Repost: ‘Event’ July 4th 2016

llpjSt Germain:
“There are those events that will lead to this but the major “Event” is not far off and it will culminate somewhere around the time of this summer, summer of 2016. It will be brought in by the third wave and the third wave will lead to the various events and the “Event”, as you understand it, the galactic pulse that will hit the Earth.”

“ you know, the third wave is on its way. The third wave that is supposed to more fully hit sometime this summer, somewhere in June around the summer solstice.”

AA Michael:
“In this summer of 2016 the remnants of dark forces which have been interfering in the lives of the lightworkers, to an extent that will astonish all of you when the truth is finally revealed, will be taken from the Earth and relocated to the planet that has been prepared for them so they can continue in their third dimensional environment.”

Judas Iscariot:
“Big things are under way – surprises are at your doors. We are all proud of and happy for your progress, dear Earthlings. All Light and joy is now sent to you from all sides and directions in the Universe.”

AA Gabriel:
“..a climax of conditions, that has been in preparation, will hit its highest point, with the result that this disclosure, accompanied of sensationalism, will take place. It will cause alarm and outrage. Attention will be drawn to the enormity of the conspiracy that has been going on and will cause the world to awaken. At the same time this event will be like a blast that will kick-start the world into a proper phase of disclosure. It will be fireworks.”

KejRaj: Reading the quotes above from the sources mentioned, and there are others who also talk about ‘summer 2016’ being filled with surprises, one can’t help but think that something great is set to happen this summer. Certainly it will be more than just one ‘event’.

Perhaps first we will witness the Global Currency Reset on the Summer Solstice. Followed by the announcement of the New Republic, which would most likely happen on America’s Independence Day.

The following is a post I made a couple of months ago. Now, this happened before I began noticing messages from other sources about ‘summer 2016’ being a peak time for events to unfold.

“Last Thought”

No one can predict the future. But we can share our thoughts on the possibilities.

As we continue to move forward through the year of 2016 and onto 2017, many things will be unfolding. From the levels of corruptions in our governments to the Global Currency Reset to Disclosure and many events in between, one can’t help but wonder when are any of these events actually going to manifest. First we need to let go of time and dates, not important. What is important is to BELIEVE that these events are all ready unfolding. To find your peace and quiet time, and simply FEEL the INNER LIGHT, the inner knowing burst from the depths of your HEART.

I jumped into bed at about 8pm last night. A lot earlier than my usual time. Just needed to rest. But I have noticed for a while now whenever I get ready for bed, this rush of JOY takes over my body. Afterwards I FEEL a stronger connection with my TRUE SELF.

Relaxed, the thoughts slowly start to dissipate, and of course the RV/GCR came up, and I let that go quick. I said to myself I KNOW it is happening NOW. That’s that. After that the thought of DISCLOSURE came up, thinking when that will happen, as always, got myself excited, but I let that go too.

As I am getting more comfortable, more relaxed, my eyes closed, just paying attention to my breathing, a thought popped up. I do not know if it was my higherself, my guides, or the universe, that for some reason brought up the Fourth of July, the term “event” circeling the “fourth of july”. Now, it is hard to put into words what I TRULY FELT, because I can honestly say it was not just THOUGHT, I FELT something more, like someone wanted me to “take this seriously, written in stone” type of a message.

That is all. Just wanted to share this. I am not saying something is going to happen for sure, besides usual fireworks, I do not know. But after my experience, if I may say ‘omnibenevolence’ is possible on Earth on the Fourth of July in the year of 2016. I fell asleep “peacefully thinking” about this experience.



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