Archangel Michael: Pyramid of Control

146091666745532Christine: This was a conversation with Archangel Michael in meditation and by telepathic communication. He wanted to help us gain an understanding of what is happening in the world beyond what is being reported to us by the Media. He said:

Archangel Michael: I have to inform you that at the present time the human Cabal is doubling its efforts in its unconscious opposition to the Light. I am saying ‘unconscious’ because I am now referring to the human cabal, not the forces of darkness upon the Astral realm. In its error, the human cabal is using strategies of darkness and dishonest methods to maintain power and achieve an agenda which was that of its overlords, but the people in various positions on the evil pyramid of control are unaware of the ultimate agenda. This is my first point. We are talking about the cabal in incarnation that came from Maldek, have recreated their supremacy in the previous Atlantean era and are now representing

The Fate of GMO-labeling Now Lies in President Obama’s Hands

GMO-ProtestDon’t be fooled by the new “GMO labeling” bill that sailed through Congress in recent weeks with bipartisan support. The bill would allow companies to forgo actual on-package labeling of GMOs. Instead, companies would be required to embed this important information in QR codes, which are completely inaccessible to many shoppers.

If signed into law, this bill would grant the USDA full authority to determine what constitutes a product containing GMOs.

Don’t Let the Globalists Start a Race War!

HisLifeMatters1Don’t let the globalists start a race war! Health Ranger video reveals the REAL enemy that threatens us all, regardless of our skin color

Whether you’re white, black, brown, yellow or blue, recognize that people of a different color are NOT your enemy. The real enemy, it turns out, is the globalists who are manipulating us all into a race war.