Daily Message for 11/21/2023

The “star people” as they were referred to by some ancient cultures, are your ancestors, your family. Many of them called them Angels, for their beauty, and the love they expressed towards the humans. In the not too distant future, as they have done in the past, they will land on Earth. This grand reunion will take place much sooner than people anticipate. ~Kejraj

12 Replies to “Daily Message for 11/21/2023”

  1. CosmicCustodian

    I sure hope you’re right, I’m so done with the bs status quo on this planet🙄🙏🤞

    1. Diane Therese

      And when they arrive, I will be waiting with open arms and much
      love and gratitude. Cant wait.

    2. Gordon Jackson

      James Hough.

      He was a kid I was at primary school with. Every day he would tell you something fantastical, he always had the latest toys that had just come out, was flying to America for the weekend, he had a train in his garden, etc. Every day. He would even invite kids round to see his train or play with the fairies in the garden. But just before going round there was always a last minute problem and , “oh sorry, you can’t come round now”. Nobody ever got to see the train or the life size millennium falcon or anything else. But we all went on believing him because we wanted to see these things.

  2. Aline Buetti

    I can’t wait to meet my big brothers and sisters to thank them for all that they have been doing for us. Namasté! WWG1WGA!