Don’t Microwave Your Food

xcvHopefully, you don’t have a microwave in your kitchen, office place, or college dorm. Unfortunately, social engineering and millions of microwaveable meals later, this destructive device is part and parcel of food preparation for dummies. But if you’re not told of its immense dangers, you won’t know to get rid of it.

Natural News writes, “‘Nukers,’ as many call them, produce microwave radiation that interacts with molecules in food. That wave ‘energy’ changes the polarity of those molecules from positive to negative with each cycle of the wave, at millions of times per second. This severe agitation bombards the food and forcefully deforms it. The scientific name for this is “structural isomerism.”

“. . . A microwave oven decays the molecular structure of food, and the packaging of that food leaches toxins into the food, like BPA, and that’s just the beginning of the damage being inflicted. Think about what happens outside of that oven, within 10 to 20 feet, to a person’s “organic” self, including metals that can expand from those ‘rays. . .’”

Even though your microwave has a door that looks protective, it isn’t. The amount of force and energy going on behind that door — and the potential for expansion of metals — may effect mercury dental fillings, titanium rods or pins and pacemakers, especially if you’re just waiting around for the buzzer to ring.

Natural News reports, “If you have mercury amalgam fillings, have them removed safely by a holistic dentist as soon as possible and replace them with biocompatible materials. There are safe alternatives. Then, throw away the microwave oven; that way, you won’t have to run the other direction every time it’s running. Remember, rods, pins and steel plates react to microwave ovens, and people with pacemakers should never be even remotely near a radiation oven.”

Love your food. Warm it slowly.

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