunia has given the most practical and helpful advice. thank you tunia

    1. Trent

      EXCELLENT set of questions, and well said – I am also struggling with feeling like we are not able to protect ourselves, and how to be pro-active in light of say, the J6 prisoner situation… “white hats” are clearly allowing situations to proceed with deadly consequences. I read many channels
      talking about trust/faith, but the dangers around us are very real.

      I’m also on my third year of long covid (I did not vax) that has left my body half-functional, so I would really like some timing/proof of the medbeds – this would be of great help to hang on for hope.

  25. Selma

    Hola Tunia querida,
    Muchísimas gracias a tú y a todo el colectivo galáctico por estar allí y ayudarnos en este momento ahora. Gracias también a EraOfLight por su maravilloso trabajo de luz!
    Dicho esto, me doy cuenta que estar en paz y amor en mi casa donde elijo leer vuestros mensajes y no ver noticiarios desagradables etc. es relativamente fácil… pero cuando salgo al mundo o el mundo llega a mi a través de mensajes de familiares o amigos eso se interfiere en mi vibración y siento que no hago un buen trabajo por unos instantes. Esa oscilación es molesta, pero luego vuelvo a centrarme en la luz y amor. ¿Me pregunto si conoces algún método além de la meditación para estabilizar mejor la vibración en las altas frecuencias?
    No tener contacto con personas que lean los mismos tipos de mensajes de luz tampoco ayuda mucho, puesto que me siento aislada y los demás no me comprenden…además no soy dada a escribir como lo hago ahora para mantenerme en contacto con otros con las mismas inquietudes.
    Hago lo mejor que sé y puedo a cada día sabendo que somos todos un, que soy un ser de luz y amor divino individualizado en mi y que todo suma para elevar la vibración del colectivo humano y de mi amada Gaia, pero el saber no es exactamente el sentir… ¿como sentir ese saber?
    Muchísimas gracias por la ayuda y atención.
    Com amor,

  26. Mark F Preston

    Thanks for providing your sensitive energy for this sharing opportunity, Tunia. You are Beloved! ‘Sending extra love and light to any and all that encounter your message. And a special appeal for peace and spiritual support for any who are weary of the battle. Take courage! We’ll all meet, soon, to simply bask in the pure, unconditional love of Gaia and with the unspeakable sense of unity that awaits us all.

  27. Gavin

    Dearest Tunia,

    Thank you very much for opening this sharing circle. I read your posts and insights with great interest.

    I am doing very well now, thank you for asking, enjoying life and the pause before the consternation that will most likely occur as people awaken.

    I am a little impatient for things to become evident, for there to be truth on the nine o’ clock news and main stream media; to shake as many sleepers as possible. The constant stream of lies and distractions is tiring. Enough! Let the games begin, once and for all.

    Once again thank you for this opportunity.

    Lots of love to you and your family,


  28. Carlos

    Hello Tunia, how are you?

    I have a request to make, if you can’t fulfill it that’s fine. No problem.

    We already know that the story we have been told about humanity is a lie almost entirely.

    I would like that maybe you or Hakann could from time to time tell us fragments of the key facts of the history of mankind.

    Thank you and best regards.


    1. A.S.

      Writing as myself, the channeler — if you google the following, you’ll find a past channeling of myself that partly answers your question.

      “eraoflight Hakann: How Were Earthlings Created?”

  29. 26 and dying

    My bones feel like styrofoam and my nerves feel like lead. I hardly have the energy to move at times and I succumb frequently to dread. I still have times with problems concentrating, and in my heart I wish only for knowledge while I’m meditating. Please pray for my conscious as I’m worried its fading, while others spoonful my miasma and steal from me depravingly. I’ve watched friends go and come and seen family died, I see no future for bright souls I comprimise. If leadership here on this Earth improves, i want no doctors making people sick- i disapprove! We need faculty on improving technology for all, and given us rights for self sufficiency else we fall. Entertainment is a poison, indoctornates more than teach, we need role models of example and for eloquent speech. People are products of their environment I share, and we are poisoned by our peers, the leaders and the air. I pray for every living life, in the ecosystem which is threatened and is in constant strife. We are all not kept complacent and happy, and we are often distracted from the important things and its crappy. If I decay before I fall in love, I pray heaven gives me new life from up above. If I pray for karma to never bind in me, what of those still who’ve conspired against me? I pray for all, even those who do evil, I wouldn’t want them to feel the same as they’ve prostrated onto other people. Its a hard journey and its often lonely too, there lies the greatest age after the kali yuga’s through. Keep to your study, your self discipline, though times might be tough may your spirit never be thin.

    I just wanted to write this poem because of all that i feel, that which I cannot fit in this entire spiel. I wish not to feel weighted and to feel lighted, i want never a soul to feel frightened (ever)

  30. Jared

    No You are! HA!

    I wish people would listen to me and take responsibility for their emotions and do the inner work I have done.

    Everyone should do some type of clearing practice.
    7steps by arnoux goran worked the best for me.
    Or a meditative practice of observing your thoughts.

    And some divine affirmations.
    I am love amen etc. any divine quality.

    I have been actively trying to wake everyone up about everything the past year and a half since I learned about GESARA and it is infuriating that people are so freakin’ dense about things and refuse to listen to people unless it comes from the gosh dang bibble and from cnn!

    Hurry up GESARA!
    I wish Trump would do something besides giving silly rallies where he talks about nothing for 3 hours.

    I wish the so called ‘white hats’ would do something useful.

    I wish I could have a medbed and a girlfriend and a free house and a good loving world and have a sane interaction with any person I bump into where I say

    covid is fake, biden is fake, gesara is real and we are divine and we have to fix earth now amen
    the 4 truths.

    and they say ‘yes i know!’
    and we could have a vegan potluck at the park together.

    come jesus and tunia amen!

    1. MH 101

      Currently, GESARA should prioritize accessing Lightworkers’ accounts first so they can feel secure in serving the light.

      1. R

        I get what you mean, although I’m not sure yet if I agree or disagree with us being the first to benefit from GESARA. Some part of me would find it fair, and another part of me is hesitant for unintended consequences, for example putting a rift between lightworkers and non-lightworkers.

        Having said that, I do agree that sharing your light is easier when you feel supported. Sometimes I think we lightworkers are a bit hard on eachother (critiquing eachother on not doing enough, doing it wrong, etc.). What comes to mind, is the thought that we might support eachother more and feel supported by eachother more as a lightworkers community, emotionally, spiritually and financially. I’m not saying you don’t do that already, I’m saying we wouldn’t have to wait for GESARA to be and feel supported and support eachother and thus make it easier for eachother to let our light shine.

        1. the_complaint_department

          To the possible appease of your conflicting two parts, I’ll offer the notion that certain resources have always been at disposal of all and anyone doing actual light work, and GESARA is merely a formalization of principles and laws that have always been in place and responsive, however misunderstood.
          Since lightworkers perceive light and work where non-lightworkers see only sheer dumb luck, the rift is very real and it’s already there; what makes it fair or not is one’s own judgement of the rift sides.

        2. Candido Emmanuel Franco

          Adorável Tunia, qual sua idade em relação aos terráqueos. Acredito muito em vocês, mas vocês não serão nossos salvadores, assim como Jesus também não será. Beijos Candinho