Repost: ‘Event’ July 4th 2016

llpjSt Germain:
“There are those events that will lead to this but the major “Event” is not far off and it will culminate somewhere around the time of this summer, summer of 2016. It will be brought in by the third wave and the third wave will lead to the various events and the “Event”, as you understand it, the galactic pulse that will hit the Earth.”

“ you know, the third wave is on its way. The third wave that is supposed to more fully hit sometime this summer, somewhere in June

Archangel Michael: Levels of Consciousness

146091666745532Christine: I strongly felt Archangel Michael’s presence and asked him questions, i.e. the difference between vibrational frequencies and dimensions: Some beings can have a higher vibratory frequency, but how different is that from being upon another dimension? He said:

Archangel Michael: The expression ‘upon the ladder of the dimensions’ is correct. It is in relation to rising in consciousness, and when reaching the twelth dimension, one has to proceed carefully. The Archangels won’t let you cross to the thirteenth because you ascend if you do this in the waking state in your body. However, you can cross this barrier

NSA Spying on Citizens Through Kids’ Toys, Household Appliances

erThe National Security Agency (NSA) is considering the idea of obtaining data from Internet-connected biomedical devices like pacemakers, Richard Ledgett, the NSA’s deputy director said at a June 10 convention in Washington, D.C. “We’re looking at it sort of theoretically from a research point of view right now,” he said during a 2016 Defense One Tech Summit.

Ledgett described biomedical devices like pacemakers as “another tool in the toolbox” of the snoops. He said he concurred with a statement

Ginger, Alternative to Chemotherapy

Ginger-and-Health-Benefits-of-GingerIf you’ve seen the documentary Genetic Roulette: The Gamble of Our Lives, you may recall the farmers commenting on the intelligence of squirrels, who, when offered a choice, would always munch on the non-GMO corn cobs instead of the genetically engineered corn cobs. To humans, these two corn cobs look identical, but squirrels have more discernment. They simply refuse to ingest toxic herbicides or jumbled DNA.

We’re Back

Greetings to All!

We have been away for a while. Longer than we had anticipated. But we are back.

We will once again continue doing what we do best.

The New Sun Unity website is ran only by one in physical form, KejRaj. But the reason I say ‘we’ is because I know I am always in life guided by unseen(yet) forces.

Light Love Peace and Joy to All.

We are the most fortunate souls for being here on Earth NOW, so let your light shine brighter than ever.