Sheldan Nidle 7/25/2016

sheldon-nidle13 Caban, 0 Pop, 13 Caban

Dratzo! We come to discuss the changes being readied for this beautiful blue-green orb. For many years, the last major remnants of the dark cabal have worked to delay or prevent the inevitable. Now, those who are formally in charge have finally come together with us and set up a timetable for the initial distribution of the prosperity funds and its grand corollary, the RV. These global distributions are to be the death knell for the American de facto regime and its dark companion, the European Union.

The Teachers of The Universal Mind: A Brief History of Creation(Must Read)

unverseThere are many names for the God Force. This force is known by all beings on all planets, by one name or another. The name by which you refer to the God Force is not important. In this message, we will refer to it as the God Force or Prime Creator. The God Force is not of a sex or gender, but is all. All physical beings are part of the God Force. There are simply various degrees of awareness of the connection.

In the beginning there was only Prime Creator. Prime Creator was ever knowing, ever growing, expanding, always changing, questioning, thinking and being. At some point, Prime Creator began to think

The Council: Life After Death(part 4)

00angelNear death experiences occur for a specific reason. The Council has said that the purpose of near death experiences is to “reestablish in the awareness of man that there is a continuation of life after death, that we are truly immortal.” They say that what people experience when they have a near death experience is presented in symbolic form. This is necessary so that they have something they can relate to when they talk to others after they return from the experience. The spiritual is nearly impossible to explain to the finite mind that we utilize for our physical experiences.

In the following quote The Council explains the most

4 Secrets for Overcoming Fear and Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

wegLos Angeles-based yoga teacher, life design coach and writer Mary Beth LaRue has created the life of her dreams—but she had to overcome her fair share of fear and self-doubt to get there.

Most of the worthwhile things I’ve done in life have really scared me. I’m an introvert, so I don’t thrive speaking in front of large groups—teaching big classes used to scare me so much that I’d feel like I was going to pass out. But I’ve grown to absolutely love it. How?

Montague Keen 7/24/2016

wpd4bc9436_06The awakening is gathering speed and strength. One only has to look at the thousands who gather all over the world to hear David Icke speak the truth. People are connecting the dots and seeing for the first time that humanity is completely controlled. They are now learning how just 1% has manipulated the 99% into giving up its freedom and control of the world. The Cabal is in fear of the awakening, so its answer to this is to arrange FALSE FLAG operations to cause fear, and hopefully take people’s minds off what is being done to destroy humanity. The Cabal even has its own man at each false flag event, in place ready to film and report

Barack Obama’s Half-Brother Malik Says He’s Voting for Donald Trump

adMalik Obama said he supports Trump because of his frustrations with the Obama administration – from its role in ousting Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi to the administration’s support of same-sex marriage.

“I feel like a Republican now because they don’t stand for same-sex marriage, and that appeals to me,” Obama told the New York Post