Zap/Poofness Update 7/24/2016

pooftimeGreetings and Salutations:


The times are changing and the intentions of many are invested in attempts to thwart the programs as well as the receipt of funds which you have invested in. And the Ponzi game that you think that it is has all the earmarks of being just that. But we know and we continue to tell you that it is not a Ponzi scheme even though your good rationale sense making apparatus says that it is so.

Archangel Michael: The Lion’s Gate 2016

146091666745532Beloved Family of Light, when you began this year of 2016, we did say to you, with much love, that 2016 would be a challenging year, and that you would need to embody your Mastery in a powerful way.  As the Lion’s Gate of 2016 approaches, you now prepare yourself for a New Beginning and to initiate your first major cycle of creation as an embodied Master and Alchemist.

What does this mean?  It means that you will take what is of low frequency and you will transform it and turn it into Golden Light!  Even though you may be surrounded by people who are filled with

Ascended Master André: Magical Time Approaching

img-00Christine: André, my ascended twin flame, tells me, by the method of telepathic communication, how important it is to him that we reunite. This is true for other ascended and galactic, as well as angelic beings. This is about a reunion without interference where existing relationships are concerned, and in which freewill is preserved, and it’s all part of a development and fulfilment within the divine Plan.

Because of the situation that will be explained in a minute, many ascended beings will have to create bodies. I mean in the sense of creating a lower vehicle by Will to come among us. They will slip into them,

Don’t Microwave Your Food

xcvHopefully, you don’t have a microwave in your kitchen, office place, or college dorm. Unfortunately, social engineering and millions of microwaveable meals later, this destructive device is part and parcel of food preparation for dummies. But if you’re not told of its immense dangers, you won’t know to get rid of it.

Natural News writes, “‘Nukers,’ as many call them, produce microwave radiation that interacts with molecules in food.

The Council: Life After Death(part 3)

00angelMany years ago William LePar had a near death experience (NDE). It took him several years before he could talk about it and even more time before he began to explain some of the more involved experiences. He said that it was necessary for him to think and attempt to fully understand the experience before he could try explain it to others. Some aspects of it were almost beyond physical understanding and explanation. I hope that you find these thoughts interesting.

Mr. LePar: “A death experience is a very beautiful experience but it’s not a fantasy. Not everything is roses on the other side.