Zap/Poofnes Update 6/26/2016

pooftimeGreetings and Salutations


Yes again I say: hold on and hold forth and make the effort to just let go of the skepticism and the dismal failure of the white hats to make a dent in the intentions they serve. The world has a strange set of bedfellows. The makers of promises and the cosmic dice throwers are all afoot doing their continual best to keep the wise off their trail. The makers of many bets are busy collecting in more ways than you can quietly imagine. It is a game to them and they have enough of the resources essential to call the hand of any one who crosses them.

Microsoft to Track Legalized Marijuana Sales

zQ0xyGGKMicrosoft is based in Washington where cannabis is legal and has now teamed up with a California based technology company, which helps businesses and government agencies track sales of legalized marijuana.

Microsoft is partnering with a software company named Kind Financial, which develops compliance solutions for state and local governments. The software is meant to help states that have legalized the medical or recreational use of marijuana keep tabs on sales and commerce, ensuring that they remain in the daylight of legality. Kind Financial is hosting its seed-to-sale platform on the Microsoft Azure Government cloud.