Operation Dark Moon

By Lev

These are extremely timely and important questions. Part of the answers we give ourselves by our inner work, from which emerges help to others. To other part respond Co-Creators, Galacom and their ground team, who conduct a huge amount of operations against Darks on the physical and Subtle Plane. These ops are dealing the finishing blows to their infrastructure on Earth, in near-terrestrial space, the Solar System, the Galaxy and throughout the Local Universe.

The same occurred during the last Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon on 28 October that caused enormous stress on us and many countries, especially in the Middle East. One of the causes was the bombardment of high-frequency plasma, with which Co-Creators, through the Sun, inflicted pinpoint strikes on the targeted low-vibrational regions where fighting is going on today, provoked by Darks. Another cause of the negative states was the remnants of their framework on the Moon, by which, in the past, they squeezed loosh out of us to feed selves. How did this system come about?

Earlier, Disclosure News partially touched this topic (see – On The Way To The 5th Race, Part 3, DNI, 18 October 2020; and Return Of The Karma Lords, Part 10, DNI, 4 January 2021). The following details about the origin of the Moon, and how Negative Alien Archons (NAA) exploit it, complete the picture.

The Moon is not an artificial, but a natural cosmic body. It appeared in near-Earth orbit when it became necessary, as a result of an act of birth, in which two Logos participated – of Earth (bearer of Feminine Foundation) and of the planet Lucifer (carrier of Masculine Foundation). After the fusion of their nuclei, a new Subtle core was formed, which then gradually gained matter, drawing it in from everywhere. Why Lucifer? This planet should not be confused with Fallen Angel, the former Hierarch of Light, about whom DNI also narrated (see – Armageddon Chronicle, Parts 1-4). It was named after him.

At first, the Pleroma’s Supreme Hierarchs considered a planet in the Sirius C system (in the Canis Major constellation) for the role of the Lunar “father”, but were forced to abandon the idea. The invasion of the Solar System by the NAA fleets and setting on orbit between Mars and Jupiter the Lucifer allowed them to use this planet’s Logos for the Moon’s birth and turn it in stopover base on one half of the satellite. The second was controlled by the Pleroma’s Supreme Light Hierarchs, who earlier placed owns’ aspects there.

The subsequent events were tragic. The NAA decided to take over Mars using Lucifer as their stronghold. To thwart this plan, civilization of Phaethon, which was in the near orbit, rammed Lucifer by their planet, and scarifying selves, turned it into debris. The main part formed an asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. And one of the largest fragments got sucked into the Earth’s gravitational field and became its second satellite, Fatta. Later, NAA transported there the third, Lelya, but both were destroyed during wars on the terrestrial surface and in near space.

The Moon survived. The Lights and the Darks continued to use their infrastructure on it. One half was run by Selena, the other by Lilith, and by their names are called the extreme points in the Lunar orbit – perigee and apogee, where their energies were strongest. Initially, Lilith was also the Higher Light Essence, then, switched to the Dark Side, and only recently, after an inner Armageddon, returned to the Pleroma. But the negative Dark and Greys races are still where they were.

In order not to bring matters to another war with them near Earth, Supreme Hierarchs evacuated their aspects from the Moon, retaining some of its positive functions. For example, each crater is a parabolic antenna for receiving, accumulating and relaying cosmic radiation. But the demonic aspects remained on it, and through the Darks’ frame impacted on Earth and earthlings. Over time, destructive activity reached such a scale that began to threaten not only the existence of the planet, but also the entire Solar System. The most defenseless victims were terrestrial women, and to save them, Co-Creators and their ground team conducted a special operation (see – Return Of The Karma Lords, Part 10).

This did not solve the whole problem. The NAA continued sabotage and attacks from the Moon against earthlings and Light Forces, synchronously with the ops of underground low-frequency generators, epidemics, use of climatic and tectonic weapons and other arsenal. The cup of patience was overwhelmed by the subversive action Black Cloak, named after the most powerful karmic virus. Placing it in special capsule, Darks could plug it into Earth’s core during one of the full-moons.

The calculation was truly diabolical. Not only the planetary Logos, but also the Moon received a huge dose of NAA karma. The negative energies coming to Earth have intensified, increasing human aggressiveness, anger, hatred, provoking bloody conflicts and mass murders that produced more and more loosh. Spreading through inter-spatial channels, the negativity could also paralyze the Light Structure on the natural satellite of Earth, since both are in a single force field.

Urgently, Co-Creators developed a complex, multi-level counter-operation, which they conducted in several stages together with Higher Light Hierarchs and the ground team.

The first stage targeted on the karma’s coarse annealing that also was carried out on a full-moon. In the op’s course, its participants separated the primordial causal energy of the Solar Crystal from the contaminated part and pumped it into the Lunar core. What is this substance? The vital field of any cosmic Intelligence form, be it a person, planet or star, consists of groups of energies that create planes and levels. For example, mental power molds mental body, which, in its turn, assemble mental field. Totality of identical mental fields makes Earth’s Intelligence, and so forth, up to Solar System, Constellation, Galaxy and etc.

Similarly, collective men’s karma fields form causal planes of our planet and higher. But these fields have very important prime attribute – the presence in them of the Source’s primordial energy, which impacts on the next man’s Subtle Bodies – the sixth, Atmic, and seventh, Buddhic that made of Monad’s subtle matter and are parts of the inner field of the Local Universe’s Logos.

The causal plane is the only “place” where the formation of karma, i.e. the distorted energy of One, Its Light and Love, is possible. And the main task of any Intelligent form is to purify in its Causal Body the Source’s part, affected by negativity, which It gives to every Its creation at Monad’s birth. Karma is an integral factor of the development process. This capacious and multifaceted phenomenon is used as training program and lessons to be learned by all evolving life forms in the Greater Cosmos.

According to the Law of Cosmic Patronage, the Sun voluntarily took over part of the new Lunar karma, cleared from it the Source’s primordial energy in the heart of the Solar Logos and returned back to the Moon. After that, Co-Creators and the ground team began the second operation – the removal of the Black Cloak virus from the Earth’s core. It was successful.

A different thing happened with the Moon. The first attempts ended in failure. To self-purify the Lunar core, Co-Creators attempted to restart it with a good configuration. But the Moon could not cope and failed to independently remove the plugged-in chip, despite taken Source’s primordial energy. Then, Co-Creators put in the core the aspects of some Logos who participated in the Solar System’s creation. That trying didn’t help either. The black part of the core lowered its whole-body vibrations so intensely that a dangerous malfunction occurred. The Logos aspects had to be immediately withdrawn back.

The operation plan had to be changed urgently. After a comprehensive and in-depth analysis, op’s participants designed a new strategy. To implement it, in the next Full Moon, the ground team went at Temple Plateau in one South European mountain region. There, by joint efforts of Co-Creators on the Subtle Plane and group members from surface, the sizes of Moon’s core and Lunar crystal grid were, first, enlarged and, then, implanted with aspects of the Pleroma’s Supreme Hierarchs. They invited Lightwarriors to do the same, and it was immediately executed. Their feelings were fantastic.

The Lunar positive energies increased dramatically, and the operation could have been successfully completed, but again the unexpected happened. At the op’s height, Moon’s black part assaulted the light one in an attempt to capture it and establish full control over the satellite. The attack was so swift and furious that it almost attained aim.

This created an extremely dangerous situation for earthlings. Our eighth chakra (Lunar) is physically located in the core of the Moon, and is steering (more precisely, steered) together by the light and black half of the Night Luminary. That’s why so many negative events occur to us, especially on full-moons. Also under the Lunar influence is the eighth helix of human DNA. In the distant past, this allowed us to be a full-fledged microcosm and through the Logos controlling the corresponding super chakras (from 8 to 12) and DNA spirals, to actively communicate with the entire Greater Cosmos.

The Darks’ counterattack was instantly repulsed, but the light half of the Moon received serious damage, which immediately affected our eighth chakra. To save it, Co-Creators immediately kicked-off a unique operation: temporarily deactivating this energy center, and then, combining it with the tenth, Solar Chakra, located in the Center of the Sun.

They conducted this op not involving Lightwarriors’, who watched it from the side. Everything went well. Combining the 8th, 9th and 10th chakras helped temporarily block the negative effects of the Darks’ attack. But it couldn’t go on like this. It was necessary to solve the problem of the Black Moon once and for all. And only the Lunar Logos could do it.

It made a decision and turned to the Karmic Council for permission to conduct an inner Armageddon, a battle between Light and Darkness inside self. Karma Lords agreed and set the date and order of the duel, timed to coincide with the next Lunar Eclipse. Everything went strictly according to the regulations, just like the former Black Co-Creator of the Local Universe did much earlier (see – Surface Ops Of The Light Forces Ground Team And The Higher Light Hierarchy, Part 1, 12 August 2020).

As a result of Armageddon, which lasted more than a day, the Black Moon lost its former power, and NAA – theirs, since the space war in orbit between Mars and Jupiter. The light part of the Logos and the Moon became the dominant factor on the satellite, although they paid a high price for the victory. What Lightwarriors saw by clairvoyance resembled Chernobyl’s churned up nuclear reactor. Subtle structure of the Moon’s core was torn apart. At once, Co-Creators, Higher Light Hierarchs and ground team started to restore it…

Today, the Moon no longer plays the full negative role, as its black part did for thousands of years. NAA can’t irradiate humanity with zombie programs from it, although are trying to do it on the Earth’s surface and from their underground bases. The number of manic crimes reduced, the amount of which was especially high in the past, during full-moons, as well as the peak of such phenomena as werewolves, ritual murders, suicides, stress, etc., when the destructive influence of the Black Moon was especially strong.

Of course, through the Moon, as a powerful repeater, not only harmonious, high-frequency energies come to Earth. It relays and amplifies also a low vibes of planets, stars and constellations (see – Speed Up, Part 3, DNI, 28 October 2023). One way or another, what happened marks a fundamentally new stage in the evolution of the Lunar-Terrestrial tandem and sets new tasks for Co-Creators, Higher Light Hierarchy and all spiritual humanity for long-term work on the Moon, in which all Lightwarriors continue to take part.


2 Replies to “Operation Dark Moon”

  1. the_complaint_department

    I stand corrected: future material reviews revealed a lack of moral pretense regarding karma. Unintentional fearmongering seems to be covered in the author’s concept of karma and therefore the questioning of eventual corruption is (for better or worse) irrelevant.

  2. the_complaint_department

    Just read the return of the karma lords, part 10, referred in the text. The moralism regarding abortion stinks to high heaven. Vicious fearmongering disguised as natural law? No better than the Archons therein described.

    As with some Cobra material, it’s very dense and synthetic which makes the reader unlikely to successfully question the most assertive claims. It’s like they’re unawarely relaying corrupted information about unawarely corrupted information, as if that made sense.