Judas Iscariot 7/02/2016

the_gospel_of_judas_iscariot_by_testingpointdesignI am Judas Iscariot and I greet you all on Earth today. You have done a tremendous job and developments are now proceeding as earlier planned. With some delay the first and most sensitive part is completed. Clapp your hands and send your gratefulness to the men and women that have led this work. Their courage and determination has been great and is worth all admiration by you and us. Send them Light and Love so that their continued work bears the fruit that you all have longed for. It is this work in service to the Light that you all do, each in his/her own way.

Archangel Haniel: A True Warrior

01c8eeda762739c58f8a4c28434cc275I am Haniel, how may I serve thee?

A true warrior will always seek to stop conflict and seek a peaceful means to stop discord because he or she knows that separation from God has occurred during conflict. The battle serves as a distraction to what is truly being sought which is understanding. But for understanding to occur there can be no war.

I am the ultimate peace warrior and resolution maker. I stand with heads of State, rulers and leaders alike during negotiations.

Sananda: The Battle of Light and Dark

146098839578760Greetings, beloveds! In the light of the Radiant One, in the Unconditional Love of the One True God, I once again greet you and send you my blessings and energy.

A couple of weeks ago, I brought a message through this channel that upset many of you. Some of you even went so far as to think you were not getting the help you need on your path. The memories of abandonment and the fear of this repeating itself is still within your soul records as it was imprinted in the Akashic as part of your experience of separation from God.

This is the Final Stage of Preparation

Patricia-Cota-Robles-e14208105121972016 has been a year like no other. Day by day, we have been experiencing shifts of energy, vibration and consciousness beyond anything Humanity or Mother Earth have ever been able to withstand at a cellular level. These amazing accelerations were made possible through the invocations and the unified efforts of Awakening Humanity and the Company of Heaven. These efforts were greatly amplified by the Celestial events associated with the Equinox and Solstice, the Solar and Lunar Eclipse series, the Divine Intervention of Mother Mary and Saint Germaine in May, the rare occurrence of five planets in retrograde position, and the myriad Activities of Light conducted by the millions of Lightworkers all over the world.