From 3D To 4D And 5D: Insight Into

By Lev

As a feedback, and instead of comment to the taking of Check List (DNI, 6 November 2023), and Light Spots (DNI, 7 November 2023)- some footage from socials…

Arctic… Not far from the shore, separated by a narrow strip of water ice fields stretch to the horizon, between which, in some places, the glades are seen. On a huge massive ice floe, almost in the very center, a seal pup is dying. The blood from the open wound froze and tightly melted it into the ice, not even allowing moving. Consciousness and vitality are slowly leaving its body…

Suddenly, on the farthest edge of the ice plate, a huge orca sticks out to the surface. For a few seconds, it stares intently at the seal, and disappears under the water. And then, the following happened.

At a distance from the ice floe, three more, the same big, joined the orca. After swimming a little further, they lined up in a row, pressed tightly against each other, and then, like a volley of four torpedoes, rushed at great speed to the ice floe. Diving under it, the orcas, by one powerful blow from below, split the massive slab into parts.

Only one large fragment remained whole, on which the seal was dying. Then, the orcas again swam away at a distance, and, keeping the same tight formation, in a sweeping way hit the ice floe from underneath. The blow was so mighty that the seal in the pile of debris was thrown high into the air. Plopping into the water, pup woke up and could even stay on the surface. The orcas cautiously approached and, seeing that the seal came to life, could swim and reach the shore by self, slowly left it…

With all our being, we are also tightly frozen into 3D reality by our mentality, takes and views that the System imposes on us. Co-Creators and their ground team have jointly split this giant parasitic ice floe, which has been warping us for thousands of years in each of our lives, and continue to destroy its parts on the Subtle Plane. The true info leak in, consciousness and life force come back to us, and now, we can reach the shores of new insight into by our own.