China: Heavy Rain Turns Stadium Into ‘Bathtub’

ergUninterrupted rainfall has caused a football stadium to flood so much the goalposts are under water and it now looks like nothing more than a giant swimming pool.

Reports said similar freak weather conditions have not been seen for decades, and tens of thousands are now being evacuated from their homes.

Heavy storms in the city of Ezhou, in Central China’s Hubei Province, have inundated the streets with water and have caused serious disruptions

FBI Gives Monsanto Queen Hillary Free Pass on ALL Accounts of National Security Violations

dfeghjMost of us knew well beforehand that Hillary Clinton wouldn’t be remotely punished for her email misconduct. The federal government has already selected her as their golden ticket, and nothing she does — no matter how immoral, illegal, or otherwise incorrect — will hold any bearing on whether or not she is elected. She could shoot a puppy on live television and she’d inevitably end up being elected as President of the United States. That’s how corrupt and generally awful our government has become.

Sheldan Nidle Update 7/05/2016

sheldon-nidle5 Batz, 4 Kumku, 12 Manik

Selamat Jalwa! A minor scheduling issue has caused a slight interruption in the release of funds. Initial deliveries were deferred until after American Independence Day, due to a conflict between those who wish a truly fast track and others who desire an overuse of prudence in these matters. We anticipate that this promises to be the last of such delays. Most of the fundamental fundings are already in the financial pipeline. The most difficult hurdles have been cleared. We are assured that a strict schedule is to be kept