Sananda: Illusion and Reality of the Physical Body

146098839578760Questioner: Sananda, I’m confused. In “A Course In Miracles” you say the body is an illusion, and in fact you go further to state that it was designed purposely to act as a barrier to perception. Then I hear another teacher say that the body is part of God and can be raised into an immortal state. Can you please clarify this?

Italian Parliament Backs Same-sex Civil Union bill

italiaItaly’s lower house of parliament has backed Prime Minister Matteo Renzi in a confidence vote called by the leader to force into law a bill on same-sex civil unions. A majority of 369 politicians voted for Renzi, and 193 against. Gay couples will now be given the same legal protections as heterosexual married couples.

US jobs gains hit seven month low in April

dThere was disappointing US jobs news in April as the world’s largest economy created the fewest number of new workers in seven months. In addition Americans dropped out of the workforce in droves.

Payrolls increased by 160,000 thousand last month. We also discovered employers added 19,000 fewer jobs