Zap/Poofness 7/31/2016

pooftimeGreetings and Salutations:


I think that you know already that we have very little more we can offer to once more reinforce faith in this project. We, too, are waiting just like every one is; but we do have access to the messengers sufficient to hold to the faith in what we know is coming about. Please quit looking for hidden agendas and or hidden codes or such poppycock. We tell it like it is; we know the rudimentary issues that continue to cause hackles and chagrin around the clock.

Hilarion 7/31/2016

hilarion2Beloved Ones,

The energies continue to amplify in their intensity. Many of you are taking time out to enjoy the wonders of the natural world and this connection enables the experience of oneness with all that surrounds you. You know that there is a reason and purpose for your presence in this world as you continue to bridge two converging realities. It is the gift you bring to your world. You have the strength within you to walk in a peaceful, aware, and conscious manner knowing that all that happens in your world is in the flow of the Divine purpose moving through you. You feel the excitement of creative potential

New U.S. Currency Already in Our Money Supply

Screen-Shot-2016-07-30-at-10.11.15-PMFor those of you that are stressing about the collapse of the U.S. dollar and the Federal Reserve, please take faith that initial measures have been taken to insure a not-so-hard landing when the Federal Reserve Note will be retired out of circulation, being replaced by notes printed and backed solely by the U.S. Treasury. If you have been putting your money under the mattress for the last few years, you will want to take the time to read this article so that you can replace the old fiat currency of the Federal Reserve Note (FRN) with new currency. We believe that those

Judas Iscariot 7/30/2016

the_gospel_of_judas_iscariot_by_testingpointdesignI am Judas Iscariot and I greet you all from above. Today I come back to tell you a little about how it looks in the world today. Much has happened in your world, much more than you think and know about. Everything has started to move in the right direction. No more delays have been allowed and all is going at a pace that feels good for all involved.

The light is here to stay dear children on Earth and it makes itself known here and there. The darkness that pops up is nothing compared to what it has been a few decades ago. No more wars are allowed.

Cobra: Terms of Surrender Update

mqdefaultThere are some clarifications that need to be made about the terms of surrender.

First, the mass arrest plan is still valid and in full force. The Light forces will not wait for any dark individual or Cabal faction to surrender, they will arrest them as soon as they can do that in a way that is safe for humanity to go through the transition. Those members of the Cabal that surrender before the mass arrests will have more favorable conditions. It is very unlikely that many individual members of the Cabal will surrender

Lion’s Gate Energy Lifting the Veils

lionSo much is happening energetically at this time. The incredibly powerful Lions Gate energies are building. For some this energy is knocking them down. Lots of sleep as the body is processing these upgrades. Some are finding themselves in full blown detox mode with stomach upset, nausea, headaches and all over body aches. Some, like myself are finding themselves grounded so that we are still. I fell off my bike and the subsequent knee injury has slowed me down considerably. While annoying, it allows me the “excuse” to rest and integrate, something I don’t do enough. It can’t be said enough that sometimes pain helps us to ground in the body. It keeps us from floating too far above by keeping our focus

No Longer Willing to be Bullied and Fracked, How One Pennsylvania Town Fought Back

pa_fracking“They are mobilizing against a system of law that empowers corporations over communities, and empowers government to preempt communities from protecting their air and water.’
by Lauren McCauley

In defiance of a corporate lawsuit over a proposed fracking wastewater injection well, the citizens of Grant Township, Pennsylvania on Tuesday evening adopted the country’s first municipal charter establishing a local bill of rights–a document which codifies environmental and democratic rights,

Benjamin Fulford – News Flash – 7/30/2016

benjamin_fulford_3Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak indicted in multi-billion dollar embezzlement scandal, is seeking immunity in exchange for testimony against the Rothschilds

CIA sources in East Asia alerted us to the fact the US Justice Department has indicted Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak for embezzling over $1 billion from a fund meant to be used for

Lady Nada: Venus Love Alignment Tools

146982284019888I am Lady Nada, I have strong connections with the planet Venus and have spent much time there enjoying the energies, discovering truth and evolving my evolution. I hold within my being and echo the beautiful, loving teachings of those of Venus. Their love so pure and truthful, it resonates with the vibrations and qualities of my soul. Many say I am born from Venus to me this seems true as I completely embody the sacred loving energies of Venus. I know though we are all born from the Creator, and the Creator is the origin from which we extend. In order for me to become the Chohan of the Eighth Ray of Light, I first studied the teachings

Saul via Johnsmallman 7/29/2016

56We are all very happy, here in the spiritual realms, to see humanity’s awakening process unfold just as divinely intended. Yes, that is precisely what is happening. Do not be disturbed by the worldwide political upheavals or ongoing conflicts, these are signs of your awakening, as more and more members of humanity express their dissatisfaction with the unacceptable systems of control in which governments and international corporations are and have been engaging all across the planet. These systems are no longer acceptable, and the damage and suffering that they have been causing for so long can no longer be hidden, denied, or tolerated.

Analyst: US Using 9/11 Trauma to Terrorize People

erttThe recent Daesh videos that seemingly threaten bomb attacks on major US cities are part of a psychological warfare American politicians are waging against their own people to advance their post-9/11 agenda, says a US Army veteran.

“Any claim to lead an attack against New York and the White House really is false, and it is really designed just to trigger a reaction among the American people,” Scott Bennett told Press TV on Monday.

3 Disgusting Reasons Why You Should Never Trust Food Labels

sdfbgYou cannot rely on food producers to put food labels on products in a sufficient enough manner to describe what you’re actually buying, and — in the case of meat and animal products — what you’re allowing to continue through your purchase.

1. “Progressive Farming. Family Style,” pig ‘producer,’ The Maschhoffs, slogan boasts — but if the Hormel supplier truly believes what the pigs it raises go through is family-oriented, the company

Archangel Metatron: Animal Consciousness – The Benevolent Nature of Cats & Dogs

sacred-egyptian-cat“Greetings Masters! I am Metatron Lord of Light, and I embrace you in this moment. I am joined by and welcome the energies and presence of the Ascended Masters of the Cosmic Council of Light, and those benevolent Beings of the Sirian-Pleiadean Alliance. We combine in plurality, in joy to welcome you, each of you here, in a ‘Now’ moment of unconditional love. Take a moment

The Pleiadians: The Earth(Terra)

output_bqU4zdThe earth sphere, Terra, is in a state of great change. Historically, from a linear perspective, you have been told that you have been on your planet for X number of years. Your scientists think that you have been civilized for a short amount of time and evolved from ape to man.

That is completely incorrect. Highly formed Adamic man has been on your planet for eons. Your planet was seeded by extraterrestrials. It was an experiment initiated by the one we call First Cause whom you may refer to as God

The Collective of Guides: Message For Your Soul

1465587849187Dearest Beloved Ones,
Everything we have been preparing for is coming to fruition. It will take several more months for you to see that we are succeeding in spreading the powerful light of Divine Consciousness into every aspect of your beingness and every place where people gather whether in love, fellowship, community, and good works, or to spread fear, hatred, disinformation, or any other miscreation.

Iraq Gets $5.34 Billion IMF Loan to Support Economic Stability

IMF♦ Iraqi economy faces double shock of lower oil prices, rising security challenges

♦ IMF loan supports Iraqi government’s economic reform program, ensures debt sustainability

♦ Program includes measures to protect the poor, curb corruption

The IMF has approved a three-year, $5.34 Billion loan for Iraq focused on implementing economic and financial policies to help the country cope with lower oil prices and ensure debt sustainability.

Who And What Is The Bilderberg Group?

werfPeople have been talking for years about secret groups that pull the strings and rule the world. And for a long time it was rumors and crazy talk of men having secret meetings. But it has been revealed that this Bilderberg Group is the real deal. These high and mighty members of the elite don’t hide the fact that they’re meeting all the time-right in our backyards! They only hide what goes on inside their meetings. Do the members control nations… economies… food supplies… even medicine? Most definitely. Are they out to thin out the population?

The Pleiadians: Introduction, Awakening

output_bqU4zdGood evening.

We are your ancient family. We come from the star system The Pleiades. We know ourselves as The Pleiadians and we, eons ago, millions of years ago, were your relatives.

When your Earth sphere, Terra, was being formed, there were many who expressed an interest to be pioneers and to go to a new area to learn to experience, to formulate, to create. That was the opportunity and many

Clinton Campaign: Hack of DNC Emails Work of Russian Intelligence

1745097732_4457590785001_b8bca01d0261487fb43f5b634c857b07-tmb1Officials with the campaign of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton say the recent hack of the Democratic National Committee’s emails, which were then released to Wikileaks and revealed some embarrassing things about the party, was the work of the Russian government.

Robby Mook, Clinton’s campaign manager, said that Friday’s release of emails was part of a larger effort by Russian President Vladimir Putin to weaken Clinton’s chances for election and boost her rival, Republican

The Council: The Jewels in the Crown

52230235c1bb5b24a509992a6b8237b0The Council:

“Look about your own existence, your own home.  Look at your possessions.  What good are they to you?  Once you leave the material you cannot take them with you.  The only thing one can take with them, when they leave the material manifestation, is the good deeds, the love, and the concern that they have had for others.  These are the garlands; these are the jewels.  This is the crown that sits upon the head, and this is what

Five Factors that Can Lower Sperm Count in Men

best-diet-pills-for-menThe size of a man’s package isn’t nearly as important as the quality of his sperm. When it comes to reproductive health, appearance is one thing, but what matters most is a properly functioning hormonal system and a healthy sperm count. Several synthetic contaminants can inhibit a man’s natural hormone levels and hinder the quality of his seed. Aspiring fathers must watch closely what they eat, breathe in, and come in contact with, to avoid the chemicals that are at war with

Ten Steps to Conscious Creating

ccreationWould you like to be more involved, consciously, in creating your reality and choosing your experiences? There are ‘steps’ in the process of conscious creating which, when followed, can allow you to change your perceptions and gain new realizations and insights into your patterns of creating reality.

In conscious creating there are two things of primary importance: Maintain your connection to Unconditional Love and Be in the moment. Learn to make these two things your first response to any situation.

Zap/Poofness 7/27/2016

pooftimeZAP SAYS



Porda, Triahnn: Mushaba Platinum Light Message

MUSHABA LOGOA Special Edition – Part 1

I am Porda, known on earth as Wali Karriem Mushaba before my coming here to serve. I have come to introduce and present to you someone that will have a great and powerful impact on all of earth and humanity. This being is from a place that holds the essence of everything that was, is and ever will be. Without delay I step aside as the spiritual engineers prepare the transmission.

I bring you the Mushaba Greetings and embrace

Ascended Master André: Renewed Prophecy and Hope

357b9-unity-bmpChristine: This morning I was informed that I would be given a dictation by thought transmission, later on this afternoon, but it was given after I did some routine decrees, including some calls for Archangel Michael to go into action in relation to the armageddon the psyche, as there is still a great need for it. Then my ascended twin flame André, who is an aspect, or extension, of Archangel Michael and is commissioned to function as my tutor, and also works with the Galactic Federation of Light, told me to take a pen and paper and started dictating the following message

Archangel Gabriel 7/24/2016

146108008732056Dear One,

Your thoughts are magnetic. Even when you are not conscious of what you are thinking, the power of your thoughts affects your life. What you hold in your mind creates a level of consciousness, and this influences that which you experience in your world. So, if you want to change the world you live in, start with your own thoughts and feelings.

There are many levels of consciousness. Total consciousness can be called oneness with the Mind of God. This is the place where the master

U.S. Government Contractor: Mind Over Matter Psychic Paranormal Phenomena are Real

ab0814e3e2bb8fc37619d670ce4d04e1(STARstream Research) — According to a leading U.S. government contractor, mind over matter psychic paranormal phenomena are real.

Science Applications International Corporation, popularly known as SAIC, is “a leading systems, solutions and technical services company, offering a broad range of expertise in defense modernization efforts, intelligence, homeland security, logistics and product support, health and life sciences, space and earth sciences and global commercial services.”

What Your Sign Says About Your Career

Zodiac_WheelWATER: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Water signs are nurturers and creators. They are drawn to things you can do by yourself without socializing, and they’re focused on getting the job done. They don’t want to be centerstage; they want to be behind the scenes or one-on-one. They love food, cooking, working with children, animals, writing, poetry, films. They are caring; healing professions are wonderful for water signs, from medicine to nursing to reiki to teaching yoga. They are really good at designing homes and decorating, particularly Pisces.

Five Star Mayor of Turin to Create Italy’s First ‘Vegetarian City’

live_photo16806664From vitello tonnato – veal with tuna sauce – to beef braised in the Piedmont region’s most famous red wine, brasato al Barolo, meat dishes have been central to the food tradition of northern Italy for centuries.

But Chiara Appendino, the new mayor of Turin and a force in the populist Five Star Movement (M5S), could be about to change all that with her pledge this week to promote vegetarian and vegan diets as a “priority”