Archangel Michael: Pyramid of Control

146091666745532Christine: This was a conversation with Archangel Michael in meditation and by telepathic communication. He wanted to help us gain an understanding of what is happening in the world beyond what is being reported to us by the Media. He said:

Archangel Michael: I have to inform you that at the present time the human Cabal is doubling its efforts in its unconscious opposition to the Light. I am saying ‘unconscious’ because I am now referring to the human cabal, not the forces of darkness upon the Astral realm. In its error, the human cabal is using strategies of darkness and dishonest methods to maintain power and achieve an agenda which was that of its overlords, but the people in various positions on the evil pyramid of control are unaware of the ultimate agenda. This is my first point. We are talking about the cabal in incarnation that came from Maldek, have recreated their supremacy in the previous Atlantean era and are now representing ‘Atlantis Rising’. You are thinking of some governmental leaders but these are not at the top of the evil pyramid of control and they do not have the knowledge that you suppose they might have, such as concerning the presence of Galactic beings in the Solar System who operate as a Spiritual Hierarchy upon the Higher Realms, or that of the Archangels. As to secret research and secret technology, some individuals at the top of the Evil Pyramid have access to more information.

A group with an agenda of self-service has policies and philosophies to justify their ends and methods. They are tyrannical and have inherited a system that has existed for thousands of years. They are making the effort and doubling it, as I said, and are engaged in a scheme to make mankind believe it is plagued by terrorism. It’s an enemy they have created. You have studied what Carol Rosin has disclosed. At the top of the Evil Pyramid there were individuals who planned a long-term scenario of introducing the idea of various enemies over a certain period of time, in fact decades. They played a first card by presenting some Communist countries as a first enemy. But Russia was consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Mother Mary and was reborn. The other enemies were to cause fears and chaos following the staging of a scenario with 9/11 though it was an inside job. It was used as an excuse for war. The idea of the enemy served the War Industries. The threat of Asteroids also was on the list to justify the weaponization of space.

At the top of the Evil Pyramid someone entertained the dream of opposing the Forces of the Light without appreciation that their technology is a million time more powerful than the secret one the Elite, or Cabal, possesses. With their last card the Conspirators planned a scenario which they hoped would fool human kind with their semi secret Blue Beam Hollographic technology. They woud claim aliens are hostile and stage attacks from outer space with UFOs, the existence of which they have suppressed for decades. They would create fear and chaos and it would be an excuse for the weaponization of space. They would present ETs as hostile and for those at the top of the pyramid, it may be part and parcel of their antichrist agenda, and of their sabotage of the Ascension process, although they have little understanding of it. Those beings who were waging a battle against the Forces of the Light were dwelling upon the Lower Astral level of the planet. This realm has been raided by our Forces and been completely cleared and the Lower Astral Realm has been dismantled. As to the Astral level, it is still being worked on, and recently, as announced as a Major Event, a negative force has been removed, although there are still pockets here and there that remain.

What is happening is that some individuals in position upon the Evil Pyramid are being changed and awakened and are beginning to break into new paradigms. They might be politicians or in other fields. They find themselves in disagreement with other individuals upon the Pyramid of control, none of whom has full knowledge of what is going on, and are being ruled and influenced from the top. A disintegration is therefore eating the system from within.

The actual Secret ‘Run Away Society’ that functions upon the colonies of the other planets of the Solar System, with their various Organizations and Alliances, is disconnected from the Earthly Pyramid of control which is the last power to hold mankind captive. This earthly cabal realizes they are losing power. They are in a panic and disarray. As I have said it earlier on, they are doubling their effort to stage terrorist attacks to cause the nations to decide to go to war, as well as for various schemes of control. They are also presently working on the dissemination of animosities between the West and the Russians. However, there also is local violence because the creation of an enemy, or its amplification, has resulted with hate where there is a potential for the apparition of extremist views. Some individuals have achieved the peace and calm of the 5th dimensional perspective, or consciousness. Others lack the ability to love or broadcast love. Feelings projected unto other beings do affect them, but fortunately negative energies, which are a misqualification of God’s Light, can be transmuted by the Violet Flame. Some things may seem right to some individuals on the Pyramid of Control but are the ways of darkness. The Light is however penetrating the darkest places. They are doubling their efforts but do not suspect their false scenarios are going to become obvious as many people have gained a perception of higher consciousness and will see beyond their lies. Brexit has started a chain of reactions and the liberation of many nations from the forces of darkness is being played out. Disclosure will continue and we will soon enter a time of Transition when mankind can pick up the pieces, as well as start a work of recreation. I mean ‘bring into being’ the creation of New Gaia. Do rejoice as we, of the Higher Realms, Archangels, Masters, and Galactic beings, are with you always. We love you and are getting closer, and we assist mankind with love and light. Your Defender in battle, Archangel Michael.

Christine: Thank you for this information, Archangel Michael.

Channel: Christine Preston

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