The Teachers of The Universal Mind: A Brief History of Creation(Must Read)

unverseThere are many names for the God Force. This force is known by all beings on all planets, by one name or another. The name by which you refer to the God Force is not important. In this message, we will refer to it as the God Force or Prime Creator. The God Force is not of a sex or gender, but is all. All physical beings are part of the God Force. There are simply various degrees of awareness of the connection.

In the beginning there was only Prime Creator. Prime Creator was ever knowing, ever growing, expanding, always changing, questioning, thinking and being. At some point, Prime Creator began to think heavily upon one thought. Prime Creator had always existed. There was no remembered beginning, and no end to the existence of Prime Creator. Questioning induces growth and change, and Prime Creator began to question his existence and beginning. This led to a decision to expand further to enhance growth and learning potential. To best do this, Prime Creator decided to divide into many parts. Each part would remain connected to Prime Creator. Each part would have full communication with Prime Creator. At the same time, each new part would have full freedom to grow and explore whatever path was attractive to it. This would allow Prime Creator to grow and learn at a more rapid pace, because each part would be separate, yet one.

The experiences and knowledge gained by each part would in time come back to Prime Creator, when that part had completed all it desired to learn and experience. Each part would be called a Oversoul. As each was a part of the God Force, it would have ability and power to create, as long as it kept it’s connection with the God Force.

Prime Creator began the separation of parts of himself, lovingly and joyfully. There were great expectations, and excitement at the variety of knowledge and experiences which could be available! New parts were formed from all areas of Prime Creator, as there were many variations of activity, questioning and types of energy within Prime Creator. These first created were group energies, or large energy portions called oversouls. There were many oversouls. Each would eventually develop into a number of individual spirits, or souls which were like in energy, interest and being. The parts, or individual spirits, which were created of energy closest to one other were of course the most alike, even within the oversoul. The oversoul groups tended to be composed of individual spirits who were similar in what they desired to learn, and how they wanted to go about learning. At first, the oversouls simply were.

They learned that they were capable of independent thought, of communicating with Prime Creator, and with each other within the oversoul, and with other oversouls. They began to realize that they were capable of movement, and change. They realized that they could create thought forms and experiment with them and that was one method of learning.

Prime Creator decided to create physical life, and physical forms, to allow new levels of experience and growth for all parts of the God Force energy. It was decided that twelve universes would be created. These would be created with intent for the oversouls to go to these to learn, grow and gain many experiences. Each Universe would have a special emphasis, to create a certain type of knowledge. The oversouls would be free to go to the Universe that most appealed to them, and there they could work together to create whatever physical forms appealed to them. They could learn and experience all that they wished. Each Universe would exist until each Oversoul or individual spirit portion of each oversoul had learned and experienced all it wished to learn in that universe.

When all knowledge was experienced and completed by all in that universe, it would return to Prime Creator. Prime Creator would then possess all knowledge contained within that universe. Twelve Universes were created by Prime Creator. At the point in “time” where you currently exist, one universe has completed and returned to Prime Creator. This could be considered the first Universe, as the first created was the first completed. The Universe we will now focus on is the one that you live in, which will be called the fourth Universe. This is a free will Universe. This means that all is allowed. In a free will Universe, there is no judgment, no good, no bad…all is experience, all is learning. There were no rules or restrictions placed upon those in that universe by Prime Creator. There would be no control or judgment of choices or decisions made by them as to areas of growth or experience desired.

As oversouls were drawn to the Universes which had most interest for them, many oversouls found themselves being drawn to the same areas in the same universes. They decided to work together and learn to create together. This is how many of the planets and star systems in your universe were formed. With the help of Prime Creator, and his blessing, many planets were formed. On these planets, many different life forms were then created.

As the oversouls learned to create, several things began to happen. The oversouls began to act, think and exist more as individual energies, within the group energy than as group energy. Portions of these oversouls, individual spirits, began to think of themselves very highly…not as a part of Prime Creator, but as superior to Prime Creator. Some were excessively proud of the abilities to create and allowed themselves to lose the realization that all power comes from the connection with Prime Creator. These began to separate from the oversouls, and become individual beings. They began to drift away from the connection with Prime Creator.

Some consciously decided that they could learn more alone, without the connection to the oversoul. These became individual spirits and found themselves changing as they lost the connection with Prime Creator. They no longer had the abilities to create life as they had before. They began to forget the abilities they once had and gravitated to planets they had created, or helped to create. Many of them took up residence in some of the life forms which they had helped to create on these planets.

As life forms were created on many different planets, many oversouls began to experiment with physical life themselves. This required a separation of energies into separate spirit energies, to allow each the opportunity to experience physical realities. In time they came to consider themselves more the “physical” self than the spirit self. This was all allowed and encouraged, as all is growth and experience. Others of the oversouls stayed close to Prime Creator and continued to create beautiful planets and life forms of very high frequency. Thus, there were a great variety of planets and life forms of many types created in time. The majority of oversouls, at some point in their development, chose to experiment and learn from physical life and all that could be learned through physical life.

As many planets and galaxies in your Universe were created, Prime Creator watched the creation, and the development of the oversouls. It was evident that much experience and growth was occurring rapidly through physical experience. With this knowledge, it was decided to begin a special project. A group of oversouls were selected from all areas of the universe. Representatives of each of these oversouls were called to help with this project, if separation into individual spirit portions had occurred, but the connection to Prime Creator maintained. For those oversouls that had not yet separated, and were chosen to help with the project, that entire oversoul energy was called upon. From these selected energies, Prime Creator asked for the creation of a very special planet. This planet was to be of great beauty and variety. Samples of the DNA of life forms that had been created on each planet in the entire universe were to be brought to this planet to create similar life forms. These life forms would all exist on the one planet.

The planet was to be called Terra; although later it became Earth. It was to be a happy place where oversouls, spirits from this universe, and other universes could visit. It was to be similar to what you now know as a library. A living Library. A spirit could visit the planet, watch the life forms, choose one to experience, and enter the physical form. The experience could be as long or as short as desired. When the life form had been experienced, another could be chosen to experience. Thus, you could experience being a frog, a cat, an elephant or a tree, and see what the reality is like for each. At any time you would be free to leave, and to return at any time.

Human forms were designed to be caretakers of the planet. They were also to be used by spirits, to allow that form to be experienced briefly. A special type of ego, which would be responsible for the physical function and life “support” of the human form was created. The ego was to be responsible for taking care of the human form and care of the planet, when the form was not in use by a visiting spirit. When being visited by a spirit, the ego was to continue body maintenance, yet allow the spirit to control of all else. All life forms were planned to be peacefully coexistent.

All did not go exactly as planned. Many oversouls and visitors became very enamored of physical life on this planet, the wide variety of physical forms available for experience, and the variety of physical terrain and environments available in different areas of the planet. They began to forget that they could leave the physical forms, or to choose not to leave. More began to stay in the forms, especially the human forms, which were very well liked. Many began to forget their connection to the God Force, and began to consider themselves Eartheans.

There were other unplanned for considerations. Due to the large variety of life forms and creation that had occurred on the planet, there was a large amount of freely available creation energy, or universal life-force. Therefore, it became a very popular place for many “visitors” to come to work with and develop their skills of creation. Many of the original life forms were altered and changed dramatically, not only physically, but the energies they had been originally given to allow them to peacefully coexist were also changed by experimenting visitors.

When created, Terra, was ninth dimensional, higher frequency than many planets in the universe. This was due to the original intent for the planet to remain a pure center of learning, to be shared by all. All physical forms were created to be eternal, with no life cycle needed, due to their original purpose. As changes occurred with life forms, such as spirit attachment to the forms, and their sequential lack of willingness to leave the planet, the frequency of the planet was lowered. The plan for the planet was altered according to need. This meant that a decision was made to allow this to be a planet for physical life experience and life cycle experience. The name was changed from Terra to Earth, and frequency was lowered to a sixth dimensional level. Over time, as a result of many changes which followed, it eventually was lowered to a third dimensional level.

Many other changes were added at the time of the first lowering of frequency. The addition of a life cycle and cycle of reincarnation was made to allow for greater experience. It was felt that greater growth would occur through the reincarnation cycle already being used on other planets of the universe. It was felt that through this cycle, there would be a greater likelihood of eventual reconnection to the God Force, and it would also allow greater opportunities for others to partake of the experiences available on Earth. Sleep, the need for food intake for survival, the creation of male and female gender, reproduction through sexual intercourse, childbirth, and the death experience were among the additions.

The creation of higher selves, addition of spiritual guides, and adding of the use of multidimensionality also occurred then for those who had not previously developed in these ways. Those who had previously experienced physical life on other planets had already begun to work with higher selves, spiritual guides, and multidimensionality. There were many who had not began to experience on this level, for those these additions were made.

After these changes, a large number of beings from other planets began coming to Earth to form settlements. The majority came for research and exploration of creation abilities, or for learning about the developing Eartheans. Some came to have the opportunity to influence and affect the development of the new planet Earth. This continued for much of Earth’s history. The adding of these outside energies, genetic structures and changes which these added influences brought, and the wide variety of planetary teachings and cultures which would then affect Earth and the beings who lived upon her changed much. The original plans were allowed to be altered, and the planet was watched to see what developments would occur through allowing free will exploration of all involved.

Channel: Jo Amidon

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