FBI Gives Monsanto Queen Hillary Free Pass on ALL Accounts of National Security Violations

dfeghjMost of us knew well beforehand that Hillary Clinton wouldn’t be remotely punished for her email misconduct. The federal government has already selected her as their golden ticket, and nothing she does — no matter how immoral, illegal, or otherwise incorrect — will hold any bearing on whether or not she is elected. She could shoot a puppy on live television and she’d inevitably end up being elected as President of the United States. That’s how corrupt and generally awful our government has become.

Despite all of this, many were still holding out hope that the FBI would punish her in some way, shape, or form for mishandling the email situation, but that seemed unlikely from the beginning. Matters became even more disheartening when FBI Director James Comey held a press conference regarding Hillary’s usage of a private email server to access classified emails.

Comey stated that, “None of these emails should have been on any kind of unclassified system,” but then went on to clear Hillary of any wrongdoing. It’s shocking. How can you essentially state that someone completely broke protocol — potentially endangering the entire nation in the process — and then state that she shouldn’t be indicted? What has happened to this country?

There’s still a small ounce of hope that Hillary will be indicted after all, since this decision ultimately lies in the hands of the Department of Justice. Sadly, there’s little doubt that they will give her a slap on the wrist — if anything — and then move on as if none of this ever happened. Historically, that’s what happens almost every time a high-level government figure is caught doing something unethical. As pessimistic and demoralizing as it is to say, there’s little chance of Clinton being punished in any way.

Who knows exactly what she was doing on her private servers? What shady business practices was she utilizing? She’s not presidential — at all. But at this point, it seems as though nothing is going to stop the powers that be from ensuring that Hillary is elected this November. If that unfortunately happens, we’re all doomed and may as well begin preparing for either a modern day American revolution or a doomsday-like collapse of society.

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