Intentionally Choosing Our Reality

By Kenneth Schmitt

If we wish to create a world of eternal love and joy for all conscious beings, we can realize that we already have done this, and we can recognize it now. We can be living in a higher dimension of freedom and sovereignty with all of our needs fulfilled. This dimension exists for us when we imagine and feel ourselves living in it. This is our natural state of being. We are constantly created in deepest love and joy. This is what we want, because it is our real experience, when we have transcended our limiting beliefs about ourselves. We can realize that we are unlimited in every way, and we can live now in the world we most want to experience. To realize its reality, we have to align our personal vibrations with it.

It is possible for us to be aware of our infinite essence expressing itself as our human selves, while participating in our lives here in ways that come from compassion and joy in the enhancement of all life. We can intentionally express these qualities. This is how we are created to be, and how we prefer to live in infinite awareness within our attention. By expressing the true intention of the creative life force that constantly enlivens us, we gain creative power exponentially. In this way, our influence spreads throughout humanity, making it easier for everyone to open to awareness of our expansive Self.

We can create realization of realities. Our reality is our interpretation of the energetic circumstances that we align with. Each of us has conscious qualities that are unique to us in the way we modulate the conscious life force that we wield with our attention and our vibratory alignment. We can express ourselves from the feelings of our deepest essence. As we do this, we are living in the dimension that aligns with our vibrations. The qualities of our personal lives can be vastly different from the situations around us. They may appear chaotic and threatening, but they are in a different dimension and do not have to affect us personally.

We do not have to change anything outside of our own consciousness. Everything already exists in the quantum field, waiting for our recognition and realization. By imagining ourselves living in a realm of beauty, love and joy, we align our vibrations with those qualities and move into the dimension that enhances life. We can go back and forth in energetic dimensions and stay as long as we choose. The qualities of our experiences are created by our perspective in our mental and emotional processes. These create our personal energetic signature, expressing our non-localized presence of awareness.

Once we succeed in directing our attention entirely to life-enhancing energies, we enter a timeline or dimension that is filled with those energies. This shift in our life experience is a result of the shift in our consciousness. We can vibrate at the level of our heart-consciousness, and we can direct our ego to align with our inner knowing.


2 Replies to “Intentionally Choosing Our Reality”

  1. June

    Why doublespeak? Why not simple words that teach how to in real ways. Hungry? Eat an apple. Thirsty? Drink pure water. June

    1. the_complaint_department

      All you have to do is transcend your limiting belief in doublespeak. Imagine and feel yourself living in a dimension where people don’t doublespeak, align your vibrations with that; for it is the true intention of the creative force that livens you!
      Even if you are surrounded by doublespeak, you will realize it is in a different dimension and will therefore not be personally affected by it… and once you succeed in directing your attention entirely to that, you will enter a timeline or dimension where wait can you still read this?