Archangel Raphael: Angels of Healing Have Begun Their Work

Channel: Jahn J Kassl

Time for healing

The coming time is the time of healing by the grace of GOD. An unprecedented level of blessings will be bestowed on humanity. Everything that is imperfect is returned to its original state of perfection. Nothing and no one remains excluded from it unless he excludes himself and separates himself from this grace.

So it now happens that angels of healing are assigned to the individual person and they begin their work.

At first imperceptibly and then noticeably, people change in all their limbs.

While you go about your day’s work or when you sleep, the angels of healing surround you at every hour, they are with you and always carry out their gracious work on your being when it is possible and necessary.

What happens in detail:

1. Building the original cellular structure by restructuring the DNA

2. Releasing foreign energy structures from all levels

3. Aura surgery, which means direct interventions in aura layers to remove energetic waste or implants

4. Increasing the natural vibration

5. Construction of protective grille

From now on, these processes will happen to all people who are internally ready for it and who want to break away from their old life, but have so far not been able to muster enough courage and determination to do so.

This decision is made at the soul level; the daytime consciousness does not necessarily have to be aware of it.

The effects

The effects on your perception are fundamental:

1. Clarity in thinking – the fog of consciousness dissipates

2. Access to your own feelings – the superimpositions and external occupations disappear

3. Freedom of choice and the joy of making decisions return because the life force is no longer blocked, but is unlocked – The result: The divine human being steps out of the shadow into the light and comes into action.

This healing process is triggered, accompanied and promoted by the original source of all being, which is GOD. This process of healing is brought about by the angels of healing on the spot.

Day after day, hour after hour and every minute from now on you are surrounded and cared for by your family from the light. Observe how your perception changes and how you heal in body and soul.

Plenty of time

It is a process that takes time, but in reality time is the only thing that is available to every human being indefinitely.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you don’t have time or that time is short – on earth the scenes repeat themselves until you master the lessons over time and get tired of time. Until then, however, time serves you and is available to you in unlimited abundance.

Understand it, keep it within you as knowledge until one day you shed time forever. As soon as you get bored with the repetitive drama and lose interest in it, your life on earth has been lived and the new existence is revealed to you.

This is the course you are on now because the angels of healing have begun their work.

You are honored for your courage.

You are loved for your devotion.

You are blessed in GOD’S grace.

I am with you, every day.

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  1. Paulo Urbina

    Yo cuando digo estoy rodeado de ángeles suena bien

    Pero cuando digo estoy rodeado de ángeles de amor, algo sucede y ya nada es lo mismo.