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Benjamin Fulford Report 7/05/2016

Full Report The end of Khazarian mafia tyranny on the planet earth is getting very close indeed. The Rothschilds and other top Khazarian Mafiosi families like the Borgia, the Medici, the Del Banco (Warburg) the Rockefellers (including the Clintons) the … Continue reading

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André: Current and Future Initiatives

Christine: This is a special message from my Ascended twin flame, André, a dictation on the period of events we are entering into. André: Hi Lightworkers! The world seems to be in turmoil at the moment but the appearances are … Continue reading

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How Does Corporate Media Manufactures False Narratives?

What bothers me is not that we are unable to find the solution to our problems, what bothers me more is the fact that neoliberals are so utterly unaware of the real structural issues that their attempts to sort out … Continue reading

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Montague Keen 7/03/2016

The battle for truth and justice is being vigorously fought, on the streets, in the homes, and in the political parties in England, and it has become vicious. The treachery was blatant and well planned in advance. Anyone with even … Continue reading

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Using Pine Trees For Food, Medicine and Shelter

The pine is one of the most useful trees on the planet, providing food, shelter, medicine and fuel. Knowing how to utilize this versatile resource could someday be the key to your very survival if you find yourself alone in … Continue reading

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