Angelic Guides: The Akashic Records; What Are They and How Can You Make Use Of Them?

angel messageToday we would like to focus your attention upon the topic of the Akashic Records. There are many questions surrounding the Akashic records and it is our intention to share our perspective in hopes that it may help to answer some of these perplexing mysteries in this regard. We will be touching upon not only what the Akashic Records are as well as how one may access these records consciously Continue Reading →

Starlight the Unicorn: Power of Intention

animal kingdomGreetings, young one. It is Starlight of the Unicorn race, and I greet you all with warmth and love from the fairy realm where we reside. In the misty meadows where tomorrows and yesterdays intertwine, there I am. Come with me, sit with us for awhile and become refreshed. For all is fresh and new here with ripe potential Continue Reading →

Father God: The Art of Letting Go

divine love and energy update eraoflightMy dearly beloved,

I would like to help you all remember the ancient art of letting go. Now some of you may be wondering why is it so important to let go and let Me take over? So much so that today there’s another message addressing this topic. Sananda had also Continue Reading →

Yeshua: Your Expiration Date

EmmanuelBeloved ones, this message is going to be a bit different, because we are going to speak to one who has returned to you, one who has been on a far journey and who has had many experiences. We are going to see how this pilgrim has progressed, how this pilgrim went on a great trek, experienced much, even beyond the realm of what you ordinarily would feel to be a lifetime, and has returned Continue Reading →

Heavenletters: Surrender

heavenlettersGod said:

Surrendering yourself to Me is the same as surrounding yourself with Me. You surround yourself with your acknowledgement of what is. It is not surrender but recognition. Surrender is the brightening of a lamp you kept dimmed. Surrender is the ah of joy that escapes your breath in a moment of inescapable Truth. Surrender is surrender Continue Reading →

Lemurian Council of Light: Celestial Message

divine love and energy update eraoflightGreetings, My Beloveds, yes, it is I, Labrador. I’m here with the Lemurian Council of Light. Adama is here standing in the center of your circle, and he is High Priest here in Telos, the underground city in which I help to bring the beloved souls from our beautiful continent before the fall. I wish for each of you to take a deep Continue Reading →

Sananda: You Are On The Verge, On The Cusp Of A Great Many Changes To This Planet

sanandaI AM Sananda.

I AM with you here at this time just as I have been many times before. And will continue to be with you as this group I have taken under my wing, so to speak. And I Am here to mentor to you just as you are being prepared to mentor to many others as well. We are bringing the light; you are bringing the light; and you are sharing the light sending it Continue Reading →

Arcturian Council of Twelve: Lightworkers and Starseeds on the Frontline

arcturian gratitude eraoflightWe come with news from beyond your dimensional realities. We are the Arcturian Council of Twelve. We are ambassadors of light. We are one with universal love. We are here to guide humanity through the ascension process. We are monitoring Gaia and her ascension. We can see she has reached a great juncture in her Shift to higher wavelengths of dimensional frequencies. We are here to bring news of a breakthrough Continue Reading →

Life Tapestry Creations: Exceptional is Now Required

light shines unveilingDear Ones,

Your new direction is probably a surprise to you and those around you.

You were once thought to be stable and dependable – now you seem different. What can others expect of you? More importantly, what can you expect Continue Reading →

Apollo: Humanity is Ready

spiral starDear ground crew:

Here’s my April 4th message from Apollo: “You are living in many different worlds at once. The days of yesteryear are passing making way for the new. You are creating it all at once. It can feel awkward since the firm footing of the material world is eroding from under your feet. It is challenging to stand firmly by but it is Continue Reading →

Sanat Kumara, Sananda and Friends: You Are The Change

galaxies eraoflightHello friends and family, I am Sanat Kumara here with a message for Humanity this day. Changing is coming. Change is here. And that change is you! We in the higher realms are elated and excited to appreciate and bear witness to your progress, the progress of the ages, and you are doing it quite well. Yes, we know and can see that you Continue Reading →

The Grandmothers: Grow into Your Spirit

grandmothers speakAs I began my next visit to the Grandmothers, I looked like the statue in the Albuquerque airport of the shaman holding on to an eagle … he took me all the way to the Grandmothers and when we glided above their circle he let me down gently and I glimpsed a look of compassion in his eyes …

I crouched before them in an almost fetal position and gasped, “Grandmothers, my Continue Reading →

Sananda: The Best is Yet to Come

sanandaGreetings my friends,

Today I would like to discuss potential futures/timelines faced by the Human Collective, based on current Light data and planetary vibrations level. I am sure all of you know that the future is fluid. The future is what you all make of it. Your individual and collective futures are very interconnected. The thoughts, words, feelings and actions of just Continue Reading →

Arcturian Group: You Are Wayshowers

arcturiansDear readers, we greet you with love and gratitude for your hard work and continuing efforts to bring more Light and awareness to a world in chaos.. Present times are intense in many ways for everyone, both those who have awakened to truth and those who have not.

You are wayshowers, the ones Continue Reading →

Mira of the Pleiadian High Council: All is Moving Forward

mira pleiadianGreetings, I am Mira from the Pleaidian High Council currently serving the Earth Council.

I greet you today with all of the love in my heart. We are so impressed with the work that you are doing on the behalf of the ascension process. You are at your best.

Every day progress is being made. With your help, the dark forces are being rooted out Continue Reading →

Council of Light: Mindful Deliberation

ascended beingsYou have only but to think of us and we are here! Your mind is a very powerful tool when used well, and a potentially dangerous waste when not, like a violently snaking hose as water races from it. Harness that power, and great things are accomplished. Remember to use this gift wisely, for it dictates your entire life and value within it. When intensity from any source causes it to surge with energy, direct it to good use. Focus, affirmations, prayer, song Continue Reading →

Archangel Zadkiel: You Are Making Great Strides

aa zadkielGreetings Beloved Ones,

WE ARE Archangels Lady Amethyst and Zadkiel, and we greet you in Love. Today we wish to discuss the Divine balance of masculine and feminine.

You are making great strides in honoring both your Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Continue Reading →

The Angels: Your Life’s a Garden

angel messageMy dear friends, we love you so very much,

Think of your life like a garden. There are seasons of planting your dreams, seasons of tending and weeding them, and seasons of harvest. There are seasons of rest, and seasons of growth.

There are seasons of allowing Continue Reading →

Galactic Council of Light: Why Do We Long For Contact?

light shines unveiling“We are here now. We love you. We are you, from your future to assist you on your path.

Dear Ones, we would like to focus today on the amazing light of your soul that is becoming brighter and brighter.

You have done much work to release old energies, and you are creating more and more Continue Reading →

The Pleiadians: Access to Self

The PleiadesBeloved ones we greet you, This is a time for a conscious transformational step forward of reconnection to Self. For each moment you choose to align through your Heart you reconnect to your inner guidance system. You are being called to begin to create moments of this reconnection by reaching out consciously to this aspect of Self Continue Reading →

Archangel Uriel: Moving through the Veils of Illusion

aa urielGreetings and love extend from my heart to yours; I am Archangel Uriel, I am the guardian of Angelic Wisdom and an activator of remembrance of the Creator within all. This is often why I am referred to as the wisest of Archangels; it is due to my ability to activate wisdom within others, bringing it to their conscious awareness. My role and purpose in the ascension process is becoming greater and more involved as many people upon the Earth are consciously choosing Continue Reading →

Arcturian Council: Physical Upgrades

arcturian council eraoflightdotcom“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

You have taken the steps forward on your journeys that are necessary to bring in the help that you’ve been getting. You see, help isn’t just distributed when you are in need of it. That’s what happens when the help you need is coming from non-physical, but when you Continue Reading →

The Federation of Light: Uplifting Times

gfoleraoflightHello, my friends. I was busy throughout Easter and unable to find time to connect up with you.  Not only was I busy … I was greatly affected by Energies and in all Truth … it didn’t feel good! Could you talk about these Energies? Positive and negative!

Welcome, Dearest Blossom and all who have chosen to read these words Continue Reading →

Kryon: The Practical Old Soul

kryon eraoflightGreetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

You are facing a beautiful, beautiful energy and yet you may not realize it. In order to get from dark to light, there are profound transitions. What you know from living on the planet is that transition can be difficult, especially when you go from a darker energy to a lighter one Continue Reading →

Message from the Mothers: Christed Light

divine love and energy update eraoflightWe Mothers of love and inspiration, wish to speak tonight to humanity, the changing ones. For all is unfolding at an unprecedented rate of light, of love and of great velocity of change and of new beginnings. For the light is all around you, penetrating in every cavern and remembered pain. Allow the Christed light of unending love to permeate you Continue Reading →

The Hathor: The Multiverse Sound Meditation

hathorsThe purposes of this sound meditation are two-fold: 1) to deepen and expand your experience with a previous sound meditation we gave called Spatial Cognizance and 2) to provide you with a sonic ally to explore the Multiverse, which includes not only your own universe, but other innumerable universes that exist in parallel dimensions of consciousness. From our perspective, your universe Continue Reading →

Yeshua: You Are The Way Showers

sanandaI AM Yeshua, Jesus, as many of you know, and an aspect of my higher self, my Father, Sananda. For when I spoke of “I and my Father are One,” this is what I spoke of at that time. At this point I wish you a happy Easter, but even more than that, ascension. For this is what this moment, this is what these moments are about: your ascension.

I came those thousands Continue Reading →

Mary Magdalene: The Moment Has Arrived

m maryGreetings to you all. I AM Mary. Mary the Magdalene. Mary Magdalena.

And I come to be with you now to share the love and the light that we all are, to let you know that all is in readiness, all is in preparation for all that is yet to come.

You are in those Continue Reading →

Angelic Guides: Do You Know What Your Greatest Tool for Creating the Life of Your Dreams Is? Are You Using it Correctly?

angel messageToday we would like to focus your attention upon the vast topic of your imagination. All of you came here equipped with this magnificent tool and yet we watch as so many misuse it. We would like to take this time to briefly discuss the true purpose of your imagination and what you can do to ensure that you use it the way your soul had intended Continue Reading →

Arcturian Council: Enlisting the Guardians

arcturian council eraoflightdotcom“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have determined that the best course of our non-action when it comes to humanity is to sit back in our non-physical chairs and summon help from physical beings who are capable of stepping in Continue Reading →