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Sheldan Nidle 7/12/2016

12 Caban, 11 Kumku, 12 Manik Dratzo! An uneasy mindset exists now between the old order of dark minions and those who have created a new order of reality for this realm. This stalemate is close to being resolved and … Continue reading

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The Council: The Fall of Man

In this somewhat involved dialogue with William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, they explain in simple terms how the fall of man occurred. On many occasions they have reminded us that we do not possess a vocabulary sufficient to adequately … Continue reading

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Status Of Starting Your Own Hemp Business In The UK And USA

Hemp has been banned in the USA for over 75 years but thanks to the efforts of cannabis reform activists, it is making a huge comeback. Despite being banned, a hemp industry does exist in the US, through the importing … Continue reading

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Archangel Uriel and Aurora

Uriel and Aurora are the archangels of the sixth ray of ministration and service. Their retreat is located in the etheric realm over the Tatra Mountains, south of Cracow, Poland. In their ministrations, they guard the dawn of the Christ … Continue reading

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Goddess Isis: Sexual Energy

Hello, beloveds, this is Isis. Are you understanding everything that has been said so far today? You are quick learners. We will continue where we left off. There have been a few questions regarding sexuality during the time of ancient … Continue reading

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Will the Real Estate Agent of the Future Be a Robot?

We have all seen the videos online of robots doing incredible human-like activities, but with increased efficiency; so should we mortal humans be afraid? Lamudi– the global property portal – take a look at the impact robots will have on … Continue reading

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15 Foods Banned Elsewhere, But Sold In The USA

Many savvy and health conscious shoppers analyze food labels to know exactly what’s concocted in that jar, can or box. Conversely, millions of Americans, brainwashed by trendy advertising and/or scientific propaganda, remain clueless about  genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and other … Continue reading

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Amazing Spirit In Nature

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