Archangel Michael: Levels of Consciousness

146091666745532Christine: I strongly felt Archangel Michael’s presence and asked him questions, i.e. the difference between vibrational frequencies and dimensions: Some beings can have a higher vibratory frequency, but how different is that from being upon another dimension? He said:

Archangel Michael: The expression ‘upon the ladder of the dimensions’ is correct. It is in relation to rising in consciousness, and when reaching the twelth dimension, one has to proceed carefully. The Archangels won’t let you cross to the thirteenth because you ascend if you do this in the waking state in your body. However, you can cross this barrier if you are out of your body when you sleep. That is how you do go through portals and don’t know it except that you wake up with a nice feeling, or remember a beautiful dream with a nice sensation. It has become possible for some souls to cross over to the fourteenth dimension. Sometime they hang about in the ninth, the tenth, the eleventh, and then when they reach the twelth they cross over to the thirteenth, and the feeling is so great they can’t stop themselves and continue.

Christine: I kept on asking questions while enjoying the effects of Archangel Michael’s presence. I noticed that I was having mental images and asked him what they meant. I said ‘I am seeing a sphere of blue but transparent. Is that you, or are you in it?’

Archangel Michael: Yes, the Blue Sphere of the Causal Body around the I AM Presence has descended as you are integrating your I Am Presence.

Christine: I was getting images in my mind and asked if we should visualize him as a sphere in the Sun behind the sun, and he said he could appear with a human form, and he sent me an image to my mind’s eyes. It was a nice head and face. He said:

Archangel Michael: It would not be a bearded face and in embodiment archangels normally have no beard, or very little. There is a difference between the human and angelic kingdom. In incarnation, archangels and angels are all about feelings and emotions. They learn to control them. The human kingdom is more able to attract material things and wealth, or to manifest material dreams. They are down to earth, able to handle jobs and businesses or matters relating to finances. The Angelics are in their ethereal world of love, feelings, philosophy, theology, questions about mysteries and love again.

Christine: I have not asked questions about the Galactic incarnations, but I remember reading that Pleiadeans have a great interest in Ancient History and I won’t try to go further than this because it’s a very large subject, which requires analytical skills, as well as psychology. I asked Archangel Michael what it was that I was feeling at one stage, and have in the past, every day. I have referred to it as his irradiation of energies to me, or an effect from his presence which is called ‘Electronic’. He replied that Archangels give of themselves to us when they give us healing, or help us in any way, for instance to raise us up the ladder of consciousness. I wondered about a comparison in our world, perhaps a blood transfusion? A restoration of energy is felt, and more. Apparently we are being taken up to some light chambers to be restored, but not physically. André also said:

André: Yes, this is correct. It takes place in the vehicles of the soul that you are. It is in your lightbody that you go in those chambers, upon a higher dimension. These light chambers are not on the lower dimension, or physical plane. You return with something in you that manifests slowly, trickles down through the levels of your being till it manifests as physical healing, and then the ailments disappear, or you may find that you are not as tired as you expected to be because you didn’t sleep as many hours as you should have done during the night. You are however fighting a battle with the conditions you are living in, the chemical trails, and I won’t try and produce a list of these conditions. One after the other, they will be eradicated and we shall win.

Christine: André has explained that he has started descending and is in some vehicles in an etheric body. He is in an environment that has similarities to our and the material world around him is tangible to him just as ours is to us. It corresponds to his vibrations. It’s the level which is the blueprint or image for ours. Ours should reflect it. The more we are rising, the more it is manifesting like heaven on earth. We don’t just mirror the heavenly world, we become it. It’s the manifestation of the fifth kingdom through the process of Ascension. I have been told that we are at a peak of energies. We are resonating to the photonic Light that is being diffused to us. We have been told some months ago that the peak would be in March-April this year. It has been said the light is getting ligher and the bad is getting darker. The latter may find it difficult to withstand the pressure. Everybody is feeling tired. We will be having some time when we will have a chance to integrate the energies and we can adapt. Then it could be a non-stop express train journey in the summer months till September when Disclosure will reach a critical level of sensationalism. Journalists won’t have to twist the truth to create one or create outrage in the public, they will just need to tell the facts as they perceive them to create sensationalism. This year is also one of enlightenment. Namaste everyone!

Channel: Christine Preston