Ashtar: Let Go of Attachments

Channel: James McConnell

I am Ashtar. I come to be with you at this time to show you to have no fear.

For what does fear do when one has it, and continues to hold it within themselves? Fear holds them to the third dimensional illusion. It keeps them in the spiral that the forces of darkness want to hold you in. They want to hold you back, keep you tied to this illusion. But if you let go of fear, then you are freeing yourself of those binds and ties to that illusion. You are freeing yourself to soar above that illusion and move into the higher vibrational frequencies of the fifth dimension and beyond.

Fear holds you back. Fear is the attachment. Let go of those attachments, and find the control within your thoughts as well. More and more learn to control your thoughts. You have so many thoughts every moment of every day. But purify those thoughts more and more. And whenever there is a negative thought, just let it be, let pass, and move on to a new positive thought, and again, a new positive thought.

And before you realize it, you will have no more fear. All of the things that are happening in your external world where they are attempting to hold you to the propaganda, and the negativity, and the fear mongering, and all of this, it will have no sway over you anymore. It will no longer hold you back. For you are destined to be free.

So allow yourselves to continue to control your thoughts to maintain higher vibrational thoughts more and more. And remember, as you do that for yourself, and you put those positive thoughts out into the universal mind, you are sending the thoughts to all people across the planet that can take those thoughts into themselves as well. So you are helping the unity consciousness across the planet the more that you control your thoughts. And then another will then control their thoughts as well, and put positive thoughts out into the universal mind. And they will be picked up by another, and another, and another. This is how the Great Awakening is happening across the planet.

And know that as these external things are happening now, and you are witnessing various things of negative vibration, know that we in our ships are watching over you. And we will not allow, and I repeat: NOT allow anything of major significance to occur to the planet. No nuclear weapons can be exploded anywhere. No new plandemic can take effect. Not because we are keeping that from happening, but because you are keeping it from happening, because you are in the process of not complying anymore. You (again, the collective you) not complying, not going along with the status quo.

The status quo is third-dimensional vibration. You do not want the status quo anymore. You want change. Change is inevitable. And change is exactly what you came here to bring, as the System Busters, the ones that are here to bust this system wide open. And indeed you are doing exactly that.

For the system is changing. It is destined to change. It is changing. And the new system that you are creating with those positive thoughts, with that positive visualization that you are utilizing, whenever you think about it, you are creating the new world, the new fifth-dimensional expression world. That is of your intent and under your control. Not our control. We are here to guide and assist and to stop anything of major significance that those of the forces of darkness would attempt to bring upon you. But they cannot.

So again: have no fear. And as always, continue to trust. Trust in the Great Universal Plan. Trust in the God force, the Creator force, to bring you all though this. And then we are here to assist and to move at a moment’s notice when that signal is given. And it is coming closer and closer to that.

You spoke of precipice in your discussion. And the precipice is right there in front of you. And we would say to you to not hold back from the precipice, for that is what many, many people will do. Yes, you can look at it as do not follow those over the edge of the cliff. But that is the old three-dimensional way of looking at this, the precipice.

The new higher vibrational way of looking at it is move right up to the precipice. Let go of all attachments. Learn to control your thoughts, and you will be ready to step off of that precipice and fly, soar up into the heavens of your own being.

So trust, and when you are ready, you will be able to step off that precipice.

I am Ashtar. And I leave you now in peace, and love, and oneness. And that you continue to move through these remaining years, or possibly only months, of the old three-dimensional way of looking at things.

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6 Replies to “Ashtar: Let Go of Attachments”

  1. unionylibertad

    TRUST in God’s Plan, and DETACH from the old ways of this 3D world…Thank You Commander Ashtar…As Archangel Michael said: ” When we have negative thoughts say: “I Am One With The Mind of God”…It is helping me tremendously…The thought is immediately gone…We Are One…Much Love to you always

  2. Emma

    I have absolutely no attachment to the war in Israel/Gaza.
    But I do have attachment to global ID, as already in my country I can do very little, already I am halfway out, not allowed to participate in society.

    Cannot by anything online. Cannot do banking online. Cannot pay for my phone (without the global ID – rather our national ID, that is to be the global ID in the future, as it is not owned by our state, or any company inside the country).
    Cannot start a business without that specific ID, although I do have ID with social security number, very uniq number, and that kind of ID has been used for decades, maybe even from back in 1960’ties. Every born gets it, but that is not enough anymore). The old ID I just got when I was born, no strings attached. The new global ID I have to agree to terms of use, and I am not ready to do that.

  3. ᎢᎠᎺBᎡᎠr ᏍᏔrCᎯld

    Depends on what is considered attachment. Food, Water. Obviously attachments. Spouses, Children? Obviously attachment. Life inside the mortal coil. Obviously attachment. Define attachment…Typical subtle sardonic articulations. According to .Elena Danaan, Ashtar, Ashtar Command, etc, aren’t even real.

  4. andrea Dertorossian

    Thank you Ashtar! We look forward with great anticipation for the day we are reunited with our galactic family. May it happen soon (our version of soon 😉) love and light