The U.S Is In An Economic Freefall

sdgvThe headlines last Friday on The Drudge Report should have been quite frightening to any American who gives a damn about their country and who is truly interested in seeing it thrive once more. This shouldn’t be a partisan issue, by the way, but unfortunately it seems to have turned into one.

Eight years ago a little-known U.S. senator from Illinois bested the most well-known name in the Democratic Party for its 2008 presidential nomination; at the time, Barack Obama was running largely on a platform in which

Mike Quinsey May 13, 2016

MikeQuinseyNot only is time passing faster than ever but events on Earth are also speeding up. Powerful groups have been formed that will back up the people of the Light, who are striving for “Disclosure” and much progress has been made. It has required great patience on your part, and soon you shall see the result of a long period of preparation to take back control from the dark Ones. A great change is in the process of taking place and whilst it is difficult to give firm indications, it would seem likely to commence within the next two months. There are of course other matters being attended to and a sense of urgency exists in view of the time already lost.