U.S. Government Contractor: Mind Over Matter Psychic Paranormal Phenomena are Real

ab0814e3e2bb8fc37619d670ce4d04e1(STARstream Research) — According to a leading U.S. government contractor, mind over matter psychic paranormal phenomena are real.

Science Applications International Corporation, popularly known as SAIC, is “a leading systems, solutions and technical services company, offering a broad range of expertise in defense modernization efforts, intelligence, homeland security, logistics and product support, health and life sciences, space and earth sciences and global commercial services.”

In 1994, according to declassified government file number CIA-RDP96-00787ROO0300270001-1, SAIC told the U.S. government, “Our research has advanced our understanding of applying anomalous mental phenomena to practical problems and lead us toward a comprehensive theoretical model for the phenomena.”

SAIC then reported progress made in researching anomalous mental phenomena — SAIC’s preferred terminology for paranormal psychic intelligence collection and mind over matter effects — during contact number MDA908-93-C-WO4, that ended in July 1994.

SAIC claimed to have:

Successfully verified a claim from the Former Soviet Union (FSU) and from the U.S. that it is possible to influence the physiology of an isolated individual exclusively by anomalous mental phenomena. Furthermore, we were able to demonstrate in our analysis of previous work that the mechanism of such influence is most likely causal. That is, the mental intention of a distant agent appears to cause physiological changes in an isolated person.
Set a lower limit for the response of the central nervous system (i.e., brain) to anomalous cognition (AC) signals. If we could be successful at identifying a brain response, then practical applications and laboratory research would be sharply improved, even though the estimate for the lower limit is only 0.2 percent change in brain activity.
Developed and calibrated instrumentation to replicate a physics-type experiment from the FSU that suggests a new form of energy can be detected. Researchers there speculate that this form of energy might be responsible as the carrier of anomalous mental phenomena signals. Preliminary results are and the final results will be available before 30 September 1994.

The report concluded, “All of the experiments that we conducted for this year produced highly significant evidence for anomalous mental phenomena,” adding, “We interpret this success, which is 20 times chance, to our expanding understanding of the protocols, mechanisms, and psychology that are responsible for a high level of functioning.”

And for those in the government who would question the results, SAIC pointed out, “The magnitude of our anomalous cognition effects exceed the value that is considered robust by the psychology research community.”

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