The Emerging New Enlightenment

By Owen Waters

The long-awaited quantum leap in human consciousness has arrived and we have emerged into the light of a whole new era of inspiring cosmic energies.

The summer of 2023 was a major turning point in the evolution of humanity. The cosmic energies reaching Earth have taken a significant step higher. From here on, the energies available to us will be in a new and positive building mode despite the efforts of power-seeking warmongers to distract people from the new light. Because of this higher supply of cosmic energy, you can now count on one very significant fact…

Everything positive that you create now will unfold more easily.

The time has come to embrace the next stage of your unfoldment as a spiritual being. Once you finish leaving Old Reality thinking behind and become accustomed to functioning in higher heart-centered consciousness, you are ready to learn the secret to rapid spiritual development.

At first, this secret might seem like a paradox. Here it is: It isn’t what you do to develop yourself that counts so much as what you do to help others. That is where the frequency of consciousness of the New Enlightenment starts. Spiritual service to others creates an immediate reflection from the ever-present mirror of life and causes you to advance automatically in a balanced and graceful manner.

The same principle applies to both physical and spiritual service. Physical prosperity comes as the reaction from physically serving others in better ways and spiritual development comes as the reaction from helping others in spiritual ways. Fortunately, with the knowledge and insights we now have available to us, spiritual service to humanity has never been easier.

The world cries out to be helped and healed in countless ways. Ignorance, conflict, needless suffering and strife are all symptoms of the remaining Old Reality consciousness. It is by spiritual teaching and healing that we help others and also raise the frequency of the global mind atmosphere.

Spiritual service goes beyond just receiving light and inspiration as a product of daily meditations. By giving those energies out as well, you cause a self-replenishing effect which builds up and results in you becoming evermore inspired.

With the emerging New Enlightenment, the issues that are important to people in this age of transition are ones like these:

“What can I do to ensure the well-being of myself and my loved ones?”

“What is life really all about?”

“How can I answer the spiritual yearning that I feel?”

The Timeline Split Has Just Happened

It isn’t often that a new global timeline is created, one that affects everyone on the planet. Just days ago, such a split in timelines emerged. One path will cater for those who support aggression, such as intense competition and war. The other path will attract those who focus on cooperation, peace and healing.

Both timeline paths will be available to everyone for many months to come, but eventually they will isolate into different circumstances and go their separate ways. The higher timeline will support self-empowerment of a spiritual nature, where human rights like dignity and the freedom to choose become paramount.

Many of the institutional systems that have been interwoven with our lives will be reformed and upgraded from a heart-centered perspective. People will attune to the soul-whisperings of their inner moral compasses with the result that the corruption that is common today will be rooted out and the untrustworthy recognized and shunned.

As people take responsibility for themselves, new inventions will be created to respond to people’s needs, producing a new era of prosperity and fulfillment.

With every shift to a higher reality, some degree of chaos is likely as new systems necessarily emerge to replace ones that face failure. As spiritual students, we can become the kind of sages and mentors that people will seek in their search for hope and meaning in the months ahead. A deep study of spiritual principles will make this possible – the kind of knowledge and insights contained in the book, Spiritual Metaphysics, or the clear understandings in The Lightworker Mission or The New Enlightenment.

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