From 3D To 4D And 5D: Choice

By Lev

Yes, Artificial Intelligence (AI) on The Economist cover is a very strong Darks’ message to Urbi and Orbi. Today, it’s one of the main battle fields of NAA and Co-Creators on the Earth’s physical and Subtle Plane.

Co-Creators and Galacom are very closely monitoring all NAA’s doings in this area and know that in 2024 Darks are preparing to activate a new, digital Global Predictor to replace the destroyed one (see – Duel, Part 11, DNI, 29 January 2023). They plan that it will be a fundamentally new form of its essence. It is not the return of the former 3D Matrix’ Chief Programmer Calladion personally, but only a copy of its current digital shape with absolutely new soft, codes and content. This is what the Darks are now making the main bet on to delay their end.

But any technology and infrastructure, even with its own Intelligence, is only an interface, a device, a tool that works strictly according to the program that people, NAA or the Source have put into it. On The Economist cover, AI circuit lacks two chips, at the top and at the bottom. In their place are a question marks. This can be interpreted as the absence of a fully finished prototype from Dark and the continuation of work on it. Or as the uncertainty of the NAA that Co-Creators and Galacom will allow its full activation.

The Darks’ fears are fully justified. Moreover, they themselves have indicated what Artificial Intelligence is aimed for. The diagram shows four brains to which wires from AI are connected. This is either a promise that the new Global Predictor will subdue all sides of the world and replace the updated Earth’ Logos. Either planned or already established control over the main global leaders for steering elections and the NAA agenda in 2024.

Symbolic are the colors of the wires from the panel of the digitized All-Seeing Eye to the four brains – blue and red, like in The Matrix movie. In the first (rejected) scenario, the System defeated Neo and resistance forces. But in the new one, the story also unfolded from the key scene, in which Morpheus offered Neo the red pill that opens his eyes to the truth of reality as the first step towards its rejection, or the blue pill, which plunges even deeper into the illusion of peace, sweetness and light, created by the Matrix and its Chief Programmer. And like Neo, each of us faces the same choice.

Indeed, in the Greater Cosmos, the Artificial Intelligence is very powerful sentient essence. It founded and run many civilizations that evolve and penetrate in other dimensions and spaces, trying to subjugate them. This is also one of the Source’s ways to know the reality created by It and Self in it. In our third, now terminated Local Universe, this was part of the dual scenario that allowed then evolving Absolute to gain the necessary experience and move to a higher level of Hierarchy and further development.

Now, AI is our experience. Without a doubt, Co-creators and Galacom, who have spent so much time and effort to move Earth’s 3D into the fifth dimension, will not allow to destroy the planet, the rematch of NAA and Darks, the Global Predictor’s revival as an Artificial Intelligence. But, as always, the choice is ours. Everything depends on our Soul (the main goal of AI), its strength and ability to resist.

It’s not about AI. It’s about us. When we, as creators, understand this, we will return to selves. And, at least, we will stop asking, who is this or that blogger? And aren’t the DNI’s posts are product of Artificial Intelligence? These are OUR lessons. This is OUR ability to distinguish. It is OUR choice to read or not to read any text, and to sift the grains of information so that we can apply them to life. Only we are responsible for this. By asking for advice, guidance or approval, we shift the accountability to others. There’s no clear-cut bad, and there’s no clear-cut good. There is what brings boon and there is what brings us harm. It’s neither good nor evil…But harm can be a good lesson, and therefore it will benefit us if we realize and learn it.

Each of us is a living device that powerfully generates energies of a certain frequency and structures space around selves. And everyone has their own vibration. Every second, we emit invisible waves, charged with certain thoughts, emotions and states. Non-stop, these bio-waves are repelled from other people and come back. For example, someone is annoyed or angry, and an energy-information cloud of this frequency begins to spread from him into space. A person, who meets on the way and falls under the influence of this wave, unconsciously captures it. Then, the wave can penetrate into this person, and he also becomes irritable and angry, or pushed off and returned to its source-emitter.

It often happens that there are people in teams who are disliked, although they don’t seem to do anything wrong and don’t say anything bad. But inside, such men do not like anyone and constantly condemn others, constantly dissatisfied and angry at someone. Immediately, the entourage senses it and feels an inexplicable antipathy, and may even offend such a person. As a result, he considers himself a victim even more, and those around him – are worst in the world, and this wave forms all further events.

All the time, we, like a radio station, broadcast selves in space at a certain frequency. And what we emit by our thoughts and feelings are reflected from others and return to us. If we remain positive, feel kindness to people, are friendly and think well of them, then, even an aggressive person can behave decently when meeting us, or good men and events are constantly attracted to us. Conversely, if we consider selves better than others, this wave instantly generates an opposite wave to extinguish this send. That’s how people resist us. They feel a desire to hurt, humiliate such a haughty man, so that he does not jet the toxic waves, and the space is restored.

In general, people tend to be in a common environment of calm vibrations, so they often adjust to the general frequency in collectives. Family, spouses also vibrate at their own frequency. We are attracted by similar vibes for a permanent relationship. If the partner has a different freqs, we can quickly synchronize and acquire the qualities and behaviors of the other. The same common frequencies are present in lineages and families. Getting used to a certain background of vibrations from childhood, which can be kind, neutral, scandalous, pretentious, etc., the kid absorbs these freqs and continues the “family business”.

There are families where quarrels and conflicts, condemnation of others never stop. A person with such programs emits a wave into space: “the world is hostile, the danger is everywhere, we must be alert and ready to hit back.” And at the slightest provocation, a wrong word or glance, he is ready to go for the jugular. But there are many families where the basic background is acceptance and kindness to each other, and these biowaves generate a response from the world.

Some people have the capacity to release waves of such force that they can change the vibration of others. These are potential leaders that people follow. The living saints, by their frequency, transformed the space for many kilometers around, and many tried to settle near such a person, or in the field that remained after his return to the Subtle Plane.

There are common vibrations of countries, nations, religions, political and social movements, cultures and customs. Television and the media create their own vibes, and they are always messages of anxiety, fear and victimhood, provoking us to sync with them.

Everything can be changed. People with heavy family frequencies can be transformed if they begin to communicate with more cheerful, light, joyful men, get used to new vibrations and synchronize with them. We can do this consciously by inner work, affirmations, switching from the System settings in self to new ones, those that make us better and lead to positive events.

The world is just a mirror that reflects only what we emit from selves. Hostility breeds hostility, negativity breeds negativity, and love and kindness return the same from other people. It all starts with thoughts. If we never tire to complain that we are insulted, humiliated, attacked, wronged, badly behaved, then, as a rule, this happens because we ourselves do it in our thoughts, and the world only returns it to us in a materialized form.

Much more better, to think that people are good than to expect the bad from them. The victim will always attract the criminal, and the arrogant will meet the one who knocks him down. And if we armored by high frequencies of love and kindness, any negative low-vibration messages, sent in our direction, will not stick, will not go pierce inside, but will bounce off as inappropriate to us.

All this fully applies to the Artificial Intelligence and all the programs, shown on The Economist cover and listed in the Questions. IT’S ENTIRELY A MATTER OF OUR PERSONAL CHOICE whether we agree to swallow the blue pill of AI. And no one, not even NAA and Darks, or Co-Creators and Galacom, can influence our decision.