Ten Ways To Raise Your Vibration

fg1. Spend time in nature; Meditate; whistle, make gentle sounds, and watch the animals respond.

2. Listen to UPLIFTing music.

3. Start writing to express yourself; Let it all out, hold nothing in, and watch and feel yourself getting ‘lighter’.

4. Sing; anything, the letters of the alphabet;
Ahh, Ehhh, Umm, Hee; Leee; However they may flow out.

Give something nice to another person, feel the joy of giving.

6. Turn off your TV, keep it off for long as you can.

7. Consume LIGHT food
Vegetables, fruits, drink plenty of water.

8. Release
Release the past, visualize a golden bubble of light from your heart being received by someone who may have caused you pain, or you may have caused them pain, say I LOVE YOU, I FORGIVE YOU, I’M SORRY, FORGIVE ME.

9. Loving people
Spend time with positive people.

10. Affirmations
I AM DIVINE LOVE, I AM Light, I AM Joy, I AM Grateful, I AM The Creator of My Reality.

*Let Love Be Your Intention.
*From Heart to Heart, KejRaj.