Archangel Haniel: A True Warrior

01c8eeda762739c58f8a4c28434cc275I am Haniel, how may I serve thee?

A true warrior will always seek to stop conflict and seek a peaceful means to stop discord because he or she knows that separation from God has occurred during conflict. The battle serves as a distraction to what is truly being sought which is understanding. But for understanding to occur there can be no war.

I am the ultimate peace warrior and resolution maker. I stand with heads of State, rulers and leaders alike during negotiations. It may appear that humanity is in conflict and some of you wonder if peace is achievable. Ultimately war is teaching the leaders that peace must be found and war never works.

It can however serve a purpose.

For the status quo to change all sides must first come to realize that war and conflict is a costly endeavor in so many ways.  This is where the awareness is heading for your leaders. This is good and purposeful because never in your history has humanity been without conflict. As world leaders become enlightened in this over time there will come resolution. Also humanity is calling for this, your leaders are immature and ignorant in their approaches and will change as humanity keep requesting this. Your voices are joined together in this peace cry song.  Your new leaders who are not so far in the distant future and are aligned with this peaceful collective desire and are coming forward, they will bring with them new energy and awareness.  Have faith.

I am available for all conflict situations from the schoolyard bullying, male & female relationships, friendship, familial and employment. In fact all conflicts I am available to intercede and assist. You only have to ask by saying my name.

In all conflict it is best to walk away, this way you will gain understanding. If you have to defend yourself it should be to stop further aggression. A war of words is never necessary. If this occurs you must retreat until words can be spoken calmly and from the heart. Here you think of me as your mediator!

My highest service is helping humans to gain deeper understanding and compassionate awareness for themselves. My way is gentleness and it is my greatest weapon. Many times humans are conflicted within and become  aggressive towards themselves. This is as if God is being aggressive to God, this is not the way the divine relationship with oneself works. The self inflicted aggression is always because of some failed self imposed expectations and these expectations are used as weapons against the self. Expectations should be carefully looked at and evaluated, it may be that theses are goals of yours. If you were coaching someone to achieve a goal do you think bullying would work?

No, of course not.

Define your goals and keep them realistic. I can support you in this endeavor also. It is important to remember that life is not a race. The fable of the tortoise and the hare are given for this lesson. Take your time with your goals, stop and  smell the roses, this is how you come to deeper understanding of yourself and compassionate relationship.


Channel: Samantha MysticJourney