Daily Message for 11/04/2023

Soul joy is everlasting. Ego joy is temporary. Which one are you seeking? For we tell you the 3D system and all its structures which have brought humanity ego joy and a false sense of security are to dissolve completely. The dark is going to destroy the slave and fear based systems it has invented many years ago. From the economy, to financial, educational, and its belief systems, it is all going to collapse, as they prepare to launch an entirely new system, which will be managed by A.I. This is the future of the Third Dimensional realm. While something magical will take place for those who choose to shift into the Fifth Dimension. ~Kejraj

7 Replies to “Daily Message for 11/04/2023”

    1. the_complaint_department


      It will be magical, because it’s the least expected thing!

      For those remaining in 3D, all 5D aspects of life are mostly ignored and will therefore not be missed. They’ll wake up the next day believing dreams are funny things and go back to 3D existence.

      Those who already live a 5D life will see an increase in their disregard for what 3D powers dictate and at the same pace fall out of it’s radar. Simple as that.

  1. Paladin

    So now it’s back to a select few to go to the 5D paradise? Before it seemed as though you believed it was for everyone, you know nothing can stop us all from making this shift.

    Which is it KR?

    1. EraOfLight Post author

      All these years on this journey, I have never stated that all would ascend. As a matter of a fact I’ve had people attack me for saying that not even half of humanity is going to ascend.

      1. Paladin

        To me this sounds like the Christian rapture.

        I don’t think anyone is escaping anything.

        I’m not sure how this culmination of evil will play put, but I am certain the 5D’rs, Christian rapturists and those thinking Pleiadeans are going to whisk them away will be wailing and gnashing their teeth right here with everyone else.

        I also do not think source is pure love as has been asserted, how could it be?

        You’re not going anywhere KR.